Making Velcro Trunk Straps with Your Own Hands

Luggage Velcro straps

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One of the problems many motorists have is keeping their car trunk in order. Organizer bags only partially solve this problem: they will not fit tall and unstable items because of their oversized dimensions.

The optimal solution in this situation would be a side luggage pocket with Velcro, which is a textile rubber band, which is attached directly to the tufted upholstery (with these Velcro you make a real organizer from your luggage compartment).

With us you can buy Velcro in the trunk of your car at bargain prices.

Before you buy a luggage pocket with velcro, note that only we have its improved and patented version – a luggage belt (pocket) with the ability to attach to a plastic surface. The fluffy surface is created artificially by the adhesive tape overlays that are included in the kit.

Using the straps will not only help you use the space rationally, but also greatly save your time and costs:

  • More cost-effective than the cost of the organizer;
  • no need to screw in self-tapping screws or drill holes;
  • Ergonomics – freeing up additional space, the ability to use a variety of corners of the trunk for items.

Products are delivered to all regions of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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Your savings of 193 ₽.

We always strive for the best, to please our customers with the best prices.

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We always strive for the best, to please our customers with the best prices.

Velcro Luggage Pockets at 190 rubles.

Luggage pocket with velcro is an excellent gift for a car owner who appreciates order Luggage pocket, Velcro fastener Main advantages, quality, reliability, price! Designed for keeping order in the trunk of your car. Allows you to securely hold containers and large-sized items (two 5-liter containers of windshield washer fluid, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, oils, etc.) Universal pocket on the wear-resistant Velcro tape is designed for any car trunk with a pile layer.

A good choice for absolutely every car owner, the thing is simply unreplaceable at the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Ideal for auto stores, car washes, services and vending machines installed at self-service car washes. We are manufacturers of these products, consider the proposals for cooperation in the RO and KK, for wholesalers when buying from 100pcs tangible discounts for the party!

Price list for the goods 1 pc. – 190 rubles. 2 pcs. – 380 rubles. From 10 pcs. – 1700 rubles

Payment and delivery Velcro luggage pocket is made by “Russian Post” by 1st class parcel, delivery is paid by transfer to Sberbank card or by Qivi purse.

Price and delivery times: SFD (Krasnodar, Volgograd) 3-4 days = 140 rubles. SKFO (Stavropol, Nalchik) 4-5 days = 170 rubles. CAO (Moscow) 5-6 days = 200 rbl. North-Western Federal District, Volga Federal District, UFO (St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg) 5-7 days = 220 rubles. Urals, Siberia (Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk) 7-9 days = 240 rubles. And all other regions of RF.

Rubber glue sticks in the trunk with my own hands

Greetings! Decided to put a little order in my trunk. In it all the little things, bottles, washer fluid, etc.. Tired of collecting them all over the trunk)) It would be all neatly organized, but after traveling – in the trunk of Armageddon))) I began to consider all sorts of organizers and grids – I do not like them) And then I came across the internet with Velcro and rubber bands.

Beautiful stealth box with lighting in KIA with his own hands

I read the reviews – really comfortable! Moreover, the bare plastic (as it was from the factory) in my trunk repainted carpets – will hold. Did not buy – decided to make them myself. I already had the rubber band for them. It remained to buy more in the store “everything for sewing” itself velcro (width should be no less than 5 cm) and tape (width 3 cm).

The first thing I did was to measure in the trunk and made sketches of future products. The size of velcro was 200x350mm. Cut parts.

And sewed everything with a good sewing machine. Sorry for the possibly slightly uneven seams – just learning).

Because the material was in stock, from the remains did more velcro-fasteners for the wrecker and a brush.

So now look my “organizers”)

Emergency stop plate fastened on the trunk lid trim (it is also repainted with carpets). Mounted it (the sign) without the cover, in which it was stored – got an additional reflector in the dark when the lid is open.

And tested)

The result is very pleased. Velcro is holding pretty tight. Now nothing rolls around in the trunk and does not “unnerving” the driver =)

Smooth roads to everyone and always a good mood!

July 19, 2019 Tags: elastic bands , Velcro , trunk , organizer , rubber bands in trunk , Velcro in trunk

Tags: elastic bands, velcro, trunk, organizer, trunk elastic bands, trunk velcro

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Practical and neat. Well done!

Thank you!!! Already fully tested them – holding everything tight and not stretching)

Definitely visible, just in my Golf in the trunk of a complete Armageddon, I will not even show, I need to put a popeychek to bring, and I just stupid pile carries everything, something like in my childhood I had a basket for toys, so in the trunk now))) Sorry for the entry is clearly good, and it is not kolhoza and practical at least

Thank you! Everyone has a little “perfectionism”) I love order ;-)

I also love it, just affects the lack of time, while the gol′fik tolerates my abusive attitude, but I think we need to give him time, at least to throw out half of the unnecessary from the trunk, and a rubber band to do, and then I have there as in a handbag, all my stuff I bring with you))))

Making a short stroke on gearbox lever

I did it in my spot like this, the main thing in the trunk is order, no armageddon=)

I did it in my spot like this, the main thing in the trunk is order, no armageddon=)

hello. looked at your blog, I did not see it. tell me, and the stop does not bend the trunk? on mine did the same as you (company car), but squeezes a little, in the hinge area.

No, not bending anything, I put the stop used (from my father’s 8 left, they are soft) in addition, I have a very heavy trunk lid.You may have strong cushions, look for weaker, by the way on the drive once saw put furniture cushions

I bought 12kg of them in Leroy and they’re great.

I did it in my spot like this, the main thing in the trunk is order, no armageddon=)

Carpet in the cabin?

That’s great. I’ll do it myself.

Material costs a penny, and the end result of the rubber bands are great. Handy thing!

I had them stretched out in six months.

I bought a shoe rubber. The store said it’s the strongest they have. Let’s see how it performs…

I’ve been riding with Velcro like this for 2-3 years now. It’s very comfortable.

(I guess you know better.) I also “hacked up” the engine – now I only fill up with oil instead of gasoline. So I carry it with me))).

You probably can’t do anything with your own hands (handjob), but you only know how to insult!

You will never be able to straighten out your soul, that’s why you live like this.

Apparently you have straightened something in you and you live another way with your hands out of…

You will never be able to straighten out your soul, that’s why you live like this.

Look at you! Sitting in germany, yapping from ted! You live by the template and instructions, so you lack imagination for something practical, only to throw insults!

How to Dry Clean the Cabin with Your Hands

There are special organizers and folding boxes for such needs. And this kolhoz is not safe. Just like kolkhoz xenon, etc. man can be taken out of the kolkhoz. But a kolhoz out of a man can’t.

For your information, organizers and drawers are also fastened to the Velcro, or not fastened at all. And stuffed with everything turns into a pretty big shell. So in the matter of security they are no better, and even worse. Velcro like these are sold in stores around the planet. Including car manufacturers. So what is the problem? The fact that a man made an analogue of the same quality for their own individual dimensions?

In the fact that his car is a total hack. For example xenon, what do you say to that?

Nothing! Since this is a community “do-it-yourself”! This is a community of do-it-yourselfers, not specific cars!

Do-it-yourself xenon is a threat to road users!

I take it you do not understand at all! Go to the appropriate blog and there divulge these conversations. Flat Xenon has nothing to do with this entry. Respect the rights of those present here!

In the fact that his car is a total hack. For example xenon, what do you say to that?

What does this have to do with the car? We’re not all from Germany) You have your own laws. In this community, people write about what can be done with their own hands, while saving money and not overpaying for a similar market product. Xenon (clarification – the “lenses”) has nothing to do with the rubber band in the trunk) By the way, good collapsed bi-xenon lens, properly adjusted, does not blind oncoming traffic) Well, there is no discussion. My car is budget, it’s a fact, but so far I have no opportunity to change to a higher class. I can not afford to drive a Volvo or Citroen. Mehr gut zu dir ;-)

Look at you! Sitting in germany, yapping from ted! You live by the template and instructions, so you lack imagination for something practical, only to throw insults!

The heater for the washer tank with their own hands

For kolkhoz in Germany will be blown to smithereens, so it remains only to be indignant when someone else does something…

And how are they fixed to the trim?

Velcro. They’re sewn on the ends of the rubber bands.

Good day! Very nice and neat in the trunk! Well done, thanks for the idea!

Thank you! You’re welcome!

It’s simple and cool. I need to do something like that!

My wife made me one too.)

Why 4 liters canister of oil?

I took a large jerry can to try out the Velcro)

Yes handy … I have two Velcro stitches to my bag which has a fire extinguisher, rope and a stop sign, and it does not fly anywhere =) You can glue Velcro to a box with a lid and keep all your stuff in it.

in my first car instead of organizer (at that time and did not know such a word in relation to the car. 2002) took a cigarette box, cut the height under the rear shelf (when I too did not recognize any cars except the sedan) and for durability wrapped or Scotch tape or masking tape in several layers, a couple of years so drove. then “found” a plastic food basket as in the store ;-), bought boxes for tools (the more larger). Finally dug out at home in the closet bag (how many years lay idle and can not remember) and have been using it for 5-6 years. photo from the trunk of the former car. what would not fly around the trunk (oilcloth slippery however) tacked rubber bands bought in the nearest giper at a price rubbedrodro. Of course, rubber bands with Velcro are good, but it’s more convenient in a bag, you can take out the whole bag at any time and throw it in the trunk if you need it completely.

Vanguy, over time you will glue the brush above the arch or on the back, and in winter on the trunk. The main thing yourself like it, but I know by my own experience how annoying it is to raise the tray when you need to dive into the spare.)))

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