How to wash injectors without removing from the car


Hi all … Anyway, decided to do the injector flushing on my car. My car was neither more nor less, but so to say the prevention of cleaning injectors decided to do on his car Anyway, the whole purchase with a firm washer fluid injectors Wynn’s 1

Wynn’s flushing fluid is used to wash injectors without dismantling, cleaning of a cylinder and piston group (partial removal of deposits from the walls of the cylinders and sealing rings) and the exhaust system without damaging the catalytic converter.

And since I did not want to remove the injectors from the engine, it was this flushing fluid that suited me as a flush. I once found information on the internet about cleaning the injectors this way and decided to do the same operation without removing the injectors on my car. In general, for this I needed to buy some things that were necessary for this flushing device with their own hands For this I needed.

For this I needed. 1. Flushing liquid 1l. 2. Fuel filter. 3. Clamps 2 pcs. 4. Two nipples. 5. Hose 12mm -1m. 6. Two liter bottle. 7. Screwdriver 13. Compression pump.

So, let’s start making a device for flushing injectors. We take the bottle and drill holes on both sides of the bottle.

Bottom of the bottle with full nipple

But on the side of the cap in the valve nipple it will be necessary to unscrew the valve so that flushing liquid could flush injectors without any obstacles under pressure.

Further we put the hose on a nipple of a neck of a bottle and fix a clamp, to the second end of the hose connect a fuel filter and also tighten a clamp. In the fully assembled state we have such a system.

Before you install this system on the car. NEED TO START THE CAR AND WARM UP TO 90-95 DEGREES. After warming the car MUST DROWN the pressure in the fuel supply line. Personally, it is convenient for me under the back seat of the car to remove the chip with the wires that connect to the gasoline pump and after unplugging the chip with the wires to start the car for a short time until the actual car itself will not stall. After this action the pressure in the fuel line is bled. You can safely proceed to the connection of our system to clean the injectors. Disconnect the chip that clips on the fuel line and pull out on itself.

Three useful tips for the motorist

Next, when the gasoline inlet hose is removed, we put on the chip on the fuel filter until the characteristic click of the chip’s lock.

After this is done, pour the flushing fluid into this bottle and close it well.

When the fluid is already poured into the bottle, it is desirable to hang the bottle on the hood somehow.

Then at the bottom of the bottle, i.e. at the nipple itself we screw in the compressor pump. The compressor pump is needed to create pressure in the fuel rail, i.e. to pressurize the cleaning fluid to the injectors. PUMP THE BOTTLE TO 3.0 ATMOSPHERES. As the pressure in the bottle decreases, re-pump to 3 atmospheres.

Then after creating pressure in the bottle start the car with the flushing fluid and let it work in the mode. 1. 15 minutes of idle running 2. 15 minutes of rest. 3. Then we burn out all the remaining flushing fluid in the bottle until the engine stalls again. After the engine has stalled. IT IS NECESSARY TO DEPRESSURIZE THE BOTTLE EITHER BY PRESSING THE VALVE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE OR BY SLIGHTLY UNSCREWING THE BOTTLE CAP TO RELEASE THE PRESSURE.

After the entire flushing system is removed from the car. We connect back to the car. We connect the fuel hose to the fuel system of the car. Connect the chip on the gas pump and start the car for 5-10 minutes, giving the engine a little work this time already on gasoline.

Actually speaking here is the whole procedure flushing injectors without removing the car. “AFTER ALL THE WORK DONE REPLACE THE OIL AND CANDLES.

How to wash injectors without removing from the car

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

In this article I want to tell you an accessible way to all, how to wash injectors directly on the car, without removing them and not making any special stand for this.

It's all about the nines, or how to increase price and sales at the same time.

Also order a gentle cleaning and flushing of injectors with the latest ultrasound system can be in the service center . Timely cleaning of injectors and the entire fuel system – a service that can not be neglected.

There is a lot of material on this topic, so I decided to lay out another way, maybe someone will like this simple way to flush the injectors.

To do this we will need a flushing agent, I bought this one LAVR ML101.

laurel wash

Perhaps you will use another, but the meaning of this procedure will not change. The injector before flushing.


Here are the pistons before flushing, I look at them with an endoscope, they are all about the same.

look at the piston

And the valves before flushing, all about the same…

valves through the endoscope

So to start with, I opened the LAVR, poured it into another jar, and drilled a 10-mm hole in the bottom of the jar

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

and put in a tubeless spool, the nipple has to be unscrewed.

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

In the lid of the bubble drill another, the same hole and put another nipple with a spool.

How to wash the injectors

To the bottom of our bubble screw a suitable hose with gasoline filter, which connects to the fuel ramp.

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

Well, the bubble itself can be hung up wherever you want, I screwed it to the trunk lid with a wire for a while.

Without removing from the car

Next, pour our LAVR again in the native, modified container, screw on the lid, pump with a compressor or other pump 2 atmosphere. I had no compressor and had to pump with a foot pump and start the engine.

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

After starting the engine let him work for 10 minutes at idle speed, if the work pressure will fall, you need to pump a little pump so that the pressure was always about 1.5 atmospheres, to idle this will be enough.

After 10 minutes of running the engine and just wait 10 minutes, during this time is soaking, then restart the engine and wait until all the fluid from the bubble.

How easy is it to insert the missing studs in a car tire?

Yes, I forgot to say that be sure to turn off the fuel pump before the flushing procedure, this can be done simply by removing the appropriate fuse.

Then we remove our device from the car and screw everything back into place. That’s it, the flushing procedure can be considered complete.

Here I can show you pics of my injectors after flushing, they are as clean as a cat’s…

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

And here is the condition of the same piston, it even began to shine)

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

And the valve is not worse))).

How to Wash Injectors Without Removing from the Car

This is a simple procedure that you can do yourself in a garage, without resorting to services, etc.. The car after this procedure is better to drive, pick up is much more perceptible and gasoline consumption decreased.

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