Making a holder for a gas tank cap

How to replace a fragile holder of the gas tank cap by yourself

How to replace a fragile gas tank cap holder yourself

Many motorists are faced with the problem that the gas tank cap is attached unreliably. Or the cable, which holds the part, does not inspire confidence. In addition, if the cap is loose, there is a chance that the body of the vehicle can be scratched.

To avoid such consequences, some motorists come up with various ways that help prevent the gas tank cap from coming into contact with the car body.

Replacing a fragile element

In order for the gas tank cap to be held securely, not to scratch the car and not to lose it, you can make a special holder that will fix it.

How to replace a fragile gas tank cap holder yourself

On modern cars, manufacturers have taken care of this. They have made a special element in the design that allows you to put the cover on the “shelf” placed on the gas tank door.

Such an element can be made by yourself on any car.

You will need the following:

  • a special holder;
  • a stationery knife;
  • rag;
  • alcohol;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • sandpaper.

IMPORTANT. All necessary parts that concern the machine, it is necessary to buy in automobile stores. Otherwise, you can buy a fake or low-quality part. Its operating period is less due to the fact that it is made of lower quality materials.

Installing the holder

Before you begin to install, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. These include washing the vehicle.

How to replace a fragile gas tank cap holder yourself

IMPORTANT. It is necessary to remove all contaminants from the surface of the gas tank lid. Otherwise, the double-sided tape will not hold securely, and will soon fall off.

Stages of installation work:

  1. After the car has been washed, you must wait for it to dry. You can wipe with a dry rag. But it is better to wait until it is completely dry. Then alcohol is applied to the rag, and the inner surface of the gas tank lid is wiped, this is called degreasing.
  2. Then the holder should be manipulated. Since it is designed to be replaced, it has special bulges for installation. They need to be cut with a stationery knife.
  3. Next, it is necessary to remove the roughness. This is done with sandpaper. IMPORTANT. If this is not done, then the part will not be fixed securely.
  4. After that, you can proceed to install . The protective film is removed from the tape. Then the tape is glued to the part and attached to the gas tank lid.
Alarm device simulation on the LED

How to replace a fragile gas tank cap holder yourself

IMPORTANT. It is necessary to make a marking before taping. This way you can avoid disconnecting the part. Repeated gluing of the same tape reduces the fixing reliability.


Such a mechanism can only be performed independently, or ask acquaintances. This will not be done by qualified employees of car repair shops. After installing such a unit, it is not recommended to remove the cable, which acts as a holder.

Gas tank lid mount

One of the most common problems of every motorist is a breakdown related to the installation of the gas tank. Because of long use, the band connections are constantly in dirt and moisture. Over time, the metal becomes rusted, losing its strength.

As a result, the driver hears a knock on the right side of the car. Of course, with such a problem you can go to a master in any service station. But why overpay if the gas tank can be changed independently.

The design of the gas tank mounts

The fuel supply system in all cars works the same way. But the way the gas tank is installed on different types of cars is very different. Fixation takes place either with special strips, or gas tank mounting tape is used.

In passenger cars.

Before you start replacing a broken part, it is necessary to understand the design of this part of the car. This will help to better navigate the different gas tank connections. At first glance, it may seem that everything is very simple. In fact, it is not. The fuel tank consists of several parts:

  1. The filler neck. The open section of the tank. This is made up of a valve and a safety catch. The first part is used to fill the tank safely. The second prevents it from splashing out when driving.
  2. Fuel line. As a rule, rubber tubes and pumps that provide the connection of the tank to the internal combustion engine.
  3. Control sensors. Electrical devices that provide information to the control panel about the level of fuel in the tank.
  4. Mounting System. Helps to fix the fuel tank in one place. The gas tank attachment strap runs along the walls of the vehicle, clamping the tank to each surface.
Reverse-loaded horn with my own hands, drawing

In trucks.

The design of the gas tank in trucks is very different from passenger cars. After all, the capacity is more than 100 liters. Such dimensions are difficult to hide under the body of the car, so they are led out from the edge. As a rule, the gas tank on the truck is located on the right side. In this case it is located separately from other parts. The connection is heavily stressed. That’s why the straps are made of strong material.

Causes of failure of the fasteners

Failure of a fastener can be caused by many factors. Ninety percent of cases follow the same scenario. Usually – a crack due to rust or mechanical damage. To avoid problems, it is necessary to properly care for the car.

Every 10 thousand kilometers the car requires a complete inspection of the integrity of the parts. It is necessary to make sure that no dirt is clogged in the cracks of the joints. In fact, because of the high humidity metal parts begin to rust and rot.

Replacement and repair of gas tank fasteners

Replacing the tank mounts is done in stages. To do this, it is necessary to completely disassemble the entire rear part. The principle of replacing parts of the connection is the same in all cars.

On passenger cars

On a passenger car, for example, on the Kalina, to change the mount is quite simple. First, you need to carefully inspect and remember the location of the breakage. In the end, all disassembled parts should stand in their place. For insurance, it is recommended to make a small scheme.

So, for the work you will need:

  • A repair pit with a trestle;
  • rust-cleaning fluid (WD-40);
  • a set of tools;
  • new clamps and tapes;
  • empty tank.
  1. Start the repair by removing the fuel tank and pump.
  2. After removing the gasoline pump, drain the remaining fuel. If there is 1-2 liters in the tank, it is not necessary.
  3. Disconnect the fuel line. As a rule, there are 3 separate pipes. Before you remove hoses, it is better to mark them with different colors (will help not to confuse). You can not remove all hoses at once. First loosen the clamp fixing the gas tank, then disconnect all together.
  4. It remains to separate the two hoses. They are located under the bottom cover. This metal part is mounted on 4 nuts. They are not easy to unscrew. The 2 hoses are on retainers, which can be undone by light pressure.
  5. As a result, the tank is held on two bolts. Supporting it with your hand, unscrew the bolts with a 13 mm wrench. Cover the hole with a cloth to prevent debris from getting inside.
  6. The tank fasteners are located along the walls. They are fixed with metal studs. After replacing the fasteners, make sure that the tabs are bent.
  7. Then assemble everything as well only in reverse order.
Choosing a sunroof for your car.

On trucks

In trucks, the process is easier. After all, the gas tank is in the open area, which greatly simplifies the work:

  1. First you need to disconnect the hoses and pump from the gas tank. Usually these parts are attached to the bottom of the fuel tank. Unscrew the clamp, using a wrench for 13. Rubber hoses are on special latches. They are removed by light pressure.
  2. Sign each part. After all, in the end everything must stand in its place.
  3. After the pump is separated, it is placed on a special platform. This base is attached to the vehicle structure itself.
  4. The platform is attached with 4 bolts. Unscrew them with a 20 wrench. At the same time they are on the inside. It is easier to unscrew them from the bottom up.
  5. The top tank lid is fastened to the retainers – unscrew them.
  6. Change the strap fasteners.
  7. When installing the tanks uaz patriot fastening should follow the same pattern as the disassembly. Each part must be in its place.

Features of making a mount for the gas tank with their own hands

There are situations when it is not possible to buy new mounts for the gas tank. To cope with this problem, you can make them yourself. There are quite a few methods of fixation.

The easiest is to make them on the basis of belts. To do this, you need to disassemble the fuel tank. Then screw two pairs of snaps into the walls in parallel. Pull the straps through them. Fix the tank on them and clamp firmly. But this variant is not intended for long use.

On the third time I got tired of it too. Of course, I understand that many readers will say that VAZ is not a car, that it is a bucket with nuts, that … well, you know further.

Midbass in the doors with your hands

During more than 35 years of my driving practice, I have driven many cars and I noticed that the lid on the chain hangs on the military equipment, or on UAZ, or on old Moskvich, or on Volga. In Toyota, for example, it is attached to a special plastic cord, and in most European cars, the gas cap is simply inserted into a special slot or ledge on the gas tank hatch. Even if you forget to close the lid, at least you won’t lose it.

This is probably because the cover Zhiguli cost in any auto store from the strength of fifty rubles, and is made of simple plastic. But in most imported cars it is not just a plug, the cap has a special air valve to equalize pressure in the tank, and sometimes there is a built-in lock. That’s what they keep it safe.

In order to forever rid yourself of the pleasure of going to the store several times a year for the cap, you will need the following:

1. The cap itself 2. A small neodymium magnet 4. a hot-air glue gun 5. Pliers 6. Pliers

In the end we have two halves. In one of the two halves there are protrusions on the inside, the other one has a tab with a spring which we are happy to throw away.

After that we bite off the bottom of the inner half with wire cutters, about 3-4 millimeters, so that there was a free space where to glue the magnet afterwards.

Avtovaz is constantly improving its models. For example, on the XRAY, Vesta, Largus and Priora gas tank hatch has a special ledge on which you can hook the cap at the filling station. On the Granta, Kalina, and Lada 4h4 there is no such a useful thing, but you can make a gas tank lid holder with your own hands.

Video recorder in the cabin mirror

Will need: to buy a holder of a gas tank lid (catalog number: 17255-JK000, the price about 70 rubles).

This is a bracket for fixing the cap from Nissan. On the Granta, Kalina or Niva we attach it to the fuel tank hatch in any convenient way, for example with double-sided adhesive tape.

On the Priora there is a special ledge in the hatch, which allows you to install the bracket for the gas tank cap without additional costs.

Now the cap will not hang on the leash and rub against the fender of the car. And in the absence of a leash you will no longer forget the cap at the gas station. By the way, the cap mount bracket from Nissan is a universal accessory and is successfully used by drivers of other car brands.

Recall, there are other similar tweaks, such as installing a magnet in the gas cap, which allows it to be held on the hatch without additional fasteners.

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