Making or Repairing a Radiator Grille

Repairing a grille

Accidental stone on the road or careless movement when closing the hood, here, and “drawn” the need to repair the radiator grille. You may try to repair it yourself, but it is a tedious work. Is it worth the trouble if you can trust us with this procedure? The more so that the prices for this service are not high.

We restore and repair radiator grilles from any material. We work with carbon fiber, plastic, metal. Does not matter the scale of the problem. We remove cracks, we repair single broken segments even with a large area of damage. In the worst case we will find and install a new grille in just 1-2 days.

In addition to tin plating, soldering, or welding, we will repair the paintwork locally or over the entire surface. We will putty and grind away the detected defects beforehand. As a result, you will get a grid, the appearance is not inferior to the factory product. But it will cost much less. The difference is especially felt when it is necessary to repair the decorative grille for executive class cars. So if you have a problem, please contact us, we will help you quickly and efficiently.

  • Acura
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • BMW
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Citroen
  • Daewoo
  • DAF
  • Datsun
  • Dodge
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Geely
  • Great Wall
  • Hino
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • Saab
  • Scania
  • SEAT
  • Skoda
  • Smart
  • SsangYong
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
  • GAZ
  • ZIL
  • UAZ

Layout of services

Schedule: from 8:00 to 22:00

We have a comprehensive approach to maintenance and repair of cars: we consult, look for and bring spare parts and consumables, set adequate prices and give guarantees on services.



Hands Free


The prices for radiator grill repair (service)

Local painting of the radiator grill 2-4 hours 800-1500 rubles Full painting of the radiator grill 2-4 hours 2000-3000 rub.

up to 5 cm day 500-1000 rub. up to 10 cm day 500-1000 rub. up to 15 cm day 700-1200 rub. up to 20 cm day 900-1500 rub.

up to 10 cm 2-4 hrs 500-1000 rub. over 10-15 cm 2-4 hrs 600-1500 rub.

up to 10 cm day 1000-2000 rub. up to 20 cm day 1500-2800 rub.

On a flat surface (up to 10-15 cm) 3-5 h 600-1500 rub. On a rib (up to 10-15 cm) 2-5 h 600-1500 rub.

Tester to check the ignition coils with my own hands

Grille removal and installation 10-20 min from 300 rubles.

Other services at body shop

Repair of fender arches from 1000 rub. Bumper repair from 2000 rub. Hood repair from 3000 rub. Hood repair from 3000 rub. Wing repair from 2000 rub. Plastic fender repair from 3000 rub. Spar repair from 1000 rub. Motor panel repair from 1000 rub. Motor compartment repair from 3000 rub. TV-set repair from 1000 rub. Headlight caliper repair from 500 rub.


Grille Repair Guarantee

  • Guarantee on plastic repair – 2 years
  • Guarantee on painting – 2 years
  • Believe me, everything will be safe!

If during the warranty period something goes wrong somewhere, no matter what, through our fault, then we’ll fix it for free and give you a discount on future service.

The scheme of repair of a radiator grill

To understand you grille repair process, let’s consider the classical variant of breakage – for example, the grille was cracked, a small piece has chipped off, it is scratched in some places and one of the fasteners has torn off – now the grille is loose and looks un aesthetically. This could happen when hitting an obstacle or in an accident.

  • Step 1 Evaluation by photo. The first thing you can do is to call us or send us pictures of the grill damage with a description and indication of the car brand and model. The wizard will consider the photos and if everything will be unambiguously clear, then he will tell you the ways of repair, terms and cost.
  • Step 2 Examine the machine in person. If the wizard will have any doubts about the possible damage, for example, because the quality of photos from the right angles, the type of plastic and other things, then he will ask you to tell more about the damage or come into the service for a personal examination, which will determine the exact time and cost of repairs. This procedure does not take more than five minutes.
  • Step 3 Make an appointment for service. Once you have decided on the repair, you need to sign up for service at a convenient time. This can be done through the website, by phone, messengers, social networks, etc. The easiest option is, of course, just call us and coordinate everything. By the way, if you come for an inspection in the service, then at the same time the master can remove the grille, and you without it on the car to go on your business – the case for a few minutes at most.
  • Step 4 Repair plastic. At this step the doctor will determine the type of plastic and proceeding from that choose type of repair (welding, soldering, gluing, etc.) and fix the crack. If there is a chipped piece of the grill, the specialist will replace it and weld it back on. If not, the specialist will either weld on a suitable plastic or resort to using fiberglass and resin. If any of the fasteners on the grille are broken off, the handyman will find a suitable one or make a new one, weld it in and reinforce it. At this stage most of the repair work is finished, the only thing left is to paint.
  • Step 5 Painting the grille. At this stage all the irregularities, scuffs, chips and overlaps of the plastic are removed to the needed shape with an abrasive tool. The grating is primed and, if necessary, puttied and transferred to a paint shop. Suppose that the grille needs to be painted in the color of your choice. The painter will apply the base (paint) and varnish, then polish it.
  • Step 6 Installation. After the paint shop the only thing left is to install the grille on your car – we will contact you when ready and you will come up at a convenient time. The master will install and adjust the grille. You will examine the work carefully – check that everything is straight, the colors match, check the reliability of fasteners and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our work.
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We hope that the scheme gave you a general idea of the order of the works, but if you have questions, you can get answers by reading more on the page / site, by writing a question in the comments (below on the page) or by contacting us by phone (other ways of communication see on the contact page).

About Grille Repair

Repair of metal radiator grilles

Metallic grille of Bentley

The service is used by owners of old cars and exclusive expensive foreign cars. Those who like tuning, installing grills of steel, aluminum and other metals will also need our help. Material doesn’t matter, we have the equipment for working with any material, and our masters are very experienced.

  • We will weld cracks and tears in elements of a grid. If necessary we use laser welding, which allows you to perform the work with high accuracy.
  • Approximately the same way we restore the torn fixing elements.
  • The welds are cleaned and polished. If necessary, we putty and grind before restoring the decorative coating.
  • We perform a local or full paint job.
  • We will install the grille in its normal position.

Soldering of plastic radiator grilles

BMW plastic radiator grill

Damage of plastic grills accounts for more than 80% of all requests to our service. We are ready to help in solving the problem within just a few hours.

  • We braze all types of polymeric materials that can be brazed in principle. The use of a special heat tool and electrodes of the appropriate composition ensures durable seams. If the grating catches another stone in the future, it will not break along the solder, but in a completely different place.
  • Restored elements are sanded, putty, again processed with sandpaper. And so until the surface and geometry will be perfect.
  • Painting is carried out with compositions recommended for application on plastic. This will ensure that the paint will not peel or fly off under the influence of various factors.
  • Particular attention is paid to the restoration of fasteners. It is a vulnerable part of plastic grids. During repair, we reinforce the construction additionally, which increases resistance to stresses, including shock loads.
Auto disconnect charger with auto disconnect.

Repair of broken elements

Broken Chrysler grille

The most difficult work is associated with the restoration of broken parts and segments of the grid. In this case, epoxy resins and glass cloth will help. By the way, any parts and elements made of fiberglass plastic, which cannot be welded or soldered, are repaired using a similar technology.

  • The surface of the grid is thoroughly cleaned. This is important because the upper layer of plastic changes its structure and loses strength during use.
  • The patch is formed by consecutive application of epoxy and strips of fiberglass fabric. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the restored element.
  • After the finishing layer hardens, you can proceed to the preparation for painting. The procedure is standard. All the same puttying and sanding. The paintwork can be repainted locally or completely repainted.

We choose technology and materials to repair any radiator grille. We guarantee durability and perfect appearance of restored grille. We do not know how to do bad things.

Leave an application online for a free consultation or to book a repair appointment at your convenience.

Making or Repairing a Radiator Grille

Grille fabrication or repair

You will need the following material to make a radiator grille. Gloves, fiberglass mask, brush, gelcoat.

Snapshot3 Snapshot4 moch5

Grille fabrication or repair

The first thing we need to do is to take an old damaged grille. Then take a roll of special fiberglass and cut it to the size of the grid. We should cut up to 10 centimeters, since the material will be deepened, so it will shrink and may not be enough. After measuring the material, place it on the radiator grille. Put the material through all the holes, cutouts, etc. We take the ibaxitic material and pour it into a separate container about as much as you need.

Grille fabrication or repair

We add hardener 3.4 teaspoons. For those who don’t know about how much hardener you need to add. Stir thoroughly for two minutes. Once you have placed its active ingredient with the hardener, apply over the fiberglass with a brush. Do this carefully without missing an inch. This procedure is asked to be repeated two or three times. Every hour. So that the material will be stronger. Then after the matrix is ready, remove from the old radiator grille and lay it separately where you can work with the preparation of the new grille.

Adjusting sweeps of wipers VAZ 2110 and not only

Fabrication of radiator grill

After installing the die. Clean the die of unnecessary fiberglass parts. Then go through with sandpaper where the unwanted fiberglass parts were separated.


The matrix is ready to perform the following steps. We take the putty and dilute it with hardener. About the same as the iboxy substance. Diluted putty is applied in a thin layer on the outside of the matrix, in order to even out all the irregularities. The putty is applied in the amount you have to work with until all the sinks and irregularities are removed. After applying a layer of filler is necessary to sand the 600 with sandpaper. And also before you apply another layer of putty need to degrease with solvent or white spirit.

When you work with sandpaper, watch your work so that you do not over-sand. Otherwise you will have to do the same job all the time. After you have smoothed out all the irregularities and sinks in the matrix, you need to sand the 800 with sandpaper and water. In order to grind the risks before applying the primer. After you have gone through with sandpaper 800 it is necessary to dry the detail and degrease.

The primer is applied with a paint gun from a distance of 15 to 30 centimeters. The primer is applied in several stages. The first stage is spraying, the second stage is re-spraying and the third stage is full coverage of the part. Also the primer is applied for 5 minutes all 3 stages.

Let the primer dry for 24 hours, as the primer must settle. As a detail will dry it is necessary to apply developer, with any paint, simply by spraying it once. In five minutes you can start working with sandpaper 800. Sanding with water.


After sanding wash the piece thoroughly and dry it. Once the piece is dry it is degreased. After degreasing a piece you are going to paint. We paint a detail in 4 layers. First layer is spraying, second layer is spraying, third layer is full coating, and the fourth layer is re-coating full coating. After each layer, wait 10 minutes. After 4 coats, wait 15 minutes and apply the lacquer. The lacquer is applied as a full coating in two layers. After that details to dry at least two days. Depends on the temperature.

What's easy to clean car plastic

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