Modification of the cap from the expansion tank

Modification of the expansion tank lid

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One of the main systems of the car – engine cooling system may not work properly if the expansion tank cap does not bleed off unnecessary pressure in time. As a result, pressure in system will be too high that will cause leakage of pipes. Upgrading the expansion tank cap is designed to prevent this situation.

First, you should make sure that the pressure at which the valves, inlet and outlet are actuated is not the norm. If you read the service manual VAZ 2110, VAZ 2112, it will become clear that the opening pressure of the exhaust valve should be 110-150 kPa (1.1-1.5 kgf/cm2), if the valve on the cap opened at a higher pressure, then you should replace the expansion tank cap, or refine.

How to check pressure of exhaust valve opening? Connect a good pressure gauge to the tank, and muffle the lower connection. Connect a compressor, and look at the pressure at which the valve opens.

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To upgrade the expansion tank cap, it must be disassembled. Let’s do the AB brand cap upgrade, remove the rubber gasket, and undermine the insides with a screwdriver. The design of the expansion tank cap is quite simple, there are two springs inside it, the big one is for the exhaust valve and the small one is for the inlet valve. Improvement consists in trimming the springs, on the large – 1 coil, on the small – 2 coils. After assembling the cap, check it in business. As a result, the exhaust valve opens at 1.0 bar, not 1.7 bar as before. The inlet valve blows out freely when air is drawn by mouth through the cap, which eliminates the formation of air in the engine cooling system (ECS) through various loose connections.

It is worth noting that SOD problems can also be caused by other causes, which may be lurking in the expansion tank.

Compelled tuning: how to repair and tune the expansion tank cap.

In the material devoted to the expansion tank cap we told why the good condition of this seemingly small detail is so important for the correct thermal condition of the engine, and why it has a direct influence on the service life of many elements of the cooling system. But sometimes car owners are faced with another unexpected problem: they can’t find a quality new cap to replace the faulty one. For some handy drivers, the best solution in this case is to reassemble the right cap on their own, using quality parts. How to assemble a guaranteed quality cover yourself – we tell you today.

In fact, for owners of domestic cars, and often for owners of budget foreign cars – the difficulty of choosing when buying a new cap – this is a real problem. After all, it is impossible to determine the correctness of the valves visually, and the way we described in the previous article visual observation of the tank and hoses of the cooling system is not perfectly accurate. For a more subtle and unambiguous “diagnosis” you need a special, albeit simple, stand with a pressure gauge, on which the cap is screwed on. In the installation, overpressure is created first, and then underpressure. The figures obtained are compared with the factory parameters in the table. But again, this is from the realm of beautiful, but almost useless in normal life theory, and we move on to practice.

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To repair can not be thrown away

The cap of an expansion tank is considered as non-dismountable and unrepairable – at least, the factory detail of almost any modern car refers to the category of “disposable” products.

This is what the insides of domestic VAZ expansion tank cap look like, which is considered non-dismountable and nonrepairable

But many car owners of Ladas, having faced this problem in practice and having changed not one detail without much success, not from good life think about replacement of the cap of their Samara (Granta, Kalina etc.) with a better one from a foreign car. Especially since some “Volkswagen” caps “as native” fit in diameter and have the same design with a couple of valves inside.

Stainless steel, sir: foreign caps are often very well made, even at a modest price

However, you can not simply screw on the imported product because of the different thread pitch. Tighten the cap “as is” by force also does not work – both the threads will be damaged, and it will not be possible to achieve tightness.

But even this does not stop handy motorists from a simple rationalization – implantation of valves from “someone else’s” cover into the body of the desired part, followed by their adjustment “according to the manual”. On the one hand, “domestic” interference in the original design is not very good, but… the modernized cap works as it should in practice for many craftsmen – unlike those, which can be found on sale in auto stores. Not the least of the factors here is the “straightness of hands” and experience of the person who will perform such a modification.

Usually the other internals are carefully removed in order to install them in the standard cover.

On the left is the Russian body and on the right is the German “donor”

Replacing the tail light of a Volkswagen Polo sedan

By combining all this, it is possible to get a reliable and properly working cover. True, only after fine adjustment of the exhaust valve

“Alien” valve block with the cover removed and assembled

As a rule, for this “donor” cover is sawed, not allowing damage to the valves and seals.

The main thing with such “surgery” is not to damage the valves themselves!

Then the cover is collected with new internals and checked, as they are adjusted for other excess pressure, and the exhaust valve will be opened at 1,3-1,5 kgf/cm2, which is frankly much for VAZ engines. To check this “hybrid”, you will have to make at home a simple stand, consisting of hermetically connected expansion tank and a pump with a manometer. It will allow checking only the valve responsible for the excess pressure, but it will be quite enough.

Ready-made cap for Lada Samara with foreign “guts”

Improvised stand can look like this

Externally the modernized cap does not differ from a usual one.

By sharpening the spring, it is possible to reach the required threshold of the exhaust valve actuation

Having screwed the plug on the thread, you can not only measure pressure but also with further simple manipulations with springs achieve the valve actuation at the required pressure – 1.1 atm. Interestingly, some owners with such “tuning” to avoid problems with tanks and pipes, even a little lower the threshold of the valve opening (up to 0.9-1.0 atm).

Standard parameter for VAZ plug is 1,1-1,2 atm

1.0 atm is quite enough for correct work of the cooling system

And if remaking of the cap is not available for all “scholars”, then we confidently advise to make a test bench and check on it the suspicious (or just just purchased) product!

One more kind of “test bench” for checking the caps – without expansion tank, but with a specially made threaded connection and a check valve

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True, it should be remembered that the pressure gauge of an ordinary foot or hand pump is not a precision instrument. However, its error is good enough to assess when it triggers the exhaust valve. This is half the battle.

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