How to disable immobilizer without damaging the car

Peculiarities of immobilizer deactivation

Many modern models of cars are equipped by manufacturers with special devices – immobilizers, designed to immobilize the car in case of theft. But often malfunctions in their work cause the need to disable them to be able to use the car for its intended purpose. Not all car enthusiasts know how to properly disable the immobilizer. The material discusses how to do this so as not to cause damage to the car.

How to disable immobilizer

When does the immobilizer need to be disabled?

Often there is a situation when the immobilizer, as a result of an unexpected malfunction, blocked the start of the engine, so the owner reasonably has a question – what to do and how to disable the device.

Overlay blocking is performed in such a way that when an unauthorized person intends to start the car, the blocking device breaks the electrical circuit and subsequently blocks all subsequent attempts to turn on. The main objects whose operation is restricted are the fuel pump and the ignition system.

The need to disconnect may be due to the following circumstances:

  • loss of car keys, if there is no duplicate – in this case the further operation of the car is questionable;
  • Malfunction or breakage of the device – except for difficulties with start-up such situation may lead to failure of other systems of the car;
  • Remote engine start, provided for by many anti-theft systems, the original blocker often prevents this function;
  • the owner’s decision to refuse to use this block, especially if the car is not among the frequently stolen models.

Sometimes without disabling the device further operation of the car is questionable.

Ways to disable the immobilizer

There are several options on how to disable the immobilizer installed on the car. The following is a discussion of the possible ways.

Code deactivation

The specified option is possible if it is provided by the functional features of the immobilizer. The device is deactivated by entering the individual digital code of the regular immobilizer on a specially equipped panel.

On some models, the digital panel is replaced by a blinking indicator of the central ignition switch. The ignition key is held in the pressed state, the owner counts the required number of blinks of the indicator, releasing the key at the right moment. In this way all the digits of the code combination are entered.

The required code is specified in the vehicle documentation.

Use of spare key

If a spare key is available, this can be used to disable the locking device. To do this, the chip is connected to the immobilizer antenna. The circuit should be removed from the housing and fixed to the antenna module by means of electrical tape or coupler.

For modern cars you may need to make a special bypass using this chip. It is placed inside the cabin in an inconspicuous place. It is quite convenient, but reduces the level of security of the car from theft.

Individual increase of onboard voltage

Using special programs and devices

Another way to unlock the immobilizer is to apply special programs and devices. In this case the equipment is reflashed with special software. The procedure is as follows:

  • the unit is dismantled – remove the panel near the ignition lock, the device is removed from the mounts, it is necessary to disconnect the connections beforehand;
  • The device is connected through special adapter connectors to a computer or laptop with necessary software installed;
  • the interlocking device control software provided by the manufacturer of the device is launched;
  • the memory of the blocking device is reprogrammed.

Important: Without experience there is a risk of causing irreparable damage to the device.

Unlocking immobilizer in the car

The owner of the car must know exactly where the interlock is installed, care must be taken when disconnecting it so as not to damage the control module of the car system by making a wrong contact. In some cases, an incorrect closure can lead to permanent malfunction of the fuel pump.

Emulator installation

Many people, deciding how to bypass the immobilizer installed by the manufacturer, decide to resort to the emulator. This is a special device that allows you to bypass the blocking of this device.

The main thing in this method is to choose the model of emulator correctly, depending on the immobilizer used. Considering that when this device is installed, the car remains without any protection, it is not recommended to use this method if the car is not equipped with an anti-theft system or alarm system.

Apart from the main function – blocker bypass, the emulator allows you to perform some auxiliary functions:

Additional programming is not required, the device adjusts itself to the electronic system of the car. But in some cases incompatibility with some car models is possible.

These works are not particularly difficult, so the motorist will be able to cope independently, using the instructions supplied with the device.

But if the owner of a car doubts his/her own strength, such services can be rendered by qualified specialists of car service center. But the owner of the car must confirm its ownership, presenting the appropriate documentation.

Is it possible to disable the immobilizer without assistance

The immobilizer may be disconnected by yourself only if the car owner has the necessary knowledge in the relevant area. If there are doubts about the successful outcome, it is not worth the risk, since errors can block the car or put its electronic system out of order. In this case, the repair will cost a decent amount due to the need to purchase expensive components.

It is recommended to turn to professional specialists, who guarantee quality performance of works. Also, you should properly prioritize and decide on the method of disconnection, depending on the individual characteristics of the installation of the device.

BMW X5 E70 video instruction how to change the cabin air filter

As can be seen from the presented material, the specified device is a convenient option, designed to protect the car owner from car theft, but sometimes excessive service threatens unforeseen difficulties. When choosing how to solve the problem, it is important to stop at the best way that eliminates the risk of damage to the car.

4 ways to disable the immobilizer in the car (detailed instructions)

In order to deactivate the immobilizer in the car, you can use an emulator or bypass unit, a spare key, a code or special software. However, to deactivate it yourself, you must have an understanding of the design and operation of the device, otherwise the immo will forcibly block the engine and its further use will become impossible.

How the immobilizer works

To protect against car theft in case of an unauthorized attempt to start the engine, the device performs a break in the electrical circuits. Thus, the signals coming from the ignition system to the engine must be disconnected. Additionally, the immobilizer can be equipped with special built-in devices that completely stop the power unit after the start of the movement. The car’s engine will start, but after a while it will shut down.

Also immobilizers can be equipped with automatic activation system, that is to independently block the connection of the wiring when the vehicle is parked for a long time.

Auto electrician Sergei Zaitsev told in detail about the principle of the immobilizer in his video.

What disables the immobilizer in the car?

Structurally, this device includes electronic controllers that perform blocking of the main systems of the vehicle – the cardan shaft and the engine. The immobilizer can also deactivate the ignition systems and fuel supply to the engine.

Is it worth disabling the immobilizer yourself?

Inexperienced motorists are better not to do so, if the immobilizer detects an attempt to break in or open the elements of the device, it will block the work of the engine. As a result, you will have to go to a specialist.

Code deactivation of the immobilizer

Read more about how to deactivate the immobilizer using a password on the example of the vehicle Lada Kalina:

  1. The ignition is turned off in the vehicle. The immobilizer indicator on the dashboard should blink slowly.
  2. The ignition system is activated. Some icons should appear and disappear on the control combination. The engine lockout indicator light will blink at an accelerated rate.
  3. The vehicle’s central locking button is pressed and held down. The immobilizer icon should stop flashing on the dashboard.
  4. When the key is depressed, the intensity of the blinking will decrease. The user should count the number of blinks and release the key at the moment when their number coincides with the first digit of the password.
  5. The actions of entering the code are repeated.
How to flash car ECU with your own hands

You can see the example of disabling the engine immobilizer for Lada Kalina in the video clip from the Elm327 Car Diagnostic Equipment channel.

Emulator installation

Instructions on how to use the immobilizer bypass module on the example of Starline device:

  1. The place for installation of the block is selected. It is necessary to remove the decorative cladding, if necessary. Bypassers “immo” from the manufacturer Starline are characterized by small dimensions, thanks to which their installation is possible almost everywhere.
  2. The device is installed. For its fixation, you can use self-tapping screws or plastic clamps. Fixing elements are included in the package.
  3. The housing of the microprocessor module opens and a spare key equipped with an RFID tag must be installed in it. It must be taken into account that the control element must be in working order, as it will always communicate with the locking device. The flat immobilizer transceiver must be inserted inside the module. The device must be fixed as firmly as possible to prevent it from moving when moving.
  4. The next step is to connect the bypasser. The red contact is the positive power output. It should be connected to the line where the voltage appears when the ignition is on. The best option would be to connect this conductor to the lock.
  5. The black cable is the minus signal and should be used as the control output. When the negative pulse is applied, the RFID tag is read from the electronic key. The contact element must be connected to the input of the automatic engine start system. If it is not available, the black cable is connected directly to the minus terminal of the battery or the ground. Any bolt connected to the body of the vehicle can be used as the “ground”.
  6. The bypass module is equipped with several gray contacts. Their connection is made in accordance with the wiring diagram, which is included in the package. Connection points may be different, depending on the design features of the car. One variant of the connection map is shown in the photo.

Immobilizer bypass module wiring diagram

Using self-made emulator

In order not to spend money on buying a new device, you can make it with your own hands, this requires:

  • A four-pin relay;
  • diode 1N4001;
  • A winding conductor with a diameter of about 0,35-0,5 mm;
  1. Branded devices are always equipped with a plastic housing. This nuance is important because using metal will produce the equivalent of a shorted coil in the main coil. This refers to the part that is wound around the key.
  2. The fixing of the four-pin relay is done inside the plastic housing. This part must be rated for 12-14 volt operation. When performing a motor override, a current of less than 1 amp is commutated. Therefore, the use of any type of relay is allowed. The main thing is that the part can withstand a large number of actuations.
  3. The diode element 1N4001 must be soldered to the relay leads. When performing the task, it should be taken into account that the activation of the device is in reverse polarity. The so-called “arrow” must be directed from the negative contact.
  4. As a result, there are four conductors coming out of the housing. The two-core loop is designed to connect the external coil, its installation is carried out directly on or near the ignition switch. The power cable has a negative polarity, so it can be connected to the anti-theft system or “mass”, any regular bolt in the body. The +12 volt conductor must be connected directly to the battery. It is possible to connect it to any electrical circuit that has a constant voltage, for example, a cigarette lighter.
Repair of starter retractor relay on VAZ and other cars

Scheme for a home-made immobilizer bypasser

Installation of the device is not allowed near metal elements and surfaces.

Homemade emulator to bypass the engine immobilizer must be installed covertly, but a 1-2 amp power cable must reach to it.

Use of spare key

When using a replacement control unit to disable the immobilizer, make sure that the key works properly and that it has a working battery.

  1. The “immo” control unit is searched for. On most modern vehicles this device is located next to the ignition switch, under the decorative cladding. In some models, the module may be located in the engine compartment. If you have difficulty finding it, we recommend using the service documentation for the car.
  2. The construction of the device is evaluated. The essence of this method is to install the spare key as close as possible to the immobilizer antenna. The transceiver will always read the signal from the control element, so the power unit will not be blocked. However, it should be taken into account that this method significantly reduces the safety of the car.
  3. Installation of a spare key is made. If the antenna is made in the form of coils of wire, the control element can be inserted into the hole. It is allowed to place the device next to the transceiver. The main thing is that there should be no electronic devices, metal parts or other sources of interference between the antenna module and the spare key. The control element must be secured as firmly as possible to prevent it from moving or disconnecting.
  4. Performed the assembly of all the trim elements of the interior, if they were removed. After that it is necessary to check the operation of the engine blocker. The driver must sit in the car and try to spin the steering wheel. If it is not locked, then the spare key is synchronized with the control unit and the immobilizer is disabled. Although in fact it is in working condition.
VAZ 2107 window opening panel with your hands

The NEGENCARS channel told about the peculiarities of bypassing the stock immobilizer.

Using special programs and devices

To turn off the engine immobilizer in passenger cars without the appropriate key will require software that can turn on the inactive status of the blocker. For example, you can use the Immobilizer Killer utility.

What will be needed?

Before disabling the engine immobilizer, you need to prepare:

  • A screwdriver with a Phillips head or a screwdriver;
  • a set of socket wrenches;
  • A computer with a PAC loader or other utility installed;
  • soldering iron with rosin and tin;
  • duct tape.

Step by step instruction

Algorithm of actions, how to disconnect and disable the immobilizer:

  1. A search for the immobilizer is performed. The user must gain access to the device. To do this, it will be necessary to remove a part of the interior trim.
  2. Removing the control module of the immobilizer is performed. Usually the device is attached with self-tapping screws. All connectors are disconnected from the immobilizer, the condition is checked. If there are traces of oxidation on the pads of the contacts, then their cleaning is performed. You must be careful not to damage the connector.
  3. The immobilizer control unit is disassembled. Inside the body of the device there is a working circuit, it must be dismantled. If it is necessary to unsolder the contacts for removal, prepare a soldering iron. You must be careful, otherwise the board can be completely damaged. The soldering points are heated to maximum temperature, after which the circuit is removed.
  4. The board is connected to the computer. The reprogramming of the microcircuit is done with the help of a utility. The user should remove from its memory any information regarding the operation of the power unit lock.
  5. The immobilizer board is installed back into the module housing, soldering is performed if necessary. The control unit is assembled. Now the microprocessor device of the engine does not receive information about the immobilizer of the car.
  6. In the disconnected device, the electrical circuits connected to the outputs 9 and 18 are cut off. The wires connected to them are connected to each other and insulated with electrical tape. It is important to do this in order to ensure trouble-free operation of the on-board computer.
  7. At the final stage, all the equipment is installed back. The previously disconnected connectors are connected to the control module.


The channel “Disable immobilizer” told in detail about the peculiarities of independent assembly of the car engine immobilizer bypasser.

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