LED traffic lights + strobe lights

Strobe lights – LED (2in1) with radio control Premium

Product is withdrawn from sale, since no longer produced or replaced by a better analogue. You can order newer models by following this link.

Strobe lights – LED strobe lights on the remote control.

We present you another novelty car tuning, previously available only for special services – a powerful LED strobe lights. This accessory will effectively highlight your car on the road, and the presence of remote control will allow you to switch modes strobe lights nearby the car. Car strobes are placed behind the radiator grill and do not attract extra attention when turned off. Will add even the most inconspicuous car a bold and aggressive look.


  • Four extra bright white LEDs with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Operation modes are switched by a compact remote control at a distance of up to 30 meters.
  • Designed with the peculiarities of the Russian climate in mind.
  • Moisture protection degree – IP67 – will not give you a reason to worry when driving in rainy weather. Vulnerable to high pressure washing!
  • Strobe lights have 6 modes of operation, including a civilian mode “Running Lights”.
  • Help save fuel (and money) when driving during daylight hours.
  • Easy installation with self-adhesive base or clamps, no need to make extra holes and make any additional changes to the construction of the car.

New version! Daytime Running Lights are turned on automatically with the start of the engine (when connected according to the scheme of low-emission headlights). I.e., the mode is always available without remote control.

Please note that our strobes use black 3M tape, more adhesive than white tape.

Exclusively at Electro-kot.ru! Our strobes are equipped with split connectors for easy installation! Now you won’t have to cut wires to put the lights through the narrow slots of the radiator grille.


  • Number of emitters: 4
  • Number of LEDs in the emitter: 3.
  • Equivalent power of each diode: 7W.
  • Power consumption of the set: 6W.
  • Luminous flux: 800 lumens.
  • Number of strobe modes: 16.
  • Working voltage: 12-14 volts.
  • Built-in protection system against power surges.
  • Operable at temperatures from -50 to +60 ° C.
  • Block size: 50x34x22 mm.
  • The size of the transmitter: 23×17 mm.
  • Length of wire: power cord – 60 cm, the wire between the block and the strobe – 65 cm.
  • Warranty 1 year!
Dimmer for car's headlamp

Functions of the buttons:

  • A – Tornado mode.
  • B – on/off mode.
  • C – mode of running lights – constant glow.
  • D – mode selection.


  • 4 x LED strobe lights.
  • 1 x remote control.
  • 1 x control box.
  • Wiring required for installation.

Examples of strobes installed on cars:

The easiest and safest strobe wiring diagram:

Why order strobes from us?

  • In case the product does not fit or you do not like it, you can always return the money within 30 days.
  • Promptness of order processing – your order will be shipped within 23 hours.
  • Guaranteed performance – mandatory inspection of the goods before shipment.
  • Reliable packaging – the goods will come undamaged and in fully working order.
  • We love our customers – you will get a gift and a discount on your next order.

To buy strobe lights – LED strobe lights (2in1) with radio control Premium in the online store Electro-kot very easy – just click the button to the cart, fill in the required fields and choose a convenient delivery method.

Traffic lights with strobe light function

First time I bought the lamp in a store in our city X-Line S30 4000K I have been using for more than a year, no complaints. I decided to replace all the head light bulbs with.

Block automatic switching of parking lights CarProfi CP-BAV-DRL (1 pc.)

Automatic switching unit of daytime running lights CarProfi CP-BAV-DRL (1 pc.)

Block (relay) control of daytime running lights automatic on-off mode Ca…

Universal wiring CarProfi CP-PU-DRL for connection of DRL and PTF

Universal CarProfi CP-PU-DRL wiring kit for connecting DRL and PTF

CarProfi wiring kit CP-PU-DRL (control unit of daytime running lights) for connecting daytime running lights.

Daytime running lights strobe CarProfi CP-4HP Blue (remote control included)

Strobe Daytime Running Lights CarProfi CP-4HP Blue (remote control included)

CarProfi CP-4HP Blue LED daytime running lights is a set of four, extra .

Daytime running lights strobe CarProfi CP-4HP White (remote control included)

Strobe Daytime Running Lights CarProfi CP-4HP White (Remote Remote Control included)

CarProfi CP-4HP White LED spotlights are a set of four extra bright strobe lights that …

Daytime running lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-201M-2 (remote control included)

Daytime Running Lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-201M-2 (remote control included)

LED daytime running lights CarProfi CP-201M-2 – a set of two, super-bright strobe lights for …

Smooth fading of LEDs and soft lighting

Daytime running lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-812A-2 Federal Signal, DRL Epistar (white)

Daytime Running Lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-812A-2, DRL Epistar (white)

LED daytime running lights CarProfi CP-812A-2 Federal Signal is a set of two.

Daytime running lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-816-3 Federal Signal, DRL Epistar (white), installation under the window

Daytime Running Lights, strobe lights CarProfi CP-816-3 Federal Signal, DRL Epistar (white), installation under glass

The CarProfi CP-816-3 Federal Signal LED daytime running light is one, ultra-me.

CarProfi N1 CP-911-3 Generic DRL Epistar, 1200Lm (3D reflector + strobe)

Daytime Running Lights CarProfi N1 CP-911-3 Generic DRL Epistar, 1200Lm (3D reflector + strobe)

Daytime Running Lights CarProfi N1 CP-911-3 Generic DRL Epistar – a set of lights for daytime running lights.

CarProfi daytime running lights with strobe function, for indoor and outdoor installation, having different functionality, mounting method, factor format and LED light source.

Please note that the characteristics of daytime running lights provided by the manufacturer (China)


Awesome unit for the price, I took it as custom xenon for D2S headlamps in Hella 5 Carprofi lenses. These are already in their 3rd year. Excellent quality, feel free to take them.

To exchange the goods I have to go to the point SDEK and send the product for return, although I ordered via courier. I ordered via courier. Now I have to wait for an unknown amount of time for the exchange, and the goods were paid for when I ordered them.

Bought a lamp with a glow temperature 3800k, one lamp in color maximally matches halogen, the second light an unpleasant green tint, swapped places with other ignition units, the situation is not men

Took under the grille on the Kia Rio, they are very bright. Flash function FSO output to a separate button, childishness of course, but sometimes you want to. There are cracks in the casting.

Headlight is excellent, no one is blinded, the light from it is a lot. Took for kamaz as additional lighting. Running for over a year, no sweat. Can definitely recommend.

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