Polo liftback rims and tires: size, maintenance

Which tires and rims should you choose for your Polo liftback?

Polo liftback rims and tires: size, maintenance

This review will be useful to all of our garage fraternity, who for the first time will be faced with the problem of choosing which tires and rims to put for summer and which – for winter riding on Polo Liftback?

It is obvious that such model of the famous concern, as Polo Liftback and is created taking into account national features of Russian roads, however experienced motorists, unlike the beginners understand importance of timely seasonal replacement, and also replacement because of wear of tires.

What tires for Polo liftback?

Approximate resource of quality tires, subject to regular attendance TO with diagnostics of the state of suspension is a run in the range of 50-60 thousand km. Thus rubber wear in many respects depends not only on its quality, but also on the quality of a road bed.

Polo liftback rims and tires: size, maintenance

If the highest-quality tire products can still be selected through the recommendations of colleagues in the garage, but the road infrastructure, which historically since the days of Radischev is a real Russian disaster. And our brother the motorist is forced to take this trouble for what it is.

So, in order to choose high-quality tires for the Volkswagen Polo Liftback, it is necessary to consider the following parameters, or rather, observing the following conditions:

  • corresponding to the original size of the rubber. It is desirable to choose such dimensions, which are recommended for tires by the manufacturer. For example, the concern on the Volkswagen Liftback from the factory puts either 14 or 15 inch tires. The manufacturer allows the possibility of putting both 16 and 17-inch rubber, given that the radius of the wheel arches allows you to do so. However, when installing such tires, the owner of the Polo Liftback runs the risk of losing the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Based on the seasonality and climatic characteristics of the use of tires;
  • the degree of loading of the car or the ability of the rubber to bear the load, both the weight of the car itself and the load carried by it;
  • The elasticity, or in other words the ability to absorb the deformation transmitted by the bumps in the road onto the body;
  • the resistance to the forces exerted on the rubber, both during braking and when entering and exiting curves.
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Thus, the tires designed for the Volkswagen Liftback, as for rubber of 14-inch dimensions are 175/70/R14. And if someone prefers the rubber of a larger size, it is necessary to take tires 185/60/R15. Moreover, these tires are recommended by the factory for the rims, made by stamping method.

As for the light-alloy type of disks, the 175/60/R14 and also 195/55/R15 tires are recommended.

Tyre size Tire size Disc size
Disk PCD DIA Fixing
R15 185/60 R15 84T 6.0Jx15 ET38 5×100 57.1 Screw M14x1.5
R16 195/55 R16 91V 6.0Jx16 ET38 5×100 57.1 Screw M14x1.5

Choosing rubber for Polo Liftback depending on the season

What do our experienced garage mates recommend about choosing summer tires? And that wide tires are preferable for driving in warm seasons. The matter is that in spite of the fact that wide rubber creates additional rolling resistance, nevertheless it has better parameters of adhesion with a road.

Regarding the winter rubber, the paradox is that it has exactly the opposite requirements compared to the summer “shoes”. For winter driving, the parameters of specific pressure on the road at the point of contact with the rubber are important. Because of this, the tread traction with snowy or icy roads increases.

Thus, it turns out that narrow winter tires are most suitable for driving in the cold.

For those in our garage community who are beginners, however, as well as for those who have seen a lot in their road life, the checklist below with information on how to decipher the numbering of passenger car tires will be useful:

Polo liftback rims and tires: size, maintenance

In addition to the quality and originality of the rubber, the tire pressure is of great importance for safe driving. This parameter is so important for safety that manufacturers, including the Polo Liftback, are forced to place a reminder about it on one of the most responsible car locations, namely on the gas tank hatch.

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So, for the front rubber, the optimal pressure is in the range of 2.0-2.2, and as for the rear tires – it is 1.8 – 1.9 atmospheres. In cases where there is a full load of Polo Liftback, then the pressure in the tires increase by 10-15 percent.

Polo liftback rims and tires: size, maintenance

Choosing rims for the Polo Liftback

Anticipating unnecessary among our garage heterogeneous community disputes about disks on those or other tires of Polo Liftback, knowledgeable people have collected and laid out in the topik:

  • original disks for Polo (irrespective of body type) – should be with bore 5*10;
  • with the diameter of the hole under the hub, in mm – 57,1;
  • for tires type Trend with the size 175/70/R14 – these are stamped (or steel, as you like to call them) 5Jx14 (ET35) wheels;
  • for Comfort tires with parameters 185/60/R15 – steel rollers, such as 6Jx15(ЕТ38);
  • and for Highm tires with 195/55/ R15 size – mainly light-alloy 6Jx15(ЕТ40) wheels.

And it would be wrong not to place in the end of the review the check-list for deciphering of disks marks:

Tires, rims on the Volkswagen Polo (Volkswagen Polo)

Tires, rims on Volkswagen Polo

It’s no secret to any driver that tires need to be replaced when they are used yearly. If you do not take into account the risk of a serious puncture or other unpleasant situations, the need to change a set of wheels is seasonal. Correspondence of tires to the season of their use provides safety of the driver, its passengers and gives peace of mind and confidence in any weather.

Wolfsburg manufacturer supplies its products, meeting all requirements of German quality. Drivers become owners of Volkswagen Polo cars around the world, so the models of these vehicles take into account the peculiarities of the road surface in each country separately. Determination of car wheel size, with this in mind, has an individual character.

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What tire and rim sizes does KOLOBOX recommend for the Volkswagen Polo?

The European market, where this German car is delivered, is divided into two parts: Western European and Eastern European. They are divided because of the different road and weather conditions. East European direction includes divisions in the form of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In these states, the operating conditions of the cars themselves and their tires in particular are more severe. It is connected with the bad road surface, which is often simply absent. This market is characterized by the following points:

  • Poor road quality;
  • Changeable climate;
  • High wear and tear of car tires.

Thus, if the drivers in Western Europe install on a car Volkswagen Polo tires size of 17 or 18 inches, the Eastern Europeans tend to R14. This size of the wheels is set as a base factory-manufacturer.

Based on the table, the tires on the Volkswagen Polo today have the following values: diameter of 14 or 15 inches, the width of 175 to 195 mm, profile (ratio of width to height) from 55 to 70%. Deviations in the smaller or larger side are allowed at the discretion of the car owner, as this decision requires a detailed study of all the positive and negative consequences.

Winter tires for Volkswagen Polo

Which tires are suitable for the Volkswagen Polo car in the winter season?

Let’s consider some sets of tires that are recommended for winter use. Next, let’s break down their positives and negatives.

Winter tires for the Volkswagen Polo Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 Michelen X-Ice 2 Cordiant Polar SL Continental ContiVikingContact5

The positives of Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tires:

  • Save fuel;
  • Have a high level of traction with the surface of the road surface;
  • Have a good handling, quickly respond to any steering movements;
  • Have a high acceleration rate.

The negative sides of these tires:

  • Tangibly noisy when driving on dry asphalt;
  • Insufficiently good braking on dry asphalt surfaces.
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Pros of Michelen X-Ice 2 tires:

  • Economical;
  • Composed of soft rubber;
  • Have a good grip qualities, do not allow slippage;

Minus of these tires:

  • Insufficient braking quality in dry asphalt conditions.

Positive features of Cordiant Polar SL rubber:

  • Economical;
  • Have a high level of wear resistance;
  • Have a reliable traction on ice;
  • Equipped with reinforced sides.
  • Risk of skidding when driving;
  • Inadequate braking performance.

Pros of Continental ContiVikingContact5:

  • Have quality traction, expressed in reliable braking, confident maneuvering and no skidding during corners;
  • Fast acceleration to the necessary speed.

The disadvantages of these tires:

Tough rubber composition.

What tires are suitable for the Volkswagen Polo car in summer?

Summer tires for Volkswagen Polo

Summer for drivers is the time of year that reveals the ability of car tires to show resistance to aquaplaning, maneuver on dry asphalt, endure high loads and long long trips.

Summer tires for the Volkswagen Polo must have a high level of control, handling. During the trips the driver and his passengers should feel comfort, which is not overshadowed by the noise of friction of the tires on the road surface. Aquaplaning should be a minor obstacle, which can easily cope with the channels that divert excessive moisture quickly and unnoticeably for the driver.

You can pay attention to the following tires for Volkswagen Polo: Nokian Hakka Green 2, Pirelli Cinturato P1,Cordiant Sport 2 (PS-501),Continental ContiPremiumContact 5. Each of them has a set of positive qualities listed above, and the disadvantages are individual characteristics: the cost and the difference in the composition of the rubber.

What rims are recommended for the Volkswagen Polo car?

Wheels for Volkswagen Polo

Rims on the Volkswagen Polo have five mounting holes, and their diameter varies from 14 to 17 inches.

It is worth bearing in mind that the main sizes are considered the diameters of discs in 14 and 15 inches. Before installing larger discs, it is necessary to make sure that this will not harm the wear resistance of car tires.

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What pressure is recommended for Volkswagen Polo tires?

The recommended pressures, depending on the load, are shown in the table below:

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