Making the trunk open automatically

Electric trunk door drive – design, operation and installation

The principle of operation and the device of the electric trunk door drive. Consider the varieties, whether it is possible to install it yourself, the price of a set for self-installation and video.

Electric trunk door closer - device, principle of operation and installation

Modern technologies in the automotive world are developing at a huge pace. Sensors, cameras, security systems with intelligence and all kinds of driver assistants. These things are already hard to surprise the buyer with, as many systems are becoming standard in cars. One such example is the electric trunk lid. The name is the same, but the principles of implementation are many, from the basic pressing of a button in the cabin of the car, to contactless or remote opening through a special application.

As a rule, the system of electric trunk lid is installed on the top versions of cars or as an option. Still, in addition to the factory installation, this mechanism can be installed independently even on cars where they have never been and never will be. The main task of this mechanism is to increase comfort by opening the trunk door and adhering to the programmed rules of the control unit.

What is a power trunk lid

Trunk opening from the key fob

An electric trunk lid actuator is a set of mechanisms that can open or close the trunk lid without physical human involvement. Depending on the device, the manufacturer and the wishes of the buyer, the electric trunk lid drive can be simple or more complex.

The simple variants include kits where activation is done with a button in the cabin or on the trunk lid. More complex power trunk lid systems are controlled remotely via a mobile app or contactless by means of sensors. Accordingly, depending on the type of actuator, the structure will be slightly different, although the overall appearance and purpose will not show much difference.

The main task of the electric trunk lid actuator can be considered as increasing the comfort for the driver and passengers. The driver does not need to leave the cabin every time to open or close the trunk, as it was before. For passengers, the convenience in the absence of the need to physically open the trunk lid, and therefore get dirty or put purchases on the pavement. For the car, it is safety, because you can set the opening angle of the lid, thereby protecting it from impact in the garage or preventing the luggage from getting pinched when closing.

Trunk lid electric actuator device

Trunk lid electric actuator kit for installation

As already said, depending on the type of actuator, the mechanism will also differ. For example, consider the simplest and the most complex set, as well as their main differences. After all, it is because of the differences and configuration will differ in the price of the mechanism.

The simplest is considered an electric trunk lid, which opens and closes only with a button in the car. This system includes a control unit, a button, trunk lid closers and two movable rods. If we talk about the top versions of the electric drive, in addition to the basic set (the simplest mechanism), the manufacturer has added sensors under the rear bumper. The possibility of opening from the remote control button, as well as finalized the software control unit for access from a smartphone.

Trunk lid contactless opening

If with the button and the control unit is clear, then how the mechanism of the electric trunk lid, which, in fact, performs physical actions, is arranged. Externally moving rod or as it is sometimes marked by manufacturers – telescopic rod, at first glance is not particularly different from the gas, which can also be installed by the factory, unless of course you compare the thickness of the rod. On the inside, there are much more differences.

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Diagram of a trunk lid rod

For symmetry and reliability it is accepted to install two telescopic rods on the trunk door. On the one hand beautiful, but most importantly reliable, as the door hinges will not warp or tear from the uneven load. The rod itself (telescopic rod) consists of:

  1. A two-stage gearbox;
  2. Spring based brake;
  3. Sliding screw nut;
  4. Spring;
  5. Electric drive motor;
  6. Travel screw;
  7. External telescopic rod housing;
  8. Hall sensor.

It is this mechanism of the telescopic rod that is considered the main or central mechanism in the whole scheme. The parts may differ in size depending on the brand, make and model of the car, but, the basic principle of operation is the same, and for the most part the same for all cars.

Trunk door electric actuator principle

Operating principle of electric trunk lid opening for Toyota RAV4

Having understood the structure of the system, what the electric trunk door actuator consists of and how everything looks like, let’s consider the principle of operation. Like the structure of the system, the principle of operation of the electric trunk door actuator is different. It all depends on the modification, whether it is a basic version or the maximum with a bunch of sensors.

The simplest version, where the opening and closing takes place with a button, is very simple, in terms of the principle of operation. In the cabin near the driver is a button to activate the mechanism. Pressing the button, the signal is sent to the control unit and the latter in turn sends a command to trigger the electric motor in the telescopic rod.

As a rule, there are no sensors or limiters in such set of electric trunk lid actuator. If the set is standard from the factory, a duplicate button is installed on the trunk lid from the cabin, thereby simplifying the closing of the trunk. Otherwise, you can close it again by pressing the button in the cabin.

Projection for boot lid sensor actuation area

Another thing is if the mechanism is of medium complexity with contactless opening. Modern crossovers in top complete sets can surprise with such set. What to open the trunk, it is enough to come up to the car from behind and to move (wiggle) a foot from side to side under the rear bumper. This is where the sensors are most often installed to activate the mechanism.

In this case, you can open the trunk with a button in the cabin, contactless method (due to the sensors under the rear bumper) or with a button on the key fob with the keys. Any of these methods transmits a signal to the control unit. The main difference will be the presence of different sensors and door closers. The owner of the car can program the angle of opening the lid. For example, so as not to catch the ceiling or the gate in the garage, or not to reach for the button to close the trunk.

The most complex is considered the mechanism of the electric trunk door control via smartphone or remote access via the Internet. In this case, the vehicle must be connected to the Internet via cell phone or within range of its own network (based on a Wi-Fi hotspot).

Subwoofer making technology

Remote trunk opening in BMW

In addition to triggering the electric trunk from a button in the cabin, from the multimedia display or contactless by means of sensors under the rear bumper, it is possible to control the trunk by means of a smartphone, including opening the locks in the car. As a rule, such a mechanism works in tandem with other intelligent access systems.

Regardless of the chosen option and the set of electric drive, the mechanism for triggering the opening and closing will be the same or close to all models of cars. Upon receiving the signal, the control unit supplies power to the electric motor in the telescopic rod. The electric motor, rotating in a given direction, begins to turn the propeller. The screw in turn turns the nut, thereby moving the outer tube forward or backward. In order to facilitate the movement of the outer tube and to reduce the load on the electric motor, a spring is used.

With the help of sensors and pre-flashed settings, the system understands how far you need to extend the tube to get a particular tilt of the trunk lid. As for the moment of closing (locking the trunk) the door closer is definitely needed. Exactly it provides smooth clicking and long term work of locking mechanism.

Pros and cons of electrically actuated trunk

Trunk lid angle during power operation

Whoever said what, but the mechanism of the electric trunk door closer has much more pros than cons. Firstly, there is no need to look for a handle or button to open the luggage compartment, find a place to put the luggage so it does not get dirty, etc. Secondly, it’s much easier to open and close the trunk, and if the load is pinched, the system will automatically give a sign and open the trunk back up.

From the disadvantages of electric trunk actuator probably the main consider the speed of operation. Someone can say that it opens or closes slowly, others that it is an unnecessary waste of money. But the most frequent disadvantage is dirty sensors of contactless opening. If you don’t watch for them in time, the system will start failing and won’t open the trunk door at all.

As a conclusion, we can say that the electric trunk door actuator is quite a good mechanism. It greatly facilitates access to the luggage compartment, saves time and foresees unpleasant moments (scratches on the trunk lid, trunk door opening angle and so on). In the measure of technology development, manufacturers will develop electric trunk drive. Do not forget that in addition to regular systems, there are kits for self-installation. As a rule, the price for power tailgate kit starts from $300, and in some cases the price can reach $2000.

Video review of Hyundai Creta electric trunk lid actuator:

Automatic opening/closing of the trunk

October 02, 2012 | Author: Nick | View: 76393 |

Probably every motorist has noticed that modern foreign cars have an option – retrofitting of trunk closing button. It means there is no need to flap the trunk lid to close it, but just press the button and the trunk is closed automatically. And how to make closing and opening the trunk with a button with your own hands?

A step on the wheel or how to reach the trunk.

To open the trunk automatically, you do not need much intelligence, it is enough to install springs, as do the owners of Lada Granta. But to close the trunk with a button needs some kind of electro-mechanism, which will do the job for us. In foreign cars, most often two actuators are used for this, a control unit and a button. The actuator can be pneumatic at best, or cheaper electric.

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  • The power trunk door is opened with the outside handle of the trunk door, the button in the remote control or with the button in the driver’s door.
  • The power tailgate is closed with a button on its interior trim or with its outside handle.

Thus, if at VAZ to use the mechanism of trunk auto-closing from a foreign car, in addition to the basic elements of this system (which will cost a penny) will need a trunk closer. Therefore, it is not reasonable to think further in this direction. Russian car assumes simple and cheap solutions, for example, the use of ESP for this purpose:

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Automatic luggage compartment closing with ESP in garage conditions

  1. A set of two electric window lifters (ESP), in this example by Forward, price 3000r;
  2. Window closing module DenUp-RWC702m. Sprout, price 500r;
  3. Button to open the trunk (21100-3710620), price 50r.

With engineering ingenuity and imagination, two ESPs were installed in the trunk of the Priora and connected according to a simple scheme. The rear end of the ESP rail is screwed to the crossbar, which is behind the backrest, on which the shelf lies. On the ESP bracket with a welded nut, the front end is screwed to the beam to which the rear window is glued. In it on the cabin side there is a cut in size to fit the nut M6, and you can hold it with a wrench. Why two ESPs and not one? In general, one ESP is able to close the trunk with difficulty, but when you close it, the lid tilts. Two ESPs do the job without difficulty, and the absence of warping makes the system more reliable. The only thing is that the trunk lock may need to be adjusted slightly. As a result, when you press the trunk open button in the cabin or on the remote, the trunk lid lifts. The second button is installed on the trunk lid in the decorative element covering the actuator. Pressing it closes the trunk lid automatically.

Wiring diagram for automatic trunk closing : Video of trunk autolock/unlocking:

Remote opening and closing of trunk on LADA Priora

This is a turnkey kit from LLC Uralopttorg. All you need for installation is in the kit. You buy it and install it yourself according to the instructions:

Mechanism for opening and closing the trunk lid (hereinafter MO – opening mechanism). The MO is designed to open and close the trunk lid of vehicles equipped with a remote control trunk lid lock. The MO is installed in the luggage compartment, on the right side under the rear shelf between the seatbelt coil and the speaker mounting location.

MO is actuated (opened and closed) by a switch lock actuator in the cabin and a trunk opening button of the remote control alarm system. Additionally a switch on the trunk lid is installed for closing. The control unit is designed for automatic control, it deactivates the MO when reaching the extreme positions of the trunk lid and in case of mechanical jamming (e.g., a foreign object under the lid). When opening the lid, the trunk is illuminated by a lamp if the parking lights are on. In the event of a faulty battery it is possible to open the trunk lid with a key and raise the lid by 100 mm by hand.

Trunk autolock on Nissan

  1. One rack and pinion window elevator VAZ 2106 by “GRANAT”;
  2. CENMAX automatic window lift module for one or two windows;
  3. Relay 5 contact – 3 pieces;
  4. Relay 4 contact – 2 pieces;
  5. Relay strip – 5 pieces;
  6. Diodes – 3 pcs;
  7. Two-pin plugs (connectors) – 4 pieces;
  8. Wires;
  9. Hood lock springs from VAZ 2115 – 2 pieces;
  10. Fasteners – bolts, washers, screws, angles and perforated plates (bought in a building store).

From the perforated plate cut fastener bar. Then take the angle and fasten it to the body with two screws. Iron is pretty thin in this place, so for more reliable solution I recommend to take a larger angle, or put a plate on the inside (I did not get it). Make a movable connection between the bar and the angle on the basis of the bolt and two nuts, the gap should be minimal.

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Next, you need to cut the rail itself, so that it does not rest against the body. Drill a hole on the very edge of the rail to attach it to the trunk lid holders. These holders already have the necessary holes to attach these rails, so we will use them. Fasten them to each other with a long bolt, passed through the holders and the rail, also set the gap and lock with two nuts.

For better cushioning on the trunk lid holders remove the rubber buffers and put a spring from the hood lock. Under the last coil of the spring put a metal plate and a bolt through the factory hole from the removed rubber bump, pull the plate with a spring to the trunk lid holder. You can then connect the actuator directly to the battery and open/close the trunk to accurately size the rail.

Connecting the trunk autolock: Lead the wiring from the ESP drive to the left rear wing, since that is where our control unit will be located. It is necessary to wire the control signal from the trunk actuator to the control unit. It is also necessary to tighten the signal from the trunk release. Assemble the control unit according to the diagram! Diodes are suitable low-power, through them will go only control and signal currents. It is necessary to observe polarity when connecting the ESP motors so that they extend the slats in the same direction.

It is recommended to wire the power supply to the system from the battery through a fuse, since the system can draw high currents and will blow the fuses of the electrical systems you choose to power your system from.

It is also necessary to make a spacer, so that after opening the trunk lock and before the start of the system, the contactor remained in an open position, this is required by the logic of the control unit. In my case, I just screwed a small screw. If the trunk latch is open before the actuators are running the lid will go up and if it is closed the lid will go down. During the system operation the position of the limit switch does not matter and is only considered before starting. If any obstacle is encountered when closing, the system stops and then it is necessary to press the trunk open button again to return it to the open state and remove unnecessary things.

In the diagram there is no button, which is placed on the trunk lid, with which you can close the trunk. It is made elementary – just short it to ground with one end and connect the other to the control input of the control unit.

Price of the option “automatic closing of the trunk lid” in modern foreign cars 1500-2000$, installation of such an option for VAZ will cost 3500 rubles. And the installation of trunk lid closer is not required in our case.

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