How to turn off the car alarm without key fob – important tips and tricks

Ways to disable an alarm system on a car without a key fob

Most modern TZs are equipped with a security system, which is popularly called the simple word “alarm”. It performs protective functions and notifies the car owner of the desire of a criminal to break into the car. “Notifies” by means of a sound signal. In today’s market there is such a large selection of security systems for cars that it is easy to get lost with the choice. But not all of them are of high quality and reliability. As a result, the car owner himself may encounter with various troubles, even with the need to turn off the alarm system because of the key fob breakage. Well, in this article, let’s take a look at how to disable the alarm system on a car without a key fob.

How to disable the alarm system on the car without a key fob - important tips and tricks

Alarm Breakdowns

There can be quite a few reasons that lead to a breakdown. But the main one is poor quality equipment. Malfunctions can be caused by the failure of any car components, as well as too high or low temperatures. How do you know if the alarm is out of order? The first thing that will indicate a breakdown is a false triggering of the system. In any case, a broken alarm system can no longer be a reliable protector of your car. This means that it urgently needs to be repaired.

What causes a broken key fob?

  • Radio interference that interferes with the operation of the car security system.
  • The battery is dead or the battery in the key fob is dead.
  • Interruptions in the work of the car battery.

If the breakdown lies in the dead battery, then you need to take it out and shake it. For a few seconds this will resuscitate the device. At least you will be able to open the car. Afterwards, replace the battery with a new one.

How to disable the alarm without a key fob

If the problem could not be solved with the battery, then use the tips below.

Coded disconnection

This method is implemented by entering a special password, which the owner has previously come up with on his own. In order to carry out this operation correctly, perform the following actions:

    of your vehicle by opening the doors with the key.
  • Disregarding the depressing sounds coming from the “alarm”, turn on the ignition.
  • On the service (emergency, Valet) button with quick movements “click” that number of times, which fully corresponds to the first digit of the password you invented.
  • Now turn off the ignition.
  • To enter the second digit of the password, carry out all the same operations as with the first.

Valet Button

Emergency shutdown

To perform this operation, just as in the previous case, you need to perform a number of actions, steadily following the sequence. The main steps are indicated by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is necessary to turn the ignition key several times – first turn it on and then turn it off, in between pressing the Valet button. If there is no documentation, you will have to look for the key yourself. At this time, we recommend that you disconnect the terminals, so that the unpleasant squeak will not distract you from your work.

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How to disconnect different alarms

Despite the fact that a number of actions between disabling the security transport system in different manufacturers is almost the same, nevertheless there are certain differences, with which we will now introduce you.


It is considered one of the most common. So, to unlock it, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Get inside the car (open with the key).
  • Turn the ignition key.
  • Press Valet button and turn off ignition.
  • Repeat the procedure.

Eventually the alarm will go into service mode (no longer making such unpleasant noises), with the help of which you will be able to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Control unit Sheriff


Disabling this “alarm” is not significantly different from the previous one. Nevertheless, some differences are present, namely:

  • As in the first case, your main task is to get inside the car.
  • Then insert the key into the ignition and crank it. Leave it in that position for a few seconds.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Switch it back on.
  • For 15 seconds, press the emergency button.
  • A signal will alert you to your move to “Dangerous” mode.


There are two ways to disable it: “emergency” and “standard”. To unlock the second way, you need after turning the ignition key, press the service button for 15 seconds, and then turn off the ignition back. How to perform this operation to enter the code is described above (in this “alarm” actions are similar).



How to disable this “alarm”? Perform the following actions:

  • Get inside your “four-wheeled friend”.
  • Switch on ignition (do not try to start the car, you will fail, otherwise you will lose the battery), and then for 6 seconds press the emergency button (Valet / service).
  • After that the system will beep, thus “telling” you that you have entered the service mode.
  • Turn off the ignition.

The sixth model “alarm” of this company will be disabled only by entering the code (password). Once in the car, press the Valet button the number of times equal to the first digit of your password. You must fit in 20 seconds, that is, press the button quickly. Turn off the ignition. With the other digits of your password, do the same steps: ignition, press the button the desired number of times, turn off the ignition.


To disable this car security system, you need to perform the following uncomplicated actions below:

  • Initially, it is necessary to open the vehicle, using the key.
  • After, as in all previous cases, you need to turn on the ignition.
  • The next step is to press the “emergency” button four times for no more than 20 seconds.
  • Turn the ignition key to the initial position (off).

If you have performed all operations correctly, the system will notify you with two beeps.


So, we told you how to unlock the most popular car alarm systems, why the “alarms” are failing and what contributes to it. We hope you will draw conclusions from this. Take note that you should not save money on security systems (after all, there is a saying for a reason – the miser pays twice), but you do not need to buy the most expensive (sometimes the brand name is three times more expensive than the product itself).

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How to turn off the alarm with a key fob to start the engine

Anti-theft systems are now installed on most cars. But sometimes a situation may arise when you need to turn off the alarm system urgently. What ways to disable its various models exist? How to turn the system back on, and what to do if after disabling the engine does not want to start?

photo 1

Possible causes of failure

There are several reasons why the alarm system on the car can break down, not work:

  1. Radio interference. The cause is especially urgent for large cities, where there are many radio towers, mobile communication stations, concentrated a huge variety of electronics, preventing the quality of the signal, including the signal from the remote keyfob of the security system. To fix the problem you can try to bring the remote control to the central control unit or to the receiver with an antenna, deactivating the siren.
  2. Failure of the remote control (key fob). This can happen after a hard blow (e.g. against the ground in a fall). Careless handling, prolonged use most often leads to failure of the closing and opening buttons. In this case you may need to repair or replace the remote control and register it to the anti-theft system. If water gets inside, contact oxidation may occur. They no longer carry current, the buttons do not respond to pressing. It is necessary to disassemble the key and carefully check the conductive elements. A common cause of malfunction is the discharge of the battery. It should be replaced with a new one. If the original remote control is equipped with one-way communication, you can check the battery charge by pressing the button. Signal lamp didn’t light up? The battery needs to be replaced. In case of two-way communication the charging indicator can be seen on the display.
  3. Low battery. The problem may occur even while the vehicle is moving. It can be detected by turning on the ignition. If there are no lights on the dashboard, the car’s battery is discharged. The door can be opened with the key, preliminarily turning off the “negative” terminal on the battery. To disable the alarm and start the engine, you can try to “bump” the car from another car. To activate the system again, you need to perform a series of actions. Most often – to press 6 times the key to open and close the door.

Tip: In order to avoid mistakes when trying to reactivate the anti-theft system in the car after it has been disabled, carefully study the instructions.

How to disable the alarm without a key fob

To disable the anti-theft alarm system on a car without a key fob, you can use one of 2 ways: emergency disabling or coding.

Emergency shutdown

Emergency disabling a car alarm is done with a Valet button – an emergency button to disable the alarm. It is most often placed:

  • Next to the fuse box;
  • under the dashboard.
  • near the pedal assembly;
  • behind the glove box;
  • under the steering column.

You can find out exactly where the emergency button is located by reading the owner’s manual. It also contains information on the combination of simultaneous pressing of buttons and pedals (one or both).

Tip: When looking for the emergency button to disable the alarm in the car, pay attention to the location of the LED indicator of the anti-theft. If it is in the front and to the left, you should look for the button somewhere nearby. Similarly, if it is in the middle or on the right.

photo 55

It is desirable to previously remove the terminal from the battery to disable the buzzer. If you make several unsuccessful attempts to disable, the car alarm may automatically lock.

Important: Hold down the button on the car alarm and the depressed pedal for at least 10 seconds to disable it.

Coded disconnection

With coded disarming, the car alarm system is blocked with a PIN-code, which contains from 2 to 4 digits. It is known only to the owner of the car.

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photo 66

The procedure is as follows:

  • turn on the engine ignition system;
  • Press the service key “valet” the number of times similar to the first digit of the pin code;
  • turn off the engine ignition system;
  • repeat the procedure for the second and subsequent digits of the PIN.

If the process is performed correctly, the anti-theft system will be unlocked.

How to disable different models of alarms

The alarm system does not turn off? The large selection of modern immobilizers makes universal tips on deactivating the anti-theft system not quite relevant. Each of them has its own peculiarities. The only exception: different models have the same beginning of the procedure – you need to open the car with the key.

photo 55 (2)


To deactivate the Starline alarm system, it is necessary to:

  • turn the ignition switch;
  • For the next 6 seconds, hold down the emergency key;
  • When a beep sounds and the LED lights up in slow blinking mode (1 sec on, 5 sec off), turn off the ignition.

The system will be deactivated.

photo 55 (2)

His features disable has Starline TWAGE A8 series and other more modern series: after opening the car and turn the ignition service button for a period not exceeding 20 seconds, you need to press 4 times, then turn off the ignition. Two beeps and two flashes of the parking lights indicate that the system has entered the service mode. Information: anti-theft device Starline A6 series unlock by coded disconnection. In this case, pressing the emergency button on one number in the pin code (the first, second, etc.) must fit in 20 seconds.


photo 99

Disarming of Tomahawk model car alarms is carried out as follows:

  • turn the ignition switch to short circuit mode;
  • within the next 20 seconds, press the panic button four times;
  • switch off ignition.

If successfully unlocked, the driver will hear two beeps and see two flashes of parking lights.


photo 100

Actions for disarming depend on the Sherkhan model series:

Confirm procedure

Unlock the car with the key.

Turn ignition key 3 times within 4 seconds from LOCK to ON.

Turn the ignition key from LOCK to ON in 4 sec, short presses equal to the 1st digit of the pin.

Warning! If you enter an incorrect code 3 times in a row the system will be locked for 30 min.


photo 110

To disarm the anti-theft alarm system do the following

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– turn the KZ; – press the emergency button; – switch off the ignition; – reactivate the ignition; – press the emergency button again.

As a result of these manipulations the emergency mode will change to the service mode.


photo 120

This model is deactivated as follows:

– switch the ignition switch for a couple of seconds; – at the end of this time disconnect the ignition system; – turn the circuit breaker again; – press the emergency button and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds, until a signal appears.

The signal will indicate the successful transition to the service mode. For information, the above method is applicable to the CL-600 series. The CLK-450 series provides for the coded method, with pin code entry by pressing the emergency button the required number of times, when the ignition is on.


photo 120

Alligator models use two modes to disable devices: emergency and coded.

Model name, series

What to do in emergency mode

Action in coded mode

During next 15 seconds press emergency button once.

The next 15 seconds are spent pressing the panic button (the number of pushes is the same as the 1st digit of the code).

Note: The Alligator LX-440 series only has a 2-digit code.


photo 140

The model can be disabled in 2 modes:

1. emergency mode. After switching on the ignition, the emergency button should be pressed three times. 2. Coded mode. After switching on the ignition, the emergency button is pressed (the number of presses coincides with the 1st digit of the code). The ignition is switched off and on again.

Repeat with the 2nd digit.

If all steps are performed correctly the alarm is disarmed.

APS 7000

photo 150

Actions for deactivation of this model consist of the following:

  • Disarm with remote control;
  • switch over the short circuit;
  • Keep the emergency button pressed for 2 seconds for the next 15 sec.

After these manipulations, the alarm LED should shine in a continuous mode.


photo 160

The actions for disarming depend on the Cenmax model series:

If the system has been correctly unlocked, 3 lights will be seen and 3 beeps will be heard.

Falcon TIS-010

photo 170

To work with this model of immobilizer you will need a pin code.

  • turn the KZ;
  • make sure that the light indicator starts to shine and works in an uninterrupted mode (the light duration is 15 seconds);
  • when the LED starts flashing, press the emergency button three times within 3 seconds;
  • make sure that the LED starts to shine again (5 seconds) and then slowly blinks;
  • when the number of blinks coincides with the 1st digit of the pin, press the emergency button;
  • repeat for the remaining 3 digits of the code.

The LED should then go off.

This is interesting: the Falcon TIS-010 model has a “disarmed” mode that suspends the alarm function (e.g. when sending the vehicle for repair, service in the car service).

Clifford arrow 3

photo 180

Disabling this model and the activation of emergency mode is carried out coded way. To do this:

– turn the CK in the lock to ON position or start the engine if it has not yet started; – enter the pin-code: on the dashboard (console) of the car on the switch PlainView 2 press the button * the required number of times (in accordance with the digit of the code), then press the unmarked button (also press it immediately if you want to enter zero), repeat for the second digit; – after entering the code press and hold the unmarked button for 4 sec; – release the unmarked button.

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After the above actions, the LED will glow continuously. Information: the manufacturer produces Clifford arrow 3 with a code consisting of 1 digit “2”: ** unmarked button.

KGB VS-100

photo 190

This model will be deactivated after the following actions:

  • turn the KZ into the on mode;
  • during the first 10 seconds, press and release the emergency button once.

Anti-theft device should turn off. It remains to make sure that the engine will start.

KGB VS-4000

Photo 200

This model can turn off in 2 modes:

  1. Emergency. After turning the ignition key in the first 10 seconds, press and release the service key. The system will give 2 sound signals, from the key fob speaker will sound 4 beeps, and on the screen for 15 seconds you can observe the blinking LED icon.
  2. Coded. After turning the KZ for no later than 5 sec press the emergency button, the number of presses is the same as the 1st digit of the PIN, it must be within 15 sec. Switch off and restart the ignition. Repeat with the 2nd digit. After entering all digits turn the PIN to the OFF position, then turn it to the ON position.

After the 2nd entry of the wrong code the alarm will be blocked for 3 minutes. However, it will still work.

What to do if the engine does not start after disconnection

If, after disabling the anti-theft device, the engine refuses to start, then, with some skill, you can disconnect the housing yourself. To this end, remove the latches and self-tapping screws from it.

Attention! Latch and self-tapping screws must be removed very carefully, the opening of the body of the anti-theft device must be performed very carefully so as not to break any of the fasteners.

If the motor is blocked by the program, it is better not to try to fix the situation yourself, but to seek help from professionals.

How to turn it back on

To reactivate the alarm system on the car after it has been disconnected, you need to:

  • to turn the CK;
  • start the engine;
  • after 10 minutes turn off the engine;
  • Press the service button and hold for 2 seconds.

To deactivate the service mode from the menu, press the buttons Open lock, Speaker. The system should give 2 sound signals or inform about deactivation of Valet by light indication.

Thematic video

In the video you can see how to disarm the alarm system Sherkhan Magicar 5 without keyfob.

Another video explains in plain language how to quickly disarm the alarm system Starline.

Find out in advance where the car “hides” the service button and what model of alarm is installed on it, so that, if necessary, be able to disable the alarm completely and troubleshoot as soon as possible.

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