How to update maps in your GPS navigator

Your own maps update in the GPS navigator

Changes in cities are so fast that no experienced chauffeur’s hippocampus can keep up with all the innovations on familiar routes. Navigators are supposed to facilitate the task of building traffic jams. But they are helpless if you forget to update the maps.

How to update maps in your GPS navigator

And if you don’t update them

Timely updates of maps are important for traffic safety. Changes in the work of gas stations, new objects in the city or on the unfamiliar side – all this will remain behind the scenes, if you don’t refresh your navigator in time. And in light of emergencies on the roads involving cars and pedestrians, it is very important to have an up-to-date list of streets with closures of vehicular traffic or entirely pedestrian. Many navigators have a function of notification of the approach to the cameras of fixing offenses. Some of them the application may not see – again, if the navigator has outdated information. And the last advantage of map updates is the chance to download maps of new regions, which were not initially included in the navigator. At the same time, you can update the information for the home region, in order to have up-to-date information for the trip.

Types of maps

Any maps are divided into official and unofficial. Official maps are produced by equipment manufacturers and work only with their models. Garmin system does not work on Navitel navigators and vice versa. Basic cartography is easy to download from the developer’s website for free. Improved versions will cost a pretty penny. An alternative – unofficial maps. In most cases they are free. Ordinary users take part in the development of the applications. But the driver installs them at his own risk, as there is no support. There is a risk of catching a virus or disabling the device. In the following, we’ll describe the methods of installation of cartographic information on the popular models of navigators. By default, we assume that you’ve downloaded it from the official website of the developer of the equipment.

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Using the maps

Installing maps in Navitel

Navigators of this brand work on pre-installed software based on the Openstreetmap engine. The car version of the program is supplied with the device. The license does not provide for the transfer of maps at the same time with the replacement of the navigator. But the user has the right to buy a version for smartphones and tablets with less stringent conditions.

  1. Connect the navigator or its flash drive to a personal computer or laptop. Wait until the operating system prompts you to take action.
  2. Go to your personal cabinet and download all the available updates for your gadget.
  3. Download and save the .nm7 file on your PC.
  4. Delete all the maps, which are installed on your navigator. Usually they are located in the folder NavitelContentMaps)
  5. Move the new map files to this folder.
  6. Disconnect your device from the PC and start Navitel Navigator.

If you prefer alternative maps, they must be installed in a separate folder. This folder is located in the root of the flash card of your navigator. After downloading, you must manually open the atlas and select the downloaded files. But the performance is not guaranteed.

Garmin and maps

The principle of Garmin is identical to Navitel. But here, most maps are free. To install them, you will need the proprietary MapSource program, which is available on the operator’s official website. After downloading and installing, postpone the first run until you have downloaded the maps of the required countries and regions. Another program, Mapchecker, provides official map updates. Simply download it and follow all the instructions. If you download converted OPenstreetmap API maps, then each map must be extracted to a separate folder. Run INSTALL so that the map data is firmly rooted in the registry. Next, open MapSource itself.

  • Find the map information management tab in the Utilities section.
  • In the upper left corner, you should see all available maps. Alternatively, select a product from the switch menu. The selected map will appear in the main field.
  • Then press the button to move the card to the list. Repeat this as many times as necessary.
  • The button sends the mapping to the preconnected device.
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Updating Garmin maps

Automatic Update

Instead of expensive navigators with manual updates, it is easy to do with a smartphone running one of the popular operating systems. It has a default navigation app installed. It performs all updates automatically, based on satellite images, users’ GPS tracks, and open cadastral sources. It doesn’t take much time or connectivity to update. All your smartphone needs is a stable high-speed data transfer. In this mode, the download will take a few minutes.

Automatic update


Today we learned how to update maps on popular GPS navigators and looked at their free alternative with auto update. Follow the updates to get the most up-to-date information about the cartography.

How to update your navigation device for beginners instruction

How to update a navigator instruction for beginners

The navigator is an indispensable device for those who have to solve the problem of orientation in an unfamiliar or even unfamiliar area. If in the past these devices were primarily used by motorists, today navigation is used much more widely, up to the laying of pedestrian routes.

But sometimes it happens that the navigator starts to hang up, to work with brakes and to give out not quite accurate information. You should not panic and think about repairing the device, especially the purchase of a new one.

This problem can be solved easily – it’s enough to update your navigator. If the device itself is in good condition, then all the troubles described above will disappear at once.

Features and nuances of the update

Features and nuances of updating

The implementation of this procedure does not require any special skills or abilities, the process is quite simple and understandable even for an inexperienced in such matters person. You can perform the update yourself, using either the device itself or a computer. The main thing is to have a reliable Internet connection and a desire to do everything with your own hands. Also, you will need a cord connecting the PC with the navigator.

Note: It is recommended to update the navigator about once every six months. Theoretically the procedure can be performed more often, especially since the updates are issued by manufacturers with high intensity, but it makes no practical sense – the user will not notice any special innovations that cardinally affect the functioning of the device

In our country the most popular navigation system is Navitel, so it is chosen as an example of the updating procedure. The algorithm of actions in all cases is about the same, so the user should not have any difficulties.

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Using the official site

The question of how to update the maps on the navigator through the site Navitel, the answer is quite simple.

Here you will need to perform the following actions:

Important! Initially, it is necessary to register on the site. This process does not differ any complexities, you only need to come up with a login and password

  1. Select the section “My devices – updates” and add your device. Here you need to enter the device registration key, it can be found on the device package or in a separate file on the flash drive.
  2. Current updates are located in the left corner, when you click, you need to specify the software version and what maps you need to download.
  3. After the data download is completed, the GPS navigator is connected to the PC with a cable.

Downloading maps and software into the device usually occurs automatically, but if this does not happen, it is necessary to do everything in manual mode. After connection of the device it is necessary to pass on a way: ResidentFlash/NavitelContent/Map and to load maps in the device.

Using the software from Navitel

Here you need preliminary preparation, which involves downloading the program – “Navitel Navigator Update Center”, with the help of which you can then update the device. To download it, you should use the site of the manufacturer.

To do it via PC is necessary:

Important: During this process will be performed deleting old maps and replacing them with new ones

Everything goes automatically, and if you need to update the navigator software, the program will notify the user about it.

Using a navigation device and Wi-Fi network for updating

The two options described above allow you to update your navigator via computer completely free of charge. The third option also does not require any financial expenditure, but you do not need a PC to perform the update procedure.

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This is the easiest way, here you only need the device itself and the Wi-Fi network:

This will complete the update of the navigator, but you should keep in mind that this process is quite long, it takes several hours, although the amount of data is not very large, about 300 MB.

Updating the navigator on Android

Recently, many people prefer traditional navigators to smartphones, in which maps are uploaded, allowing you to confidently navigate in unfamiliar places. The Navitel Android application gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of navigation, but it also needs to be updated regularly. This procedure in the case of the phone is very simple – you need to go to the application store Play Market, choose among the installed programs Navitel and update the GPS navigator.

Updating via the app store

It is advisable to do this in automatic mode, so as not to lose sight of everything important and necessary, in particular, updated and improved maps.

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