How to learn traffic tickets quickly

How to quickly learn traffic rules tickets for the category B exam

The question of how to learn traffic tickets quickly worries all students. Especially if there is not much time left before the exam. I want to give some tips that will help everyone. And those who just entered the driving school and those who are no more than 2 weeks before the exam at the traffic police.

Tip #1 – Divide questions into simple and difficult

There are more than 800 questions in MPD tickets and of course, it is not possible to solve all of them in one day.

But not all questions are difficult, or so difficult that you have to memorize the answer to EVERY exam question. Some questions you could already answer even before training at a driving school – you cross the street on a green light, use a crosswalk. That is it turns out, you already know some points of rules and use them in usual life.

As a rule, absolutely unprepared pupil, coming in a driving school can already solve 8-10 examination questions, simply using logic and background knowledge of traffic rules which he had.

But there are questions constructed on game of words, on game of pictures and even those who knows traffic rules can’t answer them correctly from the first time.

Divide the questions for yourself into difficult and simple. Let’s consider questions on traffic tickets in which you often make mistakes – difficult. As well as questions in which you answer correctly, but do not understand why, this answer will be correct, too, consider it difficult and try it a few times.

Advice #2 – how to learn traffic tickets quickly – repeat by topic.

If you look at the questions on traffic rules – you’ll notice that each topic corresponds to a different exam question. And you can learn the questions by topic. You can try to solve the topics on our site

How to learn traffic tickets quickly by topic

Tickets for the exam at the traffic police are arranged so that the first exam question of each ticket is the topic “General Duties of the Driver” and “General Provisions”. The second, third and fourth questions are road signs. The fifth question is markings. The sixth question is traffic lights and traffic controllers and so on.

Try to structure your learning so that, for example, today you are learning general provisions. Once you have learned the topic, move on to the next topic, repeating the previous one and so on to the end. In one day, perhaps, to disassemble the 20-40 questions, that is, for all 800 you will spend 2-2.5 weeks.

An example of how to learn traffic rules questions by topic.

Day of the week Topic to repeat New topic
Monday 1. general regulations 2. General duties of the driver
Tuesday 1. general provisions 2. General obligations of the driver Warning signs
Wednesday General provisions 2. General obligations of the driver, 3. Warning road signs Prohibitory signs
Thursday General provisions 2. General duties of the driver, 3.Warning road signs 4. Prohibitory signs 1. Priority signs 2. Warning signs
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Try to divide up the topics so that you will not have more than 20-30 new questions in one day. Choose the quietest time to deal with a new topic, and you can repeat it in transportation, at recess, or during your lunch break.

Tip #3 – Use traffic rules memorizers

How to memorize traffic signs

All signs can be divided into subgroups according to shape.

Warning signs are a triangle with an acute angle upward with a red border.

How to learn traffic tickets fast - warning signs

Forbidding signs are round with a red border, and something forbidding is drawn on a white background.

How quickly you learn traffic tickets - prohibition signs

I advise you to start studying road signs with forbidding ones, as they are the most difficult to study.

Of course, in life you will not meet such a variety of prohibitive signs on your routes, but when passing the exam in the traffic police you need to know all the signs and all the exceptions to these road signs, because in the tickets you will be asked about it.

Pay special attention to prohibitory stop and parking signs.

The next most difficult signs to learn are the prescriptive signs. These are command signs, we are required to do what is painted on them. They have a blue background and are round.

How quickly you learn traffic tickets - prohibition signs

All other signs are easy to learn, but students are most often very wrong when using basic signs with additional information signs (signs)

The supplemental information signs narrow down the effect of the main sign with which they apply.

How to memorize traffic signals.

In order to memorize signals signals regulator came up with a memory verse

How to memorize traffic signals

There are not many questions on the pointsman, so in the theme of crossings there are only 8 of 120 and only 16 questions on the knowledge of the signals of the pointsman – this is the 6th exam question on each ticket, but it is very scary for pupils, so take your time with it.

Tip #4. Logic is our friend

Not all questions in the traffic rules tickets are so complicated that they cannot be solved, probably, in half of the questions, you can solve simply by applying logic. For example, this question.

How to learn traffic tickets fast

Are you allowed to enter a railroad crossing in this situation?

2. Allowed if there is no approaching train.

In the picture now the red light of the traffic light is on, the red traffic light is prohibitive and probably you are unlikely to pass now this railroad crossing.

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And so logically you can approach many questions, the main thing is not afraid to reason.

Tip #5. Use PDD courses and lessons online

Your teacher at the driving school will certainly explain everything in detail and answer all questions, but not always get it right the first time, and sometimes it happens that you can not ask questions, and the lesson is over, and the next is a new topic. And what happens more often just do not get to class for some reason, for example, recorded driving or delayed at work. In these situations, you will help online courses PDD. Only choose them carefully, now there are so many different courses to prepare for the exams, where the student will get a lot of information, and you want, and understand, and almost always leave the student without feedback, forcing their own understanding of those or other topics.

We have a site to prepare for the exams of the traffic police where all the topics and questions are analyzed in detail, helping students to understand the intricacies of questions, the questions, because the entire course is aimed to prepare the student for the exam at the traffic police. If the student has any questions, he can write to the tutor and they will help him to understand the questions he doesn’t understand.


So, let’s make a small summary of how a student can quickly learn traffic tickets.

Do not try to solve all 800 questions, one at a time, divide the questions into those that are enough to solve once and those that need to be solved necessarily, so that you remember and understand the correct answer.

Divide the questions by topic, this will help you understand the nuances of one topic.

And use online courses and PDD lessons, especially if you’re behind on topics in the driving school or don’t understand what the instructor is explaining to you at all.

How to quickly learn traffic tickets 2021 for the category B exam – 6 valuable tips

How to learn traffic rules easily

Traffic rules tickets contain about 800 questions. To memorize them all, you need constant practice, you can’t do without it. But the total time expenditures for studying can be noticeably reduced: there are methods, which simplify the material learning, computer programs for improvement of skills and knowledge, video lessons, perceived by many people much easier than books, because text information is digested differently, and, unlike video, not always causes any associations. So, let’s move on to the recommendations that will help you quickly learn the traffic rules tickets 2021 for the exam for the license of category B.

Preparing for the exam at the traffic police

Advice №1: divide and conquer

There is no point in rereading the collection of traffic rules from beginning to end without paying attention to typical questions in the tickets and repetition of information. Here you need another tactic: reread the section, for example, devoted to a stop and park, repeat the information mentally, then move on to the questions. This allows you to immediately consolidate the acquired knowledge. With the help of such tactics, many people manage to prepare for the exam for the category “B” in 5-7 days, spending 2 hours a day. Already from the first time, 70-80% of the whole body of information is absorbed without problems.

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NOTE: Some people may find it helpful to record your answers to the questions in writing, although this will be an additional time-consuming process. Do not neglect studying the pictures of various traffic situations that are provided on almost every ticket. This engages visual images, which allows you to remember the information you need at the level of association.

Memorizing traffic rules

Tip #2: Interval repetition

Memory has a limited resource, so not all the information learned is fixed, we tend to partially or completely forget it. In short-term memory, information is retained for a few days, when repeated later it may become an object of long-term memory.

Let’s look at a typical example, which will help you understand in practice how to quickly learn the theory of traffic rules and easily pass the exam. A student crams the tickets on the eve of the exam and successfully passes all the tests, but after a while he completely forgets not only the ticket, but also the name of the subject. Therefore it is important to reinforce the information received, to program the brain to memorize the exam tickets on traffic rules. If you perform this manipulation with a certain frequency, you will be able to learn the tickets well and for a long time, but not so fast. To save time, you can limit yourself to answering the questions without going into repetition of the section, focusing solely on the points that you had time to forget after 2-3 days of study. Ideally, you need 3 repetitions:

  1. Mental – immediately after reading the section.
  2. Testing – on the same day. For example, you learned and practiced in the morning, and in the evening to consolidate the knowledge gained by answering the same questions.
  3. The control – after 2-3 days (a longer period of time is allowed, up to several weeks, if you have so much time).

Interestingly enough, a similar method of memorization was proposed by the German psychologist Ebbinghaus back in 1885. He emphasized that as a result of one hour of training we eventually forget an average of 60% of what we have learned. Repetition, on the other hand, reduces the amount of information that is lost and forgotten to 10-20%.

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Tip #3: Use logic

Are there cadets who learned almost nothing, but passed the theory exam of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate without problems and got driving license? Yes, it happens, though they definitely had the minimum understanding of traffic rules. Logical thinking helped: the cadet preferred the option, which minimized the probability of an accident.

This is a win-win tactic. For several days we study the basic rules of the road – from making maneuvers to road signs, rules for passing intersections. Then, when answering questions, consider the main thing: road users should make maneuvers that won’t lead to an accident.

For example, if the question is about the passage of the intersection or driving on the highway, analyze what will be the safest for the participants of traffic and minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Keep in mind, to work with logic will need at least some knowledge base. Learn the meaning of traffic signs, and pay attention to the following important points:

  • Cross unregulated intersections according to the “handicap to the right” rule.
  • Yield to the one driving from below. For example, when there is an obstruction on the road and two cars have to separate, the first to pass is the one who is driving from the bottom up.
  • If there is an accident, it is 90% likely to be the fault of the one who was behind. Let’s say one car was moving in a straight line and braked sharply, the second car drove into it from behind. The one who was behind will be blamed, because the cause of the accident was due to nonobservance of distance.

Rhyme about the traffic controller

Memorization of a traffic controller’s gestures

Tip #4: Add game learning to traffic rules

Web-services and mobile applications, both paid and free (often with ads, which can be intrusive), can be easily installed on any modern smartphone. If you have an iPhone, use the AppStore to find the right app, and if any other Android smartphone – PlayMarket.

Here is a list of 3 useful applications that will speed up the learning of traffic rules:

App Name Description
PDD Tickets 2021 Official developer – PDD Russia, the application belongs to the free, contains a list of rules with all the current changes at the moment, using the section “Testing” questions will be asked in a random order, so you can cover all the available sections
Ray. PDD Exam 2021: Tickets Another free application, which, in addition to theory, includes a list of current tickets, a guide that contains all the traffic signs, useful recommendations, including those related to the norms of behavior in building a dialogue with the inspector.
Smart PDD This app will allow you to prepare for the traffic rules exam online, with minimal distraction to information that is unlikely to be contained in the tickets. The application consists of 800 questions, at any moment there is an opportunity to study the answer, which is formed with references to traffic rules, road signs, important terms. Preparation with the help of Smart PDD is possible in the “My teacher” mode. In this mode, the questions are formed taking into account the mistakes that were made earlier. The application has a separate section that combines traffic signs with detailed descriptions, as well as statistics on progress, thanks to which it is easy to assess the current progress.
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Tip #5: Consult an expert

If you do not know the answer to a certain question related to traffic regulations, it is better to find out from the instructor of the driving school or study the applications mentioned above. After all, the information provided on thematic forums can be distorted. Its study will lead to confusion, assimilation of incorrect data, the value of which is rapidly approaching to zero. This will also have a negative impact on the speed of preparation for the theory exam.

Tip #6: fail – try the standard study scheme

If the above tips in your case were not effective enough, give preference to the standard scheme of preparing for the theory exam:

  1. Choose a specific section, preferably moving in stages. Start with the first and end with the last sections in the collection of traffic rules. This ensures that the information is properly assimilated and structured.
  2. The first reading will be introductory, but thoughtful. You need to stop and re-read the incomprehensible moments, but do not focus your attention on all the nuances, without exception, otherwise you will waste a lot of time.
  3. The second reading allows you to structure the information received, to highlight key points, perhaps even sketched diagrams that will facilitate memorization through visual associations.
  4. Mentally recite what you have read. Review the diagrams and notes you have made. You can do this not immediately, but several days later. For example, reread twice, answer the questions, then go back to the same section.
  5. Try to rework those tickets which caused you certain difficulties.

Keep in mind, regular practice is important when studying traffic tickets. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of time. Two hours a day will be more than enough. Help and additional 10-15 minutes – just give them to the application, when waiting in line or moving on public transport, there will be easier to force myself to learn tickets. After all, with a huge likelihood, you have in the near future will move from it to a personal car.

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