Polo Sedan fuse diagram

Fuses and Relays Volkswagen Polo Sedan, 2008 – 2015

Most of the power circuits of the German sedan’s electrical equipment are protected by fuses. Headlights, fan motors, fuel pump and other powerful current consumers are connected through relays. Protective elements are installed in the mounting blocks, which are located under the hood and in the trunk.

Considered schematics Volkswagen Polo (Mk5) in the sedan body 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 years of production with a gasoline engine 1.6 liters.

In the engine compartment

Where: The A and C mounting blocks are located on the battery. #7 in the photo above.

Description of the A block fuses in the engine compartment
General view.
Schematic diagram.
Deciphering Current, A
AS1 Generator 150 175
AS2 Spare
AS3 Ignition switch, light switch, steering switches, ignition switch contact relay, fuel pump relay, driver’s door fuel relay, dipped beam relay, SB4, SB20 SB56 fuse circuits, parking light relay, power relay terminal 30 110
AS4 Power steering control unit 50
AS5 ABS unit 40
AS6 Cooling fan control unit 40
AS7 Spare
Diagram of elements of the mounting block C in the engine compartment
Deciphering Current, A
CS1 ABS unit 25
CS2 Cooling fan motor control unit 30
CS3 5
CS4 ABS unit 10
CS5 Electric package control unit 5
CS6 Spare

In the passenger compartment

Where: The main mounting block is under the steering wheel, behind the plastic cover. General view.

Polo sedan interior fuse box diagram
Description Current, A
BS1 Spare
BS2 Slide switches, windshield washer pump 10
BS3 Relay of fuel module (gasoline pump), engine control unit 5
BS4 Thumb switches 2
BS5 Spare
BS6 Instrument cluster control unit 5
BS7 Headlight beam direction control, license plate lights 5
BS8 Nozzles or reserve 10
BS9 ABS control unit, ASR/ESP switch, steering column switches 5/7,5
BS10 Vehicle speed sensor, automatic transmission selector, electrical package control unit, ignition switch 5
BS11 Headlight beam direction control, gearmotors in the headlight assembly 5
BS12 Regulator of electric actuators of outside mirrors 5
BS13 Automatic transmission control unit, automatic transmission multifunction switch, automatic transmission selector 15
BS14 Airbag control unit 5
BS15 Windshield washer nozzle heater elements 5
BS16 Park sensor control unit 5
BS17 Heated oxygen sensor elements, purge valve 15/10
BS18 Instrument cluster control unit, fog lamp in the left rear lamp5 5
BS19 Parking light relay, audio head unit, electrical package control unit, ignition switch 5
BS20 Instrument cluster control unit, steering column switches 5
BS21 Control box for the electrical package, directional light, ambient light with delayed switch-off, luggage compartment light 10
BS22 Diagnostic connector, air conditioner control unit, climate control unit, key lock solenoid in ignition switch 5
BS23 Electric package control unit, engine control unit, automatic transmission control unit, automatic transmission switch (manual mode) 7,5
BS24 Electric package control unit, heated exterior mirrors elements 5
BS25 Coolant pressure sensor, air conditioner compressor relay, cooling fan control unit, air conditioner control unit, diagnostic connector, heating and ventilation control unit 5
BS26 Power steering control unit 7,5
BS27 Switch for the reversing light bulb in the right rear lamp 5
BS28 Reserve
BS32 Gasoline pump fuse or reserve 10
BS33 Clutch pedal position sensor, brake signal switch 5
BS34 Right headlight assembly (high beam) 7,5
BS35 Engine control unit 10
BS36 Fuel module (gasoline pump) or injectors 10/15
BS37 Driver seat heater controller, front passenger seat heater controller, front seat heater control unit 25
BS38 Left headlight assembly (high beam), instrument cluster control unit 7,5
BS39 Right headlamp assembly (dipped beam) 10
BS40 Heater fan switch, heater fan control unit 30
BS41 Spare
BS42 Polo sedan cigarette lighter fuse 15
BS43 Power pack control unit, turn signal lamps, brake signal lamps 15
BS44 Ultrasonic sensor for burglar alarm, burglar alarm horn 15
BS45 Navigation system control unit, audio head unit, multimedia system control unit 15
BS46 Electric package control unit (high tone) 20
BS47 Electric package control unit (wiper motor) 20
BS48 Electric control unit (central locking, electric fuel filler flap actuator) 25
BS49 Electric control unit (reversing light bulb in the right rear lamp) 5
BS50 Driver’s door control unit 25
BS51 Front passenger door control unit 25
BS52 Rear left door control unit, right rear door control unit 30
BS53 Electric package control unit (heated rear window element) 30
BS54 Fog lights 15
BS55 Ignition coils 15
BS56 Heated windscreen relay 40
BS57 Lamp headlight bulbs in left headlight assembly and left rear lamp 5
BS58 Extinguishing light bulbs in right side headlamp and right rear lamp 5
BS59 Left headlamp assembly (dipped beam) 10
BS60 Reserve
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The unit with relay modules is located on the driver’s side in the end behind the plastic cover.

Polo Sedan fuse diagram

May be useful) Searching for some tables are not clear at all, had to look in the book!

Circuits, protected by fuses, installed in mounting block in car salon!

Wiring Blocks. Location of fuses, jumpers, and relays.

Mounting block of relays in the dashboard!

Spare parts

Volkswagen Polo Sedan 2012, 105 hp – electronics

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What is the fuse for the heater?

Hi, could you please tell me the fuse number responsible for the daytime running lights (Polo sedan 2016), All lights work except these bulbs. I change the bulbs – do not light and sockets visually intact, not burned out.

Number 50, 51, 52 control of the windows I have no fuses there, but the front window lifters work. If you put a fuse there, the rear do not work. The question is how so?

Greetings, have you solved yours somehow? I have the driver’s window elevator stopped working now, looked at the fuses, they are not there and all the others work. 2011 sedan.

I took the trim off and the connectors weren’t plugged in. You might have a button that worked.

I don’t know what it was, probably just fans of it, took it apart, took the motor off, put it back on and everything works. It sometimes but rarely stops working, but you ride a little and it works again, I think it was I was on a bump and it wedged, and this time I drove on a good road, there was nowhere to wedge ))))

Please tell me where the relay box is. No I understand where it is. But my car is different. My car is a 2013 Polo sedan Highline. I can not find the relay to turn on the air conditioning compressor.

What to do if you have ants in your car?

Good afternoon if you found the answer, can you tell me the same problem?

Thanks for your on-board log entry.

Read it and these questions came up.

In the fuse box there are several places for replacement fuses. Do these replacement fuses come from the factory with or in a new car?

Also, if I understand correctly, not all VAG cars can be equipped with fuse tweezers. Is this the case?

And the most interesting question. The smaller fuses have been able to be identified as Mini Blade Fuse (flat mini fuse or FN according to the classification of, for example, Tesla; maybe other companies label the types differently, I don’t know). But what are the big fuses called? ATO Blade Fuse (ATO flat fuse)?

Perhaps someone has a clue. Please clue me in.

In addition, sometimes the Fuse card doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the fuse box. I mean the hint called the fuse card (list, ratings and positions of the corresponding fuses). That’s how some Seats, for example, that also have the same fuse box in the passenger compartment.

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