Ranking of the best car sales websites

9 best car sales websites.

*Overview of the best according to the editorial expertsology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist prior to purchase.

During the last 5 years the automobile market in Russia has reached the stage where the number of proposals began to prevail over those wishing to purchase a vehicle. The price policy of all companies without exception makes people take credit. Those who don’t want to be bound by the “shackles” of monetary debt to the bank, are turning to the secondary market with the help of special online services.

The editorial staff of Expertology magazine has studied in detail all the aspects and nuances of this market. In this regard, we invite you to read the rating of the 9 best sites for selling cars available on the territory of the Russian Federation right now. The following parameters were chosen as criteria for evaluating the services:

  1. risks associated with the sale of vehicles;
  2. the popularity of the site;
  3. technical capabilities;
  4. the extensiveness of the database;
  5. design;
  6. the level of consumer confidence.

Rating of the best car sales websites

Nomination place Site rating
Rating of the best car sales websites 1 CarPrice 5.0
2 Auto.ru 4.9
3 Drom.ru 4.8
4 AVITO 4.7
5 YULA 4.6
6 avtomarket.ru 4.5
7 carsguru.net 4.4
8 cars.ru 4.3
9 Bibika.ru 4.2



A specialized service for the fast sale of cars in Moscow and the Moscow region. No risks, everything is completely honest: to confirm your cooperation with the company, you need to come to their head office to check the documents for authenticity and to sign the contract.

One of the main features of CarPrice is auctions, where cars are sold “under the hammer. Knowing all the information about the model, the buyer can offer his price. If after a certain period of time nobody raises the bid, the car, according to all the rules of a standard auction, goes to him. A transparent and honest scheme, in which no one party will remain offended. By the way, resellers simply hate CarPrice, which is another reason to trust this service.

Advantages of
  • The service is ideal for the quick sale of the car;
  • Minimum risk of bumping into an intermediary;
  • Support of transactions between seller and buyer;
  • Auctions, where you can get more money for the car.
  • not found.



This Internet site is the most popular in Russia. Over 600 thousand offers, a huge database and advanced service which helps customers find exactly what they need.

The value of Auto.ru is expressed, first of all, in the possibility to see all the information about the car in question: technical specifications, number of owners, mileage, damage, and much more. For only 127 rubles (or 99 if you buy a whole package of checks) you can get the entire “underbelly” of the car, including the history of ads, check for cab services, fines, legal restrictions, and so on. Unfortunately, the service is not immune from the actions of resellers, but their number is much less than on the conditional Drom.ru (and a fortiori AVITO).

Advantages of
  • A huge database of cars throughout Russia and the CIS countries;
  • A very convenient filter for selecting cars;
  • you can get complete information about the car you are interested in;
  • Own blog on YouTube and a forum of car enthusiasts;
  • low percentage of resellers.
  • Customer is not fully insured against colliding with resellers.



This site loses slightly to Auto.ru in ease of use, but is no less popular service for the sale and purchase of cars. Initially, Drom gained popularity due to its very powerful network for selling spare parts, which can even compete with the specialized stores like Exist and Port3. Then people began to actively develop forum, and already in the third turn interested in buying and selling cars.

From the handy chips site can highlight the ability to select cars by region and the number of posted proposals. The disadvantages are two, and this is the case when one disadvantage arises from the other. The fact is that Drom also stores information on the posted cars. However, in order to get it, a potential buyer has to pay 300 rubles out of pocket. Tremendously higher compared to Auto.ru, isn’t it? Naturally, many people begin to buy cars at the ‘luck of the draw’, and this is actively exploited by dishonest citizens. Bumping into a dealer is easy.

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Advantages of
  • A handy algorithm for finding similar offers by region;
  • Very popular forum and “base” of spare parts;
  • Ability to get a full report on the cars;
  • often get a bargain, “not noticed” on other sites.
  • 300 rubles for information about a particular car;
  • A lot of dishonest sellers.



The largest classifieds submission site could not but be included in our rating of the best sites for the sale of cars. Although AVITO was not created specifically for this category of the market, its usefulness and importance in the marketing system was acknowledged even by the official dealers. A lot of advertisement campaigns for new and fresh cars are being sold through specialized services and “settles” right here.

However, there is a downside to this popularity. Due to the fact that the reach of the audience is very large, and the Russian people are known to be addicted to “bargain offers”, fraud and deception have become more frequent. If you want to sell your car, then AVITO will be almost the best solution for you. If you are interested in buying a car, you should double-check all the information. And even better, ask for an on-site valuator – it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Advantages of
  • More than 12 million ads throughout Russia;
  • Check the car partner service;
  • A huge number of proposals for any budget;
  • Ease of navigation.
  • site verification of cars raises great suspicion;
  • the increasing incidence of fraudulent buyers.


On the fifth line is another site for searching ads. YULA went for a visual display of information to inspire more trust among buyers and sellers. And by the level of convenience and information content, we like it more than AVITO. But, unfortunately, everything rests on the low popularity of the service, which is its main disadvantage.

The concept of the auto ads filter on YULA is borrowed from Auto.ru. A smart move, considering that no one has been able to create anything more convenient. However, the developers went further and allowed users to track the number of ads in Russia and the dispersion of prices on a special chart. There is an interesting diagram with the calculation of the approximate cost of car maintenance for the year. Given all of the above pros and cons, including, of course, the actions of resellers, we get a potentially very good service sale of cars. The only thing would be a little more popularity.

Advantages of
  • Very convenient navigation through advertisements, borrowed from Auto.ru;
  • the ability to see the spread of prices on the car model you are interested in;
  • there is a diagram of the calculation of the cost of annual maintenance;
  • nice look and fast operation.
  • low popularity of the site;
  • Uninsured against fraudsters – in this regard the service is more suitable for experienced car owners.



The great merit of Avtomarket is that it doesn’t try to compete with the powerful brands like Auto.ru or Drom. Instead it quietly promotes its forum to the masses, selling cars in parallel. The number of offers here cannot be compared with the ones offered by the services located higher in the rating. But the low popularity is good: the site doesn’t deal with resellers.

Instead Avtomarket only posts ads from dealerships, and mostly Moscow ones. There is a fairly simple and clear interface for selecting the model of interest, price range and other parameters. Also, the portal sells parts for cars and trucks and participates in various promotions. In general, the good in the masses, bypassing the “gray” scheme.

Advantages of
  • Convenient, but somewhat outdated interface of the site;
  • popular forum;
  • Active participation in promotions, drawings for prizes, etc.;
  • there is a portal for selling spare parts.
  • does not work with individuals;
  • small number of proposals.



Many people claim that CarsGuru has long turned into an all-Russian portal. But this is in no way connected with reality: the infrastructure of the service, in fact, is set up only for Moscow and the Moscow region. Ads in other cities appear at random, depending on how much a person wants to sell their car.

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If 10 years ago the design of the site could be called acceptable, now the verdict is the same: outdated. But, it should be given credit, enthusiasts continue to actively replenish the blog, enter into various promotions and contests, as well as release text versions of test drives of new cars.

Advantages of
  • Having a blog with news and test drives;
  • the ability to place ads for the sale from all regions of Russia.
  • Outdated format of the site;
  • The basic array of offers arrives only and Moscow and the Moscow area.



The site Cars.ru was one of the first to achieve popularity, but it lost the competition to more “moneyed” brands. Having ceased to be a pillar of the market, it did not lose momentum and continued to operate in the accustomed mode, without changing its established principles. This approach allowed the service to create a unique “face” – the format of a classic publication with its own magazine and catalog of print ads.

However, in the Cars.ru online catalog, there are also plenty of offers for the sale of cars. And the isolation is emphasized by the fact that all the official representatives of the top companies flock there. Here you’ll find brand-new Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls Royce with Cadillac, and much more. Used car options are also available, but they are significantly inferior in number to offers from car dealerships. By the way, this site also has a function to pay traffic police fines.

Advantages of
  • Availability of its own printed edition;
  • Small risks of coming across scammers;
  • built-in functionality to pay fines for traffic violations;
  • A large assortment of new cars and the availability of used cars.
  • outdated appearance;
  • Mainly the support of large car dealerships.



The rating is opened by the site which was predicted to be in a rapid decline, but it is still holding its breath. Bibika.ru is another case of an obsolete source of car ads with popularity dating back to the late 2000s and early 2010s.

What can be said now? The database of vehicles for sale is not very extensive, but you can still find interesting options. Bibika works mainly with car dealerships (as all members of the lower part of the rating), and only rarely sells cars of private owners. Note the old-fashioned, but understandable interface of the results and a powerful database of reviews of car dealers, which can be trusted.

The 10 best car sales websites – reliable and reputable resources

The development of the Internet has made it easier to buy and sell goods, but the process of choosing a site for these purposes is not so simple. There are a huge number of resources in Runet where you can pick up a car. These are sites of dealer centers, bulletin boards, relevant sections on forums, pages in social networks, sites of regional media.

Photo: pixabay.com.

Among the abundance of options, it is worth highlighting the “mastodons of auto sales” – sites on which a large number of offers are posted daily and purchases are made all the time. These are places where private ads and offers from dealerships coexist together. On such portals you can often buy not only a passenger car, but also other types of transport, spare parts and accessories, read news and useful articles.

What to pay attention to when choosing a site for the sale of cars:

  • Number of visits per day/month. The more attendance, the higher the probability of selling your car. For the buyer it increases confidence in the resource, expands the choice, because the more visitors, the more sellers.
  • Popularity. Some resources are familiar to people, far from the auto business and sales on the Internet. Such a site is on everyone’s lips.
  • How active the site. A trustworthy resource has a lot of active ads, not only from individuals, but also from dealers. They have pages in social networks, contact information, regularly published articles in the blog.
  • Search. The more parameters you can enter in the search, the better. It allows you to maximally narrow the choice, cutting off all unnecessary things in a couple of clicks.
  • Additional features. Some sites have links to check fines GIBDD, others check with different databases to find out if the car has a dubious past.
  • Conditions for submitting ads. This parameter is important to sellers. As a rule, online resources accept ads from individuals for free.
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We present a rating of sites for the sale of cars. The best 10 resources, which were selected by our editorial board.

10 Avtomarket

Avtomarket.ru opens our rating. It’s not just a car classifieds site, it’s a real community of motorists. Here you can read blogs and news, take part in interesting discussions, look through useful articles and advice on auto topics, from recommendations on buying a car to novelty reviews and test drives. Lovers of socializing can join communities of interest, of which there are many on the site.

As for the subject of our rating directly, you can choose a car on Avtomarket by detailed search, which has several sections – “Cars”, “Commercial”, “Trucks”, “Special Machinery”, “Buses”, “Motorcycles”, “Trailers” and even “Motorhomes”. Each section includes additional parameters – year of manufacture, transmission type, mileage, model, region, body type. Sellers are companies and individuals, so there are both new and used cars for sale, plus auto parts. It’s not hard to submit an ad for sale.

It’s convenient to read reviews and features, go to the “Discounts” section, where company specials, events, and promotions are posted. Avtomarket is a treasure trove for car enthusiasts. The site has ratings, photo galleries, model reviews, brand history, tips for buyers, information about breakdowns and repairs.

9 Autodmir.

The ninth place in our rating is taken by the resource Autodmir. Sellers can be companies and individuals, so the directory has enough new and used cars. The easiest way to look in the catalog of brands, but you can use the search by configuring it for you. There is also a division by region.

The site is popular with buyers for its large selection of cars, and sellers for the opportunity to advertise for free. In addition Autodmir publishes useful articles, market news, news reviews, notes about exhibitions and salons, there is a directory of models and modifications. Another interesting section is “Autobusiness”. It is convenient to search for information about companies related to auto topic – official dealerships, salons, service stations, trucking, cab, spare parts, gas stations. Business owners can add their company to the directory, provide contact information, information about services provided.

Ads for sale submitted throughout Russia, but the greatest activity is observed in Moscow and the Moscow region. Many ads fall on the Krasnodar region and the Sverdlovsk region. In other regions, sales are not as active, but the selection is large enough.

8 Cars.Ru

The eighth position in the rating belongs to Cars.ru. It will be appreciated by anyone who appreciates the simple and straightforward interface, the opportunity to follow the news of the automotive world and read useful articles. Car dealers can post information about their company in the directory, car dealers have the opportunity to buy and sell a car. If we believe the data published on the site, there are 450 thousand registered users, 65 thousand advertisements and more than 10 million hits every month.

Going into the “Catalog” section, you can learn more about the assortment. A standard filter offers the most in-demand models. There are quick buttons that will help you view selections of SUVs, cars for large families, the most economical, the safest, the most powerful cars, etc. If the buyer clearly knows what he needs, it is necessary to set the parameters in the allotted boxes. In the search set the brand, model, cost range, engine displacement, type of transmission (drive, engine, body).

The main page publishes news and tips for motorists regarding repair and maintenance. Another useful button on Cars.ru is “Paying fines from the traffic police”, which redirects the user to a service for checking fines according to different databases – the traffic police, the Highway Patrol Inspectorate, the Automobile Inspection Service, etc.

7 Irr

The seventh place winner began its history in 1992 when the first issue of Iz Ruk v Ruki was published on January 28 (the pilot issue was on January 14). The editorial staff collected the first ads by hand, from garages, poles and fences. The newspaper conquered the capital, the regions, and even Belarus.

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Now the print version has been discontinued in Russia. The brand from “Iz ruk v ruk” has migrated completely to online. On the site you can buy anything from kittens as a gift to renting a bathhouse. But we are interested in the “Transport” section. Once you enter it, you can set your search parameters, or you can go through the sections. It sells, buys and advertises everything related to autothem – cars, motorcycle, trucks, buses, service stations, quads, motor homes, parts, trailers, special vehicles, towing services, driving schools, repairs, service and even water transport.

The site is designed exclusively for ads that can submit companies and individuals, but in the section “Articles” there are interesting and useful materials. For the convenience of users there is an application for Apple and Android, which facilitates the process of viewing and submitting ads.

6 Carsguru.

Once upon a time, this portal could be safely assigned one of the first places in the ranking of the best sites for the sale of cars. Carsguru was notable for its high traffic and was popular with both sellers and buyers. Initially the portal was focused on Moscow and Moscow region, but later it began to develop in the regions.

Now Carsguru is ahead of other portals in terms of activity, but it is still afloat, helping thousands of people and companies to sell and buy cars. The home page has a list of brands, “Hot Offers,” and a “Promotions and Specials” button. The site publishes test drives and helpful articles, and has a directory of car dealerships, tire shops, and repair shops. Owners can add their company to the list, the location of which will be displayed on the map.

It is convenient to cut off unnecessary variants, using the advanced search. It sets the city, country of manufacture, make and model, price range, body type. Having pressed the button “more parameters” you can choose more exact settings – year of release, mileage, engine displacement, its power, body color, steering wheel location (on the right/left). Those who don’t want to deal with saloons can check “Private only”.

5 Major-expert.

Those, who are afraid of buying a car from hand, and the purchase in the dealer center is not suitable for some reasons, help the site Major-expert. Major Expert sells used cars and owns car dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

There are more than 3 thousand used cars in the company’s fleet, which can be viewed on the website. The first advantage that catches your eye is the search by a huge number of queries. In addition to standard parameters such as make, price and model, here you can choose the location of the car dealership, type of drive, fuel type, power, engine displacement, mileage, number of seats in the cabin, availability of discounts, modes of purchase (with VAT refund or leasing). Also, in the column “History” you can check the following parameters: servicing at dealer, 100% service history, factory warranty, one owner, certification, etc.

The advantages of such purchase are obvious: the cars pass all types of inspections. The buyer can be calm: he will not get any legal surprise in the form of stolen or burdened with a criminal record car. Additionally, the company provides various services, such as home delivery, technical assistance, insurance, auctions, credit programs.

4 Yula.

The fourth place is occupied by another universal ads website, where there is a wide selection of different goods, including cars of different categories and spare parts for them. The Yula site is popular with Muscovites, but you can find decent offers in other regions, too. This is a project of Mail Ru Group.

Here most actively private individuals, so a large selection of used cars. However, dealers also do not doze off, which allows you to compare prices from different representatives by setting the necessary parameters. Plus, the site offers price statistics specific to the market. On “Yule” you can also see reviews of the chosen model, which will help to make the final choice. Advanced search allows you to effectively cut off all the uninteresting items by setting the make, model, price, gearbox and drive type, year, body type and engine, mileage. There is also a possibility to put a tick in front of points “Exchange” and “Checked by VIN”.

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Besides cars here are sold trucks, motorcycle, trucks, buses, machinery, parts, tires and even watercraft. Ads are posted for free. Authorize via “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” or by phone number.

3 Avito

Here we get to the top three of the best sites for the sale of cars. It opens with another portal focused on different private ads. There is a huge selection of goods here, and cars occupy one of the leading niches. “Avito” is considered one of the largest sites with private ads, where the daily traffic is measured in millions.

In “Avito” buy cars, trucks, machinery, spare parts. Also, a good choice is waiting for anyone interested in motorcycle and water vehicles. Search can be configured for the whole of Russia or select a specific region. For large cities, it is possible to configure the search by area. Submission of ads is easy, moderation is loyal.

Despite the fact that the portal focuses on private ads, companies also do not slumber, putting up their goods. Advanced search is easy to customize to your needs by setting the brand, price range, type of car (new/mileage), year of manufacture. Type of transmission, drive and bodywork, fuel type, right-hand or left-hand drive, engine displacement, power, mileage in kilometers, and color. You can even choose a condition on three points: broken, other than broken, all.

2 Drom

The second position belongs to the resource Drom.ru, one of the largest car portals with a 20-year history. It is visited by more than 2 million people a day, and the number of advertisements is more than 500 thousand. It’s easy to buy and sell new cars and used cars.

On the main page it’s convenient to search for cars from dealers, you can see reviews of owners, read the news about cars, and read useful articles and test drives. Submit an ad is easy, just fill out the form. If you upload a photo STR (SOR), the key fields of the ad promises to fill in automatically. At the end of the form, you can choose between free and paid placement options. The paid option is valid for companies and people selling multiple cars. By installing a mobile app, you can work with Drom on your phone.

The opportunity to order a report on the posted car allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences, since after the request the position is checked against various databases. So the customer can get the information about the sales history, mileage, if the car was saddled with a collateral obligation, if it was involved in an accident, if it was used as a cab, etc. There is a charge for checking, but the function is useful.

1 Auto.ru

Auto.ru is in the first place of our rating. The site started its existence more than 20 years ago and several years ago it was purchased by Yandex, finally making it the leader of Runet.

The site has a simple and clear interface, not overloaded with extraneous information. Here you can quickly select the necessary section and subsection, buy or sell a car, spare parts or special equipment. Auto.ru has a lot of used and brand new cars, and there are a number of selections (“New with a discount”, “Special offers”, “Coming soon on sale”, “Reduced price”) for those who are still undecided. In the “Journal” you can read interesting articles, news, analyses, pick-ups and even play games.

At Auto.ru, there are probably the widest opportunities for submitting ads. You can specify a large number of features, even attach a link to a review video. There’s also a function called “Estimate Auto”, which helps you find out its market value. The search is convenient and clear. Unlike the majority of similar portals it’s possible to choose several brands at a time, many advertisements have information about checking by VIN, history of posting at the site if the car is not the first time.

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