Magnetic phone holder in the car with your own hands

9 useful ways to install your own car mount for your tablet or smartphone

If you want to use Satnav apps on your phone (like Google Maps or Waze), you need to see the instructions. Your phone or tablet needs to be mounted on the dashboard of your car.

But dashboard mounts will cost you a few dollars. Some, such as the ones that stick to the windshield, are not reliable. Meanwhile, it can take several days for a car mount ordered online to arrive. So, what’s the solution?

Well, you can build your own. Here’s how you can make a car cell phone holder at home from ordinary materials.

Why mount your phone or tablet in the car?

Before we look at the different ways you can make a phone holder for your car, here’s why you should.

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First of all, holding your phone while driving is a big deal. If you plan to use your phone for satellite, for music, or just for making calls, you shouldn’t hold it. While calls and music can usually be controlled through in-car controls when synced via Bluetooth, satellite applications cannot.

Thus, a sensible mounting strategy is not required. If you get pulled over by the police or photographed with your phone while driving, you’ll get a ticket or a ban.

But why not just buy a phone mount? Well, you can, but it can be hard to find one that fits your particular car layout. Since there are only so many options for car holders on Amazon, it may take several purchases to find the right one.

Making a car car holder for your phone is a reasonable option. In most cases, the phone mount you choose will be ready to use in a few minutes.

1. Phone Holder to Car Clamp

Perhaps the easiest way to secure your smartphone in the car is to use a paper clip.

As shown above, all you need is a clip, some rubber bands and a wrench (or similar tool). Bend the handles of the clip into a claw shape and wrap the rubber bands around the claw.

Then insert the clip into the dashboard, then insert the phone between the bent handles. The rubber bands will secure the phone in place while the binder clip grips the dashboard.

2. Do-it-yourself phone mount: a rubber band and a paper clip!

If you thought a paper clip was a high-tech solution for securing your smartphone to your car, check it out.

Simply wrap a rubber band around one of your car’s heater fan grills. A paper clip is used to pull the rubber tape back through. All you have to do is insert your phone into the loop formed by the strip.

However, this solution has a drawback: the screen is partially hidden by the rubber band. Thus, it is a suitable phone mount for your car, but limited to calls and music, not Google Maps.

3. Smartphone mount with a length of string and two paper clips

Sticking with the stationery theme, you can even mount your phone with a length of string and two paper clips! This car phone holder requires a hinged lid. For best results, the cover should hinge along the long edge.

Modification of the heater VAZ 2110 with your hands

Simply measure the distance between your car heater fans and cut a little thread. Attach each end to each staple, then secure them to the fan grill. Open the phone flap and attach it to the lanyard.

4. Install the tablet in your car with the team strips!

A solution so obvious we’re amazed we didn’t see it before. Simply attach the Command mounting strips to the dashboard of your car and to the back of your phone or tablet (or case). Be sure to follow the instructions on how to properly adhere the strips.

Attaching your device to the strips is easy – at a 45 degree angle to the attachment point, rotate the tablet down. Press to attach. Repeat this step to detach.

5. Make a DIY smartphone for your car with selfies

If you like to build with your own hands, this phone stand is right for you. It relies on a selfie pen and a “koozie” drink sleeve to secure the pen to your car’s drink holder. With a plastic bottle, putty and a screw, you can hold the stick securely in place.

Although it may take a little longer than playing with pieces of stationery, this cell phone holder is a simple assembly.

It’s worth noting that this assembly can be adapted for tablets.

(If you’re new to DIY, check out our list of beginner DIY skills

anyone can master.)

6. Mount your phone or tablet using your car’s CD player

The CD drive on your car can support a mounted phone or tablet. All it needs is something designed to fit into the drive without damaging the motor or laser. Several paid solutions are available, but the above assembly uses an old router.

The stand is perfect for CDs, the stand is inserted and the phone is held in place with rubber straps. This project can be adapted for tablets, especially small 7″ devices.

7. Magnetic DIY phone holder for your car

A solution that allows you to easily connect and disconnect your phone, this project relies on magnets.

Using a compact magnetic disk in your phone case, you can attach your device to an L-shaped mount. In this example, the mount is metal, thin enough to sit between the fasteners on your car’s dashboard. Your vehicle may require an alternate mounting position.

The mount has four batteries glued to it, ready to hold your smartphone in place. The result is a smartphone mount that allows you to quickly plug and unplug your phone in and out of your car.

This assembly is probably strong enough to support the weight of the tablet.

8. Wooden DIY Smartphone Car Holder

Free the woodworker inside by following the concept in this video. Designed to open the center panel cabinet, this car smartphone holder is wood. It’s basically a piece of wood with a recess carved into it for the phone.

All you have to do is open the cabinet and slide the phone into the slot. Simple, efficient, but potentially complicated and time consuming to build. However, if you are looking for a simple woodworking project to develop your skills, this is a good place to start.

Relocation of power windows buttons

9. The ultimate tablet holder: the iPad Car Dash

Installing a phone or tablet in your car is an easy way to get the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay experience without buying a new car.

But you can do it better than the standard attachment with stationery, magnets or wood. Create your own Apple or Android tablet in your car.

This incredible project demonstrates exactly how to do it. It’s not cheap (an audio amplifier will cost you about $150), but the results are stunning. By the end you’ll have a tablet in your car that once had an entertainment system sitting on it.

Amazing DIY phone and tablet car mounts

As you’ll notice, these projects are getting more complicated. However, at least one of these solutions will work with your car or truck.

We’ve looked at nine different ways to mount your phone in your car yourself:

  1. A binder clip and rubber band/rubber
  2. A paper clip and a rubber band
  3. Two staples and a string
  4. Command strips
  5. Selfie stick and koozies
  6. Attach a mounting bracket to your CD player
  7. Attach your phone with magnets
  8. Build a wooden phone holder for your car
  9. Mount your tablet in your car dashboard

Now your car mount is sorted – what’s next? Well, perhaps some in-car entertainment. Here’s how you can connect your phone to your car audio system.

And streaming music.

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How to make a phone holder for your car with your own hands on the dashboard

The advantage of a homemade fixer is that it is made to your own design. You can choose the materials you like with the appropriate shades.

Car holder on the pedestal

Being in touch while driving has become easier with the advent of clips for mobile devices. But long before the sale, folk craftsmen were already inventing similar devices. Therefore, anyone can make a holder for the phone in the car on the panel with their own hands.

Types of holders for the phone in the car

The following varieties are now on the market:

  • Plastic holder with silicone rollers to fix it on the steering wheel. It is convenient to use, but it closes the view of the dashboard.
  • Clamp for installation in the air duct. Devices of this type win in terms of functionality. There are models that allow you to quickly fasten the mobile with one hand. Produce holders with a flexible cord, which allows you to rotate the gadget in any direction. But the attachment to the air duct grille is not reliable in itself. If the holder in the process of moving strongly swings, the phone or tablet will fall.
  • Suction cup – mounted on the panel or the windshield. Holder does not restrict the view and allows quick access to the buttons of the gadget. But while driving, the mobile device will swing.
  • Magnetic holder. It consists of 2 parts: a magnet veiled in a frame placed on the panel and a metal plate with a rubber gasket, which must be attached to the gadget. If you use a strong enough magnet, the devices will be safe. Such a complex holder of the tablet in the car on the torpedo with their own hands can also be made.
  • Silicone mat is a modern multifunctional mechanism. The clips are tilted for easy observation of the screen. The mat is equipped with a USB connector to charge the phone if necessary. Additionally, magnetic outputs for Lightning and micro-USB can be built in. The pad is mounted on the panel without any additional fasteners on its own sole, treated with a special compound.
Electronic cigarette with his hands

Car Holder-Raddy for Tablet PC

Car pad holder for your tablet

There are a lot of proposals from manufacturers. All products are in a different price range, and every car owner can find something for themselves. But there are affordable ways to create your own model.

How to make a holder for the phone in the car with his hands

First you need to decide on the material of manufacture. It can be:

It is not always about the material in its pure form. For example, a plastic device is made from bottles. Metal is used as whole plates, and in the form of wire.

Specialized tools will be required for different types of material. This can be a jigsaw, metal hacksaw, welding gun, pliers, etc. It is necessary to study the manufacturing instructions in full. It has a list of all the tools.

This is the disadvantage of making it yourself. The process requires not only time, finding materials, but sometimes specialized equipment, as well as the ability to work with it. A person who decides to create a holder with his own hands takes responsibility for it. It will be impossible to accuse the manufacturer of a low-quality product.

The advantage of a homemade holder is that it is made to your own design. You can choose materials that you like with appropriate shades. Many car owners decide that it is worth it to make a tablet or phone holder in the car on the torpedo with their own hands.

Mounting on magnets

The magnet is one of the most reliable options for tablet mounts. But making such a holder takes time and requires special equipment.

Magnetic Holder for Smartphone

Magnetic holder for a smartphone

  1. In a plate of steel make 3 holes. 2 of them are drilled at a distance of at least 5 mm from the edges. The third is made a little away from the center, stepping back about 1 cm.
  2. To the middle of the plate weld a stud with an M6 thread.
  3. Remove the deflector grid. The plate with welded stud is inserted into the formed gap and through the drilled holes are attached to the bolts on the plastic panel. Close the deflector grid so that the stud shows outward. Screw a bowl with a magnet onto it. This will allow you to attach your phone or even tablet to the torpedo in the car without any risk.
  4. On the cover of the phone or tablet mount the plate, which will attract the holder. For this purpose, you can use pieces of metal ruler length of about 3-5 cm, depending on the size of the device. They are attached with duct tape or double-sided tape under the cover. The pieces of metal can also be insulated and placed under the cover of the computer.
  5. The magnet is covered with a rubber cover to prevent it from scratching the equipment.
Making new chip key

The more weight the device can hold, the better it will fix the phone. Therefore, you can use magnets that attract up to 25 kg.

Users after 1-3 months of use do not notice changes in the operation of gadgets due to the magnet.

Velcro fastener

Velcro is divided into 2 equal squares with sides 4×4 cm. The back side attaches the material to the vent, the front side – to the back panel or phone case. The second option is preferable, because Velcro scratches the phone a lot. Such a fastening of the tablet in the car on the torpedo with their own hands has a significant disadvantage – it hardly lasts for 1 trip.

Mounting on the wire

This holder is not distinguished by elegance. But it performs its functions.

Makeshift Holder for Phone out of Wire

Self-made holder from a wire for the phone

  1. Cut the wire of the desired length. In the middle put a felt-tip pen. Around it do 6-7 turns, pulling the ends of the metal cord in opposite directions.
  2. At both ends measure out the necessary amount of wire for the size of the gadget. In the designated place cord is bent at right angles with pliers, measure 1-2 cm and then bend again, forming a letter “U”. Do the same with the second part of the wire. But the “P” is twisted in the opposite direction. The ends of the cord are inserted into the hole formed by the coils.
  3. The resulting device visually resembles a butterfly. To it was able to hold the phone, one of its wings should stably lie on the dashboard, and the other – fix the gadget on top. You can mount the holder itself on self-tapping screws with a plate or semi-circular fasteners, using coils of wire or a lower “wing”. It is necessary to drill holes in the torpedo beforehand.

The stronger the wire, the more reliable the fixture. This option is suitable for driving on good asphalt. Bumpy roads holder for the phone in the car on the panel with their own hands can not survive.

Metal holder

This option will suit creative people who love and know how to work with metal. The attachment can be developed according to your own project.

  1. A stable platform with a leg is cut out of aluminum, iron or any alloy.
  2. Bend the edges with a hammer or pliers so the phone can be securely fastened.
  3. In the foot of the holder and the front panel of the car first drill holes for self-tapping screws, and then screw them in.
  4. The place where the gadget will be in contact with the metal, paste rubber. The decor remains at the discretion of the author.

Such a device will last for centuries. With proper manufacture from quality materials, it will not harm the phone or tablet in any way.

Cooling system of BMW 3 engine

A wooden holder

Another way to occupy people who are knowledgeable and know how to work with raw materials. This is where you can get fancy with the decor.

Simple Wooden Phone Holder

A simple wooden phone holder

  1. Select or saw a piece of board with a thickness of at least 1.5 cm and a length that exceeds the length of the gadget by 2-3 cm. The width should be such that the holder was easy to mount and use.
  2. In the center of the board make a 5 mm deep notch along almost the entire length, not leading up to the edges of 1-1,5 cm.
  3. Workpiece is grinded, drilled and attached to the torpedo in any convenient way.

For stability the phone is placed in the device with the long side.

If desired, the technology can be greatly complicate and create an exclusive holder of the tablet (phone) in the car with their own hands.

Grid for a tablet or phone

A fabric mesh with a mesh size of at least 3 cm is stretched between two wooden slats. The distance between the slats should be comfortable for installation and further operation. After that, 1 more lath is fastened from below. The fixer is usually placed on the glove compartment door.

Temporary holder from clamp and rubber band

Handles bend the clip so they well hold the phone, but do not squeeze it. Fasten them in this state by wrapping the clerical rubber band several times. The number of turns depends on the size. The clamp is fixed to the vent. This is enough to drive several dozen kilometers.

Other ideas for homemade holders

As many materials there are in the world, so many variants of making clamps will be accumulated. You can make a fastener from thick cardboard. To do this, you cut out a platform on which the phone will lie. Bend it at the top and bottom, so that it keeps the gadget. The bending places are additionally sealed with wooden or plastic inserts along the whole length and fixed with scotch tape.

And here are more options for making holders:

  1. Podkassetnik. Use the part that has a recess for the cassette. In it you just put the phone, and it does not fall anywhere. Attach this holder can be glued to the dashboard.
  2. Plastic cards (3 pieces) are glued together at an angle of 120-135 degrees. This accordion will hold the phone. To make the construction was stable it is necessary to close it with sides and bottom, forming a box. Use any material, including other cards.
  3. A plastic bottle is cut to the desired height, decorated and glued to the glove box.

These are the most popular ways to make clips from improvised materials. You can experiment with other items.

Despite the large range of ready-made devices, car enthusiasts often make a holder for the phone in the car on the panel with their own hands. Some options require not only time, but also skill. But you can proudly show all your friends and acquaintances a device made with their own hands.

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