Noise and vibration isolation of the Skoda Rapid with your own hands.

BJ #8. Complete noise isolation of Skoda Rapid with my hands.Preparation, general impressions, my comments.

Good afternoon all! The idea of insulating your Rapid occurred to me immediately after his purchase, but rather after a test-drive in the showroom before buying). Originally planned to do the doors and arches and planned these improvements for the May vacations, but in the process of saving money (secretly from his wife))) realized that I have enough to fully insulate the car.

On-board magazine photo of Skoda Rapid (1G)

On-board magazine photo of Skoda Rapid (1G)

It was decided to do all the work with STP materials. In advance I bought: 1. Material for noise insulation StP Vibroplast Aero 0,75×0,47m, thickness 2 mm, package of 10 sheets, xspl-VP-Aero (0,75×0,47) 2. Noise insulation material StP Bimast Bomb Premium 0,53×0,75m, thickness 4,2mm, package of 5 sheets, xspl-Vp-Bomb-Prem 3. Material for noise isolation StP Aero Plus 0,75×0,47 m, thickness 3 mm, pack of 5 sheets, xspl-VP-Aero Plus (0,75×0,47) – 2 pcs. 4. Noise isolation material Vibroplast Master M3 0,75×0,47 m, thickness 3 mm, pack of 5 sheets, VP-MasterM3 5. Noise isolation material StP Accent 8C 1,0х0,75m, thickness 8mm, packing of 10 sheets, xspl-Zp-A8KC 6. Soundproofing material StP Accent Premium 1,0×0,75m, thickness 10mm, pack of 5 sheets, xspl-Zp-Apremium5 7. Noise isolation material StP NoiseBlock2 0,35×0,57m, thickness 2mm, pack of 10 sheets, xspl-Vp-NB2 – 2 pcs. 8. Vibration-damping anticorrosive mastic NoiseLIQUIDator – 1 pack of 4 kg. I additionally bought: – 3 sheets StP Vibroplast Aero 0,75×0,47m, thickness 2 mm – 1 sheet Accent 10 with a metal film – 4 sheets of GB-BALANCE HERBAND (originally planned to take Biplast Premium, but nowhere in city did not find, had to take what was available) – 4 2-meter tape madeline. What else was needed: – flat screwdriver – 2 pcs. – Roller patching – construction hair dryer – spets.treter M10 – key at 10 pipe and horn – key at 13 – a set of screwdrivers star – 10 pairs of gloves – office knife and a set (10 pcs.) spare blades for him – 2 liters of degreaser and rags – vacuum cleaner Perhaps something else is missing. Noise isolation was made: – ceiling – 2 layers – floor – 3 layers – trunk – 2-3 layers – doors – 4 layers – processed arches of the wheels with mastic – plastic underfenders partially laminated with vibra – hood – 2 layers – on the trunk lid forces/time left. After all the work was done I had: – 1.5 sheets of Bimast Bomb Premium – 2.5 sheets of Aero – 4 sheets Accent 8C – 1.5 sheets Accent Premium – 4 sheets NoiseBlock2 – 2 sheets Master M3 It took me 8 days – 8 full days: start at 9 am, finish at 9 pm. Two days of which were spent disassembling and reassembling the interior. I still do not understand how you can do a full soundproofing for 8 hours… In general, I want to say that the “WOW” effect did not happen. Yes, the car became quieter, softer began to swallow the bumps in the road, but the noise from the wheels, from the engine, from the mirrors through the windows still remained. Yes, from wheels it has decreased and in general it is felt mostly through the windows. It became less from the engine only at low and idle revolutions, during dynamic revs it is still noisy. Sound of the music, in my opinion, practically has not changed. Sound of music has not changed in my opinion. Doors and a hood started to close without sound of metal, also there is muffled sound everywhere when you tap metal. Of the unpleasant: – During disassembly was broken 1 of the fasteners of the passenger sun visor, as I had no idea how to remove it correctly. – The knob on the front passenger ceiling was incorrectly installed at the factory and was removed “by force”. – There was a wire jammed in one of the doors.

The simplest car tester with our own hands.

On-board magazine photo of Skoda Rapid (1G)

– When lifting the car on the factory jack it went sideways (off the jack), as a result, the sill at the rear wheel was crumpled.

On-board magazine photo of Skoda Rapid (1G)

– Interior was assembled “with a hammer and someone’s mother”)) Report on the works with photos will be posted a little later for each individual group of elements of the body with comments and a general description Until then, good luck to all!

Atelier Rapids noise insulation advantages

VCR of Skoda Rapid

Complete noise isolation Rapid is engaged in many services in Moscow and other major cities of Russia. Simultaneously with the soundproofing is carried out audio preparation salon, installation of sound systems, etc.

RVI in the atelier

Noise isolation works of Skoda Rapid are divided into complexes.

  1. Optimal complex, the price of 20 thousand rubles. Subject to treatment of the roof, doors, floor, trunk, arches, engine shield. The antiskrip material is widely used. Separate package is a service for additional SWI torpedo, arches and outside windows (armor). The work is performed within 12 hours, the result – you can safely communicate in the cabin at a speed of 80 km/h, the noise of the wheels and the street is reduced by half.
  2. Premium, costing 25 thousand rubles, increases the mass of the car by 45-50 kg and is done in 24 hours. The result – noise reduction by 65-70 percent. It becomes quiet inside even at 100km/h, and the music sounds great.
  3. Maximum – the price of the complex of works is 28 thousand rubles. Regular acoustic system sounds like a premium, you can communicate in half tone in the cabin at a speed of 140 km/h. All areas of the body are carefully treated in 2-3 layers, and the doors – in 5 layers. Turnaround time is 36 hours.


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Noise isolation of Skoda Rapid is recommended to carry out in qualified services. They give a three-year warranty on the work. If any material comes off, the service is obliged to fix it at its own expense.

Another advantage of carrying out the VFW in the service centers is the preservation of the dealer’s warranty. Specialists do not dismantle units and assemblies for sound insulation, do not disconnect connectors and do not disconnect electric components. Thus, the official dealer is not given a reason to remove the new car from the warranty.

Silicone high-voltage ignition wires with their own hands.

In a quality tuning studio, you can always get a detailed photo report of the performed work. Masters take photos of all glued layers of materials, giving the owner real proof of the processing of all negotiated elements.

Complete noise isolation

Professional tuners do not leave any traces of disassembly. They understand the intricacies of working with foreign cars, in this case Skoda models. They know the nuances of installing the interior elements, in the process of removal they replace the damaged clips with new and original parts.

Almost all well-known ateliers use materials of premium lines. For example, Standart Plast. This makes it possible to use reliable and non-toxic kits that are environmentally friendly and not sensitive to temperature changes. They do not emit unpleasant odors, even in the heat. Thanks to modern technology it is possible to choose materials that effectively eliminate noise, but not too heavy construction. 45-50 kg is almost nothing for a heavy vehicle.

Some services allow the owner to be present during the operation. Thus, it is possible to personally control the event.

In addition to a full-fledged CVI, many ateliers also offer a partial procedure. On the Skoda Rapid sound insulation arches and fenders or the front panel may be carried out separately. The price starts from 4 thousand rubles.

About Skoda Rapid noise isolation

The family of Skoda cars is constantly updated, each new model is subjected to partial or complete upgrades. There are modern options that attract new buyers. However, before the buyers were more interested in the technical characteristics of the car, and today – efficiency, safety and comfort of driving.

Noise isolation of wheel arches

The last point, the producers of the Czech auto factory try to pay the most attention in the design. But unfortunately, the issue of noise insulation remains open, the task of treatment rests on the shoulders of the car owners who are interested in more comfort. For example, if the owner of the car is a melomaniac, and the usual level of sound does not suit him unequivocally.


Puritan There is no need to make noise in Skoda at all. The only thing you can spend money on is to make noise in the front lockers, and from the driver’s side to glue the bare metal under the panel. That’s all.
Kirill For me the roar of the Rapid is rather pleasant, in any case I personally am not annoyed by this noise. But all the same, I did the SHI on my Rapid in July 2014. Wiring done in a car dealership, paid 120 000 tenge (at that time the exchange rate of tenge to ruble 4.8-5 tenge per ruble is obtained 24-25 thousand rubles). Made: ceiling – vibration isolation Noico Solutions, noise isolation Stp; floor salon – vibration isolation Noico Solutions, noise isolation Stp and back put native noise (what kind of pressed felt about 15 mm thick); trunk floor – vibration isolation Noico Solutions; doors (including the trunk door) – vibration isolation Noico Solutions (on the outer shuba), noise isolation Stp (on the door trim). During the disassembly of the car found the following: on the ceiling, on the arches of the rear wheels was glued staff SHI type pressed felt thickness of about 10 mm, it subsequently had to peel off, and places of gluing clean and degrease; on the floor of the cabin (including arches of the front wheels) is also laid staff SHI in the form of molded, pressed felt about 15 mm thick. Therefore, I dare to affirm, that standard bushes on the Rapid are rather decent for its cost – of course. I can also say that even before the firing of shi on my Rapid, I drove about 300-350 km owner of KiaRio (relative from Bashkiria once came, rolled around our sights, so to speak). He has noted at once, that the Rapide “… will have better noise level than Kia Rio. Well and actually feelings from SHI – 120 000 tenge are spent in vain. It was possible with the same result, but less cost to do SHI in places: to do SHI doors, trunk floor and outside glue vibro arches and all. I should stipulate that it is my personal opinion based on my personal feelings.
Falcone Most of the acceleration noise comes from the exhaust, not the engine. So far I’ve taped the front doors over the acoustics and taped the trunk floor. There is an effect. It is more comfortable to drive around. Noise from the engine is much quieter. It is much easier to drive on the highway at high speed. Before isolation the noise of exhaust was disturbing up to a headache. In the spring I plan to do the floor and rear doors.
Hobych I glued my Granta in the installation center. it cost me (2 years ago) in 25 thousand rubles (complete noise isolation without the roof). There was noise and vibration isolation. The material was glued to the metal and the interior trim, such as doors. In the rapide I want to glue only the arches. The sound of the engine is fine with me. And in general, well yes, I have heard that the 1.6 is noisier. But the 1.4 outside noise as a diesel small…
Dmitry From the outside the engine is not heard at all, but when you press the accelerator pedal on acceleration, it seems that under the hood of V8 minimum. I had different Mitsubis before the Rapid (a few Lancers and a Pajero Sport), also noisy cars, but such nasty noise from the engine was not even at maximum rpm.
Semyonchik The main source of this noise engine CFN is not a chain, and the exhaust tract, which, by the way is already updated with respect to Polo Sedan, there is a growling sound in the cabin is heard even stronger.
Vasily Akashkin For me the question of noise isolation is not so acute. It all depends on the driver, how much he is used to the outside noise. Moreover, if you compare the Skoda Rapid with the “domestic car industry” it turns out she has perfect noise isolation.
Sergey Poshep Noise on the Rapid, as well as on the Polo-Sedan is not any!!! You will hear a peculiar roar of the engine at speeds over three thousand, you will hear how water hits you in wheel arches, passing through puddles, you will hear how water hits the belly of your car. It’s a budget model. Once upon a time, I had to disassemble the BMW for parts for sale, a thick layer of felt lay in every conceivable and not conceivable place. What a noise! Nothing like that would ever happen! Gluing the doors, ceiling, hood and trunk, will not make a Rapid-a BMW!!! Therefore, as the owner of Polo-Sedan, did not glue and did not “noise” is not much use and transfer money. miserable give!
Alexander The Rapid has noise insulation. Examined his car (of course not disassembled) but where you can look at the noise isolation is present, maybe not as with BMW but the price for the Rapid is not the same as the BMW. I have never heard how water hits the wheel arches, especially on the bottom. In general, if to look under a car you can see that the underbody is almost completely covered with a protection. And about the noise is enough to look under the hood and see the noise isolation, which sometimes does not happen even on cars of a higher class. The front panel is also noisy, under the dashboard where I could reach it is also there. About the engine I agree to hear after 3000 thousand, but the conventional wisdom is that 1.6MPI itself noisy. And after VAZ 1183 in general I first thought that the car does not go and stands as quiet as it was, now hearing is adapted to something heard, but compared to VAZ heaven and earth.
Expert 400 Always in a new car doing noise, even if the Rapide will be noisy, the price of a question of 12 thousand for everything + a box of beer and warm weather) You can so rustle that the S class would be jealous)
Busokoy This is a minus, on our roads noise isolation is necessary, you can do noise isolation yourself if you have experience with disassembly of the interior, it will be cheaper and of higher quality. Also, you can take the car to a pro and you a couple of days to do everything, but not for the fact that they will do on conscience!
Vanyusha To make a good soundproofing, you need to completely disassemble the cabin. Remove the trim doors, ceiling. And this is not everyone can do. You need a special tool. But it must be done. The difference in comfort before and after work is very noticeable.
Sergey 2121 Somehow I doubt that there is no noise isolation in the Rapid. After all, it is Skoda, even in my old Octavia Tour, and I think it is present in the Rapid even more.
Easy Car Tester for the Car Connector

Last recommendations

Before carrying out vinyl fitting it is desirable for an automobile owner to define at once what he wants to do: to improve sounding of acoustics, to get rid of creaks in interior or to receive a maximum of comfort.

Usually the limited budget forces you not to chase after the full-fledged noise insulation of Skoda Rapid, and to choose a partial. First of all, it is necessary to start from the following.

  1. If the owner is more interested in the sound of the acoustics in the cabin, treat the doors, trunk and wheel arches.
  2. To reduce the noise of busy roads and inclement weather will help noise insulation of the ceiling – it is suitable for residents of large cities, living in latitudes where it rains a lot and strong winds are not uncommon.
  3. Residents of villages, often leaving on unpaved roads or off-roads will be ideal for noise insulation of the bottom and arches.

Scheme of the full noise isolation

Conducting noise insulation yourself will require the presence of the obligatory special tools:

  • construction hair dryer, helping to quickly heat materials on a bitumen base;
  • roller for rolling materials;
  • sharp scissors for cutting;
  • Degreaser, which can be white spirit or solvent.

As far as materials are concerned, the following are more commonly used today.

  1. Vibroplast Gold or Silver, which is a “self-adhesive” with a protective aluminum foil. The material is marked in squares of 5×5 cm, which makes it easy to install. Advantages: immunity to environment and moisture, good anti-corrosive properties. Gold and Silver treat floor, doors, ceiling, engine panel from the inside.
  2. BiMast Bomb – like the first material is a vibration absorber, only on a bitumen basis. This means that it must be installed with a hair dryer – heated up to 40-50 ° C. Advantages: moisture resistance, high efficiency, low coefficient of mechanical losses. It is used for treatment of wheel arches, the area above the muffler and the front mask.
  3. Splen 3004 is acoustic insulator on adhesive basis. It is easily mounted on different surfaces, including the curved ones. Advantages: moisture resistance, light weight with great thickness, a wide range of temperature conditions.
Stealth or subwoofer in Mitsubishi Outlander with your own hands

Noise isolation of Skoda Rapid with your own hands can be carried out qualitatively only if you follow the instructions.

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