Parktronic on Polo sedan: installation features

Parktronic installation on Volkswagen Polo

On sale there are many versions and varieties, both in terms of price and technical characteristics. Consider a device in the average price segment – AVILINE MP-216LED-F4BU/SU. The model is popular, with a positive reputation.

  • The 4-sensor system, which is installed both in the front and rear of the car. Activation occurs when the brake pedal is depressed;
  • two range adjustment modes: 0.6 and 0.9 meters;
  • cable length reserve of 4.5 meters;
  • color display with three picture options;
  • gradation scale;
  • digital indication;
  • sound control;
  • automatic adjustment for exterior equipment – towbar;
  • sensor sensitivity modes selection;
  • additional bracket included for fixation on the ceiling.

The average cost is 3000 rubles, installation at the service from 10 000 rubles, repainting in the color of the car – 600 rubles / one sensor.


Algorithm of installation

  • The car is in transport position and the original headliner is removed;
  • the sensor is fixed on the bracket supplied with the kit or on a double-sided adhesive tape;
  • The electric wiring is laid along the ceiling and fastened with soft “Shark” type fasteners;
  • on the right side, closer to the luggage compartment, we lower the wires to the sill, put them in the luggage compartment. Unscrew the regular noise insulation beforehand;
  • Remove the plastic trunk liner. There are only six pistons, which can be removed with a flat-tipped screwdriver. If handled carelessly, they break.
  • Not all models of Volkswagen Polo have standard bumpers with holes for parking sensors, only in the configuration “Elegance”. It is necessary to mark yourself;
  • total length is 1260 cm. The instruction manual recommends the size 380 / 500 / 380. In practice, the following is often used: 420 / 420 / 420. A total of four gauges and three equal sections. Beautiful and symmetrical;
  • neatly drill holes on “12” with a drill. The edges are machined with sandpaper, remove the lumps of plastic;
  • there is a problem in running the cable from the trunk to the hole in the bumper. It can be solved with the help of regular ventilation ducts in the trunk compartment. They are most suitable for laying in the right side. In addition we drill the opening, put in a twisted pair. Stock cable should be at least one meter, preferably one and a half for the reserve;
  • The final stage of installation: the electronic control unit, the so-called “brains”. Fixing is done with strips of double-sided adhesive tape, which is supplied with the kit;
  • connect wires, attach ECU in right side of trunk on inside of fender, under trim;
  • close, reassemble, bolt on.
Replacing the horn on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

Installation processScheme

Diagram of electrical wiring

  • Brown mass, black and blue – plus;
  • green wire is unnecessary, it can be insulated. Perhaps on other models it has a use, but on Polo it is unnecessary;
  • The red wire has a plastic fuse with a 0.5Amp fuse.


Typical causes of parktronic failure

  • Damage of electric circuit, wire breakage;
  • Short circuit “on earth”, insulation separation, defective fuse;
  • mechanical damage, accident, collision, impact, deformation;
  • malfunction of system firmware, electronic control unit;
  • Moisture, condensation, dirt, pebbles, which leads to incorrect interpretation of signals, frequent false alarms.


Versions, modifications and cost

Often there is a question about which parking sensor to choose. On sale there are many different types, price categories. Differences are both external and internal. In the cheap variants built a cut-down software, which works in a limited mode. Budget models are not always equipped with digital displays for information output.

If you decide to install parktronic, opt for the medium price category and above. The cost difference of 1000 rubles will not particularly affect your financial situation, but you will get a good, high-quality product.

The operating life is five years, so assures most manufacturers of the average price segment. Cheap counterparts do not last even one year.

When dirt or moisture systematically gets inside the sensor, you can see incorrect operation, distance to the object is disturbed. This problem can be solved quite easily. You should disconnect the “minus” terminal of the battery, remove the sensor from its regular place. Carefully clean it from dirt and wipe it dry. It is categorically forbidden to wet, wash. Put it back in place and check for proper operation. If the problem is not solved, you need to replace the new one.

Parktronic installation on the volkswagen polo sedan

My father-in-law decided to buy parktronic on a volkswagen polo sedan.

His choice fell on the AVILINE MP-216LED-F4BU/SU 4-sensor universal system with the ability to install as a front or rear system.

Noise isolation of engine compartment of Polo sedan

When installed as a front system, the sensors are activated when the brake is pressed. On the control unit, the sensor range can be selected from 60 cm / 90 cm. Increased length of sensor wires up to 4.5 meters. Inverse display (3 views and therefore 3 installation options). Display is equipped with a switch to select the image variant. Color scales with indication of readings from each sensor. 4-tone audible warning for obstacles. Digital indication to the nearest obstacle. Volume control. Auto-adjustment to the protruding elements of the car (towbar, bull bar, etc.). Smooth adjustment of the sensitivity of the sensors. In the kit bracket for attaching to the ceiling. Sensors can be painted in any color.

This system was purchased at the offices of the Volkswagen Tver Makon – Auto for 2900 rubles, as well as its installed by the official: Kia, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, and others. The cost of installation is 10 000 rubles, if the painting is + 600 rubles. Parktronic was purchased separately without installing the officers, just for the painting of 4 sensors officers asked 2500 rubles – a lot! By turning to a third-party service paint job cost 800 rubles with the selection of color.

Sensors are painted, we can proceed to their installation.

Started to install the indicator on the mirror using the normal orientation.

Pulling the wire made under the ceiling paneling on the right side, then descended to the sill and led it into the trunk.

Now marking on the bumper. Parktronic factory installed in the ratio of o – 380 – o – 500 – o – 380 – o (total length 1260). I decided to put them at equal distances o – 420 – o – 420 – o – 420 – o – 420 – o (total length 1260).

The edges of the holes after drilling machined sandpaper – removed the lumps of plastic. I do not understand why many people remove the bumper to install parking sensors? There is no need for this, both on the Polo and Logan. To pull the wires inside the bumper, I used my heat shrink 1 meter long. It put the wire from the sensors, put it inside the bumper and pulled out the other side.

Installation of seat heating for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

For winding wires in the car used the plug in the body from the right side, in her made a longitudinal hole, pulled the wire through it and the gap filled with thermal adhesive.

A bit about the control unit (“brains”). The “brains” are fastened to the body with Velcro tape.

To connect the wires, you must first unscrew the two screws and remove the cover. When the cover is closed, it prevents the wires from disconnecting.

We close the cover, fasten it to the body with Velcro.

Now the connection. To connect we will need two wires going under the plastic trunk sill cover. BLUE – is plus. BLUE – is the ground. To connect the mass under the trim on the body Polo no studs with nuts (as for example at my Logan). Power harness parking sensors had three wires: not necessary I isolated the GREEN, added to the RED fuse holder with a fuse for 0.5 A, black just lengthened for ease of connection.

In order to move the trunk liner on the right side you need to remove the six plastic pistons (showed arrows), a task I tell you is not easy + they break (I broke two)!

Two pistons are under the plastic sill cover, remove it (when you do not know) is also not easy! First, you need to unscrew one screw under the Torox on the inside. The liner itself is attached six metal ROMBO brackets, and to remove it, you need to force!

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