How to properly execute a road accident for the euro-protocol

How to properly execute the euro-protocol in a road traffic accident

The motorist can get up to 400 thousand rubles from the insurance company to repair the car after the accident if he correctly completes a traffic accident in a European protocol. To do this, do not need to call the traffic police and not even necessarily fill out a paper form. We tell you when it is possible, how to issue an accident without calling the traffic police and how to fill out the documents.

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Is it possible to process an accident without the traffic police

Yes, it is not necessary to call the traffic police to formalize the accident. But only if two cars collided, both drivers have MTPL policies and there are no victims.

What is the Europrotocol. This is a procedure that allows you to issue a road accident without involving the police. Participants of the accident fill out a notice of the accident, photograph the damage, and then the insurance of the perpetrator of the accident pays the injured to 400 thousand rubles for repairs. No need to wait a few hours for the police and block the traffic.

When it is better to call the GIBDD. If the accident involved more than two cars, some of the owners do not have a policy of avtograzhdanka or the repair will require more money, call the police. The inspector will draw a scheme of the accident, fix the information about the participants in the accident and draw up a protocol.

When is it reasonable to use Europrotocol in 2022?

To formalize an accident without police officers, it must meet the following requirements.

Availability of an OSAGO policy for the drivers. Everyone who was driving at the time of the accident, must be entered in the OSAGO policy or have an open insurance policy. Another option is an international policy “Green Card”, which is bought when importing the car from abroad, with which you can also issue a notification on the Europrotocol.

There should be no victims in the accident. As a result of the accident should not be injured, wounded or dead. If you have them, call an ambulance and the police.

Only two vehicles are involved in the accident. The Europrotocol is available only if two cars collided. If other property is damaged, you have to call the traffic police.

Damage to the vehicle does not exceed the maximum amount of insurance payment. If the drivers don’t have a disagreement about the picture of the accident, and they make the drawing up of the accident through the applications “Traffic accident. Europrotocol” or “OSAGO Assistant”, the maximum amount of compensation is 400 thousand rubles.

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Mutual consent of drivers. This is not obligatory, but it affects the amount of insurance payment. If the drivers do not agree on which of them is at fault, the limit will be less – up to 100 thousand rubles.

If the accident does not fit any of these requirements, it is safer to call the GIBDD.

What the insurance company reimburses in such cases

Standard limit. To the injured car owner, the insurance of the perpetrator of the accident will compensate the damage not more than 100 thousand rubles, if:

  • the participants in the accident have a disagreement about who is at fault in the accident. This is recorded in the notification;
  • there is no disagreement between the participants but they didn’t fix the accident in the appendix.

Maximum limit. Compensation up to 400 thousand rubles is possible if:

  • at least one driver recorded the accident through the app;
  • the participants have no disagreements.

What to do if the damage from the accident is more than 100 thousand rubles. If the victim sees that the car repair will be more expensive, there are two options:

  1. Record the accident through the application – so the maximum limit will already be 400 thousand rubles;
  2. Call the GIBDD.

If you properly complete the notice and reach an agreement with the other party to the accident, in the future, the injured party will be able to get up to 400 thousand rubles from the insurance company.

What will be the limit - standard or maximum, depends on these conditions

What will be the limit – standard or maximum, depends on these conditions

How to draw up a road traffic accident report

Stop and switch on emergency lights. If the driver is not injured, after the collision, he stops moving and turns on his hazard lights. Then gets out of the car and assesses the damage. If some of the people were injured, you can not draw up an accident on the euro-protocol – call an ambulance and police.

Put up a sign of an emergency stop. If the accident happened in a populated area, put the sign at least 15 meters away from the car, if in the country – 30 meters. If you do not put a sign, there will be a fine – 1000 rubles.

If the accident happened at night or in poor visibility, the accident participants should wear reflective vests.

Communicate with the second participant in the accident. Need to check whether he has a policy of MTPL, whether he was inscribed in this document, and not a fake policy – it can be found out by the number on the site of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers.

Record the damage. It is important to photograph on a phone:

  • panorama of the place of the accident;
  • damage to the cars;
  • traces of braking and debris on the road, if any;
  • license plate numbers.
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This should be done within the first hour.

Notify the insurance companies about the accident. To do this, download and open one of two apps:

  • “TRAFFIC ACCIDENT. Europrotocol”: Google Play , App Store
  • “MTPL insurance helper: Google Play , App Store

To use either of them, you will need a confirmed record on “Gosuslugi.” The driver logs in to the app, takes a picture of the accident place, records the coordinates, and passes all this to the insurance company system – the AIS RAMI database. From there, the insurance company will be able to get information about the accident and the driver will be able to claim a compensation of up to 400 thousand rubles.

Fill out a notification of the accident. The insurance company will issue it together with the policy. Usually there is a blank in the glove compartment. If not, you may contact the nearest insurance company or download and print out two copies.

Give the notice to the insurance company. This must be done within five working days. The one who claims the reimbursement will additionally have to fill out a statement about the insured event.

Europrotocol – sample 2022

Notification of a road accident – A4 paper, it consists of two sheets:

  • The main sheet. On its front side are two columns, which the drivers fill out together, on the back side – the circumstances, which are filled out separately.
  • The supplemental is a copy that prints everything the drivers wrote on the main sheet. The supplemental sheet is also legally valid, so it doesn’t matter who gets it. The copy also has fields for circumstances on the back.

On the front page, drivers indicate the place, date of the accident and their data, as well as draw a scheme and put their signatures

On the front page, the drivers write the location, date of the accident and their information, as well as draw a diagram and sign

On the reverse side, each driver describes the circumstances

On the reverse side, each driver himself describes the circumstances

How to properly execute the euro-protocol in a road traffic accident

Features of filling out the form. Write:

  • With a regular ballpoint pen. Do not use a gel or pencil – notes can erase or smudge;
  • Use legible handwriting or block letters;
  • preferably without any blots. If there are any, both drivers should approve them with the phrase “I believe this to be corrected” and their signatures;
  • in all fields. If one of them is left blank, put a dash in it.

Front Side. Indicate on it:

  • The location of the accident. For example, the intersection of Stepana Razina Street and Gorky Street near the house number 7. If the accident happened on a highway, write the name of the highway and the kilometer;
  • Date. Time – with accuracy to the minute;
  • Information of witnesses, if any;
  • Data of cars, owners and drivers;
  • Description of damages.

Make a diagram of the accident at the bottom of the sheet. To do this, depict the area, neighboring streets with house numbers, traffic lights, signs, markings. Mark the cars on the diagram with rectangles marked A and B. Indicate the direction of movement with an arrow, the place of impact with a sign ×. Explain the symbols below the diagram.

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Sign the document in items 15 and 18.

The reverse side. Here you can write your vision of the situation and disagreements, if any. In the note note note the application, if there are photos or recording from the DVR.

How to draw up a euro-protocol: rules of drawing up a euro-protocol

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I wish that this information had never come in handy and remained only in theory. But life can take a different turn, and the knowledge of the rules of registration of a euro-protocol will not be superfluous.

What is a euro-protocol

Today, a quick execution of a minor traffic accident on the spot is a given, but a few years ago, any, even a minor, collision stopped the flow. You had to wait for the traffic police and an emergency commissioner, explain yourself on the spot and go to the office for further registration.

There had to be a simple and clear mechanism for registering such relatively minor accidents. This is how the euro-protocol came into being – a simplified procedure for documenting road traffic accidents without the presence of traffic police officers. The data of the road traffic accident is transferred to the insurance company of the accident initiator, and the damaged party gets the damage restored.

When a traffic accident is a euro-protocol

If in an accident with no more than two participants and no victims, any motorist with MTPL policy can get a compensation for the euro-protocol. Without the policy, the life is much more complicated – the euro-protocol will not work if one of the two participants is not have a traffic accident “avtograzhdanka”.

So, if for some reason you don’t have a policy, it’s time to buy it online. You can buy insurance with savings of up to 3,500 rubles through the “Autocode MTPL insurance” service. Here you can see offers from different insurance companies (Alfa Strakhovanie, Tinkoff, Soglasiye, etc.), choose the most favorable and buy a policy without a visit to the office. You only need the license plate of the car and only 7 minutes of your time. After payment, the policy will be sent to your e-mail and will be displayed in the databases of the State Automobile Inspection and the Russian Compulsory Insurance Association.

A Euro-protocol is also drawn up, if the insurance payment covers the repair costs. Accordingly, if there is no policy and the car is badly damaged, the GIBDD will have to be called. The inspector will draw a scheme, fix the information on the traffic accident participants and execute a protocol.

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What payments are fixed for euro-protocol

Maximum – 400 thousand rubles to the injured party. But subject to a number of conditions:

  • The circumstances of the accident are recorded through a mobile application “Traffic accident. Europrotocol” (iOS version, Android version) or GLONASS system;
  • there is no disagreement between the participants regarding the circumstances of the accident;
  • the participants have completed a notification of the accident.

If one or more conditions are not met, the amount of payments under the euro-protocol falls to 100 thousand rubles. It is worth counting on if:

  • the circumstances of the accident are recorded through a mobile application / GLONASS system;
  • the participants in the accident have differences in the circumstances of the accident;
  • Disagreements are fixed in the notification of the accident.

There is a third option, which will not exceed RUR100 thousand, if the circumstances of the accident are documented by the participants only through a joint execution of a road traffic accident notice (not through a mobile app / GLONASS system), and if the participants have no disputes about the circumstances of the accident.

How to draw up a euro-protocol

It is easy to theorize about it in the warmth of the office or from the couch, but in a moment of stress to get together and do everything correctly will be much more difficult. Therefore, it is better to keep the memo in bookmarks and follow it if necessary.

So. If the accident happened, traffic rules require us to turn on the “emergency”, set the sign of an emergency stop, wear a reflective vest.

The first thing write down the contacts of witnesses of the accident: then it will be too late, and they are not superfluous. Disputable issues may arise at an unexpected moment, when you can not find witnesses.

Next, you need to record the consequences of the accident as fully as possible. The mobile app will prompt the necessary order of actions

After all the necessary information is sent from the application, together with the other party it is necessary to fill in the forms of notification of the accident, which are issued together with the policy of obligatory car accident (or are sent as PDF files after registration online).

This is how the filled in euro-protocol looks like.

Ideally enter the data with a simple ballpoint pen – a pencil or gel pen can smudge.

On the front side first indicate the information about the accident:

  • location (exact address in the city, kilometer number on the highway) and date;
  • number of damaged vehicles and victims;
  • mark about passing a medical examination (the answer is most often “no”);
  • data of the witnesses (if any);
  • whether there was a GIBDD employee at the scene (no).
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Further both participants have their own side of the form. Here you need to enter:

  • data of the car (make, model, VIN, license plate number, series and number of the CTS);
  • The owner’s data (full name, address, date of birth, phone number, license series and number, category);
  • document confirming the right of possession, use, disposal (if any).

After that, fill in the block of insurance: the name of the insurer, the series and number of the insurance policy, expiration date, the availability of insurance against damage.

Then the scheme notes where the impact occurred and describes the damage to the cars with all the details in words. In the remarks column, the drivers write down whether they consider themselves guilty/not guilty.

After that the central part of the front side of the form is filled in. In the “Circumstances of the accident” select the circumstances of the accident. If nothing else will fit, you can choose “Other”.

Then you draw a diagram of the accident. It should show the position of the road section with the neighboring streets and house numbers and the position of the cars at the time of the accident.

On the reverse side, participants in the accident describe their vision of the situation. In this part, we remind you, there should be no discrepancies between the two drivers, otherwise you can’t hope for 400 thousand payment.

If you fill out a euro-protocol form will be damaged or torn, you will have to fill in a new one. But you need to certify it with signatures of accident participants.

If there is not enough space to describe the circumstances of the accident, you can take an ordinary blank sheet of paper. On the notice must be marked “With Annex”. On the sheet should specify what kind of document, who makes it and be sure to put a signature.

After completing the euro-protocol, you can release the carriageway.

What to do after filling the euro-protocol

After completing a paper euro-protocol within five days, the participants must go to the insurance company of the guilty party and submit the documents. Together with the form a passport, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, CMTPL insurance agreement, claim for damages and a photo/video of the accident site should be filed. If you do not meet this deadline, the insurance company will pay damages, but will exact the money from the guilty party.

If the accident was drawn up in the application “Traffic accident. Europrotocol, the information is sent to the insurance company within one hour. If using ERU-GLONASS, in ten minutes.

The insurance company do an expertise, look through the euro-protocol forms and calculate a compensation. Then the car will be sent for repair where it should be restored within a month.

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