How to install an additional “stop light”

Additional brake light (GOST and installation at VAZ 2112, 2110)

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The auxiliary brake light provides unambiguous brake pedal in countries where the red color are also turn signals, and provides redundancy in case any brake light fails. Do you need an extra brake light to pass the TO and how can it be installed ?

The VAZ tenth family has a rear stop light from the factory, and it is installed in a spoiler (see visual search). However, many do not like the spoiler and remove it, thereby getting rid of the third brake light. It is no secret that its absence can complicate the process of technical inspection of the car, so you will have to come up with a new place to place the additional stop light:

Installing an additional stop light with your own hands

The easiest way to buy a stop light bulb and mount it in the cabin on the back shelf of the car. If in the near future we intend to replace the regular shelf with an acoustic, then there is an option to buy a rear shelf with a stop light . The meaning of this does not change, the main thing is that the rear window tinting or curtains do not interfere with its light.

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How to make an immobilizer bypass with your own hands

Another interesting way to make a center stop light is to install LEDs in the big rear cataphobe. Whether you will use individual LEDs or LED strip for this, there is no difference. The shape of the signal depends on your imagination, which allows you to distinguish the car from the gray masses.

Many people decide to install an additional stop light in the bumper . Thus, the third stop light is placed below the two main ones. Installation report.

The last option is a stop light on the rear window. In contrast to the first way it will be placed not at the bottom, but on top. As a source of light may approach the same purchase light, but more interesting option would be to install LED strip. LED strip of the required length placed in a box, otherwise when braking it will illuminate the interior.

Fasten the box “L” shaped (if you use “U” shaped, then the light of the lamp will be directed upwards) in any available way (for example, on the duct tape). The wiring is hidden behind the glass seal. Whichever placement option you choose, the main thing in this case, that this stop light complies with GOST:

Auxiliary brake light, GOST and TO

  • 2.13.1 One or two additional brake lights may be installed on passenger cars and buses. 2.13.2. Additional brake lights are installed behind the rear window of a motor vehicle at a height of 1150-1400 mm.
  • The additional brake signal shall be visible in the vertical and horizontal planes within the minimum angles indicated in the drawing:
  • 2.13.4. The color of the additional braking signals shall be red.
    4.3.2. Changing the color of lights, operation mode, locations and dismantling of lights, signal lamps and reflectors provided by the design of a vehicle is allowed only in cases when – The complete set of vehicles, including discontinued vehicles, with external lights shall be carried out in accordance with Table 6a;
Scheme for rebuilding a car battery


If you decide to install an additional stop light, then take into account not only your wishes, but also the requirements of GOST. Indeed, at the time of braking the car with a third brake light will be better visible, especially during the day in the sun. By the way, there are other ways to highlight the car on the road, especially if you have a station wagon body.

Two additional LED brake lights with their own hands.

Hello all. I wanted to install additional brake lights for a long time, but the price did not suit, the size and performance did not fit. As a result came across on aliexpress LED COB strip (diodes in two rows, and shine brighter than conventional, single-row). The housing was made of thin black plastic. If I had a 3D printer the body would be better, but also the third grade is not a marriage))). I cut two strips of red plexiglass so they would glow red. I powered them with stabilizers for long and successful working. Connector with + marking (red square) was installed on the housing. I attached it to the rear window with transparent 3M adhesive tape. They do not obstruct my vision at all! Braking is much more informative. I am satisfied with the work done. You can throw thumbs at me for such a handwork.) Here is the link:…042311.0.0.41e533edBWxAHw Have smooth roads and full tanks.

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

Photo in the KIA Rio (3G) logbook

KIA Rio 2012, petrol engine 1.6 liter, 123 hp, front-wheel drive, manual transmission – with my hands

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I would cut into the bumper better. Or replace the cataphotts with the stops. It’s been written here somewhere.

Too much, they are superfluous.

I turned them off in the shelf for now.

Well… whatever the baby needs. Let’s tint, get some problems, and then solve them heroically ♂️ And the hull, well this is a handiwork of a schoolboy in class for “C”. What’s with all the clamping nonsense? 1. A normal driver looks in front of the car in front of them – hence: get your tinted and then really improve safety. 2. Hit the lights that are almost at the eye level of the next car, in the eyes of the driver… well, it is not safe for the owner of such additional stops.

Connect to the auxiliary stop under the glass? What the fuck?! We’ll again heroically overcome difficulties and drag the wires to the lights in the lid! I hope you also pulled the left light to the right headlight and the right light to the left? That’s freaking ridiculous.

Charger for cars from an LED strip power supply

It’s a bit garish, but it has a right to exist) As for me it would be better to make one, but a big stop light, like on adult cars) in your case you can make one consisting of several small ones as well.

About one big one I thought, but these are more like the “regular” ones.

I mean big, including all around the window, put on the car from the factory, such as Audi, Jaguars, Range Rovers, and other premium, so a large solid looks like regular, the drivers will also be more quietly perceived. I haven’t seen one like yours.

On Ali there are such, the price of a question about 1000r. Let’s wait and see, maybe I’ll put these away and buy one big one. But then again, his power consumption is quite different, 18 watts, in the description was specified.

The ones in ali are only for night, during the day they are barely noticeable, and in sunny weather their effectiveness tends to zero.

As an option, I would make a separate activation of additional stops on the button. If it is snowing or foggy, then turn them on. In good visibility, the regular stops are fine.

But not the average regular one, which is not at all visible through tinting in the daytime, and the more so in sunny weather.

Quote: “Braking mode is much more informative now. I’m satisfied with the work done. You can throw thumbs at me for such handwork.

Well, you have said yourself about handwork, and there may be two thuds:

The first tap – from the annex to the traffic rules, which says, at what faults are prohibited operation of vehicles: 3.1 Number, type, color, location and mode of operation of the external lights do not meet the requirements of the design of the vehicle. (Pay attention to the word “quantity” and the word “mode of operation”. The latter refers to the taillights.)

The second tap (and probably something worse) can come from the drivers behind you, who are bothered at night with “informative” of your braking. P.S. If something is not clear, ask somebody to sit in your car and hold pressed brake pedal, and stand behind you, and admire the work of your hands for 10 minutes.

In the photo the main stops are brighter than the extra stops, and in reality all the stops are less bright than in the photo, that’s one. Two – I agree with you about the traffic violation. The 2019 traffic rules prohibit changing the total number of lights, their type, mode and color. But what about stop lights? Is it possible to install additional “stops” to make them more visible on the road, including making them flashing, as well as put a laser projected red light on the road? This is what we will find out in this article.

How to simply make the light of car headlights brighter.

What do the traffic rules say?

In this context, we are interested in two provisions of the Rules:

They clearly stipulate that it is forbidden to change the number, type, location and mode of operation of lighting fixtures (paragraph 3.1), and traffic rules do not allow modifications to the design of a car without the permission of the traffic police (paragraph 7.18). But what are the lights, whether they include stop lights, what is the mode of operation, type and what is their location? Let’s break it down in the context of specific installation cases!

Can a flashing stop light be installed?

No. It’s prohibited by the Regulations. And in order to understand this, you need to figure out what is being violated in this case.

So, the traffic regulations talk about the mode of operation of the lights. That is the term we need. But in the traffic rules there is no definition of this term. Legislatively, if there is no definition, it is allowed to use other legal acts to understand. And here to help us come to GOST 33997-2016, paragraph 2.54 which defines the mode of operation as follows:

2.54 The mode of operation of external lighting devices – a set of characteristics of the functioning of external lighting devices CTS, reflecting the algorithms and conditions of their manual or automatic on-off, regulation of the intensity of radiation, its intermittence or continuity. As you can see, it is due to the intermittency of the stop light that changes its mode of operation set from the factory. That is why installing a blinking brake light violates the mode of the lights.

By the way, is the stop such a device? Yes, it is. But the traffic rules are silent about this term again. And then we find a corresponding definition in the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles:

Exterior lights – devices for illumination of the road, the state registration plate, as well as light signaling devices. Stop lights signalize the reduction of vehicle speed, so they are nothing more than an external light device. Thus, it is prohibited to put a flashing “stop”.

Can I put an extra stop?

But what about the additional lights? Let it be not flashing, but working normally, because it is quite different!

As we have already mentioned above, point 3.1 expressly says that you can not put an additional brake light, because in this case, the requirement of the number of lights will not be met.

And laser or LED projection on the road?

It is logical to conclude that, also in the case of installing such a device, the quantity changes in the form of an additional stop light (superfluous in relation to those provided by the manufacturer). Therefore, and laser “stops” formally prohibited to install on the car in 2019, as it will be a change in the design of the car. But such changes are allowed in cases where the permission of the traffic police. In order to get it, you will have to spend a lot of money and time, going through the following steps in brief:

Sunscreen film on the windshield of the car: types, ways of pasting

formal permission for installation of additional stop lights, passing the expertise on the technical possibility of making changes, installation in a certified service station with a declaration of work and an act of work performed, a new examination of the compliance of the changes made, passing the inspection, providing the car for inspection by the traffic police, getting a new CTS with a note on the changes made. In addition, the stop light itself must meet certain requirements:

Firstly, their number is approved by the same Technical regulation, and, in case of non-compliance, the traffic police simply will not allow to make changes; and there must be exactly 2 and plus one central (most often under the rear window of the car), if you do not have a central, then only you can install it as additional, secondly, there are requirements for the presence of the message on the official approval under the UN Rules for the most additional stop light, and also comply with requirements for photometric characteristics and other on the link, and very rare additional stop from some-n Is it possible to change the color?

That’s the only thing you can do. But even then only with certain restrictions.

According to the traffic code, the color of the brake lights must be:

red, orange, yellow. But the main thing that you have achieved this at the expense of lamps, not changing the design of a light device, otherwise read the text above.

For all 4 of the above violations shall apply to Part 1 of Article 12.5 of the CAO – a general penalty for failure to comply with the basic provisions of the traffic rules, which provides for a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.

In practice you may be charged under part 3 of the same article, which may result in deprivation of license. It is illegal, because part 3 provides a sanction for the changed mode and color of lights at the same time. The Supreme Court pointed this out in its recent decision of the Plenum, stressing that if only the operating mode is violated, it is unlawful to apply this norm.

That is, it applies only if you have a flashing brake light of any color other than red, orange or yellow. In my case, a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.

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