How to Dry Clean a Car Interior with Your Hands

Clean the interior of the car with your own hands

Sooner or later every motorist has to visit dry cleaning of car salon.

It does not matter if he/she performs this activity by his/her own hands or in a specialized place, dry-cleaning of a car interior makes the interior of the car clean, and largely restores its original look.

Let us imagine for a moment that the driver has not cleaned the interior of his automobile with special chemical means for a long time.

In such a case the tragedy will not happen, but:

Unpleasant smells inside the car; If children drive in the car, then with time the seats, mats, and other interior surfaces will be stained from drinks, food, etc.; If various cargoes are transported in the car, then in addition to the residual smell, the interior will eventually become a mini dump; Dust, which will eventually accumulate in all cracks and will be spread inside the car by air flows from the window or air conditioning, may eventually cause severe allergic reactions to the body. Do you want to ride in such a car? If you respect yourself and love your passengers, of course not, and even the above four points are enough to understand that it is necessary to periodically clean the interior of the car with a special auto chemical.

And here is how to do it correctly, and we shall speak further.

Where it is better to do it

It is easier of course to address on service station. There is special equipment, proven, high-quality chemical cleaners, they do it all the time, which means they know their business. However, it saves you time, but not money.

In some cases the work can be done poorly, but there already depends on the right choice of service stations, and that’s another story.

Therefore, you can consider another option, cleaning the elephant car with your own hands. This is a cheaper option and, most importantly, not always the worst.

Periods of cleaning the interior

Specific periods of cleaning the interior of the car are not set. Each driver decides for himself, from the degree of patience of the driver to endure this or that degree of contamination of the interior.

Many car owners are not badly helped in making a decision by their wives, whose muttering to the right helps to quickly start cleaning the inside of the car.

If you decide to clean the interior of the car yourself, then pay attention to the basic steps of the work:

Selection of auto chemicals; Preparation of the interior; Understand how to properly use chemicals, with the observance of safety measures; Direct cleaning of the interior of the car (cleaning the ceiling, seats, floor, windows, dashboard, this includes cleaning the trunk; After completion of the work, a complete drying of the interior of the car. The choice of car chemistry

The choice of means for cleaning the interior of the car is quite a deep theme, although, in principle, there is nothing complicated here.

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The brand Profoam has proved itself well; it is usually used for cleaning the floor and seats.

If the case is heavy and need to remove coffee, ice cream, chocolate candy, ketchup, cherry turn to the cleaner Walzer, recently about this cleaner are not bad reviews.

K2 products are often used to clean the plastic of the dashboard.

There are many other similar car interior cleaners on the market, but we will definitely review them in the next article. Stay tuned for announcements.

And we move on to the next point.

In order to do a quality dry-cleaning of the interior, it is necessary that it be empty. Do not forget about the trunk, as it also needs to be cleaned.

To prevent liquid chemical compositions from penetrating between the cracks and short-circuiting the wiring, for example, the audio system, disconnect the mass of the car.

Take out all the mats and remove all the large debris. Then turn on the vacuum cleaner, the more powerful, the better, and conduct a dry cleaning of the interior.

It is better to take a car vacuum cleaner, as there are many special nozzles, which will allow you to get into the most seemingly inaccessible crevices. Ideally, when the seats are removed and all work with them is done separately.

Then, dust is removed from the dashboard and other plastic parts with a wet and dry rag.

That’s all, the preparation of the interior is finished, let’s move on to more serious procedures.

Peculiarities of working with special cleaners

As with any cleaning, you need to clean the interior from its top and gradually move to the bottom.

But first, the agent that is available should be tested. To do this, apply it in a little visible place on the floor or seat, and see if there are any suspicious streaks or stains.

We start cleaning from the ceiling.

Special foam cleaner; Clean light colored rags or one that doesn’t shed; Wipes; Rubber gloves. If possible, we cover all the panes of glass so that they do not get chemical composition.

For more effective work, divide the ceiling into zones, and in the order of your choice, apply the cleaner to the zone.

Wait according to the instructions, then with a forward movement only in one direction, for example, from the windshield to the rear window, remove the composition from the ceiling.

If the liquid gets on the glass, remove it immediately. To do this, you should always have at hand a clean “duty” cloth or rag.

When the rag is slightly soaked with detergent, replace it with a new dry one.

If the first pass does not help, repeat the algorithm. But modern cleaning agents cope well even with, it would seem, the most severe cases, so, as a rule, such a problem does not arise.

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We move on to the next area and so gradually finish with the ceiling.

The entire algorithm of the work performed is similar to cleaning the ceiling, but there are some nuances.

The seats and floor of the car is always dirtier than the ceiling, so they can use stronger chemicals, such as Walzer.

If the seat is cloth and the floor is felt, you can go over it with a steam cleaner beforehand. In some cases, this is enough to remove the dirt.

You can use brushes of different hardness to clean very dirty areas.

If you want the best quality work, remove the seats.

Leather or vinyl, if there is a desire to save money, you can wash with an ordinary soapy solution of laundry soap. But note that soap is not good for the leather, it dries it, so after the leather seat dries, it is treated with a leather conditioner.

There are special cleaners for cleaning leather salons. One salon on average takes two cans of such product, take this into account.

Most of them work on the principle of squeezing dirt from the spores of the leather outward.

Therefore, after applying such a product to the leather, you need to wait a little, then wipe the seat with a dry, soft, clean rag.

To clean the leather interior can also use a soft brush, but you need to be careful not to damage the leather.

Since most panels in cars are plastic for their care, too, there are special tools.

The main purpose of such tools is to give the plastic luster and to prevent the rapid deposition of dust on it.

Such means on the market is also plenty, for example, on the ratio of price and quality are well-proven means for plastic from K2.

If you want to save money and you have at home wipes for wiping plastic computer, you can use them. They are impregnated with a compound that repels dust.

To clean the control panel you will also need, paper towels, ear sticks and toothpicks. Thanks to these not tricky accessories, your car’s dashboard is guaranteed to be clean.

Car Glass Cleaning.

Car windows can be tinted or untinted, this is an important point.

Tinted glasses must not be treated with detergents that contain ammonia, as this will damage the tinted film. Keep this in mind when choosing glass cleaners.

Do not spray the product on glass as you usually do, but first moisten a clean microfiber cloth and carefully wipe the dirty glass with it.

This will prevent the appearance of streaks, which car owners do not like to fight.

Salon drying is not only for the normalization of humidity in it, but also to eliminate unpleasant residual odors, which may even cause allergies in humans.

To do this, leave the battery disconnected, open all doors and windows. The battery is disconnected in order not to permanently light up the interior lights.

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If it takes 8 to 15 hours to dry out the interior, the smell will completely go away in 48 to 96 hours.

You will have to use a special air freshener to live with this smell somehow.

As they say in the people – “It is told a lot, but it is done quickly,” so it is with dry cleaning of the interior with your own hands.

If the first time such work may take quite some time, the next time, it will be a moment for the driver.

The main thing is to choose a good cleaner and learn how to use it correctly, and car-chemistry will do everything by itself.

And most importantly, when you do cabin cleaning with your own hands, you treat it much more responsibly than a HUNDRED.

How to do dry cleaning car salon with his hands

A car is an expensive purchase and requires care. It is safe to say that all the car owners, at least once in their life, washed a car with their own hands, and most of them even thought about doing the dry cleaning of the salon by themselves.

On the average, drivers significantly more often wash the body than the interior. Meanwhile, dirty windows may reduce visibility and increase the risk of accidents, and an abundance of dust contributes to allergic diseases. Therefore, cleanliness of the car interior is of no less importance.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry-cleaning your own car

Many drivers prefer not to bother, because dry cleaning of the car interior is offered at most large car washes. Of course, there are certain advantages in such a choice. Firstly, you can save a lot of time (about 5 hours). Secondly, professionals are able to achieve a higher quality of work. Thirdly, it does not require any effort to solve the problem.

At the same time, you should not forget about the disadvantages. You will not only have to leave your car in the car wash for a long time, but also pay for the work a decent sum of money. If you do the dry cleaning with your own hands, then there is a possibility not to leave home and keep the family budget intact. Of course you will have to do a lot of work and there is no guarantee for the quality of the work, but there is an individual choice for each person.

Dry cleaning velour seats with your own hands

What will be required?

The use of wet cleaning and vacuuming in the cabin can maintain the frequency, but over time in any case there are dirty stains on the upholstery of the seats, the sides of the doors and other elements. It proves difficult to clean them, with the main problem being ignorance of the remedies for such problems.

So. Dry cleaning is carried out in several stages:

  • Existing debris is removed.
  • Wet cleaning of the passenger compartment is performed.
  • Only after that does dry cleaning using special detergents
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As a result, before dry cleaning, it is necessary to get rid of all debris in the salon, and to do this, a good vacuuming in all corners. In some cases it may be necessary to dismantle the seats.

How to conduct a wet cleaning everyone knows. A rag and a bucket of water. In addition, the liquid for washing glasses, a few clean rags or towels, a microfiber-based rag, as well as car detergents come in handy.

Nowadays, there are many different car care products on the market, and it can be very difficult to understand their quality. You should not buy these products at random, it is better to find out the preferences of your friends or read the reviews on the internet.

This video shows how to do cabin dry cleaning with your own hands:


All automotive chemicals are divided into categories of application, and in each group there are a lot of manufacturers.

Detergents for plastic

The choice of detergents during the dry cleaning of the car interior is largely determined by the condition of the car, the degree of contamination of the surfaces, as well as the materials themselves. For example, they will be different for velour and leather. Plastic can be cleaned using Profoam 2000, which costs about 130 rubles in stores. If the plastic is not very dirty, then one bottle is more than enough, especially since in the process it is diluted with water 50:50.

Profoam 2000

The remedy copes with dirt on plastic in all places. It can be the central console of the car or doors, or it can be the wipers. At the same time, you should avoid a strong concentration and prolonged contact of the liquid with surfaces, because due to its activity it can remove, along with the dirt, the inscriptions on the buttons.

interior plastic dry cleaning

You can also clean ceiling handles with Profoam 2000, but it is best to do it not on the spot, but unscrew them beforehand. The procedure for working with it is as simple as possible. After application, you should wait about a minute, and then you can rinse off. For heavily soiled areas, you can additionally work with a brush.

Detergents for car windows

When cleaning glass, it is best to use microfiber cloths and do not apply the detergent directly to the glass, but to the cloth. Do not apply ammonia directly to the glass as it destroys the tint on the glass.

If after dry cleaning the visibility through glass has not improved, most likely you should think about repairing glass chips, which also can be done with your own hands.

Cleaners for fabrics and mats

If necessary to clean car mats or fabric upholstery with your own hands you can use Profoam 4000. It is a relatively new tool on the Russian market, which has received good reviews from ordinary car owners. It costs about 220 rubles.

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Profoam 4000

The use of the product is as simple as possible, since it is applied as a foam from a spray can. Just a few minutes of waiting, and the surface is wiped with a dry rag. The main thing is that the surface after treatment has no streaks and unpleasant odors.

hand-made car headliner dry cleaning

In the process of cleaning the ceiling should use only clean rags (preferably white). After a light moistening the rag is replaced by a dry one. Cleaning is carried out in one direction from the windscreen towards the luggage compartment, which prevents the formation of irregularities.

hand car seat dry cleaning

For the floor and seats, the cleaning procedure is similar, but due to the less noticeable stains and the rougher texture of the materials, especially the floor covering, it is not necessary to use a white cloth. It is sufficient to apply a cleaning agent to the surface and remove it after a few minutes. In case the surface is too dirty and stains remain after the first treatment, the procedure can be repeated.

Leather cleaner

In the presence of leather trim on the seats, dry cleaning of the car interior is carried out with appropriate means. As an option to use can be cleaning tools Step Up and High Gear , specifically designed for leather surfaces and standing in domestic stores about 250 rubles. As a result, for not much money you can get a very good remedy.

Dry cleaning of leather seats with Step Up

Process with their help leather surface with their own hands is not difficult. It is sufficient to spray the product on the surface, give it a few minutes to absorb, after which you can use a soft cloth to remove it. If desired, you can use a soft brush. On average, a couple of cans of the product are used for a complete cleaning of a leather interior, but for larger cars, the consumption may be slightly higher. After the end of the cleaning procedure should provide airing for 12 hours. All this time, the car windows and, if possible, doors should be open. The smell in the cabin will remain for some time after that, so it is better to use air fresheners. After dry cleaning, the surfaces should be polished and treated with conditioner (for leather). After that, you can take the job yourself.

Bottom line

After learning how to do dry cleaning of the interior of the car with your own hands, you can compare your costs with the cost of similar services in the car service center, and calculate the resulting difference that you managed to save. It remains only to decide for yourself which way to choose: turn to professionals and pay a serious amount, or work a little on your own and pay several times less.

In any case, whichever of the two ways you choose, the car will be clean, well-groomed and tidy.

What you need to know before you do your own dry cleaning of the interior:

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