Noise and vibration isolation of Toyota Corolla. From ComfortMat material

Noise isolation of Toyota Corolla

to the maximum includes: hood, ceiling, 4 doors, floor and wheel arches, trunk, rear fenders, trunk lid. For an additional fee: soundproofing of the torpedo and engine compartment or 4 wheel arches outside.

Noise isolation of Toyota Corolla. Another working day has come and we take another batch of cars for complete noise isolation of the cabin. One of them is a brand new Toyota Corolla. These cars come to us with enviable popularity, well, we in turn perform a full range of works to achieve comfort and suppression of acoustic noise in the cabin. The owner stays with us and will watch the whole process, well, we invite you to join us virtually. All our noise isolation is made strictly by appointment, so before the arrival of the car all the material in our company cut in advance on proprietary templates and heated in a special heater to a temperature of 50 degrees. Our team consists of more than twenty people and our work is organized in such a way that no one is distracted by breaks and do not interfere with each other during the implementation of noise isolation works. So, we start the full Toyota Corolla soundproofing, which will take us about 9 hours.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla hood soundproofing is done in two layers. The first layer (light vibrodampfer Comfort mat Dark D3) is applied to the metal of the hood, and the soundproofing FPU is applied to the underside of the regular trim.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Noise insulation of Toyota Corolla roof. Trim ceiling neatly disassembled, metal degreased and ready for pasting first vibration isolation and then the noise absorber. Our craftsmen work with clean hands and gloves to ensure no stains or snags on the ceiling of your pet.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

We put a thick, but lightweight brand Comfort Mat Dark D3, 3 millimeters thick. It is pre-heated in the stove, which helps it to roll more effectively to the metal of the roof and achieve maximum effect.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Then we use high-density acoustic Felton felt with a moisture-proof layer. After all, not for nothing in the expensive German cars (Audi, Mercedes, BMW) felt is used as factory noise insulation, including on the ceiling. Felt perfectly performs the role of trapping air sound waves, walking in the cavities of the roof.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Door Noise Insulation. Corolla door trim is disassembled and we show you that it is completely bare. In the door we will have 4 layers of vibration isolation and noise isolation material. But first – degreasing the working surfaces.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Light and reliable Comfort mat Dark D3 works on the outer wall of the door as a vibration damper.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Then we use Comfortt mat Vision foam rubber with a thickness of 6 mm. The main condition for the material on the outer sheet of the door is 100% moisture resistance, and we fully meet this condition by using Comfort mat Vision foam.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Moving on to the inner wall of the door (the frame) and gluing it with a solid sheet of Comfort mat Dark D3 vibration isolation. At this stage a closed volume is formed inside the door, which contributes to better sounding of the regular acoustics.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

A thick layer of Comfort mat Soft Wave embossed pyramids completes noise isolation of the door. It is not only an ideal noise absorber with a thickness of 15 mm, but also an excellent sealing, which allows to reliably fit the door on the seats without unnecessary squeaks and crickets.

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 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Soundproofing the floor, trunk, and wheel arches of your Toyota Corolla. When the doors, hood, and ceiling are done, our entire large team begins to soundproof the floor. The seats, center console and carpeting are taken out, the trim is removed and we degrease the metal before starting the linings.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

We take out absolutely everything from the salon and trunk, and accurately stack it on a special table. This allows us to do our work qualitatively and nicely.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Our pride is the vibration damper Comfort Mat Ultra Loker 5.2 mm, which we have jointly developed by our testing center and the Comfort Mat TM, which we put on the cabin floor and wheel arches. We would remind you that this material is taken out of our furnace already heated evenly throughout its thickness up to 50 degrees. We don’t waste time heating each sheet, which means we concentrate our energy on rolling the material.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

The material is over 5 millimeters thick. That’s a tremendous impact on a vibration-loaded bottom. The modern chemical formula allows the material to be light, incredibly tenacious (adhesion) and efficient (KMP exceeds 0.63 units). This is a real exclusive for our customers from Auto-Locker and is produced on a separate factory assembly line specifically for our center. All this thanks to close cooperation and the status of the flagship center for the installation of noise insulation Comfort mat in Moscow.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

We used 3 mm thick Comfort mat of Dark D3 series on the trunk floor, as well as on the rear fenders.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

When the turn of a sound absorber comes, we took out our arsenal of very effective porous material Comfort mat Pro Lock 6 and Lock 4, which perfectly works on sound absorption. Splenium, which is used by economy offices, has been “buried” by us for a long time.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Working efficiently, we manage to do it beautifully. Experience! We know every car by sight, we remember everything!

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

No premium soundproofing would be the same without a dense sound-reflecting membrane. Certainly, we have it and it is used in each car. Its name is Comfort mat Blocker.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

The blocker is laid on the most noise-loaded parts of the body, allowing to block the sound wave inside the noise absorber. This material is also available exclusively for our customers in 4 mm thickness with our logos. All other studios get 3 mm.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

The blocker from Comfort mat is also good, because unlike other manufacturers’ materials, it can stick to the vertical planes of the wheel arches! A powerful and high-quality mounting layer. Note that the wheel arch is treated both on the trunk side and the fender side. Nothing is left untreated.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

The trunk lid is vibro-damped and its trim is treated with visco-elastic noise absorber and antiskrip.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

The assembly of the car has started and it will soon be leaving our facility. We have a large group of experienced masters (over 20 people), who have performed more than 1000 soundproofings a year within the walls of our native Auto-Locker.

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

We are staffed with a large number of qualified and experienced professionals most of whom have been with us since we opened in 2007. Annually we repair more than 1000 automobiles and we are highly experienced in disassembling and assembling of car interiors of different brands. All this allows us to guarantee factory quality of your interior assembly without any signs of tampering such as snags, cuts or stains. Our Auto-Locker warranty protects you against all of this.

Built-in USB charger jack in the car

 Noise isolation Toyota Corolla

Noise isolation of the Toyota Corolla is over. All our work took about 9 hours without a break in front of the owner of the car, who watched this “spectacle” with his mouth wide open. Not a single piston is broken, all linings assembled without gaps, as if the car had never been disassembled. Our masters have vast experience in soundproofing cars, the number of which passed through our hands are not hundreds but thousands. This Corolla has weighed 50-52 pounds of the most top sound absorbers at the time of publication of the photo report, increased rigidity and resistance of metal to accidental dents and bumps, and with it appeared feeling of the car class above. Working in the presence of the owner, we have very good feedback on the results of our activities, the owners recommend us to friends, and come to us again when they change the car. This is our incentive, which helps us to develop further. And now we invite you to take part in the play entitled “Noise control of your car in your presence. We have been working since 2007 and we have something to show you!

to the maximum includes: hood, ceiling, 4 doors, floor and wheel arches, trunk, rear fenders, trunk lid. For an additional fee: soundproofing of the torpedo and engine compartment or 4 wheel arches outside.

sound insulation of doors, trunk lid, rear shelf and fifth door of Toyota Corolla E150, 120

One of the factors that ensure comfort is the level of noise isolation of the car interior. It depends on the quality of the noise insulation materials that are placed on the hood, trunk, roof and wheel arches of the car. Over the course of use, the level of noise protection can decrease, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in the comfort of using the car. Often, the original Toyota Corolla 120 and 150 models of noise isolation, does not satisfy the motorist, and there is a need to increase the noise isolation of the vehicle.

On how to remove the original noise insulation, there are many videos, which show step by step how to remove the insulation materials from various parts of the car.

Hood Noise Insulation Installation

Hood noise insulation on the Toyota Corolla is installed in two steps:

  1. Hood Vibration Insulation

Toyota Corolla interior

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This step will protect the interior from vibrations resulting from the operation of the power unit. It is recommended to use materials that are not afraid of constant exposure to high temperatures (in the engine compartment can constantly remain high temperature). Foil-coated material is a good idea, it will act as a heat reflective layer.

To create a quality vibration isolation layer is necessary to treat all the planes between the stiffeners. Often there is a need to replace the already installed vibration protection. To do this, you need to order more effective materials online. As a rule, the delivery of the order takes a few days.

Double glass on the classic with his hands

To create a second layer, which is responsible for thermal and noise insulation of the vehicle, you can use thermal insulation materials, using a foil layer. It is worth noting that the use of noise-absorbing elements, on the hood will not be as effective. It is better to mount sound reflective materials.

Installation of noise insulation of the roof

Installing noise insulation on the roof of the car is the most necessary step to improve the insulation of the entire interior. This is due to the fact that the roof has no sound protection, and is limited only to the upholstery material. This leads to the fact that the driver and passengers, through the ceiling, can clearly hear the noise of passing cars, wind and rain. Also, the relatively thin layer of metal resonates perfectly with a car speaker system.

Insulation of the roof is also carried out in two steps: the installation of vibration insulation and, directly, the noise insulation itself. To protect against all kinds of vibrations, it is recommended to use a two-millimeter layer of material “Vizomat”. It should cover the space between the ribs of the roof to 80 or 100%. To seal the space between the roof and the roof stiffeners, you can use strips of vibrodampfer.

Why do I need noise insulation?

Car engine compartment isolation is a very popular service, which is ordered by the owners of budget and rather expensive cars. Squeaks and crickets often become the reason for treatment in the technical center, which are especially evident in frosty weather and when driving on rough roads. But of course, after laying the insulation material also reduces the noise and vibrations that are transmitted from the engine compartment. Note that performing these operations involves dismantling the torpedo, which in itself is not the easiest thing to do. Of course, it is important to calculate the thickness of the material laid, because if you make a mistake, the panel installation will be very problematic.

Car engine compartment isolation can be an independent operation or a part of complex works. It is also worth noting that the price of such an event directly depends on the class of the model.

Noise insulation of wheel arches

In medium-class cars, noise insulation of the wheel arches is given little attention. However, it is this part of the vehicle is the most noisy. The sound that occurs when the car is in motion penetrates the interior and interferes with a comfortable ride.

Noise isolation Toyota Corolla includes measures to trim the wheel arches with sound-absorbing material. To do this, each wheel arch is trimmed as the outside of the body, and inside the cabin. On the outside, it is recommended to use vibration-absorbing materials that were used to increase the sound protection of the doors and hood of the vehicle. On the inside, noise-absorbing materials are used. They are processed by the rear wheel arches, the floor of the car, the trunk and the bulkhead of the engine compartment.

Noise isolation of Toyota Corolla 150 and 120 is carried out in several stages: hood, roof, doors, wheel arches, partition of the engine compartment, trunk. Actions aimed at improving the insulation, you need to accurately and carefully, since many parts of the interior trim are made of plastic, which tends to break when handled carelessly. Broken latches do not contribute to a tight fit of this or that part of the car interior, and it significantly spoils the comfort of using the vehicle.

Hydraulic press with their own hands


Each master at Mos-Olimp has 5+ years of experience, which is a guarantee of gentle interior disassembly. Be sure no part will be damaged or broken in the process. The master changes up to 20 pairs of gloves while working on your car.

Corolla interior – after disassembly the interior is thoroughly washed and degreased. Then the master takes pictures of the disassembled interior, each element is photographed separately, the roof, doors, floor, hood, rear fenders, trunk lid. Then begins the process of installing the first layer of noise insulation.

All the vibration material before installation is heated in a special oven to a temperature of about 57-60 C. It is mandatory that during installation everything is rolled with rollers for maximum adhesion to the metal!

Noise insulation of salon begins with a complete degreasing of the metal surface. Then the masters install the first layer – vibration isolation material Extreme PRO. The best vibration-damping material, created after years of development with the help of the latest technologies BitFoil and InFliz.

Once again, let’s emphasize the fact that all vibration material is preheated and mounted hot. During installation, the entire area of the material is rolled with rollers for maximum adhesion to the body metal.

We use the premium novelty in the line of vibration materials from ComfortMat. Vibration isolation material Comfortmat Extreme PRO. The best vibration-damping material, created with the latest BitFoil and InFliz technologies.

The material has a multi-layer structure, and combines two types of mastic, separated by an additional layer of foil. The thickness of the material is 6,5 mm.

Extreme PRO is an effective material that has no analogues on the market.

Then we proceed to the installation of the noise absorbing layer in the interior of the Toyota Corolla 2021. New in the line of noise absorbers, multilayer material BlockShot Premium.

The material has a high level of sound insulation up to 30 dB due to the membrane structure. Mounting layer perfectly withstands temperature fluctuations from -50 to +150 C.

The material does not come off complex (curved) surfaces with a negative angle. Overall thickness 7 mm.

The surface under the rear passenger seat is glued with the premium material Vision Red.

The material for acoustic tuning of the car, made of red high-performance acoustic foam AcoFoam, based on a mixture of synthetic rubbers. The material is 6 mm thick and at the same time has high soundproofing and noise-absorbing properties.

Sound insulation of a roof begins with degreasing the metal surface and installation of ComfortMat ultra-light material – Dark Premium D3. 3mm thick.

Mount the first layer – the ultra-light vibro material from ComfortMat – Dark Premium.

We use the novelty in the line of ComfortMat vibro materials. Improved adhesion, lower weight, higher efficiency.

The second layer on the roof of the car is noise-insulating material Comfortmat SkyLine – the lightest existing membrane sound insulation, which is made on the modern mounting adhesive sealant of the latest generation.

The working part of the soundproofing material consists of a soundproofing layer, covered with a dense thin soundproofing membrane. The material is absolutely waterproof, has high elasticity and adhesion to vertical surfaces. The thickness of the material is 7 mm.

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Noise isolation of Corolla doors includes 4 layers of PVI, plus the anti-screen of all door casing, this order of installation of vibration and noise materials allows to achieve the maximum effect of noise isolation, reduce the vibrations going through the body, improve the sound of the car’s regular acoustics. Carefully, using a special tool so as not to damage or scratch the body and the door trim proceed to disassembly.

The first layer is assembled on the hot and effective vibration-damping material Dark Premium D3, and roll it with rollers. We remove vibrations and stiffen the metal of the doors.

We use the novelty in the line of ComfortMat vibro materials. Improved adhesion, lower weight, higher efficiency.

We mount Comfort Mat Integra acoustic noise insulation material as the second layer in the door. The thickness of the material is 7 mm.

The material combines soundproofing and thermal insulation properties due to the unique acoustic membrane and multilayer structure.

The third layer – vibro D2, is mounted on the outer side of the door, is designed to eliminate as much as possible the vibrations going on the car body.

The final, fourth layer of sound insulation of doors is the material Volna – effective noise isolator from ComfortMat, it dampens up to 80% of sounds.

The material is designed for professional acoustic preparation of the door volume. It eliminates negative and acoustic phenomena such as: overreflections, standing waves, Echo effect (superposition of waves one on another). Considerably improves sounding of original car acoustics! Thickness of the material is 15mm.

We treat each door trim with antiskrip to eliminate the appearance of annoying “crickets” in the car.

Noise isolation of the trunk of Toyota Corolla includes a combination of vibration-noise-absorbing materials to achieve the maximum effect.

The first layer in the trunk niche is mounted vibrodamping material made from a mastic composition of a new level G-formula and aluminum foil HotAl on technology InFliz, which resulted in a significant increase in all indicators, especially KMP and adhesion. The thickness is 3.2 mm.

On the arches we mount the vibration insulation material Extreme Pro. The vibro is pre-heated and rolled with rollers during installation.

Then proceed to install the noise absorbers. In trunk wings goes material Volna – effective noise isolator, dampens up to 80% of sounds. The thickness is 15mm.

Trunk niche and arches glued with highly effective noise isolation of Comfortmat with acoustic membrane – blockshot. The thickness is 7mm.

The noise isolation of a hood also won’t be left without attention. The first layer of the vibro shall be mounted on the metal and rolled with rollers.

On the protection of the hood mount fusion, protected by anti-adhesion gasket. The material has high heat insulating and noise absorbing properties. Durable and does not decay under the influence of the environment.

Noise insulation of the trunk lid consists of vibration- and noise-absorbing material. Vibration-damping material made of a new level of G-formula mastic composition and aluminum foil HotAl using InFliz technology, which allowed to achieve a significant increase in all indicators, especially KMP and Adhesion. The thickness of the material is 2.2mm.

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