How to make money on your car

10 ways of earning on your car

People usually associate their private car only with expenses: fuel, service, regular attendance of car wash, change of spare parts, dry-cleaning: there are very few people who drive their car around the city and do not spend even a ruble on service. There is a 99% probability that the monthly expenses exceed 5-7 thousand rubles. Is a car really profitable only from a logistical point of view? Not necessarily: many enthusiasts have long learned how to make money on their own transport, but not as a cab driver, and third-party methods, of which there are 10 pieces!

A brief summary of the article


In addition to cabs, there are no less than 10 ways to make extra money for motorists. “Yandex.Delivery” was a logical addition to the service Yandex GO, which includes opportunities to call “Taxi” and order “Food”. The new service allows parcels and documents to be delivered via couriers, and purchases to be delivered from stores. The service works both ways: it allows to make delivery or earn money on orders after the contract is executed.

“Yandex” cooperates with pedestrian couriers, owners of cars and vans, trucks with additional equipment and bicycles. On the selected “status” depends on the number and type of orders, the map of movements, the work schedule. Will transport mostly documents, keys, parcels up to 10 or 20 pounds (depending on the capacity of the car and the amount of space available). Experience in the delivery or experience in similar spheres of activity is not required – Yandex is glad to every courier at the age of 18 years.

  • Free schedule (full or part-time employment);
  • Stable earnings (on assurances of service – 2800 rubles before deduction of commissions);
  • Work through a mobile software – even a novice is able to understand the details;
  • Proceed to the delivery of parcels or documents “Yandex” allows on the day of “employment”.
  • Penalties, periodic disputes with customers;
  • Income varies depending on demand, time of day, region.


In addition to the service Yandex.Dostavka (“Food” or “Products” from the same Yandex) in the market plenty of aggregators, looking for couriers with a private car, who decided to earn extra money or even become a full-time employee (“Dostavista”, Delivery Club). To deliver ready-made meals from restaurants, flowers, gifts, Internet orders, technical equipment – all depends directly on the capacity of personal transport.

Aggregators offer piece-rate pay – the earnings are based on the number of completed orders (the rate is negotiated in advance or changes during the day depending on congestion, traffic jams, and weather). A rare case is a fixed rate for each hour in the workplace.

  • Full or part-time employment, the opportunity to choose a service to your liking;
  • Compensation for fuel costs;
  • Ability to choose the load – from flowers to things from online stores;
  • Periodic bonuses for demonstrated activity.
  • Income depends on the selected aggregator, often changes because of the season, the region;
  • Penalties for non-compliance with the rules;
  • Often accepted couriers with a personal car only with the experience of driving from 3 years.


Advertising directly on the body of your car is a common source of passive income. The details of the design of the ads or images are negotiated with the customer. Additionally, the daily mileage is calculated. Sometimes 30 kilometers is enough, but there are situations where you need to move through certain areas of the city, park in central streets, or periodically stop at shopping malls.

  • Passive income without customer contact, work schedule and additional requirements;
  • No problems with combining with outside activities;
  • The rate depends on the area of the body pasted advertising, daily mileage.
  • The car is 99% likely to stop looking aesthetically pleasing or presentable;
  • Possible problems with renting the vehicle or employment in a cab service, courier delivery.
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“Bla-BlaCar” is a common ridesharing service, often used by those who dream of an inexpensive ride to a neighboring city or are trying to find an alternative to trains or buses. Owners of cars “Blah-Blah-Car” is hardly able to make a profit – rather, will cover half the cost of travel, but if you fill all the seats in the car, will remain for coffee at a roadside cafe.

To consider earnings on joint travel is recommended only to those who travel daily (or at least 10-15 times a month) between cities and freely react to hitchhikers.

  • Passive, but not too stable and serious income;
  • There will be no problems with combining activities (the same truckers often put up ads for hitchhikers).
  • Earnings are far from what is offered in cabs or delivery services;
  • “Blah-Blah-Car” does not regulate the actions of some unscrupulous drivers who virtually occupy vacant seats in transport, and then cancel applications to inflate their own prices due to increased demand.


Car sharing is nothing new: short-term car rentals made their way to Russia back in 2013, and within a couple of years they had already transformed from a curious luxury into an everyday and almost indispensable formality. But it was not only potential renters who rejoiced, but also car owners – because many services are happy to pay fixed sums of money to those who are willing to part with a vehicle for a while. Rental income varies greatly and depends on the region, traffic congestion, infrastructure development. In large cities the income is quite stable, passive, but not without drawbacks.

  • Passive income, the availability of insurance;
  • The ability to freely choose the right service for cooperation.
  • Resource car is not infinite – after 3-4 months in an active format “carsharing” traces of operation will remain visible on almost every detail.

Freight cab and removal services

Combined option of earning on personal (not passenger, but cargo) car, crossed with the work of a loader. Clients often request additional “functions” such as dismantling furniture, packing cargo, lifting and carrying boxes, and assembly. The total cost of the work varies greatly and depends directly on the number of hours spent, the distance to the move, additional requirements. Suitable ads are often found on the thematic sites like Avito.

  • Full-time employment, the option is in demand even in tiny cities of the Russian Federation;
  • For each floor of the descent-lift of furniture is paid separately.
  • It is impossible to dismantle even a couple of rooms “turnkey” personally: the help of friends or interested employees dreaming of a hack for a couple of hours will be required;
  • A passenger car is not suitable – only a truck.

Cars for weddings

Executive-class cars are hardly dreamed of being put under the pressure of daily orders in a cab or in rental services (wear and tear is not controlled, and damage to the interior is almost inevitable), and hardly fleets will agree to pay for an expensive service.

Triumphs – the flip side of the coin: orders a little less, the mileage is modest, and a couple of customers is already enough to earn a couple of thousand rubles. The only problem will be finding clients – at the start of his career there are hardly any grooms and brides who dream of having a wedding in style. And so will often have to cooperate with registries, restaurants and banquet halls, siphoning off a percentage of earnings for advertising.

  • Daily revenues are collected in just a couple of hours of rent;
  • Mileage is many times less than in a cab or similar services (especially those associated with the delivery).
  • Finding clients right away is a problem: the service is not too well developed in the Russian Federation, and therefore third-party sources of communication, including social networks or thematic sites, will have to be used;
  • A vehicle of class C or higher would be required.
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Personal driver

The daily routine in the cab services is incomparable with the work of a personal driver: the requirements are many times more, the selection is more rigid, the responsibility is nearly maximum, but the income is much higher than in the same “Yandex”, and the orders do not resemble the races in circles on the familiar streets of the city. Often vacancy personal driver potential customers cross with the work of the bodyguard (an option for athletes and military) and supplement the requirements for cleanliness in the cabin and presentability of the car.

  • An irregular, but still stipulated schedule;
  • An income well above average;
  • New acquaintances with influential executives or mid-level professionals.
  • Every customer is unpredictable: apart from quite usual requirements vacancies periodically contain rules, connected with appearance, fragrances in the car or interior design;
  • Often there is no round-the-clock work, but even late at night or early in the morning. One also has to put up with a long wait for the customer at shopping malls, offices or at home.

Evacuator .

Experimental variant of earnings, including assistance on the road, minor repairs, evacuation or gasoline delivery to a designated place on the map. Help out drivers quite profitable – even a couple of hours of “lifeguard” will bring from 1 to 3 thousand rubles, depending on the region of the Russian Federation. The only problem is finding orders: it is impossible to respond immediately to calls for help without the appropriate aggregators, and suitable services in Russia are completely undeveloped. Most likely, you will only get the chance to be a “rescuer” a couple of times.

  • Serious rates – evacuation will cost inattentive drivers in 1500 rubles, and minor repairs – in the 500-1000;
  • Passive income – you will need only a modest set of tools.
  • Reaction is necessary to lightning speed, and the sources for finding ads are few (only the regional community in VKontakte);
  • Rates are often floating, and some people want to help without charge.


An alternative to trucking within the city and courier delivery. Hardly suitable for owners of cars and those who are not used to getting out of the home region often, or who dream of finding a temporary part-time job with a floating schedule. Will carry oversized cargo from online stores, pre-packed bundles of goods, groceries. Distance travels negotiated in advance with the customer. In addition to the work through a manager possible search for one-time orders on the sites, such as Avito.

  • Composite orders for hundreds of kilometers with a fixed fee;
  • Personally selectable schedule, the opportunity to search for orders less frequently (the aggregator will automatically select suitable employment scenarios);
  • Income is above average, but depends on the capacity of the car, additional equipment (refrigerators, racks for fixing the cargo).
  • Uncontrollable mileage, vehicle wear and tear, frequent repair costs;
  • Frequent trips outside the city for 3-4 days;
  • Combine with an outside job profession “Trucker” is impossible – only with passive sources of income, such as advertising.

In addition to the above “jobs” are found and others: “sober driver”, “roadside assistance”, “animal transport”, “forwarder” – to list in detail the benefits of each option earnings is very problematic because of the uneven regions of the Russian Federation. Somewhere there is still a lack of cab drivers, and in some cities the demand for daily delivery of food, flowers or goods from an online store does not dry up. Much easier to use services to find work, such as Avito: there are ads and ads with the placement of advertising, and the search for a personal driver.

Higher education: TSTU, organization management, risk management and insurance ● Internet entrepreneur, blogger; ● practicing investor (since 2017 I invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs); ● freelancing and personal finance management expert. ● Living on passive income (came to this from scratch)

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6 proven ways to earn a personal car and 1 new way

It would seem that if you have your own car, there should be no questions about how to moonlight. Drove, where I was told, drove, whom I was told, where necessary – and the money in the pocket … “Behind the Wheel” scoured the job market and found out that not all that earn, that guarantee.

Cab Driver

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to talking about moonlighting involving your own car. Today you can not just take a ride on the street to the airport – for the illegal transportation of passengers and baggage faces a fine of 5 thousand rubles (clause 2.1 of Article 12.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation “Managing a vehicle by a driver without the documents required by the rules of the road”). So, if you want to earn in a legal way, it is better to get a job in a cab.

More than 90% of the cab market participants are the so-called aggregators, which, in fact, are nothing more than intermediaries between customers and drivers. Do you want to get orders? – Get ready to share 15%-30% of your proceeds with them. The level of wages is primarily influenced by the prestige of your car. For example, in Moscow, the driver of “economy class” (Huindai Solaris, Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo, etc.) receives about 450-500 rubles / hour, minus commission. In “comfort” class (Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai i40, etc.) you can earn from 550 to 600 rubles. Then it all depends on your ability to work and communication – after all, there are also tips.

The requirements for applicants are not complicated: driving experience of more than 3 years, age no younger than 23, citizenship of the Russian Federation and a good knowledge of Russian (conditions may differ depending on the company and the region – Ed.) Representatives of Yandex.Taksi argue that they will be able to get a job “any decent Russian. If you consider yourself such, then submit the paperwork, get your license, and off you go.


This is a relatively new service for Russia, which, nevertheless, is in active demand in large cities. Jobs babysitting suits more for women – for example, on maternity leave. Or men who are able to bear chaotic kicks of another’s child in the driver’s seat during the whole trip. The tasks of a babysitter are usually limited to taking their employer’s child from school/preschool to home/section (underline).

At employment you are likely to be persuaded that “the child is quiet, from an intelligent family”. In practice, things can be different. But if infinite patience and boundless love for children – it’s about you, it is worth a try. In addition, the remuneration of babysitters worthy: the average payment of such services in Moscow and St. Petersburg ranges from 300 rubles per hour to 500 rubles / hour. That’s how much you get if you take at least one child to the pool twice a week. But you can bring a few children at a time, if their parents do not mind. Advice from the old-timers: Look for a job closer to home or at least within the same area. Otherwise, and torture children and rush through traffic jams, and money for gasoline “kill” more than you earn.

3. The driver of a branded car.

…or, to put it simply, a car with advertising on the body. If you’re looking for an extra source of income, but a tight schedule prevents you from finding a part-time job, consider it found. But it’s not that simple.

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On the amount you get by pasting your “swallow” stickers in the spirit of “Plastic windows” or “Restaurant, billiards, sauna” will affect a lot of factors. Namely, the place of car registration, its class and type. Not the least important role is the prestige of the model, as well as the place where advertising will be placed. The most “popular” are the side of the body and rear window. In Moscow, for the placement of such advertising pay an average of 1 thousand rubles. up to 8 thousand rubles. a month. To find out more about rates in your city just contact a major advertising agency. You can find the contacts online.

The obvious pluses: even a partial body wrap protects the paintwork from minor damage. In addition, some advertisers give discounts on washing of branded cars in partner companies. Unobvious minuses: under the terms of the contract you are obliged to ride a certain number of kilometers per month within a specified area. In order to advertiser was able to track your movements will have to install in your phone, a special application. So you will have to drive a lot and often for nothing.

4. Driver for the wedding

It is easier to get this part-time job if you own a car of executive or business class. There are nuances: payment for the driver’s services is by the hour, and it is rare that a wedding day goes strictly according to the schedule. More often it is necessary to go longer than planned time. However, you are better off: the clock is ticking and the money is dripping.

In Moscow, the cost of an hour of work by a wedding driver varies from 1,500 roubles (if you have, say, a used BMW 7-series or Mercedes-Benz GL-class) to 25,000 roubles (what if you are the owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII? – you never know). Just don’t forget that you’ll have to share with the wedding agency on whose behalf you work. Rarely do people hire drivers just by advertising, fearing theft of personal belongings and other “surprises” that may present a little-known man to the bridal party.

5. Courier

The market of courier services in our country is actively growing, so that here you will really have something to choose from. Razvozit can be anything from balloons and ending with equipment for a chainsaw … Many people arranged courier in the hope of quickly earning good money. And it’s true: in Moscow, the average fee for courier services ranges from 350 rubles / hour to 800 rubles / hour – it all depends on what, where and how often you will carry. In general, the money is paid once a week.

Sounds good, with the only “but”: this part-time job can be called anything but easy. First, do not think that the orders will flow to you like a river, but it is from their quantity will depend on earnings. Add here more fines for non-deliveries (it happens – the client postponed or canceled the order), as well as the cost of gasoline (they are usually only partially compensated). Secondly, there will often be customers who for some reason decided that it was on the courier can pour all the aggression that has accumulated during the day. We are not saying that this is the case everywhere. Just think that we warned you.

6. Meal Delivery Man.

We didn’t single out meal delivery for nothing. This is a whole industry, about which we have already told in detail.

Meal deliverer in Moscow, you can earn an average of 2,000 rubles to 3,500 rubles per shift. For clarification: the change is usually 12 hours, so wishing to unsubscribe from the main job early to earn extra money, this option is unlikely to fit.

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About the disadvantages of the profession will not spell out – they are generally similar to those listed in the previous paragraph. The only exception is the gasoline, the cost of which you often fully pay for yourself. But some clients in an outburst of goodwill will leave you a generous tip. And even recently the author of “Behind the Wheel” in the bank witnessed how the story of the working curiosities helped sushi deliveryman persuade the manager (the girl – Ed.) to go out with him. Agree, too, not a bad bonus of hackwork – always something to share in the company.

7. Landlord

Another outlet for passive income (see “Branded Car Driver”). If you have more than one car in the family or you do not use it often, it’s time to put it into circulation. Renting a car in Moscow, you can get on average from 12 thousand to 30 thousand rubles a month. Your earnings will depend on the brand, year of manufacture of the car, its technical condition and the amount of interest that will be taken from the net profit of the tenant. For example, the Renault Logan 2016 with mileage of 50 thousand kilometers a month you can earn 14 thousand rubles, and the six-year Chevrolet Captiva, lagged about 100 thousand kilometers – already 28 thousand a month (specified approximate cost in Moscow. – Ed.). The most popular are considered to be the budget foreign cars.

This is probably the riskiest way of moonlighting. Incorrectly executed documents can at best leave you at the broken tub (and this is not a metaphor), and at worst – without a car at all. So, first of all, be sure to insure your car. Remember that if you plan to use your car as a cab, there should be a note about it in the policy. Otherwise in case of an accident the insurance company can refuse to pay on legal grounds. Moreover, before signing the rental agreement, it is better to have it checked by a lawyer or a notary, in order to avoid having the documents drawn up as disguised. Try to apply to large and time-tested companies. Perhaps the proceeds will be less, but the chances of running into a fraudster are minimal. Such tenants, as a rule, protect their reputation.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to earn by personal auto – if only you have a desire and free time. Ideally, if you manage to combine active and passive income. For example, you can deliver customers in a cab by car with gluing. However, the last word is up to you. Whichever way you choose, the main thing to remember the three golden rules of hacking:

Do not rush to the first office you see. Find a good offer? – Googling reviews about the firm on the Internet, ask your friends;

Negotiate all the conditions “on the shore”. Often at the interview, people are promised an amount that suits them fine. But after the first month of work it turns out that in reality you can get it only if you get the maximum number of orders, like all your clients, take overtime hours, rescue a kitten from the fire, or God all that still.

Signing a contract without reading it – courage, bordering on stupidity. However, even from the reading of multi-page text of the little use, if you are not a lawyer. So it is better to entrust this matter to professionals.

And you have tried any of the ways we have listed? – Tell us about your experiences in the comments. Got your own ideas for making money on your personal car? – That’s great! Let’s share, don’t be shy.

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