How to paint a car Gravitex

Gravitex – what is it and how to apply it

The main factor in assessing the value of the car is the body. Its condition directly affects the price. The body of the car is always in sight, although there are hidden places. Depending on the climate where the car is operated and the condition of the paint coating depends on how quickly the metal body begins to “bloom”. In metropolitan areas during the winter, when the streets are sprinkled with a special reagent, if the body metal is not protected with a quality primer and paint, it quickly becomes corroded. Also, metal near the sea is severely corroded because of the high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the metal gravitex.

What is Gravitex

One of the effective means of protecting the body is to create a strong protective layer that is resistant to various influences. Gravitex is a substance that is applied either with a gun or sprayer to a part of the car body in order to create a strong protective film that can withstand pebble gravel and other impacts.

What parts of the body are treated with Gravitex

Apply Gravitex to the sills, the lower parts of the doors, to treat the bottom and fender arches. Practically, the entire lower part of the body gets under treatment with a protective layer.


Composition of Gravitex:
  • rubber;
  • resins;
  • additives for imparting anticorrosive properties;
  • solvent.

Due to the composition of the rubber, from the resulting protective film will fly away pebbles, springing, as the rubber will give elasticity to the protective layer. Various additives will give resistance to frost and intense heat. A solvent will provide a strong bond to the body’s paintwork (LPC).

Gravitex Coating Varieties

There are several types of this means, they are divided by composition, by method of application. Classification by aggregate state:

Gravitex in the form of an aerosol costs less. Its use does not require a gun, it already comes in a can with a sprayer.

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Gravitex liquid is applied with a special gun, which is connected to a compressor.

Classification of gravitex anti-gravel on the treatment is:
  • painted;
  • not painted.

how to apply gravitex

Non- painted gravitex contains a substance that forms a protective film on the protective layer. If you paint the anti-gravitex layer, with time the paint will be flaking off from falling rocks, etc. and the car appearance will be spoiled.

gravitex is

Paintable gravitex means that after the anti-gravel layer is applied and dries, this layer protecting the body should still be painted. If you bought such a gravitex, painting is mandatory. Without painting, the protective layer has the properties of a sponge and will absorb moisture and, conversely, destroy the body, forming pockets of corrosion. Therefore, if you decide to use painted gravitex, then do not be lazy to paint.

As a result of improper application of gravitex and there are real negative reviews, in which drivers write that anti-gravitex on the contrary destroys the metal.

Classification of antigravine by color:
  • black;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • colorless.

Many people like to do a black trim around the base of the body and choose black gravitex. For cars of white, black and gray colors, their color is suitable, who do not want the protective stripe to stand out. For cars of other colors, you can choose either black or colorless. Also, you can buy gravitex paintable, that is, which will need to be further painted with any color you want.

how to properly apply gravitex

Gravitex treatment

gravitex treatment

How well gravitex will adhere to the body of the car depends on the condition of the body, the substance applied and the method of application.

Materials for preparatory work:
  1. Any solvent for degreasing the surface.
  2. Clean rags.
  3. Painted paper adhesive tape.
  4. Paper or film for protection of parts of the body not to be treated.
Proper procedure for applying Gravitex:
  1. Wash off the dirt and dust from an area of the bodywork larger than the surfaces to be treated.
  2. Dry.
  3. Cover the non-treated body surface with paper or film and affix with tape.
  4. Sand the surfaces, if they have dents, with sandpaper.
  5. Degrease.
  6. If there are dents, you can putty and level the surface immediately.
  7. Apply anticorrosion coating.
  8. Primer and wait until it dries.
  9. Grind again putty and primed surface.
  10. Degrease.
  11. Apply Gravitex in one even layer.
  12. Wait for the first layer to dry.
  13. Apply Gravitex in a second even layer.
  14. Wait 24 hours for the anti-gravitex protective layer to completely dry.
  15. Here, depending on what type you bought gravitex, which you need to paint or not, paint or not. Let me remind you, it can be painted or unpaintable. We only dye it if we bought dyeable gravitex. A frequently asked question: how long after the application of gravitex? The answer is after 24 hours in a warm room. During this time it will fully set and dry.
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Gravitex, anti-gravel – all about it

Lately the hype around body painting with Gravitex is gaining momentum. It has suddenly become terribly fashionable and seems to be absolutely necessary for everyone. But how in fact – is it so? More recently, everyone was quite aware of the existence of such a procedure as priming car body – no special excitement or promises something extraordinary around it was not. And then came Graviteks, which seems to offer about the same functions, but it became terribly popular and necessary. Practice tells us that Gravitex actually gives better results than the usual polish. But it also costs more – here you may need special equipment, for which the owner of the service will certainly take a percentage. So, what do you get, having decided on such a procedure?

How to paint a car Gravitex

What is the secret of gravitex

So, what is the secret of this trendy composition, gaining popularity in the market simply by leaps and bounds? The name of the composition is not a trademark – under such a name, compositions produced by different manufacturers. From one to another composition may vary slightly. But, in general, the composition will be similar – it is a set of ingredients such as:

  • Synthetic resins in different proportions and with a variety of impurities. From brand to brand, from budget to budget, their composition may vary.
  • Organic solvents, also can vary the amount of this part of the composition and specific ingredients.
  • Rubber.

This is the composition of the very “magic” protective layer, which keeps the surface intact, protecting it from various damages. What is gravitex for cars? First of all, it is a film. A very important property of the film, which is formed after painting with the composition of gravitex, is its elasticity. That is, if the metal will move imperceptibly, the film will also change shape. In the case of conventional polishing it will peel and break off.

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What is Gravitex

Nuances and peculiarities of the composition

This last designated property allows the successful use of gravitex in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary to treat thresholds, which are constantly exposed to mechanical impact.
  • Similarly, in the case of the lower door openings of the car.
  • If the car is delivered without fenders, you can also use Gravitex for wheel arches.
  • Naturally, it is necessary to treat the bottom of the car, which is constantly exposed to the mechanical impact of various debris from the road, stones, etc.
  • Bottom edges of doors are very vulnerable and quickly wearing out area.
  • Any plastic overlays to provide additional protection.

There are even such fans, which cover absolutely the whole car with this compound. Literally from the wheels to the roof. This is really very convenient in the case if the car moves a lot on rough terrain or bad roads.

What kind of gravitex is there

Despite the fact that compositions can differ appreciably, break into subgroups Gravitex not by the ingredients included in the liquid, but by the way they are applied. There are two types of anti-gravia:

  • Compound in cans, which is applied like graffiti paint.
  • Compound in a container, to which you need to screw a special gun (reminiscent of filling).

How to apply gravitex in a spray can

Each method has pros and cons. For example, the spray can is easy to carry, it takes up little space and can be used quickly. It does not require any preparations – just take it and paint. You don’t need electricity, a compressor or anything like that. A gravitex air gun is a different story.

How to properly apply gravitex using a gun

As for cans, you need to have all the accessories to feel its benefits. Using a gun makes the process easier and more comfortable for the person, and the application becomes more accurate. The application gun is your choice if you are planning a long, precise process and it is important to treat every crevice.

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Spraying with a pneumatic gun

Variety of Coatings.

Anti-gravel is not at all the same or the same type. It comes in a variety of ways. For example, with a coloring pigment – in this case, in addition to protection, it is a real paint. Or colorless – by the name it is obvious that such gives only an imperceptible protective film. It is also called transparent. Or “for painting” – such antigravior itself is transparent, but it is possible to put a layer of paint on top of it.

Applying it properly, in accordance with the technology

And most importantly – how to properly apply the composition? First of all, you have to figure out all the details. We assume that the type of container and coloring you have already figured out. Now move on to the technical details.

  • For example, is it necessary to primer before painting?
  • How long will each individual coat dry?
  • What kind is acceptable for treatment with this antigravim?
  • If you choose a gun, what is the diameter of the nozzle?
  • What air pressure do you need?
  • What is the thickness of the layer to be maintained? Did the master dilute the compound?

Once all these nuances are clarified, you can proceed directly to painting according to the instructions. Since the entire process is usually quite detailed in the instructions, we will not repeat it.

How to remove the composition

But it is better not to remove the antigraviolet yourself – go to a workshop. It is not easy to peel it off, and there is a chance that it will peel off along with the useful layer. Some craftsmen use acetone, alcohol, but all these things can threaten the factory lacquer, and not only the antigravure – remember about it! In general, gravitex is a very good compound that performs its function perfectly and keeps your car intact and looking like new.

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