Installing mud flaps on the Polo Sedan

Fitting mud flaps!

Finally got around to mud flaps, bought them online store price at the offices was very high, so sat in the internet found the original mud flaps and much cheaper set cost 460 USD ($ 57).

At first I thought I lost or did not have the rest, but after removing the left front wheel, I realized that with a set of screws all right, since there are more native, which are attached to the protection of arches, their, unscrew, and then screw the same arch and mud flaps, one additional front and two rear.

I started by washing the place where I installed the mudguard, it’s very dirty outside, so I only washed a small piece.

It is not May yet and it is very cold in the garage and I installed the unit with warm air blower. It was very comfortable to work even in subzero temperatures and warm air was not cold.

I lifted the car and removed the wheel, the left front

I screwed the arch protection with these screws, screwed them in and then attached the mudguards together with the arches.

I put wooden bars, I do not trust jacks. Small dent on the sill, there are four of these marks where to put a jack, at first, a couple days ago when they saw frightened that they were dented at the service, as on the previous car itself so dented the jack.

Installed the first mud flap. I forgot to tell you, these screws have a custom cut in the form of a star, the key for them lies where you have a jack he is a screwdriver goes.

Mounted on the two screws from the arches and one that comes with mudguards

The view from the other side.

And this is the back, here it seemed to me that somehow flimsy and I added more blue screws for reliability

Rear from another angle

Activating Polo Sedan's extra features

And here is the end result, it turned out pretty good, I like it.

Mudflaps as far as I know the original, stamped that it is for VW polo sedan, become very well and completely repeat all the bends. On many sites wrote that the native mudguards are very large and cling to the bump, these seem to be normal height I do not think that somewhere will cling, made of as a rubber bend easily, so do not break.

I hope this article will help someone install mud flaps on their own.

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Regarding the author’s photos. There is no need to remove the wheels, you need either a short ratchet with a torx bit or an angle multitool. I have Phillips screws on the mudguards screws. They came in handy in the back, the holes in the mudguards didn’t match, and the regular screw didn’t have the length. (you could replace the regular bolt with a longer one) and dig a hole in the mudguard. Since everything is attached to the rear of the bumper, the original seats are not important – one screw screw screwed into the corner of the bumper end just below the staff, and the second to the wings of the arches on the holes in the mudguards. Two screws are more than enough. Especially at the front, because there they are screwed into the holes on the fenders (part of the body), and they are made of metal.I have holes on the front mudguards perfectly aligned with the position of regular screws and screwed on the mudguards. You can drag the car by the mudguards!) I have a 2015 Polo and the rear mudguards do not have a notch under the “sill” at the bottom of the bumper, but still looks neat. The author has a smooth bottom of the rear bumper and everything is perfect.

Replacing the horn on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

Mudflaps Volkswagen Polo

Mudflaps Volkswagen Polo cars work in very difficult conditions, as they are constantly exposed to aggressive external environment.

Great temperature drops, mechanical damages, contact with chemical agents, sprinkled on the roads by public utilities, cause destruction of polymers from which mudguards are produced.

They lose their strength, become deformed and less elastic.

Mudflaps on the Volkswagen Polo

Review of mudguards on the Volkswagen Polo

Mudguards serve to protect the bottom, suspension, paint coating from dirt and small stones flying out from under the wheels of a moving car. They also reduce the risk of damaging other road users.

To extend the life of the mudguards, there are a few rules you should follow:

  • Avoid obstacles on the road when possible;
  • Do not go over curbs unnecessarily;
  • be careful when parking;
  • clean the mudguards after driving on unpaved roads;
  • Avoid contact with oil and other aggressive liquids.

According to the reviews of car owners original Volkswagen Polo mudguards are not deprived of disadvantages. The main one is their unreliable attachment, made with metal screws. It causes sagging and deformation of mudguard in the first year of exploitation. Many drivers complain about the loss of mud aprons after winter trips due to unreliable mounting.

Item number and cost of original Volkswagen Polo mudguards and their analogues

The front original mudguards have the article number 6R0 075 111 in the case of the conventional version and 6R0 075 116 in the case of the shortened version. Choose a particular product should be based on the conditions in which the car is operated. The price starts from 1200 and ends about 3500 rubles.

Regular and short front mudguards

Rear mudguard has the article number 6R0075101. Its cost ranges from 1300 to 2700 rubles.

Many car owners purchase mudguards from third-party manufacturers. The best analogues of the original products on the Volkswagen Polo sedan as of 2017 – 2018 are shown in the table below.

Head unit for Volkswagen Polo Sedan: choice and installation
Manufacturer Part number Cost, ruble
Lada Locker rear – 7001092261 front – 7001092251 700-1200
Novline rear – EXP.NLF.51.30.E10 front – EXP.NLF.51.30.F10 1200-1500
Norplast rear – 95-42B front – 95-42F 1100-1400

Norplast mudguards for the Volkswagen Polo

Tools and material required

In order to install a front or rear Volkswagen Polo mudguard, you will need the tools and materials listed in the table below.

Name Note
Screwdriver Screwdriver with straight blade and Phillips blade
Wrench Preferably a set
Penetrating grease E.g. WD-40
Jack If you do not have a jack
Rags To clean the surface
Drill and drill set Only necessary when installing non-original mudflaps
Chemical For flushing muddy wheel arches

Mudflap installation Volkswagen Polo

The installation of the front and rear wheel mudguards of the Volkswagen Polo car is done in the same way. In order for the installation to be successful, it is recommended to use the instructions below.

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