Minuses and disadvantages of Volkswagen Polo liftback

Volkswagen Polo 2021-2022 owner reviews

Volkswagen Polo

The pros and cons of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021-2022 in the new liftback body are revealed based on reviews from real owners. More detailed pros and cons of the Volkswagen Polo 1.4 and 1.6 with manual, automatic and robot can be found in the stories below.

Reviews for Volkswagen Polo 2022

Owner reviews

Auto – fire. Dynamics – you won’t get bored, you want to overtake – you overtake, you don’t have to pick up 3-5 km of straight road to perform a miracle. The turbo does its job, a decent torque already from 1,600 rpm, no need to twist the engine.

Consumption corresponds to the stated by the factory, and the rest depends on the force of pressing the gas pedal, which, by the way, does not increase it much. Almost 1,000 km on a tank in the cycle city – highway in the ratio of 30:70. Score!

Noise at the top, not super, but I remind you – it is an economy. Basically write that it is not great, but on the shelves: I have at 110 km / h at 2 100 rpm on the tachometer, at 2,500 far beyond 130 km / h, which means that from the engine noise is not. Of course, if you spin the motor, it can be noisy for 3-4 thousand rpm, but I don’t need to spin it…

There is no noise from the airflow too. There is a little unpleasant noise from the side of the wheel arches, but you can tolerate it, if necessary, you can reinforce the fenders.

The gearbox shifts clearly, the algorithm is like all automatic transmissions. The only nuance is the rigidity of the transmission connection, but it is not bad, not good, it is a feature of the mechanical transmission.

Suspension, certainly, is a little bit rigid, but physics rules here: either good controllability and rigidity, or softness, but rolliness in controllability. In my opinion there is a worthy compromise.

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Video review

Let me start with the fact that I have already had in practice two Polo 2012 and 2017, so there is something to compare with. Regarding the minuses of the new model:

– The quality of assembly and interior plastic – became worse (~ 30%).

– Assembly of the car itself on the small things got worse. Just look at the open door – what “master” screwed a hexagonal iron screw in the center column between the doors!

– The seats, or rather their quality has dropped by an order of magnitude. There is less plastic on the sides, and the rear lower seats no longer lift up…

– HUGE holes in the grille! I think a chicken would fit through there… So if you are a fan of the track or “breathing” into the back of the front car, small rocks will kill your radiator.

– Due to new door panels, which are cheapened in quality of plastic – doors themselves became thinner and seem to be flimsy…

Well now let’s move on to the positives:

– Optics! They are excellent, the light is just bombastic, I like it very much!

– The interior is much more spacious. The space between the legs of the rear passengers and the front seats is noticeably larger. Also in the front, but here WAG has changed the panel – it became less in the leg area.

– Getting in the car became a little more comfortable.

– Body and exterior. Very nice, some friends at the first sight even said that I bought a Jetta.

– The noise insulation is better by 15-20%.

I live in Siberia, and all possible heating is important for me: here are heated seats, mirrors, washer jets, and windshield and rear window. The interior is usual, fabric, there is a climate control, not bad multimedia. The trunk in the liftback body is simply gorgeous, easy to load, a lot of space!

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Very low fuel consumption: by my standards, about 6-7 liters in the city. I am not a racer, and it’s silly to try to race on the 1.6 with an automatic, always amused such characters! Staying confident in the flow of the city and go on the highway 110-130 km / h is the best mode for the Polo.

Beautiful light with LED optics. But the cost of headlights is cosmic, so I will roll them in the armor film.

Clean appearance of the car makes me happy. Smell of the materials, though unpleasant, but in this case not annoying. When moving the car joined the car from the driving school, the first time I was glad to drive behind the student on the road. Immediately started collecting looks from fellow motorists.

Drove it home and started planning a ride for a test drive. A picturesque place came up – the Ukov waterfall, the distance – 500 km one way. Went for baptism of fire.

Suspension is a little rigid, my butt felt the bumps. Thought, that it will be impossible to drive on gravel road, however my trip has proved the contrary. Noise isolation up to 90 km/h is ok, and the engine becomes audible only when I press the gas pedal to the floor. The engine pulls from the bottom, the high torque band allows it to spin up, which is useful on long climbs.

I have tried to accelerate up to the maximum speed for a short time, the road holds firmly, but in windy weather the car wobbles as if it has a sail on the roof. The steering wheel is clear and smooth, it is pleasant to drive.

The trunk door is huge, but the view in the cabin mirror is limited, it is not convenient to go backwards. There is enough space for passengers of the second row. Enjoyed the ergonomics, with different settings of the seat and steering column I reached all the controls. Red backlighting at night cuts the eye, it saves muscle memory.

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“Volkswagen Polo” 2021: reviews of owners, all the pros and cons, is it worth taking

The atmospheric engine is reliable: passes without overhaul up to 300 thousand km. But the weak point of the motor drivers see oil consumption: 1 liter/10 thousand km on the speedometer.

Volkswagen Polo 2021: reviews of owners, all the pros and cons, is it worth taking

The prestigious German Volkswagen Polo sedan appeared on Russian roads in 2010. Having gone through several updates, by 2020 the car appeared in a new generation, but no longer in the sedan body, and liftback. Let’s understand the changes, all the cons and pros of the Volkswagen Polo liftback according to the reviews of owners.

Volkswagen Polo liftback – the main advantages and disadvantages

The first disappointment experienced users received from the modular platform PQ25. It inherited the car from the previous generations. However, by using a reliable, time-tested, rather than modern MQB-A0 platform, VAG reduced the cost of the car, making it available to a wide audience.

Experts in Volkswagen Polo Liftback have been impressed by the dimensions: the car has increased in all directions. The length, width, height of the model is 4469x1706x1471 mm.

Volkswagen Polo liftback

Volkswagen Polo Liftback

The luggage compartment has increased: 530 liters. The undoubted advantage somewhat fades when you have to open the trunk. The developers have invented an original, but strange mechanism for it: you should press the firm emblem of VW, risking to break it, and to flip a lid. Rear view camera is installed in the mechanism – it’s an interesting solution.

Opinion on the design

Brutal appearance, a powerful front bumper suggests the idea of indestructible power, stubbornness. The impression at first is not the best: it seems that the car will be bumped into the first encountered curb. But high, as at a crossover, clearance (170 sm.) does not allow it. Very soon you get used to the massive front.

Expensive modifications are equipped with an additional wide chrome strip on the radiator grille. In general, the exterior is comparable to the Jetta.

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Light-alloy 15- and 16-inch rims look solid, but the wheel arches seem too voluminous for them.

Headlights and lights

Optics “Volkswagen Polo” liftback the most advanced: the base model is equipped with lensless headlights reflective type, and the lens projection LED lights went to the version “exclusive”.

Volkswagen Polo optics

Optics of Volkswagen Polo

Fog lights are embedded in the headlights and turn on, illuminating the turns when you turn the steering wheel.


Interior is light and spacious: the lack of space is not felt even for tall passengers. The seats are upholstered with quality fabric, and in the exclusive modification the manufacturer did not scrimp on decorative elements from suede and imitation leather.

The central console with large analog instruments and 8-inch monitor makes a strong impression. But you will not find a place for a smartphone.

The three-spoke multi steering wheel, keyless access and engine start with a button are the next advantages of the model. But the single-zone climate equipment does not meet the needs of motorists.

On the move

The car, obedient to the steering, demonstrates good acceleration dynamics – 9.2 seconds to the first hundred km.

“Volkswagen Polo” liftback is composed of the following engines and transmission:

  • The turbocharged 1.4-liter TSI paired with a DSG7 robot.
  • Atmospheric MPI 1,6 liter, aggregated with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

The atmospheric engine is reliable: passes without overhaul up to 300 thousand km. But the weak point of the motor drivers see oil consumption: 1 liter/10 thousand km on the speedometer.

The price for a version with turbocharger in car showrooms in Moscow starts from 1 200 thousand rubles.

Brakes and suspension

Cars in expensive configurations manufacturer has ventilated disc brakes front and rear. The basic variants have drum system in the back.

Suspension is soft, power-hungry

Suspension is soft, power-hungry.

Suspension is soft, power-consuming: the comfort of travel is not broken even on a difficult roadway.

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Owner reviews

After getting the ownership of the updated Polo, drivers actively share their opinions about it on thematic forums.

I have a liftback 1.4 liter 125 horses with a robot in 2020. The car is turbo, so no problems with overtaking. The dynamics are a little lower than stated, but I didn’t expect 9.2 seconds either – it’s fantastic. Already at 1600 rpm the car seems to fly over the road. Fuel consumption is super economical. The engine really reacts to quality of fuel – refuel at network filling stations. Noise isolation is up to the mark. The faster you drive the more quiet inside. Suspension is not as soft as they say, but the better you feel the car.

I drive a 1.6-liter Polo liftback 110 hp automatic. First about the good things. Wonderful optics, spacious cabin, impressive interior. I like the comfortable boarding in the car, noise insulation. But as a picky motorist I’ll add some criticism. Yes, the technical characteristics are above praise, but there are also disadvantages. The plastic elements look rigid and inexpensive, the trimming of the seats is cheap for such a price tag. I expected better quality from assembling: little things you can see imperfections, as if it was assembled hastily. Too big cells in the radiator grill have unpleasantly surprised.

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