Installation of window closers, by the example of the Lada Priora

Priora regular door closer. Installing window closers on the la priora

Nowadays, many developments in the field of automobile accessories are aimed at increasing the comfort of car operation.

One such accessory, which is increasingly becoming popular, is a device for automatically raising the door windows when the car is set on alarm, it is also a one-way door glass closing module.

Popularly, these devices are called window closers.

The usefulness of using door closers is obvious, the owner of the car before setting the alarm for the last one does not need to check whether all the windows are closed, because these devices will automatically close them.

Initially, the window closers were only for premium cars, and then only for the top models.

Over time, many drivers appreciated the usefulness of this device, which led to the emergence of universal closers, which can be installed on almost any car.

In addition, some car owners, familiar with electronics, began to collect homemade devices that perform their function very well.

Installing the window closer on the Priora

The window elevator control module has several useful functions, one of which is the “window closer”, that is, automatically close the car windows when the car is armed. Let’s look at how to connect the Priora door closer from .

Closer “Master” is popular because of its low price, ease of connection, as well as the ability to control the electric windows (ESP) Priora when the ignition is off.

Be sure to disconnect the minus terminal of the battery before starting work.

Characteristics of the automatic door windows lift module

To begin with, let’s look at the basic characteristics of the module. The window-closer is a device designed to automatically close the windows in the car after installing the car on the alarm. Thanks to the use of such a module, the driver can not worry about forgetting to close the windows in the car.

Module board disassembled

Connecting the window closer to the original alarm Lada Priora

You will need a Phillips screwdriver and about 5 minutes of time.

  1. Unscrew 2 screws on the sill trim of the driver’s door.
  2. Bend aside trim, and then the regular noise insulation to get to the connector.
  3. Disconnect the connector and connect the door closer connectors to it.

This is enough to have power windows on all the doors close after arming:

Replacing door limiters

Will need: to buy door limiters (21920-6106082 and 2192-6206082) and prepare the nuts “on 10” – 8 pcs.

  1. Remove the door trim and the speaker;
  2. Unscrew the bolts fixing the limiter to the door, using a spanner 8;
  3. Remove the limiter bolt to the body with a wrench “13”;
  4. Pull out the door limiter through the speaker hole.

Install the new limiter in reverse order, following the markings on the door closer (FL-front left, FR-front right, RL-back left, RR-back right). The original fixing bolts are not needed, instead of them we use 10×10 nuts. Installation and comparison of old and new stoppers are shown on the video:

Due to the fact that in the manufacture of the doors is allowed a slight deviation in the size of the parts, after replacing some limiters may cling to the edge of the metal door. In this case, the window edge in the door can be slightly retracted/bent.

And what feedback about the new door closers can you leave? Is it worth changing the limiters or is the price of a new part too high? Recall, if the doors began to poorly open or close, try to perform their adjustment. By the way, have you already installed additional noise insulation in the doors?

Painting the engine cover with their own hands

Connecting the window closer to work the hinges without ignition

You will need: a Phillips screwdriver, duct tape, side cutters, a knife wire flexible (stranded) 2 meters, the head “at 10” and 40 minutes of time.

The door closer must already be connected according to the above instructions. To activate the ESP control function when the ignition is off, you need to connect additional wire closer. Procedure:

  1. Extend the red and white door closer wires to the electrical package module (under the panel).
  2. For convenience, the electric package module can be removed (see separate item in the instructions for the removal of the torpedo).
  3. Cut orange wire (XP2:9) that comes to the middle connector of the electrical package.
  4. Connect the door closer according to the diagram (from white to orange; from red to orange).

Thus, when the ignition is turned off power windows Priora will work for 30 minutes after turning off the ignition or disarming, but only from the control unit EHS driver (EHS buttons on passenger doors will not work).

Differences of old and new door limiters

Old style door limiters (part number: 11180-6106082-20 and 11180-6206082-10) are metallic and have some drawbacks:

  • possible appearance of creaks and clicks when opening the doors, if lubricated, extraneous noise disappeared for a while;
  • there is no reliable door fixation and door closer function.

New type door closers (part number: 21920-6106082 and 2192-6206082) of Czech production have an improved design and do not have these disadvantages. That is:

  • during operation, these parts will not make extraneous sounds;
  • opened doors can be fixed in two positions (full opening, half-opening);
  • there is a function door closer (doors slam themselves).

New door closers fit on Lada Granta and Kalina models (first and second generations) without any modifications. Priora has different doors and design, so for this model, the new limiters without modifications will not work.

Lada Priora Hatchback ‘ Journal ‘ Window closer Master v 1.22

Bought myself this contraption purely by chance, many have bought a lazy turn signals from Zlodey73 asked him about the lazy turn signals, I already thought I would order from him myself, but the card I had no money, had to wait until 20 numbers until the money will translate. While I was waiting I saw a record of the master priora 1.22 and its capabilities. Looked on the internet found out that they are no longer on sale, and I decided to ask Zlodey73 if he does not have a type of device that you can work without ignition with the window lifters and he wrote that he has a master priora 1.22. It turns out that he once ordered himself and wanted to make a copy of it, but could not. He had this gizmo lying around for nothing. That’s how I bought it. If anyone does not know, just in case I describe his capabilities: Driving the windows when the regular alarm system is armed. When you press the button locks on the remote control, will include regular mode lift windows, while holding the button is not necessary. Dovodka windows when arming an additional alarm system. When the optional alarm system is armed, the windows are raised. The windows are controlled from the driver’s door module within 30 minutes of switching the ignition off. When not armed, the power windows can still be operated for 30 minutes after the ignition has been switched off using the keys in the driver’s door module. One-touch control of the front windows from the driver’s door module. If the up/down key is briefly pressed, the window is automatically raised/lowered all the way down. The glass can be stopped at any time by pressing the up or down key again. If you hold the key longer, the glass will move as long as the key is held down. Additional output of the armed/disarmed status of the regular alarm system. Used to turn off / go to “sleep” mode of devices, when the regular alarm system is armed, such as car radio. When using an additional alarm system, after disarming the output will be 12 V after opening the driver’s door. Additional output for the buzzer. When arming with lights on the output is shorted twice briefly to the “ground” (two beeps will sound). Output is connected to the gray-blue wire relay K9 (regular alarm relay) in the relay and fuse box. Disable windshield damping. Used to disable windshield dosage when arming, such as in winter. All other functions are unaffected. “The turn signal extender. Short-term (not fixed) turn on the turn signal switches on the corresponding indicator 3 times. I will not describe in detail the installation, I will describe the functions which are connected and the main points. Dodka windows when arming native alarm simply “wedge” closer to the factory colodka, the remaining wires are isolated. Also earned a simultaneous control front windows from the driver’s door module “one-touch” operation of the windows without turning on the ignition. Panel trim was removed only from the driver’s side, the control unit for the electric package was not removed, the central connector could be removed anyway. But this function is originally disabled, to enable it, you need to turn on the door closer programming mode: with the ignition on, press 3 times the button down on the joystick mirror control (the length of pressing about a second), then long press the arrow to the right.

Tester to check the ignition coils with my own hands

Exit the programming again three times on the button down. For some reason the function didn’t work for me, maybe I can’t activate it, but never mind. The turn signal extender You can connect the wire of the door closer to any switch. The rest of the features I haven’t put in yet.

What kind of tricky device is a window closer?

Today, more and more motorists pay attention to the comfortable operation of vehicles. On sale you can find a variety of different accessories, designed to increase the comfort when using the car. One of these devices is a window closer, which can be installed on 2 or 4 windows.

Lada Priora Hatchback SC ‘ Journal ‘ Installed the closer “Master” version 1.22.

Installed the door closer “Master” version 1.22.

Functions of the device Rear window dovodka when the regular alarm system is armed. When you press the button locks on the remote control, will include regular mode lift windows, while holding the button is not necessary. Driving the windows when the optional alarm system is armed.* When the optional alarm system is armed the windows are raised.** Management of the windows from the driver’s door module within 30 minutes after turning off the ignition.* If not armed, the possibility of control windows within 30 minutes of turning off the ignition or disarmed, the keys of the driver’s door module. The function can be disabled. One-touch control of the front windows from the driver’s door module. If the up/down key is briefly pressed, the window is automatically raised/lowered all the way down. The glass can be stopped at any time by pressing the up or down key again. If you hold the key longer, the glass will move as long as the key is held down. Additional output of the armed/disarmed status of the alarm system. Used to turn off / go to “sleep” mode of devices, when armed by regular or optional alarm system, such as car radios. When disarmed there is 12 V at the output, when arming there is no 12 V. After disarming the output will appear 12 V after opening the driver’s door. Connect ONLY to the control input, not to the power! “Turn signal extender”. Short-term (non-latching) activation of the direction indicators turns on the corresponding indicator 3-4 times. Additional output for the sound signal. When arming with lights on the output is short-circuited twice on “ground” (twice sound signal). Output is connected to the gray-blue wire relay K9 (regular alarm relay) in the relay and fuse box. Disable windshield damping. Used to disable windshield dosage when arming, such as in winter. The other functions are not affected. Note: * – for this function to work it is necessary to break the ignition wire. See installation instructions. ** – With simultaneous use of regular and additional alarms, arming the regular alarm blocks the windows from the additional alarm, as well as manual operation of windows.

Product delivery options

Open Door Bell Alarm, schematic diagram

Please note! The shipping methods available for this product are listed below. Depending on the method of delivery possible payment options may vary. You can find detailed information on the page “Delivery and payment”.

Window closer for Lada Priora

  • After I once left my car in a parking lot with the passenger window open, it was decided to install an automatic window closer that would raise all windows when the system was armed. On the Internet, I found a lot of proposals from different manufacturers, including devices with memory position windows. It seemed to me that this functionality is redundant – the main criteria of choice were ease of installation and minimal interference in the wiring of the car, the ability to connect an alarm, the ability to fully open and close the window from the cabin with a brief press of a button. The presence of other features was welcome, but not required. Among all devices, I paid attention to the door closer “MASTER” 1.22, which fully satisfied my requirements and had a lot of interesting features other than the required function of window dosage:
  • external and regular alarms can control the door closer;
  • operation of windows within 30 minutes after turning off the ignition;
  • windows can be lowered and raised with a short press of a button on the driver’s door;
  • control of external devices, for example, disabling the radio when the car is armed;
  • control the number of flashes of turn signals with a short press on the turn signal stalk switch (from 3 to 12 flashes);
  • giving an audible signal when arming with lights on;
  • ability to quickly set the functions by programming from the control panel of mirrors in the driver’s door;

very quick installation to work with factory alarm system, the device is installed in the gap connector harness driver’s door – the interaction with the electric package Lada Priora is carried out on the digital bus LIN.

Smoke generator for the car with their own hands

It was decided to opt for this option. The fact that this door closer is made specially for Lada Priora was very appealing. Today we are going to install the door closer “MASTER” 1.22 from Togliatti.

At first we will check the operation of door closer with the regular alarm. Isolate all of the wire closer – at this stage we need only two of his connectors.

Phillips screwdriver unscrew the two screws fixing the plastic liner sill driver’s door.

Remove the sill cover, starting with the side where it was screwed, the other part of it is attached to the pistons – just pull, and it snaps off.

The harness connector we need is located directly under the hood opening handle.

We press the latch on one of the halves of the connector and disconnect it.

Connect the corresponding jacks closer to the gap of this harness.

Check the door closer operation from the regular alarm. If everything works as it should, you can connect all the other functions or leave everything as it is, if you are satisfied with the functionality – in this case put the sill cover back and skip the rest of the text.

Let’s start with the radio control – it should turn off when arming. I have previously written about the installation of a radio – then it was done from the ignition switch. When you turn off the ignition, the radio was turned off, which was not very convenient. For example, when waiting in the car with the engine turned off – you had to keep the ignition on.

For ease of connection, I used special connector terminals. They allow you to connect the wires without stripping the insulation, and also allow you to make a connection to any wire, without breaking it. After securing the wires, you need to press the metal knife with pliers until it stops – it will cut the insulation and connect the wires. Then you need to snap the knife contact with a plastic plug. It is convenient and fast, but you need to make sure that the wire gets under the knife during installation and does not stick out beyond the terminal. After mounting these terminals, you can additionally insulate them with insulating tape.

All wires from the door closer need to be extended to the connection points. Lay the wires so that they can then be tightened with cable ties to existing harnesses. If the wires will be used with different colors than those used in the door closer, make a note of this in the wiring instructions.

Remove boombox. Disconnect power connectors and antenna plug.

Both stereos I had in my Priora had the following power scheme: the main DC power comes on pin 4 of the ISO connector, and the ignition (power on control) is fed to pin 7. IMPORTANT: Read the manual of your car radio to make sure it is connected correctly. This power scheme is necessary to reduce the current consumption of the boombox. If you constantly power both pins, the battery will run down. We need to supply power to pin 7 after disarming the car. We can get the signal from the blue wire of the door closer. To avoid burning the door closer, I used a relay to supply power to the car stereo. I had only a 5 pin relay in stock, but a 4 pin relay will do.

Advantages of buying a car online

Connect the +12 to pin 30 – take a tap from the wire that comes to pin 4 of the ISO. Power to the radio – pin 7 ISO connect to the terminal 87 relay. Connect the control blue wire from the door closer to pin 85, connect the common wire to pin 86 – tap off the black wire of the ISO connector.

Now proceed to connect the function of the windows without the ignition on. The same modification is necessary for the function of windshield dosage from an additional alarm.

Let’s remove the right side of the floor tunnel.

Inside at the top is a black block – this is the control module of the electric package. We need to remove it for convenient connection. Unscrew the nut fixing the module not all the way.

Remove the left panel of the floor tunnel. Unscrew the second nut completely.

Carefully remove the unit. Disconnect the central connector and find the orange wire in the harness.

Cut the wire and connect the white wire from the door closer to the end, which goes into the harness and the red wire to the end, which goes to the electric package. Insulate the connections, connect the connector and install the unit in place.

Now you can connect the function of monitoring the lights on when arming. To do this, remove the cover of the fuse compartment under the steering column. To do this, turn the bottom three black latches by 90 degrees and pull the cover toward you. We are interested in the relay K9 (marked with an arrow).

To connect to the light switch, you need to remove the mounting block. Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the block.

Pull the block towards you and take it out of the niche.

Find the gray-blue wire near the relay K9 and connect it to the gray wire from the door closer.

Move on to connect the function of the turn signal indicator extension. To do this you need to remove the steering column casing. First unscrew the lower screws, then all the other screws.

The blue and blue-black wires go to the left paddleswitch. They are paired – you can use either pair to connect. For ease of connection, disconnect the connector from the switch and connect one brown wire from the door closer to the blue and the other to the blue-black wire.

It remains to connect the yellow wire from the door closer to your additional alarm. The signal on the control wire should disappear after arming. It is desirable with some delay to have time to work locks. See the manual to the alarm, understand what channels are free. I have a Pandora 3100 – I used channel CH1, which is used to control the trunk lock and was not connected to me. I had to reprogram it with the VALET button for it to work correctly. If you have trouble connecting the alarm system, it is better to contact the installers.

Note that the window control feature is disabled by default. To turn it on, you need to enter the door closer programming mode with the ignition on: quickly press the button down on the joystick mirrors 3 times, then long press the arrow to the right. Exit programming mode – three times the button down.

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