Installing the crankcase protection for the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Carter Protection for Polo sedan

Relatively low ground clearance of modern cars with the imperfection of domestic roads causes the need to protect low-lying units in the front of the car. The installation of a crankcase protector on a Polo sedan is caused by the transverse location of the engine and gearbox in these cars, which increases the probability of damage when passing obstacles. It’s almost impossible to pass them between the wheels without catching one of the crankcases. Vital parts of the power unit, not covered with anything, will be the first to receive a blow of any object in a rut.

What does installation of protection give?

Damage to the oil sump usually results in oil leakage, without which neither the engine nor the gearbox can operate. Repair of units left without oil under load can cost a couple of monthly salaries of an average Russian, who usually drive such cars. Even if the crankcase will not be punctured, it can dislodge or damage nodes and parts located in it.

It is possible to be convinced in this by looking at the protective plates, which have already worked a few years. They will almost certainly have the marks from powerful blows. All this would have had to do to the expensive block of engine and transmission. Besides, rather unsuccessfully from the point of view of road injuries the Volkswagen Polo has flexible element of exhaust system – a corrugator. It is easy to tear, and its replacement is associated with expensive welding work.

The procedure for installing the Polo sedan crankcase protection

Of course, the products of different companies may differ slightly in design. But the general principle is determined by the car itself, so there are no fundamental differences. The process itself is quite simple, so it will be logical to perform the installation yourself, rather than give a significant amount of money to the masters of the car service. Only an elevator or an inspection pit will be needed, though especially flexible owners will be able to cope with it by installing the car on a reliable support.

  1. Having removed a small shield on the right side behind the bumper, install two brackets fixing protection to the longitudinal members. The front power mounting points are quite high, and these brackets will act as spacers. They are fastened by the included plates with threaded bushings, which are inserted into the technological lugs of the spars. The bolts are not tightened all the way, but they will be finally tightened after the kit is fully assembled and all the parts are positioned.
  2. If the kit includes an additional cross bar between the brackets and the main protection, it is installed on the cage nuts welded into the bottom of the brackets.
  3. Similarly, with the plates already used, two of the same are installed in the subframe holes near the rear suspension arm silentblocks. In them you can immediately screw in the bolts, but not all the way, the rear eyelets sheet protection are made open, it is very convenient.
  4. It is possible to put a protection in place, having inserted it from behind between heads of bolts and a subframe, and in front by bolting to a bar or directly to brackets.
  5. It remains to tighten all fasteners, paying attention to the adherence of the upper corners of the brackets to the longitudinal members, and fasten with standard self-tapping screws the remaining plastic dust covers on the car.
Installation of heated mirrors on Polo Sedan

An experienced person will take 10-20 minutes to install, which indicates the accessibility of the procedure. The only tools required are a regular set of sockets with extensions and a ratchet. It is very desirable to lubricate the threads of bolts with any automotive grease, this will save them from corrosion. And in the future, when you change the oil, do not be lazy, and take off the protection, again renewing the lubrication of the bolts. Although the design usually allows you to drain the waste without removing the protection.

Video on installation of engine protection

There are many rumors going around about the dangers of the armor plate under the engine and other problems it creates. Most of them are untrue. We can list the most common ones.

  • The protection steals ground clearance. It is not exactly so, it will be reduced by a couple of centimeters, but exactly in risky area, where an obstacle is likely to reach already deformed parts, but the protection itself will work as a ski, actually adding these centimeters at the expense of some shock relief of suspension.
  • An unsteady part will influence the scheme of programmed car deformation in case of an accident and will pose a threat to the passengers. It is also unlikely, as the stiffness of protection is minimal exactly in the necessary direction, and is in no way comparable with the energy of deformation of the body.
  • The engine will start to overheat because of the obstructed blowing. Not true, this was taken into account during the development of the shield, the direction and the speed of the flows practically do not change, and there is an appropriate perforation in the sheet.

Disadvantages are difficult to find, even if you look for them biased, and the advantages are so weighty that the installation of engine protection Polo can be considered mandatory.

Foot Lighting Polo sedan with his hands

What they are.

OEM parts are not provided, but a lot of quite high-quality options are produced by third-party firms. They differ in terms of manufacturing material, structural strength and price.

Protection may be steel, aluminum or composite. Aluminum is best left to athletes. It is for them a great thickness and stiffness at a minimum weight is important. In civilian use, the advantages of this metal will not be revealed. The same can be said about kevlar. The material is fashionable, but very expensive and its importance in a budget car is doubtful.

As for the steel, we can talk about the thickness of metal and the thoughtfulness of design. Optimal would be 3 mm sheet with reinforcing ribs and additional cross-members. Mounting bolts should not be less than 10 mm in diameter of the thread.

Installation of Volkswagen Polo engine crankcase protection

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen engine protection is an essential part of the car, which helps to protect the engine from water and dirt, stones, twigs and other extraneous elements. It is important that the engine protection helps to protect the engine in the case of driving on the road, where the pavement leaves much to be desired. In other words, the part is able to prevent damage to the crankcase of the power unit.

High-quality protection is a guarantee of reliability and safety, as well as an element that preserves aerodynamics and clearance.

Basic Functions

Carry out the installation of Volkswagen Polo engine protection is necessary due to the fact that it performs the following functions during the operation of the vehicle:

  1. prevents overheating of the engine;
  2. prevents the formation of corrosion;
  3. Protects the vehicle’s wiring from negative external influences.

The main function is the physical protection, so the product is made of durable high-quality material, which has a high level of rigidity. It allows minimizing the consequences of mechanical impacts.

Chip tuning Polo Sedan

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

Instructions for installing the engine protection Polo

Many times the owners of Volkswagen vehicles independently perform the installation of motor protection, since in the service centers the price for the implementation of such activities may be equal to the cost of the part itself. However, before proceeding to the installation of motor protection, it is necessary to first study a specialized manual to the car, so as to understand exactly what needs to be done.

Modern German company cars are designed so that the protection may have specialized holes for oil change and drainage. This minimizes different actions connected with technical liquid replacement. Specialized clips with brackets and bolts are used to attach the protection. Many motorists prefer a one-piece protection to prevent dirt and moisture from getting in.

During the purchase of parts, it is important to pay close attention to the accessories, because, in addition to the protection itself, the set often includes specialized tools and fasteners. These accessories allow you to perform the installation of motor protection Volkswagen Polo cars by yourself.

Installation sequence

Step-by-step actions are as follows:

  • Drive the car on a trestle so that access to the bottom of the car was free:
  • In advance, it is important to prepare various tools and specialized clips with brackets. Among other things, you will need a torx screwdriver and a wrench for 17;
  • It is necessary to free from the fasteners of the protection of the bumper and mudguard;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • Remove the dust cover;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • locate the hole in the spar;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • install the embedded elements in the pre-cleaned hole;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • Screw in the specialized bracket. At this stage, it must not be too tight to maintain mobility;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • carry out the same operations with the other spar;
  • install the embedded elements in the subframe;

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

  • carry out the final installation of the protection and tighten all fasteners.
Volkswagen Polo sedan clearance

Installing the protection of the crankcase engine Volkswagen Polo

Carry out an independent installation of the engine protection Volkswagen Polo is a complex multifaceted process. Nevertheless, if you read the instructions beforehand, then the implementation of such a procedure will not cause any difficulties. Experts recommend contacting the competent professionals, who know exactly the peculiarities of the structure of the protection of a particular car, in order to avoid mechanical damage.

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