Minuses, disadvantages and breakdowns of the Volkswagen Teramont

Results of the year with Theramont, or 23 thousand kilometers of run

So, in December passed 1 year of possession of the given miracle of German-American creation. In brief, Teramont pleased during all year, delivered basically positive emotions and justified its destination as 7-seater SUV with a huge trunk.

At the end of July went to one of Moscow dealers Avtoprestus for TO-1. Service came out only 7 800 rubles. with their materials and work. The only thing was buying and changing the cabin filter myself. I buy a good charcoal filter (code CUK26009) for 570 rubles on zzap. In general, service was good. Changed the oil and filter and, in fact, that’s all. At my request, they examined the underbody in terms of the absence of leaks in the gearbox, engine, clutch, all bolts in the cardan. Coolant is still at a normal level (never topped up), although I carry a can of G13.

Every 1.5-2 months. go to the village (there 400 km from Moscow), the flow rate for the entire trip is stable – 7.6-7.7 liters – at a highway speed of not more than 115 km / h. So it was all summer and autumn. Consumption in the city is also consistent: if traffic jams (average speed of up to 20 km / h), then 12-13 liters, if just the city with regular traffic (average 35-40 km / h), from 8 liters (late afternoon city) to 10 liters (in the daytime city). This is eco mode and smooth driving. If you push it, the turbine will take up 2-3 liters on top of the figures.

In one year I’ve driven almost 23k km, mostly in Moscow. Nothing has broken and does not bother me yet. Although, there is something in my suspension at the bottom left. Sounds like a shock absorber or steering rack. According to the American Atlas forum, these are faulty shocks. They are being replaced under warranty. Since I have soft high profile rubber, this knock is not so distinct, so the dealer did not want to change anything under warranty. And I decided to wait, because it does not bother me.

Volkswagen Touareg 3 pads: part numbers, original, analogues

The car for its money is good, especially in terms of capacity. I regularly use the big cabin, because I drive a lot of things. But if one does not need such spaciousness, I would buy more compact car, for example, Kodiak or Touareg 2.0 in base. Still, the Tremont car is a specific size, so I see a lot of new Touareg, and Teramont – a little (of course, meet, but about 3-4 times a week, and a new Touareg I see every day, three times). The average check for the purchase of Touareg – 4-4,5 million rubles, and Teramont – 3-3,5 million rubles.

The Teramont steers well and has small roll, thus it has soft suspension (at least, on 235/65/18 tires and especially 245/70/17), good dynamics of acceleration, good sound of radio, normal noise isolation. On large bumps the suspension feels a little “bumpy” because of the architecture of MQB (but without significant discomfort), and the lying policeman it perfectly passes. There is no sense to speak about capacity – everything is clear as it is. Near-ED light at night on the highway is good only with the LED headlights. Without them, dipped light is average for LED – it is not uniform, because in the middle of the dark shadows and a little lack of brightness. PTF corrects this. In the city PTF do not use, because the light is enough. Great rearview camera – has good resolution and viewing angle, I park only by it, I do not even look in the mirrors. I like the way the car looks – every time I look around. Strict body lines with clearly underlined “jeeper” wheel arches. The car has a good four-wheel drive – in winter I crawled on the snowy ground, it drives very confidently, the all-wheel drive is faster and more stable than, for example, on the Outlander III. Real clearance under the bottom point of the factory crankcase protection – 212 mm (on the tires 245/70/17), and from the factory on the 18 regular wheels 245/60/18 was 200 mm. Measured it myself.

Wheels, wheels and tires for Volkswagen Touareg: size and parameters

Of the minuses of the car this year I do not even know what to note. Simple interior trim, but for this money (2.8 million rubles) and at this size of a car it is difficult to expect premium quality of an x5 or gle from 5 million rubles. And, for example, fully plastic trunk trim is a big plus for me, as I wiped it with a rag and everything was clean. It doesn’t work with lint. The car also rocks a little left-right in motion, but there is too big a body on the left-handed platform MQB together with bagels of wheels. For example, the new Tiguan does not sway at all (there are also wheels with a high profile 215/65/17). But on the highway the Teramont drives very confidently. And it seems to me that the Teramont is a bit low in height, I think that if it were 5 cm higher (about as BMW x7 or new GLS), the appearance would be even better. :) At least, looking at the Teramont from the front, there is an impression of flattened roof (especially visible in comparison with BMW x7 in the photo below).

I also forgot about one disadvantage – it’s a stiff gas pedal, it can be solved by the sport mode, but then the car is too jerky during normal and quiet driving (plus the consumption is a horse). However, switching an automatic gearbox lever down into the sport mode for making a maneuver, and then also back into eco mode – and the given minus is not such a strong minus any more)))

The Teramont is a little bit stiff when accelerating from 0 to 40 km/h approximately, but after 40 km/h the acceleration is impressive for a 2-liter engine. Especially, it is easy to it on a highway when overtaking from 60 or from 80, or even from 100 km/h. In principle, if someone does not have enough power, everything is solved easily with a Stage 1 chip.

The issue of 2.0 liters resource is also a question. But I hope it will serve its 200 thousand, and it’s not sorry to overhaul it for good service.

Volkswagen Touareg 2020 engine: diesel, gasoline

From the latest events – the garage door was suddenly opened by a gust of wind and made a small dent on the fender of the car. Will be fixing it under hull insurance in January. By the way, caught about 5 rocks in my windshield this year. Only one made a noticeable chip of about 5 mm, but it is still holding up since March and does not think to “crawl”. So the windshield in general is not too weak.

Plus the other day put for the experiment wheels 245/70 R17 winter Michelin Velcro and stunned by the softness and comfort of this size wheels. At the same time there is no extra rolls detected, steering as confidently. While all the January holidays will travel on these wheels and the outcome will conclude whether to leave or not. The appearance of 17-drives not very, but then as always a dilemma – or comfort, or appearance…

Disadvantages, as continuation of advantages of Volkswagen Teramont.

Disadvantages, shortcomings and breakdowns of the Volkswagen Teramont

According to Hegel’s dialectics, in that part of doctrine where it goes about unity and struggle of opposites and it really comes out that all kinds of lacks and problems cannot be revealed and defined without knowing real advantages, in our case such auto as Volkswagen Teramont.

The car considered in this review is, first of all, dimensional, and the bigger the car, the more difficult it is to drive. However, big in size and hence heavy or massive machinery, again, if to judge now not by Hegel’s dialectics, but by the laws of physics and mechanics, is conditionally safe for passenger cars.

Weight of Volkswagen Teramont , SUV 5-door, depending on options with dimensions (in mm) 5036/1989/1769

Theses under which many of our colleagues would sign about the advantages of the Teramont

It must be admitted, as my fellow diners say, putting my hand on my liver, that quite a significant number of our fellow garage mutuals like both American and German cars. The first are dimensional and brutal, and the second are meant for people, that means more or less compact and convenient cars.

What is the ground clearance of the Volkswagen Taos 2021

Disadvantages, shortcomings and breakdowns of the Volkswagen Teramont

So for such underground foreign agents of lobbying of zabugorny and transoceanic products of auto industry (copying the stylistics of such work by Leskov as “Left Hand”) the seven-seated jeep “TeraMamont” is nothing else than an opportunity to get two birds killed with one shot from Berdanka. And indeed it is large in appearance, has a spacious, all comfortable interior, as it should be American cars, at the same time this jeep is the most comfortable, as well as intuitive, as it befits a German.

“TeraMamont” has three rows of comfortable seats, and the outer row, if it is used in the folded form as a trunk, you can stick a bunch of different things there, for example, as mother-in-law does, when she moves together with her father-in-law to the cottage.

Our comrades, who prefer all kosher things and have, let’s say, tight wallets, take SUVs with American (according to characteristics, but not according to production place) 3.6 liter engines with 280 horses for 3.6 million, just for 1 million our money for 1 liter of power plant volume. That said, the more budget-friendly 2.0-liter Jeeps are pretty well packaged, too, having:

  • keyless access;
  • heated windows;
  • both rain and light sensors;
  • electric fifth door;
  • parking sensors almost on top;
  • rear cameras;
  • multimedia with presence of AppConnect and with others, both with really necessary assistants, and with useless, in our brother’s opinion, chips.

From especially honored advantages of the jeep our garage authorities mark, that this model is not subject to influence, so to say, sexless and not always qualitative robotization of transmissions, and here there are quite reliable automatic machines for the whole eight modes.

Disadvantages, shortcomings and breakdowns of the Volkswagen Teramont

The presence of all-wheel drive and sufficient ground clearance for Russian road, especially winter operating conditions allows this jeep to take the first place in the ratings of off-road popularity, sometimes ahead of even the domestic “Niva”.

Dimensions and dimensions of Volkswagen Taos: exterior, interior, trunk, rims and tires

Disadvantages and breakdowns “TeraMamont”

Of the disadvantages that catch the eye, which at first unnoticed – is that the suspension of the Jeep is far from comfortable. However, when driving on normal highways the design of suspension of the chassis to the body behaves quite normally. But get on the road unexpectedly pit or bump from the floated asphalt, the suspension begins to react to it, as it is accepted by our Russian mind, is not adequate, namely is able to so shake that even the mother-in-law can fly out of the third row of seats.

Many of our garage experts are sure, that exceptionally because of a suspension and steering the “Teri” loses in comparison with the same purebred Aryan “Tiga”, including presence of roll and decrease in controllability on bends.

One more jam of developers, which is not visible from outside is a plastic protection of an engine, installed as a mockery to each self-respecting Russian. Usually, again, any garage authority, even before the end of the running-in period, changes the protection from the bottom of the jeep from plastic to aluminum.

If many people were psychologically prepared to 10-11 liters of fuel consumption of “TeraMamont”, no one counted on 15-16 liters of actual consumption in a city mode of driving. According to rumors, again many of our colleagues, who have got into use of these jeeps, expect after warranty termination to go to a cheap 92-rd gasoline, instead of using according to manuals, expensive 95th.

Disadvantages, shortcomings and breakdowns of the Volkswagen Teramont

As to breakages Terramont, so, firstly, they so far are few revealed because of, shall we say, small time period of mass exploitation of this jeep and, secondly, because, once again, many hide existence of breakages, so as not to become objects of ridicule that, they got under a divorce for more than three million.

From the shoals, which became known, as they say from the first hands, namely from auto mechanics of dealerships, which they eliminated on jeeps, these are:

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