Installing cruise control on Polo sedan

Installing and setting cruise control on sedan Polo

Summer. Vacation season is open. People rushed to have a rest. Someone is going to the sea, others dare to go to the capital, others are flying abroad. Everyone chooses their own way of traveling – by plane, by train or by car.

If you have your own car, why not use it to travel to another city? Today in Russia, this method of travel is becoming more popular every year. In many cases, a trip by car is faster and cheaper than traveling by other means of transportation.

The only downside is the usual human fatigue. If you get on a long-distance train and just go, forgetting about the difficulties of the driver, while driving all the weight of the journey falls on you as a heavy burden of responsibility.

Driving fatigue

Not everyone is able to endure a many kilometers marathon on Russian highways. Therefore, very “curious” motorists prefer to install the cruise control system on their “iron horse”. The device automatically maintains a constant speed. The driver has only to steer, avoiding various obstacles.

Birthplace of cruise control is the U.S., where car tours are considered one of the most common leisure options. In addition, the road network of the country is so much dotted with long highways, that it is a sin not to take a ride on one of them.

The system began to be used in passenger cars in the 1970s. A little later in the mid-1990s, the Americans developed the adaptive cruise control, which allows you to comfortably overtake the car ahead.

The device of cruise control

On modern cars, the cruise control system is included in the most expensive packages. If desired, any driver may install the device, if his car has such an option. The complex can be put both on the “automatic” and “mechanical”.

Installation of heated mirrors on Polo Sedan

For 2015, the new Volkswagen Polo in the sedan body costs at the official dealer from 700,000 rubles. Unfortunately, even the most expensive variant of the sedan does not have the cruise control system in the package. But, as they say, it would take money… and there are always those who wish to install the “gimmick” on a car. What to say, if even masters from the dealer dealer’s showroom will mount the device under a steering wheel with pleasure for a separate payment.

The only trouble is in purchase of necessary materials. And they do not cost very cheap.

The most important component is a control unit of onboard electronics (Body Control Module) with cruise control support. In sedan Polo the unit has code number 6R0 937 087*, where instead of “asterisk” there is Latin letter designating a concrete model (it doesn’t matter). All units with this number come with built-in cruise control. You can buy a unit for 5-6 ths roubles off hands on the Internet. A new unit in a specialized store will cost several thousand rubles more.

Cruise control unit

Then it is necessary to buy a steering wheel switch which you can use to control the option. Paddles” from hatchback will also be suitable for sedan. On the left side are the keys of interaction with the system, and on the right – the on-board computer. On some switches you can also find a steering wheel angle sensor. Simple sample costs about 2-3 thousand rubles.

Trigger switch

There are also kits on sale in stores which consist of a switch and an electronic unit.

Those who aspire to fly into “space” and want their sedan to look “cooler” than other cars can make a dashboard installation, which will reflect information about cruise control. The Polo sedan has an 8T2, which does not reflect this feature. And you need 8T2, which can be found again on the hatchback or the “advanced” GTI/R-Line.

Replacing the horn on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

A special CAN bus transmits the necessary signal, displaying the “cruise” information. If someone suddenly thinks about changing “dashboard”, he should know that there is no need to pull additional wiring, only native cables are used.

Instructions for installation of the autodrive device

The procedure for installing the “autodrive” on the Polo sedan is not the easiest car to maintain. Professionals will need at least 5 hours for installation. The hardest part of the job is programming the device.

The sequence of steps to install the cruise control:

    Since we are working with electricity, first of all, take off “minus” from the battery.

Disconnect the minus terminal

Unscrew the steering wheel

Cushion latch

Insert screwdriver

Disconnect cable connector

Unscrew steering wheel bolt

Special markings

Pull off cushion cover

Release the two catches

Unscrew two self-tapping screws

Unscrew the lower self-tapping screw

Loosen the screw and retainer

Pull off cushion cover

Blank spots on the contacts

Wiring diagram

Black and white connectors

Take off protective cover

Find the right pins

Pull wire through the plug

Engine control unit

Remove bracket

Remove bracket cover

Slide the connector stopper

Insert the wire into pin 24

It remains to apply voltage +12V:

    To do this, remove the cover from the fuse box, located under the steering wheel.

Remove the fuse cover

Locate the pin set

Select program options

Select encoding

Save program settings

If the engine doesn’t recognize the new device at once, switch off the ignition and leave the battery for the night. Next day we reconnect to the system and do the same operations.

“Firmware” of the cruise control can also be done with other programs. For example, specialists in dealerships often use ELSA. The program can be easily found on the Internet.

A popular software is VASIA diagnostician. It can be purchased from online stores along with the cable and installation disk needed for reprogramming.

Drivenge Volkswagen Polo cruise control

Cruise control in recent times has become a real helper for motorists who travel for long periods of time on the highways. Not for nothing, this option is installed on all the cars of the premium class. Cruise control improves significantly the level of comfort in the car, every driver can remember more than one situation when all the time you were pushing the pedal, your leg got tired, you were having backache, neck pain.

One of the factors of installation of cruise control is economy. Reduced fuel consumption is due to the constant holding of the throttle in the same position. By controlling the accelerator pedal yourself, the car is much more likely to be in acceleration-cycling mode, and this can increase fuel consumption by up to 10-15%.

Volkswagen Polo sedan clearance

Cruise control is not only suitable for experienced drivers who want to make fewer unnecessary movements on the road, devoting more time to the road, but also for beginners, car owners who have active driving in their priority.

One more advantage of this cruise control is presence of function of pedal-booster. This software feature allows you to set one of the three preset modes.

Economy mode – weak throttle response, maximum fuel economy.

Mode “Drive” – identical to the factory mode, maybe a little more economical.

The mode “Sport” is the fastest response to the gas pedal, with a slightly increased fuel consumption, the car becomes much more frisky.

Management of the device is similar to the regular cruise. Switching on is done with a single button, switching off with the brake pedal or by pressing the button again.

Cruise control model Drivenge Volkswagen Polo MT is designed specifically for the model Volkswagen Polo MKPP. The device is equipped in such a way that there is no need to intervene in the electronics and software part of the control units of the car. All the features are achieved by emulation of the accelerator pedal.

The device is accompanied by a detailed manual.

You can install the device yourself without any serious knowledge in electronics.

Video overview of installation of cruise control DRIVENGE.

Functionality of cruise control for Drivenge Volkswagen Polo MT :

  • Activation of cruise control at the current or last set speed.
  • Automatic maintenance of the set speed in cruise control mode.
  • Change the set speed with buttons in 1 km/h increments or with the accelerator pedal.
  • return to the last speed set.
  • Automatic disengagement of cruise control by depressing the brake or clutch pedal.
  • Activate or deactivate pedal-booster mode.
  • Selecting one of three pedal-booster modes.
  • Maintaining high (set) idle speed.
  • Connecting to a computer to update the internal firmware.
  • Saving all parameters of the last used values (speed, modes, etc.) in nonvolatile memory.
  • Resumption after power-up of the operation mode in which the power was turned off.
Replacing Polo Sedan speakers

Configuration of cruise control for Drivenge Volkswagen Polo MT :

  • Main cruise control control unit
  • Under the steering wheel cruise control controller and booster
  • Wiring harness for connection to car wiring
  • LED in holder with wire + connector housing
  • Clips for connection to car wiring without breaking wires
  • Plastic ties for attaching wires
  • Tissue tape for wrapping harnesses and wires
  • Operation manual with warranty card

You can always buy Drivenge cruise control Volkswagen Polo MT in our store with delivery within Russia at a low price.

Buy cruise control is easy, just fill out the order form or make an order by phone 8(989)711-22-11, 8(800)250-80-53

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