How to wrap a car with a matte film with your own hands

Wrapping a car with a matte film with your own hands

The lacquer coating of your car is exposed to the risk of premature wear. It is affected by sunlight, weather factors, birds, etc. Poor condition or underpainting an auto can be grounds for denial of warranty and repair at your own expense. A vinyl transparent film with a matte base will help to save you from trouble.

Wrapping a Car with Vinyl Film

Advantages and disadvantages of frosted film

The wrapping of the car with a matte vinyl performs several tasks at once. This is both preservation of the brightness of the paint, and protection from the influence of negative aspects of life. Thanks to its competent selection of motorists improve the aerodynamic and speed characteristics of their iron horse. And the design of the matte film can improve, giving the car a three-dimensional or even four-dimensional effect. If you choose transparent variant, the driver discovers the hidden dignity of his car to the fullest.

Transparent film on a car

There are no limits for covering with matte vinyl. The film can decorate everything, from the bumper to the trunk. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to wrap wheels. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to drive. And the principle of Aziza – “everything or nothing” is important. With partial wrapping, the difference in the quality of the car body coating will become noticeable after a while. Under the film the paint will be neat, while in the sun the condition is much worse. Also, it is not possible to apply the film immediately after painting the vehicle.

Preparing the car for wrapping

First of all, calculate the amount of material needed for the work. Take as a basis the size of the vehicle, the type of film, the desired effect and the type of body. The experienced experts advise to take the length of the film as 19 meters for a sedan, 18-23 for station wagons, up to 23-30 meters for SUVs. The width of the vinyl is almost identical to the railroad track: compacts are glued to a width of 1370 millimeters (slightly short of 1435 mm to the Europass). And our native standard – 1520 mm is suitable for classic.

Now pass to preparation of the vehicle. A vinyl film, including mat, will stick well only on a clean, polished surface. It is worth to start with it. Iron horse should be washed with car shampoo, removed any abrasions, traces of insects and birds. Before working, the car should be covered with tissues or driven into the garage.

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In the next step, conduct a marking of the material. According to the carpenter’s principle, measure all the elements of the body or attach the film to the desired area and mark the cut line. Next, according to the marks, shape the parts with a stationery knife.

How to glue the film

The user can choose between two methods of gluing – with a wet and dry method. The first is suitable for beginners. It consists of moistening the adhesive with a detergent. It is ideal if you need to correct the film due to irregularities. Moisture removal with a professional hair dryer adds time to the process.

The dry method is suitable for those who have good eyesight. It will not be possible to correct mistakes, but the work will be done in a shorter amount of time.

Step by step instruction of laminating a car with matte vinyl using a wet method

  • Prepared fragment of the mat film should be removed from the paper base, releasing the adhesive layer. Do not prematurely glue the film fragments together.
  • Spread the cleaning solution evenly on the finished surface of the body element. Do not try to cover the entire body at once, but do it in stages. It is important that the matte vinyl does not adhere prematurely to the dry area. It is impossible to tear it off without losing its adhesive properties.
  • Apply the matte film to the target body element. Be precise and accurate, avoid folds and kinks. If unsuccessful the first time, try again with a second attempt, lifting the film slightly.

Dry method

The operating principle is similar to the wet method, only with some remarks. The surface of the car body is washed, polished and degreased. The vinyl sets right after spreading with a squeegee from the center towards the edges. Then the surface of the body is thermally treated to correct any imperfections. The dry method of vinyl wrapping is completed by filling the side vents of the vinyl with paste.

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How to remove the film

The service life of frosted vinyl on a car is not more than 5 years. It will also have to be removed when selling the vehicle. It is important to do it correctly, so as not to damage the car body.

  1. The car should be heated outside in the garage at the temperature over 20 degrees.
  2. The vinyl film is heated with a hair dryer from 70 degrees. Immediately remove it in the direction opposite to the gluing.


Only by carefully following the recommendations vinyl sleeve will fully reveal its benefits, and the car will play with new highlights. Do not be lazy to invite an assistant, if you are not confident in your abilities. Or give your iron horse for wrapping in a car service.

Peculiarities of technology of independent wrapping with matte film

Peculiarities of technology for wrapping your own car with matte film

One of the most used types of tuning – matte film for cars, which is an excellent economical alternative to painting. It can be used for wrapping the whole car body or for individual elements.

Decking a body with a matte film

Useful! Wrapping your car with matte film will allow you to get the matte effect 1-2 times cheaper than painting with matte varnish, and provide protection of the vehicle from external influences.

There are many varieties of automobile vinyl films which differ in functionality, cost, appearance, and method of application:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • carbon;
  • chrome;
  • chameleon;
  • liquid.

Due to its good functionality and low cost, vinyl matte film is one of the most used types of car tuning. It can be simple (transparent or of a certain color) and complex. The second option creates a decorative effect due to the drawings with different textures: leopard skin, ribbing and others.

Unlike glossy film, which is only suitable for changing colors, as it is easily scratched, torn and can not perform the protective functions, protective matte film protects the surface from mechanical influences.

Let’s consider in detail all the advantages of the vinyl matte wrapping of a car.

Advantage What is peculiar about it
Aesthetic effect After wrapping your car with a matte film it gets a soft, pleasant shine and tint.
Conceals defects The coating hides all the defects of the car body as much as possible: scratches, chips, minor dents and unsuccessful painting.
Protection Protects the car from external mechanical damage and scratches.
Change of color You can partially or fully change the color of the vehicle with the help of matte film wrapping.
Rapid repair Used to quickly repair the damaged area, it is easy to pick up a vinyl “shell” of similar color and texture.
Tuning Creates an elegant and stylish appearance of the car.
Safe Washing When washing a vehicle, it protects it from negligent treatment by a car wash worker.
Affordable and competitive price This kind of tuning costs 1,5-2 times cheaper than painting or creating an airbrush.

The matte car wrapping is a simple process, which can be done by yourself. The material is easily glued on any part of your car and easily removable without any trouble or surface damage.

Each material has some disadvantages.

The disadvantages of using matte film include the fact that in order to repeat the geometry of the body and due to the limited width of the material, you have to make the butt joints.

It is very difficult to make them invisible on large elements of the body. In addition, the material can break or come off in severe frosts.

Using Matte Chrome upholstery

Frosted chrome film has not long appeared on the market. It differs from all other coating materials and is unlike any other coating. A mirror matte effect can be achieved by taking regular chrome veneer material and laminating it. A matte clear film is used for this purpose. There are all sorts of color options for frosted chrome: green, red, silver, purple, blue, etc.

Frosted chrome differs from mirror chrome veneer not only in appearance, but also in characteristics. Unlike mirror chrome, matte is more elastic and stretches well. There is also a difference in price: it is slightly higher than the cost of cheap mirror chrome and several times lower than the luxury vinyl chrome film.

The film looks just cool and shimmers in the sun

Black matte chrome film is a PVC coating, similar in color to metallic gray, but with a more glossy texture. This material gives a beautiful interior glow effect. Black chrome film is an essential attribute of some car models.

It has a rather high complexity of obtaining, so even today it remains elite. Vinyl black film is used to stylize expensive presentable cars. The matte chrome material greatly simplifies the process of tuning and reduces the cost of the elite coloring.

Information! The black base is used for covering the car body if it has a dark enough coloring. Otherwise, in the areas of the greatest stretching of the material, whitish streaks may appear.

Multicolored auto film: peculiarities of application of transparent and white

Along with the black coloring, the white color of the car has been and remains prestigious and fashionable. The white matte auto film gives a smooth qualitative color, which effectively singles out the car from the stream of traffic. This material is also used for wrapping the interior elements. When combining white trim with another color, you can create different variations of the car body design.

For those who want to keep the original color of the vehicle and only slightly transform the appearance, the perfect solution would be a transparent film for your car.

It has a bright velvety rich texture. The color and shade do not change when pasting on the car body, the coating gives only a matte surface.

Effective rear view mirror wrap

It is also suitable as a protective film for the car body, as it has all the characteristics of matte coatings. Transparent film is also wear-resistant and resistant to adverse mechanical effects. It stretches well when heated, elastic, which allows you to paste elements and parts of different configurations. Excellent for wrapping the whole car, interior plastic and other parts.

How to wrap a car with black self-adhesive material with your own hands

Wrapping a car with a matte film is not such a difficult process, which can be done with your own hands, without using the services of a car service center. For the success of this operation you need to be careful, patient and know some technological features of the procedure.First, decide on the brand and model of matte film, reading reviews on the website, and buy the necessary amount of material in an auto store.

The process of wrapping with matte film should not take place in the open air. It requires any clean room, since in case dust gets under the film, all the work will be spoiled.

Large dust particles will be noticeable on the flat body or a separate element, and you will have to start all over again. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to wet the floor of the work room with water before starting the work. The air temperature should be 10-20 degrees. You will need the following tools and materials for the work:

  • duct tape;
  • marker;
  • a knife with a thin, sharp blade;
  • sprayer;
  • rubber or felt trowel;
  • construction hairdryer;
  • A fleece cloth.

The first thing to do is to make a pattern. With the inner side of the vinyl against the area to be treated and mark it with a marker. Use scotch tape to fix the pattern and mark it. You will correctly orient the vinyl film according to them when the protective from the adhesive inner layer is removed.

Tools for wrapping auto wrap

The wrapping of the body with a matte film can be done in two ways. In the first case, the material is applied to a dry surface, in the second – to a wet surface. The second option is more reliable, it is recommended by experts, since in the case of failure the material can be easily removed and re-glued.

Useful! With the wet method of pasting it is necessary to spray a soapy solution consisting of water and a small amount of detergent on the paint coating.

The protective film is carefully removed from the vinyl film so that nothing will stick to it. Then the material is placed in the center of the pasted surface and glued.

Smooth out the adhesive “shell” with a squeegee, moving from the middle to the edge. This is important to do to remove any air bubbles that will form under the material.

Help! Heat vinyl with a hairdryer in the areas of bending and kinks. The material will become more elastic and soft. You’ll also need a hair dryer or sealant in the areas where you’ll have to fold the film.

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