How to make a keychain with a license plate

Trinkets with the license plate – the original gift for car enthusiasts

Do you want to give an original gift to your friend, acquaintance or relative who has a car? Then give him a stylish key ring with the license plate of your car. You can make this gift with your own hands from improvised materials.

Such a homemade souvenir can be given as a gift on any holiday, while it does not have to be men’s (February 23, New Year, Birthday, etc.), as well as just to express your appreciation or do something nice to the person.

Who will like a keyring with a license plate?

If we observe a trend of demand for custom key fobs, owners of different models of cars prefer to complement their choice with the appropriate keychain for their car keys. Today, and among the fair sex, there are many drivers who are proud to have a car and emphasize this status with original key chains with the car logo, pendants and other details. Consider a keychain gift with the numbers of the car can only a prude.

More often keyring number is a great gift for a car owner, through which you can once again demonstrate the attention and care for a loved one. Perhaps everyone who has a four-wheeled friend will appreciate such a gift. In addition, this individual approach emphasizes that the giver did not just choose the first accessory encountered, but in advance made an order for a specific workpiece number.

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Calculation of production margin

Calculation of profits is simple enough – the production of trinkets with a state number is not expensive, the cost of the metal part is only 50 rubles. A ready-made keyring can be sold at an average price of 250 – 350 rubles. Thus, your profit is 200 – 300 rubles. And now imagine that a day you’ll sell 8 pieces or more, then the daily profit can be from 2 thousand rubles. Coverage of your potential customers – it’s a whole city, every car owner – your potential customer.

What does it look like?

In order to understand how relevant a keychain with a car number will be, it is enough to look at it visually. Most often, such accessories are pre-made to order, as it is a rare luck to pick up your car number from ready-made templates on sale. In fact the standard key chains with the license plate look like a scaled down copy of the front number.

The approximate scale is 1:10, visually the master repeats all the details of the real numbers. In the creation of trinkets can be involved different materials, but the quality accessory is made of stainless steel. In addition there is supposed to be protective coating from mechanical stress and moisture (often on both sides of the keyring with jewelry resin), high-quality fittings.

When choosing a key fob with the car logo and license plate number of the owner, you should pay special attention to the printing equipment, the strength of the key fob itself and the chain. Also, when choosing a manufacturer, it is important to study reviews of his work, as well as photos or ready-made templates.

The process of creation

The first thing we do is to cut a rectangular piece out of plastic, metal or wood (you can also use plexiglass). The edges of the part should be processed with a file and sandpaper. Then it will be necessary to print out the license plate number in the required size, and then trim all unnecessary things with scissors.

On the prepared license plate (on the front side) sticker usual transparent adhesive tape, carefully cut out with scissors and smooth out, so there were no bubbles and “waves” on the surface. Next, on the reverse side of the license plate glue a thin double-sided adhesive tape.

Probably everyone has thought about his business – a project, but not everyone has a promising business – ideas and great start-up capital. Business idea with minimal investment – it is possible. Today we want you to get acquainted with a fairly young business – project – manufacturing key chains with car number

. This idea has fully justified itself and has established itself as a successful and profitable project. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the start-up capital – the minimum, to start you need only about $ 100, and the proposed amount of income per month – not less than $ 1000. Before you start implementing the idea, you should clarify whether this niche is busy in your city, if not – then it’s time to go for it. Note that the keychain in the form of a state number is a great accessory, which will want to own both women and men. On keyring can be any information that the customer wants, it can be either a copy of his exact and double-sided replica. Among other things keyring with the state number can be a good and necessary gift for friends or relatives.

Car interior repair with their own hands. Video

Template for keychain number plate

Only experienced specialists know for sure how to make key chains with the license plate, so that the accessories of this plan will serve more than one year. Keychain can be both a profitable budget gift and an acquisition, as well as an exclusive, branded and luxurious present for a high-ranking person. Much depends on the manufacturing materials, design and brand itself.

Photo 4

A license plate accessory can be made of silver, platinum, gold-plated and even gold. Of course, the gold and silver keyring as a gift is only made to order, so when making it the manufacturer must provide a copy of the template for a visual assessment of the future accessory. To create a template, the customer needs to specify several criteria:

  • materials of manufacture;
  • premium or economy option;
  • colors;
  • image on the front and back sides of the key fob (license plate number, car logo and any text);
  • type of keyring from the proposed models;
  • shape, size, design and other individual preferences.

Only an experienced and reliable manufacturer will offer the customer a large number of options for corporate fonts and inscriptions for the production of charms, carefully developed layout and design, the use of quality printing equipment, as well as a wide variety of quality materials of manufacture.

Fundamentals of promoting keyring business

Since your main consumer – motorists, and advertising should be in places of mass accumulation of cars. This can be gas stations, parking lots near supermarkets. Here you can apply several types of advertising – stationary ads, as well as distribution of leaflets. Among other things, flyers can be distributed at traffic lights or near shopping malls. Enough only to begin to advertise the keyring in the form of a state number, as the first orders are guaranteed in the early days. If we approach with great responsibility, then farther will work word of mouth and orders will flow by the river. You will not notice how requests will come to 10-15 per day. After all, buying or receiving a gift keyring, a man will show it to his environment and if the keyring is well made, they will want to buy it.

How do they do it?

Most often key chains with the state numbers and the inscription on the key chains are made to order, because the accessory will contain the personal data of the customer. In the course of creation they use either precious metals or high quality and durable stainless steel. In the process of creating a key fob manufacturer draws the desired size and shape of the accessory, most often it is a reduced 100% copy of a plate with the numbers of the car in real life.

Do you like key fobs with a license plate?

The numbers are put on the keyring with professional printing equipment, on the reverse side, at the customer’s request, can be printed words of congratulations, the logo of the car, the owner’s phone number, address and any other information. After that, on both sides is applied a protective coating – ideally it will be a jeweler’s resin, protecting the keyring from rust, mechanical damage and wear and tear.

Then a chain with a ring is additionally attached to the keychain so that the accessory can be easily attached to the car keychain. If additional design solutions are envisaged, it is all performed in parallel with the application of text. It is also important to stipulate the color solutions, most key chains are made in silver or gold, you can also order a neon coating, which glows in the dark.

Production technology breloques on cars

Please note, the production of key chains with license plate is very simple. An image is applied to the finished metal billet, and that’s all. Consider in detail the production process. The first thing to do is to make a model of the future inscription, after that the finished layout is printed by the most common inkjet printer. Particular attention is paid only to the equipment for the manufacture of keyrings, as the printer is loaded into a specialized ink capable of thermal reaction. The special paint is needed so that during heating with a simple iron, one part of the paint reacts with the metal workpiece and is intentionally absorbed into it, leaving the desired image, and the second part of the paint – goes into a volatile gas.

Installation of the engine heater for cars from 220V

Thus, we get a bright and clear image, which does not wash off and can not be scraped off.

Silver gift charms: photo

More often under the order are made breloques with license plates made of silver, as it is a precious, but relatively inexpensive, wearable and elegant version of the accessory for business men. And to be sure of these qualities and characteristics, you can consider a silver keyring as a gift on the suggested templates:

What materials will be needed

If you do not know how to make a keyring with a state number with your own hands, believe me – there is nothing difficult. As a basis, you can use an ordinary plastic ruler, which children carry to school. You can also take a piece of sheet metal thickness of 1-2 mm or a piece of plywood.

Of additional materials for making a trinket you will need:

  • small stickers with the state number (can be printed on a printer);
  • A thin double-sided adhesive tape (not foam-based), and regular tape;
  • The easiest, cheapest solvent (you can also use regular vodka).

All of these materials are available in almost every home. As a last resort, you can run to any hardware store and buy the missing components. They are inexpensive.

Working tools

To make a keychain, you will need a file (best to use a file on metal), paper scissors or a box cutter, an ordinary paint brush or a simple cotton swab to lubricate the surface of the workpiece with solvent.

If you use a piece of plywood 5-6 mm thick as a base, you will need a wood file. All these tools are also no problem to find in almost any home.

Why should I choose this business?

As we have described above, this business – the project does not require huge financial investments. The authorized capital is not more than 50,000 rubles. This is its most important advantage. Among other things, keyring with a state license plate is:

  • Quick start with minimal costs, on average, to start a business project requires 5 thousand rubles;
  • No need to rent separate premises – all work can be done at home;
  • In small towns, you will not meet the competition;
  • Extensive coverage of possible customers;
  • Business – project is not seasonal and is in demand throughout the year;
  • This type of business can be done as a supplement to the main occupation, because for the manufacture of one keyring should be spent about ten to fifteen minutes;
  • Keyring even a teenager can engage in manufacturing breloques;
  • And the main plus, you risk nothing, since the costs are minimized.

Production to order and sale of metal keyring blanks gos. number for the car is one of the activities of our firm. We have our own production in Moscow, so we offer workpieces for key chains with the car number, key chains with the license plate, with the state. number at the lowest price. Call them differently, but the essence comes down to the same product – a metal plate with an “ear” (attachment) to the fittings.

Keyring number plate

has the following characteristics:

  • Material: stainless steel 1.5 mm thick;
  • Size: 52h11,2 mm (excluding “ear”);
  • Weight: 5 g;
  • Coating: uncoated / white coated for sublimation;
  • Accessories: ring with chain, karabiner with chain “Kolchuga”;
  • Optional: self-adhesive protective lenses filled with polymer resin.

In accordance with Annex A of GOST R 50577-93 “State registration plates of vehicles, the size of the plate for passenger cars is 520×112 mm. Our keyring blanks-gos. numbers are scaled-down copy of the original at a scale of 1:10. Well and of course the thickness of 1.5 mm steel makes keyring durable and long lasting, we can say unbreakable. Do not try to save money and buy products of dubious origin thickness 1.2 mm, because with the seemingly insignificant difference in thickness, key chains, having a thickness of steel 1.5 mm, look much more solid compared to the thinner crafts.

We work with the regions, delivery is made through transportation companies. Also available for pickup from our office in Moscow.

The technology of making keyrings with the license plate for cars is quite easy. The most popular two ways to apply the image, one of which – printing an image on a self-adhesive tape, which glued on the keyring and glued on top of ready-made transparent lens with resin or a sticker with the printed image of the poured polymer resin. And the second way – sublimation printing on the billet trinkets – license plate cars, logos and inscriptions.

Car painting with your own hands - video instruction

How is the image applied? Printing is done on an inkjet printer by dye-sublimation ink, then under a thermal press or at least using an iron, a paper with the printed image is pressed to the blank keyring and under the influence of temperature the ink turns into gas and translate to the white coating of the keyring, penetrating inside, thus the finished key chains steady to abrasion and under normal operation the image is not erased with them.

Now you can easily make their own hands izhdotovlya key chains with license plate for cars. But if you approach the matter professionally, and earn a lot of money, making to order key chains car number with our blanks.

In addition, we manufacture and sell. The entire range of goods is constantly kept in stock in our warehouse in the required quantity.

With accessories can favorably emphasize a certain style and sense of taste, that’s why stylists advise both women and men to pay special attention to details. The demand for accessories is constantly high, in addition, many such products are a good idea for a gift. So, for example, a keychain with a car number will be appreciated by every motorist and driver.

The state number of the car for the true fans of four-wheeled friends is like the second name of the car, so key chains with numbers are made to order and sold in ready lots. Experts at all consider this kind of business a great idea, because the trinkets and accessories are constantly in circulation and use, respectively, will always be in demand.

If we observe a trend of demand for customized key fobs, owners of different car models prefer to complement their choice with the appropriate keychain for their car keys. Today also among the fair sex there are many drivers who take pride in having a car and emphasize this status with original , pendants and other details. Only a prude can consider a keyring gift with the numbers of the car.

More often keyring number is a great gift for a car owner, through which you can once again show care and attention to a loved one. Perhaps everyone who has a four-wheeled friend will appreciate such a gift. In addition, this individual approach emphasizes that the giver did not just choose the first available accessory, and in advance made an order for a specific workpiece state number.

Trinket with a license plate … kolhozim own hands!

Decided to share who might be interested! And so the case was at work, there were few clients, boredom do not do anything. So my hands are not turned into branches they need something to do.It was decided to try to make a keychain with a number of their own hands … Take it and draw numbers

After that we print, I printed on regular paper SvetoCopi density of 80 on the machine Epson L110 in standard quality, in short, without all the fuss, because I decided to “try”. Printed, trimmed, duct tape on both sides.

Cut out and glued to the two sides of the tape and also neatly cut out

We cut out and glued on the plastic which I made for the alarm keychain window. If someone is interested there is a community or in my blog (By the way the remnants of the disk =) )

And again cut it all out at the edge with scissors (I do not use knives anymore, my fingers sorry =) )

Make a hole and put the ring, bought for 6 rubles

Well, in principle, for the first experience will do)))) The main thing that the money is almost not spent, well, not counting the 6 rubles))) At home betrayed convexity three coats of varnish, photos unfortunately did not make. Thank you all for the attention)))) Pys.Sy Please do not crap in the comments! To all those who something what do not like please do not litter in the comments, and go peacefully forest )))) To the question: Why not buy? Answer: Because I like it so much))))) Good luck to all))))

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i think you should evaluate the work, not what it was made for. in fact, to hang it on the car keys or not, everyone should decide for himself. you would think that, offering you a similar key fob, along with it, inherently comes with a manual about the unconditional place of its installation.

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Thank you Svetlana, I respect you for the correct criticism!

))))) there should be justice in everything! ;)

Handsome! Hands are not hooks! It’s not about the money! Made with my own hands, it fsihda more pleasant!)))

cool idea. i just at work sometimes have nothing to do, so you can let yourself and friends key chains to lepit)))

And we can buy one for 100-120 soms, which in rubles, one to one. It turns out it can be done for free, because everyone can find a ring from an unnecessary trinket.

Why are you attacking the man? He did not say that he made this keychain for car keys … Maybe he would just hang it on the suction cup on his monitor at work, that during the “work” to think about his swallow and be inspired by new “ideas”!

Thank you.I respect people like that!

Funny how it is not worse than the one on sale!

God forbid you fuck up such keys in the yard – in the morning you’ll find not a car but a body on wheels.

You killed time at work, thought a little bit about it, it turned out nice in the end – good for you!)

Is that so the guy who found your keys knows what kind of car to take away? ))))) I never understood fobs like that.

You could have entered the number through the website, I did it myself =))

If you had a 95 region, the cops would salute you))) Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich

If you had a 95 region, the cops would salute you))) Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich

It’s no good now, the KRA series is no longer in vogue.)

It’s not hard to make one on metal. The principle is the same, but the inscription is transferred from the paper with an iron.

Like the boards you do?

Yes, it’s a simple technology but you need a different kind of paint. I wanted to make them to order a couple of years ago, but I never got around to it. There’s a technology on the web – look it up.

Hmmm… good idea… +1

Gotta do something on the sides, if it meets water like I did, the whole pattern will sprawl and be in ugly streaks…

I varnished it on all sides…The varnish gives a bulge and protects it from water!

The lacquer will crack over time…you need something like silicone.

If it cracks, I’ll throw it away and make a new one)))) In general, the silicone is a good idea!

The license plate is unnecessary, but good performance, bookmark it, if you too have time at work

Well I wanted a license plate))) I say do as I do))) You can write your name, phone number or even blood type))))

I did not bother with it)))) I was just given a fob for the New Year, though I have more with phosphorus and covered with silicone)))). On the board is a record)).

Well, if they gave it to me, I would not go into))))

Is this an adequate request? Exposing your work for all to see – be prepared for criticism (whether you want it or not). Otherwise – do not post what you’re doing, and there will be no trash.)

Completely agree.According to their turn, like it or not only praise, right?

The fact that criticism will always be, the question is how it is perceived. Here specifically here the man begins to be rude in response to criticism, “go to hell,” “I gave up on you,” etc. I would even for such a deleted post in the community (where the author is rude in response to criticism)

If there is a post, there will be both praise and criticism.This must be prepared.If not satisfied with this arrangement, do not post or turn off the comments.

Is this an adequate request? Exposing your work for all to see – be prepared for criticism (whether you want it or not). Otherwise – do not post what you’re doing, and there will be no trash.)

I’ve never understood these key chains, God forbid the keys fell out somewhere, and someone who found it – no problem to walk around, find a car with a number, and steal / steal (underline the point).

But yes – the author + for the straightforwardness of the hands )

And without a key fob easy to find a car ))))) alarm for what?))

I have a silent alarm, only the keyfob. Find in the parking lot with a hundred cars mine? )) Well, another option on the second side of the remote control to write the data credit card, what would generally all be easy)))

Replacing Front Struts Without Ties

After all, who wants to steal, and the key fob and the key is not useful

Not to steal but just in the cabin to rummage around very helpful

Never leave valuables in the cabin. Do not provoke thieves))))


After all, who wants to steal, and the key fob and the key is not useful

get the radio in 2 minutes? or with the keys in 5 seconds? )

It’s unlikely that you can gently remove the boombox from a Matiz in two minutes. Unless you can savagely pull it out…

People who do that don’t give a damn about accuracy. They don’t care how you rebuild the interior.

They tried to break into my baby once… the alarm on the key fob went off. Ran out quickly… No one was there… Ten minutes later I find out they broke a window in a car not far from mine and took out a bag…

I’ve never understood these key chains, God forbid the keys fell out somewhere, and someone who found it – no problem to walk around, find a car with a number, and steal / steal (underline the point).

But yes – the author + for the straightforwardness of the hands )

Well, to hang this on the keys or not a personal matter! And in general, thank you)))

Not worse than custom-made

And what is it for? To cut off or finding the keys was easier to find a car? What is the point of this?

Dear just pass by, no desire to answer your question))))

No desire? And why do you post then your handicrafts if then there is no desire to answer? Here you laid on one opinion, the other you do not want to answer. I don’t give a shit about you. Pass the comment, no desire to communicate with you.

No desire? And why do you post then your handicrafts if then there is no desire to answer? Here you laid on one opinion, the other you do not want to answer. I don’t give a shit about you. Pass the comment, no desire to communicate with you.

Just pissed off such questions like keys are thieves, etc., I said that the keychain is hanging on the keys? No! I did it for myself and shared, no one is not offering to buy, etc., and your stupid questions why and why really piss me off! Everyone decides for himself how to use this or that thing! I can not tell you, hang it on the keys, you can decide for yourself!

And what is it for? To cut off or finding the keys was easier to find a car? What is the point of this?

I join the question about the meaning of life and having a keychain with a number in particular

You can write your phone number instead of a number, write your analyses! I felt like it!

Yes, it is clear that we can and can buy, your idea of manufacturing is normal, the question is why the number, I always wanted to know – why?

I wanted to do with the number of cars, just as I wanted and that’s all! Without any intention!

What size did you take?

Thank you =) I spit on your opinion)))

Cool! I’ll have to give it a try. ))))

How do you draw on what program?

In the standard Rinte =)

Doesn’t the edge get wet? Or is it filled with something?

Right. Thanks. I didn’t read it carefully.

And draw how, in Paint?)

Yes, in principle, no difference!

It’s good, but I would have printed a cell number on the back.

Well, it depends on what you like =)

Ah, I forgot to tell you, done at 5.

Tale: I have two sets of keys, one in my pocket, the other in the pocket of his wife. Went back from work, I was driving, went shopping. At home, we discovered my wife didn’t have a key – she had lost it. I went shopping again, asked around – no key anywhere. Looked at the registrar, and my beautiful comes out of the store, pulls out of his pocket gloves, key knock knock and fell on the snow tamped. We drove home, the key lies in place. Well, at least we didn’t rack our brains. We put an ad in the paper, like there, then, then, then. Called the man, gave him for 500 rubles (it’s still cheap). What I was saying that: the DVR and the phone number on the keys – good, the number of cars on the keys – questionable! And also, the second key does not get unnecessary!

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