Minuses and flaws in Volkswagen Taos 2021 reviews

All minuses and flaws of Volkswagen Taos in owner reviews

All the minuses and disadvantages of Volkswagen Taos in reviews of owners

With the beginning of sales of the Volkswagen Taos 2021 began to appear and reviews of owners, including describing the disadvantages and shortcomings of this model.

It should be noted immediately that breakdowns, except for a single case of a piece of foam forgotten during the assembly of the air duct, resulting in a part of the deflector climate system did not blow air, for the Taos is not typical, the real owners have almost no because of low mileage.

Other business is the problems connected with upgrading of the car with needed equipment. Here the lovers of modifications can not plough a field for realization of their desires; the car is still budgetary and it can not be called “stuffed”.

In addition, the strangeness of complete sets, many versions for some reason do not have a banal eyewash and almost every second or third owner orders it separately and installs it himself.

Yevgeny, Moscow, mileage 1 300 km.

As I mastered the new one I’ve found out a lot of little things that need rework, because the newfangled tendency to save on matches has reached Taos.

    Hood stops are gas. With them it is clear, they became as native, without sawing with a file.

Rinat, Surgut, 200 km run.

Factory anticorrected leaves me unimpressed, while the car is new, I decided to fix it. The composition is Swedish, two-layer, Mercasol 831 + 845.

This was more or less a large-scale work, and then some small things:

  • eyecup, it wasn’t there at all;
  • normal mudguards instead of the regular dodgy;
  • superimposed wind deflectors for side windows.

Zakhar, Moscow.

Why I did not became the owner of Taos.

I drove Tiguan for a long time before that, and recently I had the opportunity to try Taos. In comparison with Tig the newcomer loses on the mass of parameters, and for connoisseurs of comfort the gap will be disastrous. In comparable configurations, the Taos lacks:

  • matrix light;
  • rear seat adjustments;
  • Gas (normal) hood stops;
  • light of door handles;
  • eyewash;
  • 12-volt power socket in the trunk;
  • restore from memory the settings of the seats;
  • navigation is not displayed on the virtual screen of the instrument panel;
  • no cooling/lighting in glove compartment;
  • hill assist;
  • no leather interior;
  • stunted (175 mm for four-wheel drive) ground clearance;
  • no cameras around the circle (all-around view);
  • poor dynamics in comparison with Tiguan 180 hp.

In the end, all the above disadvantages, once again reminded me that Taos car is lower class than the Tiguan, and I’m not ready to move to him.

Volkswagen Polo Liftback 2021 kits

Dmitry, Moscow, mileage 482 km.

The car in the maximum configuration, with extras, cost more than 2 (and taking into account the additional insurance, etc. almost 2.5) million, but the car has no obvious eyewash, do it yourself.

I could not yet understand the nuances of multimedia settings, some functions on the multitool and could not find. The buttons themselves are less embossed than desirable, in Karok, for example, better. I would also like to get to the settings of the electric power steering, but it is in the distant future.

Denis, Moscow, mileage 1 400 km.

From the strange things I have noted the incomprehension of the seats. In short distances they are mega comfortable, but after 400 km driving the body gets tired. I don’t have settings or something else, but I used to drive 1,500 km on Fabia and didn’t get tired much, and it doesn’t work like that here.

Another thing about Lane Assist. It seems to work, but sometimes it gets smart when the car is half a meter into the oncoming lane, and it’s good if there’s nobody there. In general, it will not be able to make autopilot.

Auto sound. Frankly speaking, I expected better, though you can’t call this one completely lame. Absence of memory of seats’ settings irritates, it seems that this option is not expensive, they could have built it in. Fingerprints remain on the plastic of the front panel, very marginal.

The radio is raw, for example, to authorize with it in VW Play will have to first enter from a computer or smartphone, disable the confirmation via SMS-code. The similar problem in Yandex Navigator, to enter will have to set a new password through the radio.

Started to loose plastic plate near the driving mode switch. Was just not clicked on, at the service pressed it and it was in place.

Ivan, Tula, mileage 550 km.

The new car kind of empty, so started with dopkomplektatsiya:

  • Ochetnik from Karok (glory to WAG unification!);
  • vertical grid in the trunk from him, grid on the floor is expected soon;
  • adapters from the new-fangled Type-C;
  • wire for carplay.

Vasily , Moscow, mileage 11 km.

I have installed additional accessories at the dealer:

  • mesh in the grille;
  • Replaced the plastic cover on the metal;
  • Have put a normal mud flaps;
  • Cabin/trunk mats;
  • tinting the windows of the rear of the body;
  • alarm system with autostart and status control from a smartphone.

For all this the dealer initially bent 100 000 rubles, but then made peace with a more adequate 60 000 rubles. In general, against the background of shortage of cars the appetites of dealers have increased disproportionately.

VW Tiguan head unit: regular, android.

Volkswagen Taos – six advantages and three unexpected lacks

The Taos is one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2021. Volkswagen has been piquing the public’s interest for a long time, and in June it held a presentation and launched production. Prices were announced at the end of July. The first cars started arriving at dealers in August. I tested one of these specimens and today I will share my impressions, as well as the pros and cons.

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos


Taos is considered the most compact parkettes in Volkswagen’s lineup, but only in Russia. In fact, even smaller crossovers are offered for Europe and other countries, such as the T-Cross, T-Roc and Nivus.

It is worth noting that in 2018 the car began to be sold in China, and there it is called Tharu. Then in 2020, already under the name Taos with a modified appearance, the parkcar appeared in the U.S., Mexico and Argentina. Both Chinese and American versions are built on an extended wheelbase Skoda Karoq. But for Russia the car is created on a standard base Karoq, so the Russian version is shorter. All have the same platform – MQB.


Named after the Taos Indian tribe who lived in New Mexico. There was also founded a county and a city called Taos, which is the center of Indian culture.

From the outside

Taos in dimensions is almost the same as the coplatform Karoq. Only it is longer by 35 mm and lower by 1 mm – 1602 mm, and the width is the same – 1841 mm. True, the length is different because of the different bumpers.

The first advantage is a clearance – 177 mm in front-wheel drive versions and 175 mm in all-wheel drive ones. We shall remind, the Karok has 163 and 164 millimeters correspondingly. Having approached a curb, there was still a pair of centimeters up to the bottom edge of a bumper.

Volkswagen Taos near the curb

Volkswagen Taos near the curb

The second nuance is that the Taos looks like a smaller version of the large Teramont crossover. It is not on sale in Russia yet, but it will go on sale soon.

It is difficult to call Taos bright. But it looks traditional for Volkswagen strictly and laconic. Only the orange color adds brightness, which is available for a surcharge of 18,500 rubles. The basic free color is non-metallic white.

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos in Joy version

On the test is not the richest version called Joy, priced from 2,104,900 rubles. It has a 1.4 TSI engine (150 hp and 250 Hm), a 7-speed DSG robot, and all-wheel drive. The same version, but on front drive and with 8 speed automatic costs from 2 004 900 rubles. That is additional payment for DSG robot and all-wheel drive makes 100 000 rubles.

Brake discs Volkswagen Tiguan 2: selection, replacement, photo

Externally Joy special edition is distinguished by color and 17 inch alloy wheels Dublin and black cases of side mirrors.

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos

The base version of the Respect can be recognized by the R16 steel wheels with decorative hubcaps.

Taos Respect.

Volkswagen Taos in Respect configuration


Reflector-type LED headlights are already in the base version, and adaptive headlights with lenses are available in the iQ.Light option package for Status and Joy configurations. In the Exclusive version, lensed optics are included by default.

Taos reflector-type LEDs

LED reflector-type optics

Together with the lensed headlights there is an LED strip in the center of the grille.

Lensed swivel headlights.

Lensed reflector headlights. Note that the strip on the grille is also illuminated.

The rear part as well as the front looks strict and reminds something of Audi Q5. Rear LED lights in all versions.

Taos, rear view

Taos, rear view

As an option, Taos can be equipped with electric fifth door. This option is available from the Status version at a price of 1,995,300 rubles.


Volume of the trunk is 500 liters in front-wheel drive and 420 liters in all-wheel drive versions. There is a spare wheel under the floor. Note that the trunk of a four-wheel drive Karok is 6 liters more and is 426 liters, but you won’t see this difference in practice.

Volkswagen Taos trunk

Trunk of Volkswagen Taos.

From Skoda Karoq here went all the smart solutions – hooks, hangers and niches for things.

In the interior.

The interior of the special version Joy stands out with orange inserts, which many people do not like. I’ve heard comments like, “these inserts are obviously unnecessary here, they only fit if the body is orange.

Volkswagen Taos interior

Volkswagen Taos interior

In addition to the inserts, the 8-inch digital dashboard, which is available in all configurations, attracts the eye. In the center is the VW Play multimedia system, made on the Android operating system. With its help you can download applications, and Yandex.navigator comes by default. In the near future, the same system will appear on other VAG models.


The first minus is the hard plastic, which disappointed me a little bit. I expected to see soft plastic like in Skoda Karoq, but not as oaky as in Polo liftback.

Volkswagen Taos engine: comparison, description, characteristics

The next disadvantage is the lack of a light bulb in the glove compartment. Is it really impossible to install illuminated glove compartment in the car for 2 000 000 rubles? Competitors Kia Seltos and Skoda Karoq have it.

Taos glove box

Taos glove compartment

The manufacturer decided to save money on plastic and light bulbs, but attracted attention with the digital instrument panel and electric driver’s seat. The seats in the Joy package are trimmed with faux leather and fabric.

Power-operated eco-leather and cloth seats

Power-operated eco-leather and fabric seats

Respect base version has non-motorized cloth seats with less lateral support.

Fabric seats in basic Taos, Respect option

Fabric seats in base Taos, Respect package

But there are two full-fledged cupholders and a niche for a smartphone in the center console. Wireless charging is not available in any configuration.

Center console

Central console

Also in the “base” 6.5-inch screen Composition audio system, but the same leather multisteel with cruise control, as in the more expensive versions.

6.5-inch screen

The 6.5-inch screen.

Atmospheric backlighting is available by default on Joy and Exclusive versions, or as an option on the Status version.

Ambient lighting

Atmospheric lighting

Despite the rigid plastic, the interior is perceived as solid. But during movement extraneous noises and rumble of tires can be heard. Yes, noise isolation here is a little bit better than in Polo, but worse than in Tiguan.

The engine and transmission

Pull of the petrol turbo engine 1.4 DJKA (150 hp and 250 Hm) is more than enough for a city and a freeway. In conjunction with a seven-speed DSG DQ381 robot four-wheel drive car accelerates in 8.9 seconds, and with a classic automatic Aisin AQ300-8F in front, for 8.8 seconds.



For reference, the DSG DQ381 robot can handle up to 420 Nm of torque, and the Aisin 8-speed automatic up to 350 Nm. This means that Stage 1 chip tuning, which increases power by 30 bhp and 30 Nm each transmission will easily withstand.

DSG DQ381 robot

DSG DQ381 robot

Let’s refer the motor and the box to the obvious advantages.


Note that the all-wheel-drive Taos has a rear multilever suspension and the front-wheel-drive has a semi-independent beam. In motion the multilever makes itself felt – there is more comfort, than on the car with a beam. Even through the speed bumps is comfortable, which I am pleasantly surprised.


All-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive is realized with the help of Haldex clutch of V-th generation which distributes torque depending on road conditions and the chosen driving mode. For example, in the ECO-mode with calm driving the torque will be transferred to the front axle, but if you sharply press the gas, part of the torque will go to the rear wheels.

Maintenance schedule Volkswagen Tiguan

It is also possible to adjust the steering. If you choose the sport mode, the steering wheel is poured with pleasant force. Yes and the drive can be adjusted separately, choosing one of three modes – normal, sport and eco.

Mode selection

Choice of modes


Skoda Karoq is one of the main alternatives, which in the basic version costs cheaper – from 1 565 000 rubles for a variant with a motor 1.6 on 110 forces, front wheel drive and mechanics. But the list of the base equipment is poorer, due to it the price tag is lower. For example, the basic configuration has halogen bulbs in front and behind and an analog dashboard. Taos has LED headlights and digital dashboard. The price starts from 1 627 000 rubles.

Skoda Karoq Active

Skoda Karoq Active

Hyundai Creta, which was recently upgraded, costs 1,200,000 rubles with a 1.6 engine (123 hp) on a 6-speed manual. A Creta with a 2-liter atmospheric engine (150 hp), all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic costs from 2,000,000 rubles.

Hyundai Creta 2021

Hyundai Creta 2021

But externally the new Creta is obviously for the amateur, though it is possible to get used to it with time.

The Kia Seltos is a more obvious rival that has a modern design. The price list starts from 1 270 000 roubles, and the version identical to Taos with a 2,0 motor (149 hp) on a variator will cost from 2 175 000 roubles. True, Seltos in maximum version Premium+ has electric sunroof, what neither Taos, nor Karok have.

Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos.

Mazda CX-30 costs from 1,695,000 rubles for a version with a two-liter 150-horsepower atmospheric engine, front-wheel drive and a 6-speed manual.

Mazda CX-30

Mazda CX-30

Instead of a conclusion

On the whole, I liked the car. The first plus is the ground clearance, the second is the austere and elegant appearance, the third is the pulling turbo engine, the fourth is the automatic and robotized transmission, the fifth is the advanced multimedia, and the sixth is the power-consuming suspension.

Minuses – hard plastic, unimportant noise isolation and such trifle as absence of illumination in a glove compartment.

Volkswagen Taos in Joy configuration

Volkswagen Taos with Joy

I won’t refer the price tag to disadvantages, because everything has become more expensive in the current economic situation, so Taos seems not as affordable as we would like it to be. Nevertheless, I am sure that it will take its niche in a segment of compact crossovers.

What do you think of the new Taos, write in the comments.

Special thanks to the company “Autocenter Kerg Sterlitamak” for the provided car.

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