Modification of the lumbar part of the car seat

Budget modification front seats(Side support)

A month since I want to post this entry, but it does not work. Or blog is closed as usual, or when the blog finally open, I have no free time. Because of this, had to put this record in a few other communities (so those who have seen, I apologize). And so the stars finally aligned! The community is open and I have time! So, meet my entry.

I want to tell you about mine (though maybe already did something similar) option budget remake seats. Many would say that you can buy from another car or sports. I agree, you can. But if there is little or no money, and you want to add a little comfort. Also, someone likes the look of his seat and do not want to change. This entry will be good for these people.

I will tell you about an example of VAZ seat. Unfortunately, you can not upload more than 20 photos, so I will try to add in words and links to photos. The first thing you need to do is to take the seat off.

After taking the seat apart we separate the paralon from the frame. The internet is full of it so I will skip this part.

First of all we make a support for the pelvis. We take a piece of cardboard and along the curves of the paralon we make a stencil. We reduce it on the contour by 1.5-2 cm, so that it will be possible to stretch the paralon and then cover on top. But since I have done it several times, I already had it. Having the stencil, from 1/2 inch tube bend on it.

Next, we take the frame.

And depending on what complexion of the person, fit and weld bent pipes

I tried to make the maximum support, so in my case I will have to make slits in the paralon. For those who don’t need that much support, you can make the support 2-3 cm high and then you won’t have to touch the paralon. Those who make such a big support will have to cut the paralon. There is nothing complicated about it. You take a box knife and cut out the vellum which prevents it from fitting snugly on the seat.

Special signal for alarms

It is better to do it in several stages so as not to overdo it. After fitting the paralon, then it is recommended to wrap the welded pipes with burlap or fiberglass cloth. This is to prevent the paralon from rubbing off so much. This is how the finished sitter looks like

Now let’s proceed to refinishing the backrest. The procedure is similar to the sitter. First we make a stencil

Using the stencil we bend the tube

Fit and weld it to the frame

After that we cut out the surplus of the paralon and pull it into place

Basically we can end here, but you can add a little more comfort. We take the headrest

And we take it apart. In our hands we have a frame. The essence of improvement is to tighten three nuts.

And after that, the headrest is stiffer and doesn’t hang around like crap. Stiffness everyone chooses for himself.

The last and most important modification for those who spend a lot of time driving – this lumbar support. Unfortunately, I could not upload a lot of photos about this modification, so (I hope the moderators will not ban me) will insert links with photos.

Of course you can buy ready options, but they cost money, and not just a little. And I describe budget modification, so I present the simplest version with minimal investment.

At first it is necessary to make a mechanism of tensioning. Let’s remove one spring in area of loincloth Photo 1

Let’s weld a long bolt as a guide and a big nut Фото2 In a nut let’s insert a bolt m10 of medium length.

From a piece of angle it is necessary to make this thing Photo 3

On one side there is a slot for wire, on the other side there is a welded m10 nut and a hole for a guide. Next, you make the adjustment system. I bought a handle to adjust the tilt of the backrest Фото4

Noise and vibration isolation of the engine compartment from the interior of the Toyota Land Cruiser 60.

Beginning to produce a handle and adjusting bolt mount. We take the bolts Photo 5

On one side of the bolt we drill a hole and cut the thread Foto6

Find a bolt by size photo7

Grind the head under the groove of the handle Фото8

On this side this will be how to fix the knob

The same procedure we will do on the other side of the screw Photo9

It is necessary that the angle doesn’t unscrew more than it is necessary Photo 10

It is also necessary to fix the bolt so it won’t get loose and the handle won’t hang around. Let’s make a slot around the bolt Photo11

We will choose the washer according to the size and make the saw cut Photo 12

Fix it in place Фото13

You are going to hang the angle on the place Photo14

Now you need to make a chock itself. We take any belt or a tow rope and sew it to the angle Picture 15

Let the wire from the opposite side through the native side support Photo 16

And the other end we sew to the support over the adjustment bracket Photo17

In relaxed condition the cable takes the function of the native spring

Everything is ready and now we have budget lumbar support. Adjustment range is ok. The only thing is you will have to twist it for a long time to tension the belt completely.

You can see how the seat looks like now

They look like usual factory seats, but much more comfortable.

That’s about it. I hope I will not get a tomato here for such a kolhoz)). Good luck everyone!

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Installation of the lumbar support on the driver’s seat with my own hands

Not all LADA cars are equipped with lumbar support. But you can independently install an adjustable lumbar support for your back in the driver’s seat. There are many ways of this improvement, but we will tell you about the simplest, for which you will spend only an hour of your time.

Interior handle illumination with your own hands

Example of modification is shown on example of Lada XRAY driver seat (by biglayner62). On other cars (Vesta, Granta, Largus, 4×4, Niva, Priora, Kalina, etc.) the whole process is performed similarly.

Need: a hand tonometer (blood pressure meter), the price of about 500 rubles. He should cut the hose with a manometer and plug it.

hand tonometer hand tonometer hand tonometer jammed hose

1. Disassemble the back of the seat.

1.1 From the bottom of the seat unhook the two hinges that are put on the bends of the lower springs. Disassemble the plastic plate lock which connects the backrest and the seat cushion.

Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY

1.2 Open the side upholstery zippers (if there is no “doggie”, you will have to install it).

Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY

1.3 On both sides disconnect the plastic latches, which are fixed to the metal frame.

Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY Disassemble the backrest of the Lada XRAY

We got access to the backrest grid.

2. Installing the lumbar support

2.1 Secure the cuff to an 18×30 cm board or plastic. This will hold the cuff in place and prevent it from falling through the mesh.

Installation of lumbar support for Lada XRAY seats Installation of lumbar support for Lada XRAY seats Installation of lumbar support for Lada XRAY seats

2.2 Detach the upper part of the net, slip the tonometer cuff through and secure it with plastic ties. Rotate the cuff so that the hoses face the side on which the bulb will be positioned.

2.3 Be sure to check the operation by sitting on the seat, making sure that the support is at the right height for you.

2.4 Place the bag, which will adjust the prop, in a convenient place. For example, between the seat and the center tunnel.

Installation of lumbar support for Lada XRAY seats

Perform the assembly of the backrest in the reverse order.

You may need the following instructions to disassemble the seat:

Owner’s Testimonial.

My lumbar gratefully accepted the gift of fate, it hurt a little (pump it up-lower), but eventually calmed down and dissolved into bliss =) A little down, I think by the valve, but a couple of times a day you can give a pear.

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