How to make a circular saw from a bolgar.

How to make a circular saw from a cigar cutter with their own hands?

Almost every private building has a utility room. Construction materials and tools, tools and agricultural equipment are most often stored in it.

In this article, we will talk about how to make a circular saw on the basis of the engine from a bolster.

Design features

To carry out the work of transforming one type of saw into another is possible with the use of old, leftover elements from the repair. With locksmith skills and ingenuity, you will cope with this task without much effort.

Distinctive features of this type of device is that there are circular saws from a bolgar as a makeshift machine or a handheld device, fixed on a table or other basis.

If you have an old sledgehammer, it is best to remove the motor from it and use it as the core of the future saw. The motor from a washing machine will also work.

Any circular saw has several basic components:

  • a homemade table as a stable frame;
  • saw frame;
  • motor from the surface treatment machine;
  • slide stop;
  • bar for adjusting the height of the kerf;
  • gearbox, saw blade.

Such a machine is suitable for cutting small wooden bars. When you plan to process wood in large quantities and large dimensions, it is better to buy ready-made production equipment. Its cost is high, but for business this purchase will be an ideal solution.

In order to work safely on the circular saw, it is necessary to choose the disk for it with special attention. The circular saw is a complex tool and you can not use the disk with it to cut wood products. At any time it can be jammed.

Rotating at very high speed, such an element is capable of crushing the wood into splinters, from which you can be injured. This happens because there is a high temperature load on the disk during machining. It is best to buy a new product specifically for the circular saw.

If the circular saw is fixed on the floor, the frame should be fixed with fasteners (angles) to ensure its stability. To make the frame you can take an unnecessary cabinet or several sheets of chipboard. However, it is safer to make it out of metal.

The main working surface of the table top is better to make of plywood or laminated chipboard. The table must stand very firmly on the floor so that its vibration is negligible.

The disk on the saw is set a smaller diameter than that used for the grinder – this will prevent the engine from overheating. You can buy it both in auto parts stores, and in specialized construction markets. The power of the motor of the bolgar, from which the circular saw is made, should not be less than 1600 watts.

A more complex variant involves the installation of additional elements: a system of pulleys, belt transmission. In this way of manufacturing, the homemade construction will acquire the appearance of a production machine. The presence of a belt will reduce the speed of disc rotation.

Not breaking the carrier for the garage

Necessary tools

To work you will need tools, construction materials or pieces of parts of the assembly parts of old furniture.

You will need:

  • pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrenches, hammer;
  • sheet metal, corners, nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners;
  • a power drill, a switch and a socket;
  • screwdriver, ruler.

Step by step instructions

The process of making a circular saw from a bolgar with their own hands includes a number of steps:

  • First of all, you need to make a table-base;
  • to set up the saw itself and the disk;
  • attach the thrust bar;
  • connect electricity;
  • conduct a test run.

The main element of both the mini-sample, and the stationary version of the circular saw is the table-frame. You can make it, using the drawings, or construct it to your taste, observing the basic principle of making such a part of the saw. Everything will depend on the size of the wood material, which you are going to saw in the future.

We will tell you about how to remake a bolgar into a miniature circular saw. With its help, you can saw bars, small boards, slats, used in repairs or in private households.

The table looks in the form of a workbench, the base of which is most often made of lumber.

  • First, they take sheets of chipboard and make a miniature table of them, the legs are made at such a height that under the bed will fit a grinder. They are attached to the reinforcing ribs. Those, in their turn, are made of small boards and fastened along the edge of the tabletop at 7-10 cm from its underside with self-tapping screws.
  • The upper working surface should preferably be made of laminated plywood. When the table top (frame) is ready, it is turned over face down and made a marking for installation of a grinder and a saw blade. As a basis take the element with a grinder, on it make measurements for a slot for a new disk. On its ends with a pencil mark the outermost boundaries of the future hole (slit). Then take a drill bit and drill the points formed.

  • After that, using a ruler, connect the edges of the formed holes by drawing two parallel lines on their width. Part of the tabletop inside such lines is cut out with a grinder. The slot for the disk is ready.
  • Then you should buy a new disk in a store. The best option will be to buy a sample for woodwork with a size of 125 mm with carbide teeth – there can be 24, 36, 48.
  • Under the working surface of the table is screwed bar, to which the grinder is attached, using clamps. It can be fixed with self-made clamps and tightening nuts. At the same time in the table (in the cut out hole) make installation of the disk itself. It should be positioned so that most of it is on the surface. It is desirable to carry out the attachment of a protective cover. It is sold in any construction store, so it is easy to buy such an element. Fix it usually on the hinges, allowing the visor to recline.
A simple puller to help a car enthusiast with his own hands

  • From a metal corner or plastic scrap of an old plinth make thrust strip. It can be attached to plywood or chipboard. The length of this slat should be the same as the work surface of the table. Screw the bar (limiter) at a distance of at least 2 cm from the teeth of the saw blade. At the ends of the rail make two holes and fix it in the table with screws or conventional self-tapping screws.
  • The board or bar to be machined must fit completely on the table top because the lumber is subjected to vibration when the disc is moving at high speed. It is not possible to hold the lumber by weight – there is a possibility of serious injury.
  • At the next stage of work on the inside of the mini-table make mounting electric socket, through which run the wire and then carry out the installation of the switch. Usually its fixation is carried out on the outer side of one of the ribs. The wire from the switch is routed to the power supply – this is how the electricity is connected to the circular saw.

When the saw is ready, make a test run and cut small bars, paying attention to the speed of the disc.

At this point the work is done.

Folk craftsmen, in order not to make a table for the circular saw, as a supporting frame use a vise . At the very beginning make a clamp of the grinder with a disk on the edge of the usual table, removing the protection and unscrewing the handle of the grinder. Then take plywood or chipboard to form the bed, in which they make a hole for the disk. Fasten it by drilling a hole, in it a bolt is inserted. It should coincide with the hole on the grinder, where the handle is attached. The bolt is tightened until it stops, using a wrench.

The stop bar or stopper is made from improvised materials. Fix it with bolts on the ends of the bed with ordinary self-tapping screws. Under the weight of the grinder can tilt forward and snag the disc of the very table top. In this case, you need a handle. It can be unscrewed from an old rolling wrench and screwed into the grinder, making a prop for the motor.

Works such a miniature homemade design clearly, saws laths and bars produces quality.

Rules of operation

The use of such structures as homemade saws, equipped with discs, when processing wood, imposes certain responsibilities on their owners.

Moisture separator + oil separator with your own hands, simple

In addition to a table well fixed on the floor and a protective cover on the disc, it is necessary to organize the feeding of sawing material in both directions: from right to left and back. Boards and slats should not be moved on the bed while the circular saw is in operation by hand, a bar or its wooden counterpart should be used for this purpose. It is not recommended to be near the rotating disc at a distance less than 25-30 cm. Do not keep your hands close to the saw – you could injure your fingers.

The circular saw must be switched on and off by means of a button either on the side or on the front of the machine. Do not stand behind or in front of the circular saw while the circular saw blade is turning.

Safety precautions

In order to avoid getting small wood in the eyes when sawing, as well as splinters, it is imperative to work with goggles. Always make sure you are sawing in a well-lit room or the circular saw stands in an area that is exposed to the sun.

When working with the material to be sawn, make sure that there are no nails or large knots in it. This circumstance could cause breakage of the blade or change the direction of the moving bar or rail. At best, the motor may be ruined and the disc may be blunted. In the worst case scenario, construction material that has escaped from your hands will cause injury to the person sawing or to people nearby.

Do not operate the circular saw with wet hands. It is strictly forbidden to work while under the influence of alcohol. Do not remove sawing residue from the working surface of the frame until the saw blade has come to a complete standstill.

Thus, any person who knows how to work with building tools and has skills in the manufacture of wooden or metal structures can make a circular saw at home. It is necessary to observe the rules of operation of the unit. Such a saw will later become your assistant and significantly reduce labor costs for the processing of lumber used in the personal economy.

About how to make a circular saw from a bolgar with your own hands, see the following video.

Circular saw from a bolgar

Hello, esteemed team! For the arrangement of the garage needed to saw a plywood sheet, hand-held circular saw earlier was built into the table (will be a separate publication) and on this table plywood sheet 1,5 * 1,5 m to move somehow not very convenient. Therefore, I made a manual circular saw with a cutting depth of 20 mm out of a BauMaster 125. Wood saw blade 125 x 22mm with 36 teeth // Sparta 732395

Music for the garage from an old stereo

I did it all at my own risk, don’t ever repeat it! Video attached.

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Author, do a good deed Cross out the pics with a red line. So everyone knows you can’t do that!

Buy a cheap circular saw and don’t bullshit around. How do you say “disliked”?

I’ll make some changes in the design, so as not to scare the public too much.

I’ll make some changes in the design, so as not to scare the public too much.

Why are the teeth on the other side? Or maybe I do not know …

What’s the other side of the circular saw? The only way the teeth are facing the right way is to saw with the tool facing forward on the material.

So the carbide inserts are located in such a way that the only way to use the disk correctly in this case would be just the opposite way – to cut towards yourself, which, in case of jamming of the disk ( frickenickenicken) will lead to the flight of the cutter towards the operator.

There are special circular saw blades for the sabre. They are visually distinguished by a heel behind the carbide tooth that prevents the disc from sinking heavily into the material. Or multi-cut discs with carbide chips. What’s in the photo is the first step to injury (if you’re lucky), or to a new two-by-meter dwelling (if you’re not).

The especially gifted don’t always survive in cars with 6-8 airbags, anti-skid and anti-boost.

Still, it is not a reason to agitate for removal of belts.)

I will not teach anybody … but … the employee at work is already on sick leave for 5 months. Sawed off his leg with such a disc and at a ball mill … his leg was saved, but now he walks like a terminator with bones of iron

Sawed such once, swollen boards on the ceiling of the pit, and had a little bit to file them, hand hacksaw tired, breaks and need to start again from the middle of the saw, I spat and ran to the store for a circular saw blade, zlick and all boards are filed, I managed not to saw off his head

Your disk is on the right side and rotates in the right direction. I often use this as well – no problem

I’m not my enemy, to turn the grinder upside down, but I saw on myself, it’s more convenient than away from you

Try a tile cutter. Use a wood blade.

Yes, I looked, they sell it on the sites, too, speed 10,000 on the stone, etc.

Friends, thank you all for your concern! Post posted for discussion, will be deleted. I do not insist, just an opinion that really button at the saw without a fuse, the speed is very desirable not more than 8000, the hood must be completely closed.

Drill stand made of laminate with your own hands

Why delete, because of the comments “experts”? for 125 have long been cutting circles in wood (used that in the dacha tired plus a new one for the season prikupil. photo below) if the hands from the shoulders all will be fine.

p.s. “hand” circular (the same is not dacha table under it made), elektrolobzik, elektrorubanok. chain saw and yugova a cloud of useful that is simply necessary in the dacha in the presence of. all used constantly.

Irredeemable insane people! How many can say that you can not cut if the drive is on the right and cuts “forward” ! It doesn’t matter what disc is on the right or what you’re cutting with it! The disk should be on the left and cut “backwards” that is BEFORE the rasp! This excludes injury and the tool is safer!

The teeth and the disk are facing in the only right direction, to cut the tool pointing away from yourself and forward over the material. This is a circular saw, not a cut-off saw.

The circular saw becomes a circular saw, if it has a full-fledged sole with a groove for a disk in the center, sorry, but what you have it is an automatic grinder with a disk on wood, with all the consequences that are very likely. By the way, it’s a wood grinder, because the disk is on the LONG side, that’s what I’m trying to say.

The teeth and the disk are facing in the only right direction, to cut the tool pointing away from yourself and forward over the material. This is a circular saw, not a cut-off saw.

Irredeemable insane people! How many can say that you can not cut if the drive is on the right and cuts “forward” ! It doesn’t matter what disc is on the right or what you’re cutting with it! The disk should be on the left and cut “backwards” that is BEFORE the rasp! This excludes injury and the tool is safer!

Let me disagree with you. I can similarly declare, it is IMPOSSIBLE to cut with the tool at which a disk stands on a hand and a body side. After all, in case it breaks, there is nothing to prevent the splinters from flying at you, damaging your hand and your face. And the direction of cutting has nothing to do with it, because you have to HOLD the tool in your hands, not hold it with your fingers. But when the disk is on the opposite side, in case of a break, the splinters will fly away from you. Well, and consciously directing a shower of sparks (in the case of working on metal) into your pants is no fun. I understand that this argument is useless and endless.

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