Makeshift tester for the motorist

Useful auto tester which will make everybody

A car tester that will do everyone

It will be very cool if you make this mini tester and carry it around with you always in the car. After all, with it you can: check the efficiency of lamps and fuses without removing them from their seats, find out the polarity and the presence of voltage in the conductor even without removing the insulation, to test any circuit for short circuits and much more. A very useful thing that can come in handy not only in the car, but anywhere.

You will need .

  • Two LED’s of different colors.
  • Two 200 Ohm and 1 kOhm resistors.
  • A 3 Volt flat battery with a strip strip.
  • One piece of wire.
  • Alligator clip.
  • Small plastic case.

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Schematic of the tester

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

The circuit includes two LEDs in parallel with each other and a power cell in series with them. As a result, the green LED lights up when the two pins are shorted, and the red LED lights up when power is connected from outside. Below you will see how all this can be useful.


Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

To make the probe, take a medical syringe needle with a wide opening so that the stem from the resistor fits into it.

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Bite off the stem from any unwanted resistor and insert it into the back side of the needle. Fix everything with hot glue. The resistor pin should stick out.

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

How to use?

The tester is ready to work, to “test” something, insert the object between its probe and the clamp. And if, say, the fuse is good, the green LED will light up.

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

To check for power, connect the clamp to the common wire and use the probe to check the source. If there is “+” there, the red LED will light up.

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

Useful auto tester that everyone can do

To carry the tester around with you, put a protective cap on the needle of the dipstick and carry it around with you to your health, it won’t run out and will always be ready to use.

How to Tell the Fake Antifreeze or Topical Fuel Oil Apart

Car tester with two functions.

I want to show you my homemade, which I am very often asked to sell if they see me. And friends are asking to make it again, because someone begged me to do it.

It is an auto tester which shows at the same time if the auto ground is shorted and if 12 volt is applied to the tested pin.

The tester can check light bulbs, relays, car limit switches, fuses, and just voltages on the terminals, and the thin, flexible probe penetrates into any car pads.

And all this by connecting only one wire to the car’s ground.

5 cc syringe

4 LR44 batteries

Two LED’s with a resistor

Piece of steel wire

A wire with a clamp at the end

Car tester with two functions. Tester, Checker, Tester, Auto, Video

It is also easy to monitor the closing of limit switches or signals in buttons.

As well as the serviceability of relays, fuses, bulbs, continuity of wires and the presence of contact.

Fuck, what’s wrong with a multimeter?

Illustration for commentary

Made myself one, only in the case of the plug in the cigarette lighter. The sting was an ordinary nail. It was very useful, when you put the crocodile on the common ground, you can poke it anywhere, and it will read “+” or “-“.

I’ve got a plus. Honestly, I do not understand what it is and for what, I have been driving for 5 years, the need for such a thing has not yet arisen. But I love to watch this video and all kulibinym put pluses just automatically.

The usual blinker relay))).

In my opinion worthy thing, what would be in the car, it does not take place, not sorry to lose, only if the what you do in the car.

Tester once was driving around when you need it, was discharged (.

Can anyone in simple terms to determine how to determine the short circuit to ground?

What to glue, if there is no glue, let's make it ourselves

I think the best thing in this variant is that the indication takes place directly in the hand and you do not need to stare sometimes in the dark in the mtimeter, which is constantly falling somewhere and so on.

The light bulb short circuit to the earth does not show

Hello all) such a normal probe, myself how many used. Just recently made another interesting autotester with voltmeter and tachometer. I shared an article here if you want to check it out What do you think? Sincerely. Edouard

Well, it’s a good device. I will have to try it again. It is a good thing, but it is less convenient to look at the display, and when you’re lying with your head under the bulkhead it’s not very convenient.

Not everyone will understand, not many will remember.

Illustration for commentary

But it is easier to buy a regular Ceshka and not to bother.

One disadvantage, it shows the presence of voltage of 12 volts. But how do you know the voltage is 11.5 or 11 volts?

About the relay: 6 volts enough for a 12 volt relay coil?

Stupid question) but for a 24 volt mains will do ?:)

Come up with a +/- diode check (green LED)

Put in a syringe in a larger size, and fill the cavity with something conductive, so that the whole device will glow (to make a beauty)

Why your device? And not 50 rubles which is already on sale? Serial production? Advertising in the club and the start can be collected right here, I think most of the pekabushnikov will help 50 rubles, it’s not much, and I’m willing to invest!

Well, you can still put something in this system, who has suggestions?

With what car brands is it so often that you need such a unit?

Express analysis of fuel quality

The production of devices for rapid quality control of diesel fuel, gasoline and kerosene began in Kazan. Shvabe Holding in cooperation with the scientific center of the Russian Academy of Sciences has designed and developed a tester-spectrofractometer, which makes it possible to determine the performance characteristics of petroleum products within one minute.

Moisture separator for the compressor with their own hands

The new device will be available to regulatory agencies, automotive experts and individuals who are concerned about fuel quality. With the help of an identification card or a programmed smartphone it will be possible to determine octane and cetane numbers, dispersion, carbon monoxide factor, frost resistance and other important indicators.

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