How to sell your car for parts

How to sell your car for parts and avoid becoming a criminal case

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Selling an auto for parts may be necessary when it can no longer be used as a vehicle. But you have to sell according to the rules, otherwise you can become a criminal case if the buyer uses the parts for criminal purposes.

How to sell your car for parts properly and where you can do it, learn from today’s material.

When can you sell your car for parts

It makes sense to sell your car for parts if it:

  • Damaged after an accident, and its repair will take more than 70% of its market value.
  • Burning, for example, after an accident or because of an electrical short circuit.
  • Has been in a corrosive environment, such as drowning in salt water or being exposed to alkali, acid, etc.
  • Has exhausted its serviceability, i.e. has become junk.
  • Has legal problems which prevent it from being used legally, e.g. if the body number does not correspond to the documents or the registration has been cancelled.
  • Does not meet environmental requirements.

The amount of money you can get from selling your car for parts will depend on the popularity of the model on the secondary market and the method of sale.

How to sell your car for parts

You can sell your car for parts in two ways – in full or in parts.

It is easier and faster to sell a car for parts entirely. Special firms deal with buying out cars. For the sale of a car for parts of the whole company promises up to 95% of the market value, ready to pay immediately.

If you enter “sell your car for parts” into the search engine, you will see what companies can buy a car. Some of them may come to make an estimate and take the car away.

You can also sell your car for parts in two ways – to give it to a disassembler or on your own by placing an ad on the board.

Dismantling cars is carried out by small service stations, auto body shops and private car breakers. This method has a significant advantage – no need to disassemble the car, to prepare parts for sale and find buyers: disassemblers themselves sell parts. But there is a disadvantage – the middleman will take a percentage of the sale.

How helpful is a collision avoidance system in a car

If you sell yourself, the proceeds will be three times greater. This method is the most profitable, but you have to disassemble the car and prepare the parts for sale. If you are not strong in technical matters, you can pay a mechanic who will disassemble the car.

How to sell your car for parts yourself

You or a car mechanic you hired should:

  • Completely disassemble the car;
  • Sort the parts by their condition and belonging and prepare them for sale (clean them);
  • make a catalog of parts, components and assemblies;
  • check the prices on the Internet for these parts and components (used);
  • place ads on popular boards such as “Avito Auto” and others.

It will take several months to sell, and not all of the parts will go to the buyers. The hardest parts to sell are the interior parts (especially if the interior is old and has lost its appearance), the instrument panel (and its elements), some body parts. You can sell them for scrap metal or to auto-ironworkers.

The most demanded auto parts are:

  • suspension;
  • engine;
  • transmission (gearbox);
  • wheels (tires, disks);
  • the body and its elements;
  • glass, optics.

Proceeds from the sale will be two to three times more than the income from the sale of the car for parts.

Where to sell your car for parts

Above, we have already partially said, where you can sell your car for parts. Let’s summarize again.

You can sell your car:

  • To auto junk buyers and large online companies, such as Car Price;
  • On bulletin boards: “Avito Auto”, “” and others;
  • On the sites for the repurchase of cars;
  • Intermediaries in the garage workshops, service stations.

If you choose any of the methods, be sure to deregister your car.

How to deregister your car if you sell it for parts

You need to deregister your car so that you don’t have to pay any transport tax. In addition, you will protect yourself from an unscrupulous buyer, who could use the documents and the license plate numbers to legalize a stolen car, and will not become a suspect in a criminal case.

What to do if you smell oil inside your car

You need to deregister your car due to recycling.

To do this, you must:

  • To appear in any traffic police with the documents on the car, its license plates and his passport.
  • Write an application for scrapping, stating the reason, for instance, low level of functionality or impossibility of restoration. You can also draw up an application on “Gosuslugi” by making an appointment at the traffic police, and then come on a specified day and time with the documents to the branch of the traffic police.
  • Attach to the application an explanation of the reason for disposal, for instance, investments in repairs amount to 70% of the market value of the car. The explanation shall be written by hand and in any form.
  • Pay the state duty for recycling.

The car will be taken out of registration, and you can safely sell it for parts.

The price of complete engine is higher, that is why you shall get a certificate of the disassembled unit from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The document will give the right to the buyer to put the engine on the car. To get the certificate, you will need to bring the engine to the MREO: it will be inspected and the numbers will be checked.

The correct sale of the car for parts is done only under a CDA. The agreement will save you from the trouble with the police, if the buyer uses the numbers of the blocks and units for criminal purposes, for instance, to legalize a stolen car. You will be able to prove that you sold the car or its parts for legal reasons and will not be held responsible for the buyer’s actions.

Before signing a contract, you can check the buyer through a special service. It will show if he has any problems with the law. If you see in the report that the buyer is wanted, or is buying parts with an invalid passport, then refuse the deal. View a sample report

Never sell the documents without the car itself, as it’s likely they want to buy them for fraudulent purposes and you’ll be brought in as an accomplice.

Author: Irina Dzhioeva

Rules for Towing Vehicles

*** Author’s article. Editorial opinion may not coincide with the author’s opinion.

Have you faced with fraudsters when selling your car? How did the situation end? Share your story in comments.

How to sell your car for parts and don’t loose the profit

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The ability to sell something comes to everyone as something inevitable. Sooner or later we all start to sell old phones, furniture, cars or car parts, which can be removed from your old car and sold much more profitable, judging by the market value of the particular car.

1. How to properly prepare for an auto breakdown

Selling your car for parts / Photo:

When might your car need an auto disassembly? For example, if it is time to dispose of your old sedan or hatchback, which still has parts that are ready to take their places in another car. Usually auto junk is sold for 25-40 thousand, but some copies “not on the run” can cost 10-15 thousand rubles.

But after taking apart such a car for parts, the drivers are surprised to find that the projected profit is already overlapped at the stage of sale of body and interior parts, and there is also a gearbox and engine, which rare elements are very expensive. It is not expensive to sell a car at autoransembly, but if you disassemble the car by yourself, you can get quite a good profit from this event!

Let’s proceed to auto disassembly and find out how to sell parts of your car at a profit. But first, preparation:

Disassembling a car with a partner / Photo:

A very interesting way to sell used parts are auctions. However, the maximum benefit in this case can be obtained if the demand for parts for such cars is very high.

2. The order of car disassembly, which allows you to increase the income from the sale

In what order is better to disassemble the car / Photo:

It is time to proceed to disassembly. But do not rush into battle with a wrench and a sledgehammer – at first it is important to properly prioritize the removable parts. This will simplify and speed up the process, and you can even enjoy it.

It all starts with preparing your workspace. Provide normal lighting from different sides, remove from the room all unnecessary things that will not participate in the disassembly, but may interfere with the process. Spread portable power outlets on both sides immediately, so that you do not waste time looking for electricity.

How to struggle with swindlers properly

Car Washing / Photo:

Be sure to wash the car outside, inside, and under the hood. If the car is not running, do it yourself – for example, in front of the garage door. Disassembling a clean car is not only more pleasant, but also faster.

Disconnect and remove the battery, proceed to disassemble the electrics. Few people know that it is on the sale of electrical wires and electronics elements can earn good money. Carry out dismantling carefully so as not to damage anything. Do not forget to wipe and dry wires well, treat the contacts with solidol. This will allow the removed electrics with time not to lose the commercial appearance and keep the high price.

Body parts are removed next, not the engine, as many people mistakenly believe. If the engine is removed first, there is a high risk of damaging the body parts and, as a result, missing out on the benefits of selling the car. First remove the windows, windshield and rear, headlights, turn signals, bumpers, then the hood and doors, including the fifth door of the trunk.

Car door disassembly / Photo:

The better condition of the body parts at the time of sale, the more expensive they will sell, so the doors should be immediately disassembled for parts, wrapped in food film and stored in a pre-prepared place where they will not be accidentally damaged.

The next step is to remove the transmission and other engine attachments. This requires draining all technical fluids beforehand. After the radiator grille, alternator, starter, fuel system elements and other devices are removed, you can proceed to removing the engine.

It is this sequence of disassembly that saves the driver from most damage to useful parts, which can later be sold profitably. Use penetrating lubricants or kerosene to avoid breakage of fasteners. This will make the disassembly process easier, the number of defects – to a minimum, the profit from the sale of parts – to a maximum.

3. Useful Tips for Increasing the Profit from Disassembly

Disassembling a car into parts / Photo:

In the final part the engine, running gear, brake system are disassembled into components, the body is sent for scrap. The gearbox in good condition is usually sold as an assembly. Don’t forget to run a powerful advertisement about starting to dismantle the car for parts right after removing the engine.

How to prepare your car for a long journey

If you do it before – for example, before you start taking the car apart, it may turn out that the parts removed after the ad does not match the description, that is, it is faulty.

In addition, a potential client can ask for a part, without which the car will not be able to move on its own – for example, suspension arms. When the car is immobilized, removing the engine in the garage will cause a lot of difficulties, and the risk of damaging anything is also increasing. Consequently, such a client will have to refuse and lose money.

Don’t stack spare parts, especially if there are glass parts, like headlights, mirrors, windshield and rear window. Even the slightest scratches knock down the price of used parts, so if you want to sell your car for parts as profitable as possible, place every part on the shelf immediately after removal, and wrap it in foil if necessary.

Marking of car parts / Photo:

Don’t forget about the marking of parts. The design features of fixing parts can vary greatly for different model years, so your parts won’t fit all cars of your make. And this is a valid reason for a refund, which will result in losses, because the returned detail can sit on the shelf indefinitely and go to scrap metal together with the body. That is why each client must be satisfied with his/her purchase. Be sure to place the marking numbers in the text of the ad.

Try not to sell parts of the brake system. You will not make much money on this, and the buyer’s life safety will be in danger. You can sell brake discs and drums in good condition; pads and brake hoses cannot.

Be honest with the buyers. If the starter worked its allotted lifetime and is about to fail, do not deceive the person and expose the blatantly old thing for the new one – in the future this may cause proceedings and financial losses.

When dismantling a car for parts you should also take into account that some parts rust faster than others.

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