How to open a car using your phone

Is it possible to open the car with the help of the phone and how to do it?

The phone has become an integral part of everyday life for almost everyone. This is especially true of modern smartphones.

Unlocking your car with your phone

This compact device has replaced a lot of gadgets and devices that previously had to be used separately, and it was not particularly convenient and practical.

Now the phone can hold a huge amount of information, it offers many built-in solutions and systems. And it is a mistake to think that a smartphone in the car is needed only for listening to music or talking. In fact, a modern car in combination with a smartphone turns the latter into a multitasking and multifunctional device. Using special software, you can turn your cell phone into a diagnostic scanner.

In addition, the phone can help in a difficult situation, when the key fob was lost or the driver does not have it at the moment. The main thing is to know how to use it correctly.

The concept of car alarm key fobs

Almost every car has at least the simplest car alarm system installed. It consists of various sensors and actuators. The management of them is derived from a special remote control or just a key fob.

This is a small compact device, which complements the main key from the car. These key fobs can operate at a certain distance, remotely opening and closing the car, activating the security system.

If we talk about the usual key fobs, their range is usually not more than 1,000 meters. There are also cases where, due to numerous interference, the manufacturer’s specified range is reduced by at least 2 times.

Car alarm keychain

It is recommended to always put the car on the alarm system, being within sight of the car. This allows you to make sure that the system is activated and the car is now under protection.

When buying and installing the alarm system, the car owner is offered 2 keyfobs at once. One is the main key fob and the second stays at home in case something happens to the first one.

If the main key fob is lost, it is enough to go home or ask someone to bring it. The car will be disarmed with the second key fob and you can start the trip or leave the car guarded.

But it is not always possible to pick up the spare device by the car owner himself or to ask somebody to bring it to him. The distances are sometimes enormous. And then there is a necessity to get out of this situation somehow. Now becomes relevant the question of whether you can open your car through the phone, and how to do this.

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Yes, you can open a locked car with such a device, all you need to do is use your phone properly. Plus, you will need another device in order to gain access to the car.

Cell phone pushbutton

How to use the phone

Now it is worth telling more about how to open the car with the help of an ordinary phone.

Here you need exactly the simplest cell phone, even a push-button one. Modern smartphones are not suitable for this method of opening because of the range of frequencies in which they work.

In this case, the driver’s cell phone will be required, as well as the cell phone of the interlocutor, who will be on the other end of the line. As a result, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The motorist caught in a difficult situation, should call the person who is now or may be near the house, office or other place where the spare key fob from the alarm system is stored.
  • It is necessary that this person has found the devices and figured out where it is the button to open the doors, remove the alarm.
  • Now the key fob is brought as close as possible to the phone. It is better to include the cell phone in edge mode.
  • Then it remains only to repeatedly press the button to open the car.
  • The motorist should also bring his phone to the car. It is desirable to be close to the place where the alarm control unit is located.
  • Press the button to open the car until the method will not work as a result.

Practice shows that in about 90% of cases, this method really helps. There is no guarantee that it will work for sure, but statistics is a stubborn thing and quite accurate.

If you can not unlock the central locking of the car by frequent and repeated pressing, you should try just clamping the button open and hold it until the signal is transmitted via phone to the system of the vehicle. One of the options should probably work.

Hands-free is not the key in this situation, but it usually solves the problem faster when you turn it on.

This is the easiest way to actually use your cell phone to open an alarmed car. And it is not necessary that the car alarm system itself is modern, expensive and advanced, having a GPS system.

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GPS beacon in your phone

Alternative ways of opening

When the distance between the car and the spare key fob from the alarm system is too long to go get it or ask someone to bring it in order to gain access to the car, you have to look for alternative solutions.

And they do exist. Here can come to the aid of a smartphone, as well as built-in car alarms or used as a stand-alone device, GPS beacon. It helps to open the car. It can be controlled via your cell phone. The beacon opens up additional possibilities for remote control of the vehicle. This includes opening doors from a long distance.

To be able to remotely access the locks of the car, you must first configure the GPS-beacon and set the desired mode of operation.

Signals about the opening are transmitted via smartphone by SMS-message or through the application. If the function is present and it is active, then to implement the conceived you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the mobile application, designed for a specific car alarm and GPS beacon.
  • In the appeared menu select a command to be executed. In our case this is the opening and unlocking the doors.
  • Or you send a text message to the number assigned to the beacon SIM.
  • The desired button is pressed, which is programmed, and the control system unlocks.
  • The driver only has to wait until the command reaches the car system and the doors open.

Similar functionality is actively being implemented in modern car alarm systems. It is only important that the smartphone is charged, and the application works. Without access to the Internet or mobile data transfer, such a scheme cannot be implemented.

Another interesting and useful solution for such situations can be a satellite alarm system. Here, different commands can be sent remotely and the distance is practically unlimited.

Controlling your car with your phone app

Additional recommendations

It is considered that there are 2 main ways to unlock the car with the help of cell phone. Namely, to use a GPS beacon and a mobile app, or to transmit the control signal from the spare key fob over the cellular network.

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The two methods have good reviews, although they cause a lot of controversy among car enthusiasts. It is difficult to say which one is right. Some assure that all this is physically impossible and is a sham. Others prove by personal example that everything functions and works normally.

Until some official tests are conducted, it makes no sense to talk about deception or authenticity in this case. If this method works for motorists, they will not lie about it for nothing.

In order to increase the probability of unlocking your car’s locks using unusual methods, you should follow some recommendations:

  • Try to always keep your phone’s charge at a sufficient level to be able to use it in a difficult situation.
  • Keep an eye on the balance on your cell phone and GPS beacon. Otherwise, nothing will work.
  • If we’re talking about the method of pressing the spare key fob button, then it’s best to keep the answering phone near the driver’s door near the car.
  • The speakerphone supposedly helps to increase the efficiency of the transmitted signal. There is no official confirmation of this theory, but car enthusiasts actively support it.
  • To open the car remotely, using a remote call, it is required to use the simplest cell phones. This is due to their frequency range. Modern smartphones are not capable of transmitting the alarm key fob signal through their speakers.
  • To perform an opening via GPS beacon, you need a modern smartphone with a sufficiently powerful operating system.

To use these methods or not, everyone decides for himself. If in doubt of their effectiveness, check in practice.

Yes, not always these methods of opening work. Here you need a combination of several conditions for the car to open. But if you do everything correctly, the method should work. Thousands of motorists confirm it. Although there are ardent opponents of these techniques.

How to unlock a car using a cell phone

To disarm the car from the alarm system without using the key

Losing the keys and the car alarm remote, this is the most common problem many car owners face on a daily basis. But the biggest difficulties for car owners are caused by forgotten keys and the alarm key fob itself in a locked car. Such cases, as it sounds paradoxical, are much more numerous than a simple accidental loss of keys. Millions of motorists around the world don’t know every day what to do or how to be, that is, how to get into their car without a key or without a wireless alarm key fob.

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Some owners begin to break the door lock of the car and break the glass in order to open and get into their car. Someone resorts to the professional help of specialists, spending a lot of money for this service. But in fact it is not all that difficult, getting into a locked car is much easier than you think at first glance. Our Internet edition 1GAI.RU offers our readers to consider one of the most common situations in the world, when the driver, leaving the key in the ignition, can not get into his car, which is automatically blocked, thereby the alarm.

Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon today. And most often it happens at a time when we are away from home. For example, at work, on a business trip or near a shopping center. But do not be discouraged friends and do not despair, there is a fairly simple way to open the car without a key with an ordinary cell phone.

In most cases, each car owner has a spare duplicate key (or a spare key fob from the alarm system – depending on the make and model of the car), which is usually kept at home. But in the case of a locked car with a key left in it, the car owner is usually afraid to leave his car abandoned in order to go home to get a duplicate key, since its absence can be used by an intruder and steal the car.

Because of this, the car owner usually has to ask someone to bring him a duplicate key and key fob from home. And what is typical, surprisingly, most often such cases occur away from home, where, as a rule, a duplicate of the car keys is kept, which leads to the fact that the car owner simply can not use the duplicates to open the blocked car.

This is where the car owners begin the main difficulties. But thanks to a simple method, any car owner can effortlessly open your car without a key and without the remote from the car alarm system. And to do the following:

1) Call a person who has access to a duplicate of your car keys. For example, a member of your family, a relative, a friend, etc. people.

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2) Ask the person to bring a duplicate key (if the car alarm is disarmed with a key) or a spare alarm control fob (if disarmed with an alarm remote) to the microphone of your cell phone.

3) Set your cell phone or smartphone on speakerphone mode and walk up on the driver’s side almost close to the car door itself, thus bringing your phone to the car window (closer to the car dashboard).

4) Tell the person on the other side to press the door unlock button (door open button) on the duplicate key or on the alarm key fob. At this point, you should hold your cell phone as close to the car dashboard as possible. Keep in mind that this may not work right away, so ask your significant other to repeat the above steps several times.

How to unlock a car using a cell phone

If this method of opening the car does not help you, then ask your person to press the unlock button on the key or on the key fob without releasing it until you personally open your car. In 99% of cases, your car should open (usually all modern cars have and present central locking, which is triggered to open the doors after removing the car from the alarm system).

This method works due to the fact that your key or wireless alarm remote from the car emits a radio signal with a unique digital code, which is transmitted to the alarm control unit, which is installed in the car. Using special algorithms, the electronic system of your car alarm system checks the code received from the key or key fob with the encoded code, and, if the encrypted code matches, disarms the car.

Thanks to radiotelephone mobile communication a unique code transmitted by the key from the alarm system is transmitted to another phone, which in turn sends a signal to the alarm unit installed in the car.

This method also works without the handsfree on the phone. But in this case, the percentage that this method will work, significantly reduced.

Well, in order for this method to work, then your car must be equipped with central locking, which automatically opens the door or doors after disarming the vehicle from the alarm system. Good luck to all!

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