Presentation of the Volkswagen Polo euro version

New volkswagen polo gti 2021 150 hp (volkswagen polo gti)

European hatch Volkswagen Polo 2022 model year henceforth comes only with LED optics, which can be changed to matrix optics for an additional fee.

To the block of running lights added a horizontal stripe that runs through the grille, and the taillights increased in size, “coming” on the trunk lid. To look at the exterior of the car with a new look also allows original wheels, and, always keep in mind, that Polo’s appearance can change essentially: with R-Line kitting hatchback automatically receives special skirts and decorations, and its wheels become 17-inch.


Interior of the European Polo.

The main changes in the interior is a digital dashboard 8″ already in standard equipment (10.25″ – in more expensive versions of equipment) and a new screen multimedia complex with a diameter of 6.5, 8.0 or 9.2 inches.

Also in the “base” are air conditioning, multicool and power elevators on all four doors. The new climate control unit became fully touch screen, and improving the level of safety inside the car realized with the help of additional airbag, which opens between the driver and front passenger.

Technical stuffing

European Volkswagen Polo 2022 got rid of all engines on “heavy” diesel fuel and turbocharged gasoline four 1.5 TSI (150 hp) From now on you have to choose between the “three”: an atmospheric 1.0 MPI with 80 hp, Turbocharged 1.0 TSI with 95 hp, its forced version with 110 hp and the gas engine 1.0 TGI (90 hp).

Polo GTI version

Official sketches of the new Polo GTI.

A restyled version of the 2022 model year Polo GTI was introduced a little later than the main one. As expected, it got a new bodykit, but the technical part had more serious changes: turbo 2.0 TSI was forced to 207 hp, manual gearbox was abolished, and the “robot” was replaced by a seven-speed.

All this was done to improve the dynamics: now the “charged” hatchback shoots up to a “hundred” in 6.5 seconds (previously – 6.7 seconds), and the bar for maximum speed rose by 2 km/h and is now 240 km/h.

Modifications and options in Russia

Russian Volkswagen Polo – this is a qualitatively different car, which uses a lot of nodes together with the Czech Rapid. In our showrooms cars assembled in Kaluga are offered with gasoline engines in volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, with manual and automatic gearboxes, as well as a wide range of options: Origin, Respect, Status, Football Edition, Exclusive.

The most expensive equipment package includes LED projection headlights, alloy wheels of original design, rearview camera, heated seats, and other modern options.


  • Lada Vesta 2022; (Very soon restyled!)
  • Chevrolet Onix 2021 (prices: from 675,000 rubles);
  • Skoda Fabia 2022;
  • Hyundai Solaris (prices: from 675,000 rubles);
  • Skoda Rapid (prices: from 892,000 rubles);
  • Kia Rio.
  • Renault Logan.
  • Renault Sandero.


Inside, the kingdom of black, red and gray, slightly diluted with chrome elements. The front dashboard with in-line virtual dashboard (Digital Cockpit Pro with 10.25″ display) and 8″ Ready 2 Discover multimedia screen is typically red for sports-versions. The same color is stitching on the three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel, transmission lever and seats. But the other detail, typical of GTI line, checkered trimming of seats, is already at extra charge.

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The latest generation of MIB3.1 radio is equipped with eSIM to connect to numerous online services, from the service, such as We Connect Plus, for constantly updated smart navigation, to entertainment, streaming video, web radio, internal access point, etc. A 9.2-inch Discover Pro version is available for an additional charge.

A panoramic sliding tinted roof, which can be raised like a normal sunroof, moved at all, or on the contrary, closed with a curtain from prying eyes, in GTI comes as standard equipment.

As well as the modernized “civilian” Polo, the sports one is equipped with a system of semi-automatic control IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist. In fact, it is already familiar electronic helpers united in a complex:

  • Adaptive Cruise, with a speed range of up to 210 km/h;
  • Lane Assist, which keeps the vehicle within the lane;
  • Side Assist;
  • parking assistant.

However, Volkswagen never gets tired of repeating that the driver should always be ready to take control and have at least one hand on the steering wheel, otherwise “vigilance control” will work. Well, “our exes” told us a tip – take one hand to a steering wheel with a rubber band and doze on autobahn.

Power-unit and chassis

Under a hood the 2-liter turbo petrol engine developing 207 hp and 320 Nm hides. It is enough to relatively light, 1,300 kg curb weight, the car accelerates to 100 km/h for 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed had to be limited by electronics to 250 km/h.

The engine features direct injection for a wider torque range and variable valve timing to take advantage of the Miller cycle for maximum economy.

Torque is delivered via a 7-speed DSG to the main gear with an electronically controlled differential. Adjustable torque distribution over the wheels partially compensates for the understeer inherent in such cars, improving cornering.

The chassis is lowered by 15mm compared to the conventional Polo, the driving mode setting system offers 4 options:

  • economy;
  • normal;
  • sporty;
  • Individual, with manual adjustment of parameters of the chassis, engine and gearbox separately.

The result is a light, powerful and very maneuverable car that is able to chase pretty well on winding tracks. On sale the car will come in a few months, then announce the exact price, but so far we only know the approximate figures in rubles is about 2.1 million.

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The exterior

The new Polo is closer to the Golf not only in size, but also stylistically and in equipment. The Polo GTI is already equipped with the IQ.Light system and an illuminated grille in addition to the LED lights (Skoda made a very similar thing earlier on the Enyak).

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The sports version has the original, reserved for GTI, front bumper with integrated on the sides of the system of adaptive front lighting AFS, and above, above the headlights, the characteristic sign of a series of GT, a red stripe across the width of the grille and smoothly “flowing” into the headlights.

The rear lights are also LED, with animated stops and dynamic (shimmering) turn signals. The bumper is new, with a cutout in the skirt for a twin exhaust system, and it was decided to get rid of Polo’s badge on the back, replacing it with VW emblem and duplicating the letters GTI.

Body colors are available in five variants:

  • Smoke Grey Metallic;
  • Deep Black Pearl Effect;
  • Kings Red Metallic;
  • Reef Blue Metallic;
  • Pure White Uni.

The last three are optionally available with a contrasting black Roof Pack, for those who like to stand out in the crowd. As standard, the car is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, but 18-inch ones are also available to order.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2021 – Tiguan for 7 seats

The cabin is built on the principles of maximum variability, whether it is a pile of luggage or a large family with children, there should fit all and everything. Naturally, the seats of the second and third rows are folded, forming almost equal cargo area.

Certainly, the third row is for children, and it will be difficult for an adult to fit there. It is not only that there is nowhere to put legs, so you also prop up a roof with your head. But Tiguan is even though lengthened, but a compact crossover, and it is naive to count seriously on the spacious third row.

The main trump card of spacious Tiguan has not disappeared anywhere – a very decent luggage carrier, capable to compete by its volume with a car of a higher class.

The volume of a trunk, l. With unfolded seats With folded seats
7-seater version 700 1 755
5-seater version 760 1 920

The main changes in the restyled version are aimed at improving driver and passenger comfort and further progress in the interaction and improvement of the electronic components of the car, now called by the capacious but vague term “digitalization.”

Multifunctional steering wheel, virtual dashboard with customizable display of parameters and 10,25-inch screen, multimedia with voice control, all set to emphasize electronic progress. In the same theme and the increase in the resolution of displays, although their physical size remained small (8 and 9.2 inches) and touch surfaces, even on the control panel of the climate control.

Following the new Polo and Skoda Fabia 4 Tiguan received a next-generation multimedia, MIB 3, the system is equipped with an electronic SIM card, supports proprietary Volkswagen service We Connect, in fact, a permanent connection to the WAG servers, at the same time and the functionality of the emergency call in an emergency.

Volkswagen Tiguan rims and tires: size, alloy.

Also through it come updates and the activation of additional functions, well as Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto ™, now as basic functions. Streaming and an 8-device access point go without saying.

In the top versions, ergoActive front seats are now available, with electric adjustments, including lumbar support, memory, heating and… air conditioning!

The panoramic sunroof can slide back or raise one part like the old sunroof hatches. And those who are not satisfied with natural ventilation can switch on three-zone climate control with hypoallergenic filter, automatic fan speed control and switching to recirculation mode when the glass washer is switched on.

And as a cherry on top of the cake – 30 variants of ambient interior lighting. Choice of light shades to suit any mood.


Volkswagen Tiguan 2020-2021 model year has received new LED headlights with dynamic turn indicators. The front headlights have pointed corners that transition to the fenders. The front end is decorated with a new grille and roof rails. This makes the crossover looks even more dynamic and bright. In the new VW Tiguan there are more sharp lines and jagged edges. A clear shoulder line connects the front with the stern, which has a new rear bumper and an enlarged spoiler. The crossover design looks organic, expressive and complete. The R-Line package offers additional exterior trim elements. Among them are the original sports bumpers with wide air vents, chrome-plated overlays and stylish 19-inch wheel disks. The sporty character of the R-Line is also reflected in the interior – pedal pads and sills, a multifunctional steering wheel and more comfortable seats with the “R” logo.

Electronic assistants of the driver

Of course, the advancement of electronic technologies is not limited to the area of comfort. Gradually, driver functions are being automated more and more:

  1. “Travel Assist” knows how to maintain speed and lane, monitors driver attentiveness, and in combination with a robotized transmission can self-crawl in traffic jams.

In summary, the car is interesting, but being stuffed with new technologies, it gets closer to a “computer on wheels”, where a driver will soon become more entertaining than to drive a car, and in general, will become not the most necessary part of the car.


In Russia the crossover is offered with 4 types of engines:

  • 1.4L with 125 hp.
  • 1.4 liters of 150 hp.
  • 2.0 L, 180 hp.
  • 2.0 liters capacity 220 hp.

The packages with 125 hp engine are equipped with 6-speed manual transmission. The 150 hp engines can be equipped only with a 6-speed automatic. And the 2-liter engines are equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is available for the last two engines.

Start of sales and prices

Exact numbers, date and cost, have not yet been officially announced, but Volkswagen has promised that sales in Europe will begin soon enough, in a few weeks. Regarding sales in Russia, nothing is known, but judging by the absence of Tiguan Allspace in the pre-styled version, the new version is also unlikely to be brought.

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Presentation of the Volkswagen Polo euro version

Technical equipment

The crossover concentrates the most useful and advanced electronic systems. Tiguan demonstrates a qualitatively new level of comfort. The front seats are heated, electrically adjustable and have lumbar support adjustment. The rear seats are also optionally equipped with heating. More expensive equipment has heated steering wheel and side mirrors. Also available in the new Volkswagen Tiguan:

  • The new MIB multimedia system.
  • Adaptive headlights projection type.
  • Assistant automatic switching of low and high beam.
  • 3-zone climate control with touchscreen control.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Rear-view camera or all-around vision system (depending on equipment).
  • Keyless access.
  • Parking assistant.
  • Blind spot monitoring.
  • Lane keeping system.
  • Emergency brake assistant.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Light and rain sensors.

Learn more about the available systems and options from the employees of the showroom “Volkswagen Center North” in Moscow.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2021 – Tiguan for 7 seats

The lineup of new cars Volkswagen 2017-2018 added to the model Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, a long version of the Volkswagen Tiguan long with a stretched by 110 mm wheelbase and the interior, designed for seven people. In the review photo, price, equipment and technical characteristics of the European version of the seven-seat crossover Tiguan Allspace, preparing for the official premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2021. Whether Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace will reach Russia is not clear yet, and in Europe sales of long Tiguan will start this summer at a price from 30000 euro for a crossover with basic configuration with 5-seater interior (the third row is offered as an option).

Despite the fact that German company Volkswagen AG is one of the major European manufacturers of the new Tiguan Alspace lit up in Europe only after the public premiere of the novelty in America during the Detroit Auto Show in January 2021 (overseas, by the way, the regular Tiguan is not sold). The first to appreciate the high consumer characteristics of the Tiguan Allspace Chinese buyers, the Celestial market offers a new seven-seat crossover from the middle of December last 2021 under the name Volkswagen Tiguan L.

Thus, it becomes clear that, firstly, the novelty is a global model, and secondly, with an eye to the premieres, which markets are priority for the long-form Volkswagen Tiguan, able to take on board 7 people.

What is hidden behind prefix Allspace to the main name Tiguan, and what is really good the lengthened version of the crossover Volkswagen Tiguan of the 2nd generation?

  • Firstly, Tiguan Allspace’s body is even 215 millimeters longer than the body of the initial model, 110 millimeters of which make the increased size of wheelbase.
  • Secondly, the strained variant of the German crossover in profile looks more harmoniously and solidly.
  • Thirdly, the model has more hospitable interior with increased legroom for passengers of the second row by 60 mm and an opportunity to order two additional seats of the third row.
  • Fourth, the new model has a more spacious luggage compartment, allowing you to count on a useful volume of 760 to 1920 liters (but this is without the additional seats offered for extra charge).
Reviews of real owners of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021

Details are pleasantly positive, however… for all, as they say, you have to pay. If base configuration Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace with a petrol 150-horsepower 1.4 TSI, six MKPP and front-wheel drive will cost 30,000 euros, the usual Volkswagen Tiguan with the same technology and level of equipment will cost almost 2000 euros less in Germany. To be exact – 28150 euros.

So there is a sense to think a few times whether it is worth paying out an extra couple of thousand euros (about 124,000 rubles) for a body that is 215 mm bigger (110 mm more distance between the axles and 105 mm more rear overhang), an increase of 60 mm for the second row passengers, and a trunk that can take 145 liters more with standard second row seatback position and 265 liters more with rear seatback folding.

  • The external body dimensions of the 2017-2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace are 4701 mm in length, 1839 mm in width, 1643 mm in height, with a 2791 mm wheelbase and 180-200 mm of ground clearance.

We would like to note that on the additional two seats of the third row even adult passengers will be comfortable, but with two stipulations. Firstly, passengers’ height must not exceed 170 sm, and secondly, it is undesirable to move seats of the second row backwards (separate seats of the second row can move 180 mm along the interior).

With 7-seater configuration of the saloon useful volume of a luggage compartment is miserable, only 230 liters. When folding the backrests of the third row, the volume of the trunk increases to 700 liters, and under the condition of folding the seats of the second row to 1775 liters.

As regards the level of equipment, there are no differences between usual Volkswagen Tiguan and long version Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. Traditionally, the German manufacturer offers three levels of equipment for its models: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. The choice is offered in the form of a glass panoramic roof with a sunroof, electric tailgate, premium audio system from Fender, multimedia systems with different diagonal of color screen (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink), three-zone climate control and the most advanced security systems and electronic assistants.

Specifications Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2017-2018. Long variant of the Tiguan is equipped with three gasoline and the same number of diesel engines in company with 6 manual transmission or robot transmissions 6 DSG and 7 DSG. For the initial gasoline and diesel 150-horsepower motor, front-wheel drive is standard, while all-wheel drive is offered as an option. All other more powerful engines (petrol and diesel) are equipped by default with the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system.

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