Oil change for Polo Liftback 2021: into gearbox and engine

TO-0. Engine oil change and DSG-7.

Hello everyone! Almost 4 months of Polik has passed. Mileage is 2800 km now. Running-in period is passed. Actually, I wanted to change the oil at 2500 km, but no big deal. Running-in period somewhere around 3000 +/-.

It was bought: – SHELL Helix Ultra SP 5W-40 engine oil (4l) – part number 550055905 – Mann oil filter – part number W712/95 – O-ring under the drain plug Sasic – part number 3130270 – LiquiMoly Top Tec MTF 5300 70W-75W GL-4 (2l) – part number 21359

Changing the oil in the engine will not describe, everything is clear. I will tell you a little about change of oil in DSG. It was decided to use relatively new oil, of new viscosity and synthetic. I must tell at once that I will not answer the questions like: “Why do you change oil in a gearbox?”, “Why did you use synthetic oil? – I will not answer. I am an “addict” in terms of maintenance of cars)))) No offense) Before changing the oil, remove the battery and its pad for convenience. At the top, there are two breathers on the transmission. One is for changing oil in working part of the gearbox, the other is for mechatronic. We need the first breather to change the oil in the box itself.

Drain the old oil. I drained about 1.5 to 1.6 liters. We take off the plastic cover from the breather. We choose hose so it fits on the tube. Insert funnel or syringe. Pour more fresh oil, about 1,8 – 1,9 liter (it is with additive). Who wants, you can add some. I added additive from “good Germans” – part number P2171.

Let’s see how it will behave. That’s all, actually. Reassemble everything in the reverse order.

Thank you for reading! Good luck to you all!

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Volkswagen Polo Liftback 2021, engine Gasoline 1.4 liter, 125 hp, Front drive, Robotic – scheduled maintenance

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Hi. Can you tell us about the maintenance of the mechatronic system?

Reviews by real owners of Volkswagen Teramont

Hi. Oil change every 30 to 50k, whatever.

What kind of oil do you recommend?

To be honest, I have not given this question much thought. You can pour the original oil. Also, I heard that they use original Volvo oil.

So there was even a recall campaign to replace the synthetic with mineral in the dsg? And here the author did the opposite)))

I wonder what they write about the box (ZaRulem): At the end of 2013, the manufacturer organized a global recall campaign, under which almost a million and a half cars of different models of five brands of the concern fell. The work involved changing the oil from synthetic to mineral and updating the software. Liquids on synthetic base are more aggressive to different elements of the box, and it is especially evident in heavy-duty operations, leading to a significant heating of the unit. In 17 year on Yeti they just changed firmware to me – excessive oil pressure, also recall company was. Box at mineral oil worked flawlessly for 4 years, although it does not spared))))) after diagnostics dealer ripped off the hands in trade-in) This is how I share my experience)))

Also thought about the synthetic in the DSG. Very interesting experience using this oil. Please write a review after some time.

Dry DSG, but it has oil in it (now some will write) . And the clutch on the DQ200, when do the junkies change it?

Apparently after a couple of oil changes)


Dry DSG, but it has oil in it (now some will write) . And the clutch on the DQ200, when do the junkies change it?

Engine and gearbox oil for VW Polo

Engine and gearbox oil for VW Polo

Our brother the motorist knows for a fact, that the terms of service of these units depend on what oil to fill, both in the engine, and in a transmission and with what periodicity to do it. Besides, it is necessary to monitor the levels of lubricating fluids and in due time to refill them. And then the overhauls of power and transmission units can be postponed for a long time.

What oil to fill in the PASSAT B6: selection rules

However, using cheap fakes and neglecting the control of lubricating liquids levels, inevitably leads to the necessity of addressing the repair shops, where the reconditioning manipulations are not at all cheap.

What kind of oil is used at the factory

The engine oil from the factory in Kaluga, where Polo liftback is assembled, is usually Castrol 5W-40. The characteristics of this oil allow easy start of engines even in 30 degree frosts. This lubricant allows preserving the necessary parameters of oil films in the presence of any loads.

As for the products of other manufacturers, for Volkswagen Polo, the factory recommends using a grease that corresponds to the factory viscosity articles, as well as with the SAE marking.

Oil viscosity articles

Before pouring a particular oil in the engine, it is necessary to have at least a general idea of its nomenclature values. Lubricants are labeled with alphanumeric indices on their packages.

As an example, the oil 5W-40 recommended by the manufacturer of Polo liftback is deciphered so that the initial number together with the letter show the parameter of viscosity of the grease in cold weather. In other words, it means at what minus temperatures the fluid loses its lubricating properties:

  • 0W means the oil can withstand up to -35º;
  • 5W indicates that the oil can be used up to -30º;
  • 10W means up to -25º;
  • 15W means the oil can be used at ambient temperatures down to -20º;
  • and 20W corresponds to -15º.

As for the second numerical value, it is a parameter of grease consistency when heated. To avoid getting bogged down with the nuances of defining this value, let us say that the higher the index, the better the viscosity values.

In addition to the viscosity parameters another important criterion greases serves – this tolerance, which has a reference number in the form of an alphanumeric parameter, which is assigned to oils after the study of their composition. For the Volkswagen Polo, the oil approval for all gasoline engines, including the 1.6 liter non-supercharged engines has the designation VW 502.00.

Volkswagen Tiguan rims and tires: size, alloy.

VW Polo engine oil: what is the best oil for regular use?

Power units Russified German most suitable lubricant with the following parameters:

  • SAE oil brand with the indexes 5W-40, as well as 5W-30;
  • VW 502.00;
  • but for Russian operation conditions it is recommended to take lubricant VW 504.00.

Why does Russian Polo need VW 504.00 engine oil?

For Russia it is desirable to use oil VW 504.00 because

  • this grease does not lose its properties while the engines are idling. And idling in traffic jams has become a national feature of travel for Russians in cities with millions of inhabitants;
  • The oil is not susceptible to oxidation and does not form deposits. And that means it doesn’t contribute to contamination of the oil ducts;
  • is perfectly amenable to removal by flushing measures.

Replacement Intervals

As for replacement, intervals are usually regular:

  • On average, it is from up to 10 thousand and up to 15 thousand mixed mileage;
  • In urban operation, the interval is half as long;
  • Check the current oil level as often as possible, and ideally every day.

Transmission oil in Polo liftback box

Lubricants during the operation of transmissions accumulate products of wear and as a result, both bearings and bushings, and the gears themselves in turn are subjected to intense wear and tear. Moreover, due to the heavy periodic loads the transmission is exposed to temperature changes, so there are gaps in the joints of case parts, which leads to oil leaks.

On the one hand severe contamination, on the other hand – the reduction of the lubricating fluid volumes can lead to complete failure of the gearbox.

Proceeding from the practice of using gear lubricants, as well as in accordance with the factory recommendations for VW Polo with the box type “manual” the most optimal is a hypoid oil, having viscosity 75W90. In other words, in garage terminology, this grease is an all-season semi-synthetic, universal with a sufficient for long-term operation set of both protective and detergent additives.

Rims and tires VW Passat B6

As for automatic transmission fluid, first of all, it is marked as ATF (transmission fluid brand MTF for manual transmission) with viscosity from 75W in winter and up to 90W, and from 80 to 250 viscosity units in summer.

Regarding the use of all-season grease for Polo’s automatic transmission, it is the previously mentioned 75W90 hypoid grease.

For exact determination of the necessary oil for this or that transmission Volkswagen Polo has a special program ETKA, where you can pick up a suitable lubricant from their extensive list in the catalog with the help of the wine code of the car.

Replacement intervals

For manual transmissions, it’s within 50,000-60,000 mileage, and for automatic transmissions – 25,000-50,000 km.

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