Making Cabin Freshener with our own hands

How to make a fragrance in the car with your own hands?

How to make a scent dispenser in the car with your own hands?

Despite the fact that in specialized stores you can find a fairly large variety of scented products, the motorist himself is able to make no less effective products. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step recommendations.

What can be used?

To create a fragrance in the car with your own hands does not require a large number of specialized tools or raw materials. Scented products for the car can be quickly made from perfume, hydrogel, gelatin and even an old lighter. In general, you can make such a device from almost any improvised materials.

The main element of all air fresheners is essential oil. There is a large variety of such substances on the market, which allow you to achieve different aromas: vanilla, coffee, citrus, wood and many others.

The main thing to keep in mind is to avoid buying oils with a strong odor, which can interfere with driving and create a dangerous situation on the road.

Making a cardboard Christmas tree

Cardboard herringbone is one of the most popular scent products for the car, which is characterized by the simplest possible technique of execution. Among motorists, it is customary to install such a scent on the rearview mirror.

Self-made herringbone made of cardboard works with the help of impregnation. So, the owner of the vehicle only needs to wet the material, and enjoy a pleasant aroma in the cabin.

Purchased products of this type are characterized by a short duration of action and the presence of various chemical elements added by the manufacturer to improve fragrance qualities. Due to this feature, motorists often resort to handmade. To make such a fragrance, you should follow a simple step-by-step instruction.

Cut out a herringbone from a small piece of thick cardboard. Since the visual design has no effect on the scent properties, you can make any figure, not just a Christmas tree.

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Apply a small amount of essential oil to the material. It is not recommended to use too caustic and persistent substances. Otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

Make a hole in the top of the product, where to slip a kapron thread. Next, the herringbone is attached to the rearview mirror.

Although the shape of the finished product is not able to reduce the aroma characteristics, special attention should be paid to its size. As practice shows, the larger the area of the material used, the more effectively the smell spreads through the salon.

Unlike purchased accessories, such a Christmas tree does not need to be thrown away. After it loses its scent properties, it is enough to reapply a small amount of essential oil.

Gel scent in a bag

Gel car fragrance is made in the form of small plastic vessels, inside which a specialized gel is pumped. To make such a product at home, it is necessary to prepare in advance a plastic jar, gelatin, distilled water, essential oil and glycerin.

The following steps to create a gel flavoring:

dissolve the gelatin in distilled water;

pour glycerin into the resulting mixture;

add 2-3 drops of aromatic oil.

Next, the resulting substance is poured into a plastic jar and placed in the freezer until completely solidified. Then the product can be displayed in the car interior.

The design features of this product allow you to quickly and easily change the intensity of the smell – just pierce the jar a certain number of times to increase the aromatic properties or glue the previously made holes to reduce.

The wood version

Wood is a good base for a car freshener. This material is characterized by high strength, excellent absorption of essential oils and beautiful appearance.

To create a wooden product, you must first prepare certain materials and tools. The figure of wood can be both selected from ready-made options, and cut out yourself. In addition, you should take a small plastic bag with a clasp, a bowl, a construction brush with thick bristles, an ordinary rope and essential oil.

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The first thing to do is to make a small hole in the wooden product, through which then to slip the rope and tie it in a few tight knots. Next, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the bowl, which should then be applied with a construction brush in an even layer. It is advisable to use special pials for aroma oils, as they are made of material that does not react with the oil substance.

The next step is to put the wooden figurine in a plastic bag with a sealable clasp, which should be kept outdoors at room temperature for 4-5 hours. Otherwise the wood will not be able to soak up the essential oil.

Then the freshener is carefully placed on the rear view mirror. Approximately once every 2-3 weeks, the fragrance should be renewed. To do this, the wooden structure should be re-lubricated with essential oil.

How to make an aromatic pillow?

Making an aromatic pillow for a car interior is a fairly easy process, which can be handled by any owner of the vehicle. It is enough to buy a small piece of natural and free-breathing fabric, cut it into two parts and sew with an ordinary needle and thread.

Then a certain amount of different herbs or spices is placed inside the fabric bag, which allows you to achieve a voluminous appearance, reminiscent of a pillow. Such products are usually spread out over those places in the salon where undesirable odor is observed.

Other ideas of homemade fragrances

In addition to the products described above, there is quite a large variety of original accessories in the network, which can be made with your own hands. Due to the wide variability, the motorist has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate accessory that can meet any needs.

The main thing to remember when creating a homemade freshener is to carefully and meticulously follow the instructions below. Otherwise, you can get at the output not at all the effect that the owner of the vehicle expects.

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The felt technique allows you to quickly and easily make very interesting fragrance accessories, analogues of which you will not find in an ordinary store. First you need to prepare certain tools and materials, such as:

Acrylic paint in white and black colors;

Glue gun or ordinary glue “Moment”;

In addition to the materials described above, you should also prepare sharp scissors, a needle, yarn, thread and a strong hook. Then you need to carefully follow the step-by-step actions.

Take a small amount of white polymer clay, from which to mold two small eyes. Made products to bake in an oven for 25 minutes. Using black paint, draw the pupils and apply acrylic when dry.

Tie a small chain from the yarn, the length of which does not exceed 10-12 cm. Alternatively, you can use ordinary cord or satin material.

Cut out the details of the animal, using a publicly available pattern scheme.

Using a sweep stitch, connect the individual elements to each other.

Using glue, fix the rhinestones on the product. Installation of decorative elements is carried out on the edges of the accessory.

The above actions are shown on the example of creating a felt scented product in the form of a small kitten. Depending on the intended image and format of the finished accessory, some points of the plan may change, but the sequence of actions always remains the same.

Once all the steps have been completed, a small bag is placed in the accessory. Inside it is sea salt, previously soaked in essential oil.

Budget and durable odorant in the car: do it yourself

Air fresheners have firmly entered the everyday life of drivers. Today you can buy fragrances in any auto store. Those who are used to saving money or just can not stand the pungent smell of artificial origin, can make a natural fragrance in the car with their own hands.

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What materials are suitable for work

To assemble a smeller for the salon, you will need:

  • small bags made of natural materials: linen, cotton, etc. It is important that they have good air permeability;
  • A small volume jar with a twist-off lid.

Such jars can be filled with:

  • coffee beans;
  • thyme;
  • juniper berries;
  • needles;
  • fragrant herbs and flowers.

Natural essential oils are also used to make the freshener.

Fragrance sachet .

Outwardly it looks like a miniature bag. Sew it easily by hand from a small rectangular piece of fabric. Coffee beans, leaves and flowers of plants with a pleasant fragrance are placed inside the product. You can also use pine needles.

After filling, the bag is tied with string, so that the content does not fall out and the product itself was easy to fasten.

Coffee beans are the simplest and the most convenient fragrance. You can put them in the salon simply in an open jar.

Such a fragrance can be hung on the rearview mirror or mounted on the torpedo, where the windshield blowing is located. Its disadvantage is the short duration of the smell.

Odorant in the form of a gel

A small jar with a lid can be found in every home. It will be the basis of a long-lasting fragrance in the car. To make the product work, you need to make a few small holes in the lid. Also for this purpose can work a saltshaker. Then you do not have to make holes.

The holes in the lid are needed so that the gel does not dry up quickly and the scent comes out gradually

Hydrogel and essential oil based formulation

Inside the prepared container put hydrogel for plants, soda, sawdust or shavings, which are then impregnated with essential oil with a suitable fragrance.

Fragrance on the basis of food gelatin

To make it you also need glycerin. It costs a penny and is available at the drugstore.

  1. In this way, you can buy glycerin and, following the instructions on the package, prepare a concentrated base.
  2. Add glycerin, salt, dye and essential oil to the slightly cooled jelly. Glycerin significantly prolongs the life of such a freshener. Salt is excellent for eliminating unpleasant odors. As a dye, use any food product with a shade that suits you.
  3. Spread the resulting gel-like composition at the bottom of the jar with a lid.
The refrigerator in the car with their own hands

Such a freshener is usually attached to the dashboard of the car. There are also other ways to create a smelly car freshener. But they are not as common as those presented above.

A soft toy soaked in perfume or essential oil also gives a good aromatic effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade fresheners in the car

Such fragrances have a set of clear advantages.

  • Low price. Most of the components for them are inexpensive and are available in almost every home.
  • Naturalness. Unlike store fresheners, there is no chemistry in such products.
  • Homemade fragrance often “works” longer than their Chinese counterparts.
  • You can choose any fragrance to your liking.
  • They perfectly cope with unpleasant odors in the cabin.

To the disadvantages of self-made fresheners, you can only include the fact that you will have to spend time on their creation, and some of the compositions may not turn out the first time.

Important to know. Scents of citrus, vanilla, spices, spices, as well as any other materials with a pronounced odor in the car is better not to use.

To make a scent in the car with your own hands is not difficult at all. Its main advantage is a natural subtle smell and minimum cost.

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