Rating of manufacturers of anti-rain remedy

6 best anti-rainers for car windows

We made a review, the purpose of which is to determine the best antifreeze for car glass. Means of anti-rain form a smooth thin film on the glass, which has water-repelling properties. Water rolls off the glass faster, leaving no drips. Dirt is also not trapped on the window, it does not freeze. Thanks to the treatment of glass with anti-rain wipers do not scratch it with particles of dirt, the load on them is significantly reduced.

antidozhd dlya avtomobilya


The best anti-rain for car glass

For the driver of the car, rain seriously worsens visibility. Water getting on the windshield, spread on it, reducing the transparency, distorts the perspective.

If the rain is heavy, even the windshield wipers do little to improve visibility.

We have tested a number of preparations on the market, and settled on 6 samples, the characteristics of which turned out to be the best.

Optimal on the criterion of price and quality Turtle WAX 7704

Turtle WAX 7704

Description. Hydrophobic agent sold in 300 ml plastic bottles.

The smaller drops on the surface, rolled into larger drops and run down by their own weight.

The heavier the rain, the faster the window treated with anti-rain gets rid of moisture.

At vehicle speeds of 50 km/h and more the wind blows the drops off the windshield, and they are blown away to the sides and even upwards.

The product can treat car windows, the glass sunroof, mirrors, as well as headlights, including plastic ones.

According to user reviews, it is one of the most optimal products in terms of price and quality. Treatment lasts for 3-4 months of operation and even more.

Correct application. For treatment, the preparation must be applied to a sponge or cloth and gently distributed on the glass.

The substance forms a thin transparent film, filling microcracks. Glass becomes very smooth, rain and snow cannot adhere to its surface.

Requires careful pre-washing of the window. Rainbow stains appear on the glass after application.

You can remove them either by careful polishing or by washing the window. You will have to wash the car yourself, car wash with a brush will wash away the product.

  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Lasts for 3-4 months.
  3. Optimal in terms of price and quality.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Repels water effectively.
  1. Leaves streaks after application that must be carefully polished.

Quality product in single-use packaging Aquapel Glass Treatment 47101

Aquapel Glass Treatment 47101

Description. A product that is sold in a disposable package. Produced by the American corporation PPG Industries.

It is a microfiber soaked in anti-rain, which is located in an airtight capsule. The package volume is only 8 ml.

Correct application. You should wash and dry the glass before application. You also need to degrease it completely.

One pack is enough for the windshield and front side doors only. If you want to use the rear windows, you will need to buy two products.

After opening the capsule, make generous dabs on the right and left sides of the windshield, then a dab each on the side windows.

Then rub the product thoroughly over the surface. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes.

Then polish the windows with a clean microfiber cloth and wait 4 hours to dry. Do not wash the car with car care products for a week.

The product can be used no later than 15 minutes after opening the ampoule. It is not suitable for plastic.

It is possible to treat the car at temperatures from +10 to +50⁰С. It lasts for 10 months or 20 thousand km.

  1. Prolonged use.
  2. Convenient application.
  3. Improves visibility up to 25%.
  4. Repels moisture well.
  1. Disposable, small volume.

Inexpensive Bullsone Clean&Rain Repellent 2 in1 11876902

Bullsone Clean Rain Repellent 2 in1

Description. The remedy is produced in South Korea. It is called “2 in 1” because it is positioned as a substance for cleaning windows plus giving water-repellent properties.

Correct application. In fact, for the best effect, it is better to apply to the windows after washing and drying them first.

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It is also recommended to treat the glass 2-3 times. The application is very simple, because the plastic bottle is equipped with a spray nozzle.

You need to thoroughly spray the substance on the glass, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, then polish with a dry cloth.

The product is sold in 300 ml bottles and is very inexpensive. Repels water quite effectively. Also quite good at cleaning glass from dirt.

  1. Budget.
  2. 2 в 1.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Lasts for several months.
  5. Pack lasts for a long time.
  1. Not detected.

Quality domestic remedy KillAqua Crystal

KillAqua Crystal

Description. Quality product from the Russian developer of auto chemicals. Sold in a set that includes a glass bottle of 50 ml and a sponge for applying it.

The product is enough for about 12 windshields or for 2X treatment of all windows and mirrors of a car.

Helps improve visibility and prevents windows from icing up. Water is already blown off the windshield at 40 km/h.

Also repels dirt and oil, facilitates removal of traces from insects, bitumen. The need to use wipers and water for washing is significantly reduced.

Correct application. It is also better to apply it on a clean surface. It is also not bad to degrease it.

The manufacturer promises that the effect after treatment lasts 6-12 months or about 50 washes, but it is better not to use a car wash with a brush.

According to the reviews, the product really lasts for 3-4 months.

  1. The ease of treatment.
  2. Enough for several times.
  3. Repels water effectively.
  4. Stops for a long time.
  1. Not detected.

Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large 04107 silicone-based andido rain

Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large 04107

Description. Silicone-based product from Japan. It is sold in bottles of 120 ml.

The manufacturer does not allow storing it at temperatures above 40°C. Unopened packaging remains valid for 5 years.

Proper application. During application it is sufficient to wash and dry the glass. There is no need to degrease it – the product has appropriate properties.

The treatment lasts for 2-3 months. Anti-rain must be applied in 2-3 layers, wiping thoroughly to avoid drips.

Then you need to wait 5-10 minutes, and then gently wipe the glass. The substance is not suitable for plastic and plexiglass.

Glasses with applied anti-rain should be washed without detergents, with plain water.

It is also not recommended to apply the product if the temperature difference between inside and outside the car is significant.

It is recommended to leave the car in a heated garage for several hours in winter and to leave it in summer with the air conditioner off, after which you should apply the antidazzle treatment.

Rating of the most popular manufacturers of antifogging agents

The purpose of anti-rain is to provide better visibility for the driver through the windshield, side mirrors and windows during heavy precipitation. The properties of this product allow the raindrops to roll down and around, not creating a solid patch of water in front of the eyes of the motorist. Additionally it becomes easier for wipers to cope with bad weather.

Car Windshield Wiper

Thus on the shelves of specialized stores of automobile are sold a huge number of means with the same name and stated functions. But not all of them effectively cope with their tasks.

The availability of openly cheap and low-quality products generates unfair myths about the fact that the rainstorm is useless and does not provide any benefits. The important thing here is to use really good quality products. And it’s important for consumers to know which company’s anti-rainstick they should use and keep in their car’s glove compartment.

How it works

Before you choose the best car anti-rain and apply it to the surfaces of your vehicle, you need to understand exactly how quality products of this type work.

In brief, the essence of anti-rain is to reduce the wettability of the surface. Basically, the tool is used on the windows, but some apply it to the body of the car. Although it is not quite a rational waste of money, since there are other and more budget-friendly solutions for body surfaces with a similar effect.

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To reduce wetting, that is, to improve the diversion of water, which will not stick to the glass, the composition of anti-rain includes special polymers and silicone components, mixed with organic substances, fragrances and other additives.

The solvent in the composition allows you to give the preparation a liquid or gaseous state. When the product is applied to the surface, the solvent volatilizes, leaving behind only a thin polymer-silicone layer. They have excellent water repellency, that is, hydrophobicity.

The main problem with anti-rain is that it can be of poor quality. Such products are actively sold in the market, and consumers, trying to save money and protect the windshield from heavy rain, buy it with pleasure. But it is far from the best anti-rain remedy, after which an opaque film, greasy stains, etc. can appear.

If you want to choose really the best antidrizzle and use it for your car to accelerate the rolling of water and reduce the effect of moisture accumulation on the glass, when buying should be guided by 3 basic requirements:

  • transparency;
  • effectiveness;
  • durability.

In the first case, anti-rain guarantees the creation of a completely transparent and invisible film. Efficiency means changing the behavior of water droplets when they hit the glass. Another sign of a good product is its long lifespan after its application.


Rating Representatives

In order to collect the top 10 and select the really best anti-rain, a number of tests, trials and experiments were conducted. A large number of products have been thoroughly tested, their main indicators and characteristics have been determined, an assessment of the service life and preservation of effectiveness during long-term use has been given.

As a result, experts and ordinary motorists can say exactly what kind of antifog is best to use for cars right now. The situation will change as a number of manufacturers create new solutions and apply new technologies. Therefore, choose based on what anti-rain is currently available on the market and what you can treat your car with.

In fact, you can choose any of the presented options, or conduct your own experiment using your own car. Making a choice in favor of several preparations, test them one by one and evaluate the result. Just remember that before using a new antidazzler, you must make sure to thoroughly treat the glass, getting rid of any traces of the previous product.

In the rating of the best manufacturers, producing anti-rain, got the following brands:

  • Turtle Wax.
  • Aquapel.
  • Abro.
  • BBF.
  • Mannol.
  • Lavr.
  • Hi Gear.
  • K2.
  • Runway.
  • Liqui Moly.

According to motorists and experts, each of the presented preparations is really good in its case. But it is difficult to say which one is better than the others.

The offered antidrift is designed for your car’s glass. It has different packaging, packaging and cost. Also, each manufacturer has its own instructions for use, which should not be violated, otherwise the result may not meet expectations.

To better understand the range and identify your own favorite in the rating, the drugs of the brands represented should be studied separately.

The remedy of this brand has an uncomplicated name Anti-Rain. According to most estimates it takes the last, but still a worthy place in the top 10. BBF Anti-Rain is sold as a spray can with a button sprayer.

The efficiency is good, especially considering the cost of the product. It is good for protecting the windshields and other glass surfaces of the car from the buildup of dirt and water.

After application it forms a medium thick protective film. If you are looking for an inexpensive, maximum budget option, but anti-rain is still needed, this option is worth considering.

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On average sellers ask about 100 rubles for a 250 ml. spray can.

BBF Anti-Rain solution

Runway .

On the next line from the end of the rating, experts and motorists put the means of the company Runway under the name Rain Guard, which as if gives an understanding of the functions and tasks of the product.

This anti-rain is produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. The basis of the composition includes various types of silicone, providing the creation of a slippery coating on which water quickly runs down or on the sides when the car is moving at high speed. Consumers note that they have to use their wipers less intensively in heavy precipitation.

The manufacturer itself notes that their product can not only provide better drainage from the windshield. But also the remedy can prevent the appearance of dirt and ice crusts. This was confirmed in practice.

The level of effectiveness is ahead of the previous model. Hence the higher position in the rating. After application a thick, but absolutely transparent protective film is formed, resistant to mechanical influences. This gives an advantage in the form of long-term preservation of the effect of slipping water and dirt.

The bottle holds 200 milliliters of the product, and the average price per unit of the product is 150 rubles.

Another noteworthy anti-rain product from Abro called Clean View, which means clean look. With a hint that the film after treatment is absolutely transparent and the driver is not afraid of interference in the form of raindrops.

The product is produced in the U.S., but is actively marketed in Russia. The product is presented in the form of a can with a liquid, which is applied to the glass surface of the vehicle.

Buyers and experts note the decent performance and long service life of the product. The manufacturer emphasizes the fact that before applying it is required to clean surfaces as thoroughly as possible, as well as to ensure that they are completely dry.

Still can not apply the drug in closed rooms. Although it is quite logical, but the manufacturer considers it necessary to indicate such a remark on the package.

In terms of efficiency, it is not inferior to the previously considered competitors, although the film formed after the application is not very thick and resistant to mechanical stress. Because of this, the user will have to treat the windows of his vehicle with Abro a little more often.

Among the advantages of the drug is its reasonable price. The substance is packed in cans of 103 milliliters. In this case, the price is about 200 rubles.

Mannol .

The next product in the rating, approaching the leaders, is a product of the company Mannol. Its name sounds like Antiaqua Regen Abweiser.

It is a development of German specialists. The instruction for usage clearly prescribes that this agent can be applied for treatment of plastic and glass surfaces. Thus motorists are given the opportunity to improve the permeability and protection against water on the plastic body of the headlights.

After application, a thin but fairly resistant polymer layer is formed that has water-repellent and dirt-repellent functions.

The main complaint to the product is its layer. It is quite small, so you have to treat it more often to maintain the effectiveness and performance. According to experts and experience of simple motorists, one treatment lasts for about 4-5 weeks. And that’s assuming average intensity of rainfall.

But the preparation does not require a huge financial outlay. A spray can with 100 ml of the product costs an average of about 100 rubles. Packs with other volumes of the substance are not provided.

Mannol Anti-Rain Mannol

The manufacturer did not invent anything complicated, and gave the name to its own product Anti-rain. This brand has long been popular among the manufacturers of car cosmetics and vehicle care products, although it is not as famous as some other manufacturers.

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As for their antifog, it’s a mid-priced product with similarly average performance. It is not the best in its segment, but there are no complaints about the quality of surface treatment.

The product is positioned as a remedy for the protection of car windshields and side windows against rain and slush. It is widely used for the treatment of plastic bodies of headlamps. It is also of interest that Lavr is often used for household purposes by treating shower cabins to prevent the accumulation of moisture and steam.

Before treatment, the surface must be washed and dried. It is sold for about 250 rubles. For this money, the buyer receives a can of 185 milliliters.

Very close to the leaders is anti-rain from the company K2, whose product name is Vizio Plus. It is a Polish development, manufactured in Poland.

The drug is presented in the form of an aerosol sprayer. The can contains 200 ml of the substance. As the manufacturer himself notes, after application, the water begins to be effectively diverted even at car speeds of 55 kilometers per hour, while the competitors have this figure is 60 kilometers per hour.

But if you carefully examine the reviews of consumers and the conclusions of experts after testing this anti-rain, the information lends itself to certain doubts. Some agree with the manufacturer’s statements and confirm the information. Others note the low effectiveness of the remedy.

But the main advantage is the price for which consumers are willing to work with the Polish anti-rain. One has to pay only 200 rubles for 200 ml of the substance. Glasses, headlights, mirrors, etc. are treated.

One of the features of using Vizio Plus is the mandatory use of a damp, lint-free rag to remove the excess after treatment of the surface.

Liqui Moly

But the Liqui Moly company anti-rain has not very simple and easy to pronounce name, which sounds like Fix Klar Regen Abweiser.

Liqui Moly company is one of the most famous and popular manufacturers of automobile chemicals. But their product of the antifog category lacked quite a bit to be in the top three.

The presented product has a rather diverse scope of application. The primary task is exactly the struggle against dirt and water on the surface of the windshield. But motorists also consider it as an effective tool for fighting the traces from insects, sticking snow and settling frost.

The antidrift turned out to be not less popular among fans of motorcycles. Helmets are treated with this agent. It is important to use the preparation only after the glass is washed and thoroughly dried.

The manufacturer himself recommends applying the anti-rain once a month. At first the surface is sprayed, then the surface is left to evaporate for 10 minutes and then the dry surface is rubbed with a lint-free cloth. One bottle holds 125 ml. When treating windshields, one bottle is enough for about 4-5 applications.

The product is in the higher price bracket, as the price for 125 ml is an impressive 700 rubles.

Glass processing


The top three products of the company Hi Gear, which is called Rain Guard. One of the most demanded and popular products in the category of anti-rain, the development and production of which is engaged in the American company.

It is currently the market leader. It is made on the basis of polymeric components. The special composition ensures the possibility of applying the product on the windows, plastic headlights and vehicle body. It protects surfaces from adhesion of dirt, extends the life of wipers and wiper blades, and does not destroy the structure of rubber brushes. It can be used even for household purposes, by treating the windows of the house and apartments from the exterior, so that rain drops do not leave behind a trace for a long time.

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Sold in several different volumes of 118, 236 and 473 milliliters. The smallest package costs 200 rubles, and almost half a liter of product costs 550 rubles. Not so expensive at a high level of efficiency and long term action.


In second place in the current rating, experts and motorists put the American development Aquapel. The anti-rain is considered quite original, and is supplied to Russia and other countries from the United States.

As the manufacturers assure themselves, nanotechnology was used in the development of the product, so there are no traditional polymers and wax in its composition. The product is available in capsules and applicators.

There are several important points concerning the use of this product:

  • After opening the ampoule, it may take no more than 15 minutes for the effect to evaporate. That is, you should apply immediately after opening the ampoule. Otherwise, the anti-rain will simply not work.
  • This anti-rain can not be combined and used simultaneously with traditional wax and polymer-based formulations.
  • The product is not intended for treating plastic or bodywork. This product is exclusively for windshields.
  • The optimum conditions for application are no less than 10 degrees Celsius with a humidity of up to 60%.
  • Anti-rain should not be used in the open air if the treated surface is exposed to direct sunlight.

Believe in the nanotechnological properties of the preparation or not, it’s up to everyone. But the fact is that Aquapel exceeds its competitors by about 5-6 times in duration of action.

To process one windshield or two side windows, you need 1 ampoule. In this case, treatment is recommended at least 2 times. And that’s assuming that the cost of one ampoule is an impressive 1,000 rubles.

And there is a legitimate question as to whether the consumer is willing to pay such money for the available benefits. As sales statistics show, many are willing to spend an impressive amount for the sake of obtaining a lasting effect.

Anti-Rain Deterrent Application

Turtle Wax

But according to the results of the survey and tests of different anti-rainstormers, the Turtle Wax company’s product wins in the rating. It is their anti-rain ClearVue Rain Repellent recognized as the best among the analogues, which are currently presented on the market.

It is a British development of one of the leading manufacturers of automotive chemicals. Tests have shown the highest level of effectiveness with excellent stability of the film on the glass surface.

The product is positioned as an anti-rain exclusively for glass. Plastic headlights and body surfaces should not be treated with it. Although with respect to plastic optics, opinions vary and many successfully treat even the headlights, noting the excellent performance of the coating.

The manufacturer itself indicates in the instructions that it is better to use the product twice for the first treatment of the car. And consumers themselves advise to apply it a third time. Subsequently, only 1 treatment is sufficient.

Depending on the operating conditions, the effectiveness guaranteed by the manufacturer will last for 1-2 months.

The product not only has excellent performance, but also does not cost that much. One has to pay about 300-350 rubles for a 300 ml can.

Prices for the tools presented in the rating of means antidote conditional and approximate, since the cost depends largely on the region, the specific supplier, the seller, the current discounts, etc.

The use of anti-rain gives a number of positive effects. But the main one is to increase safety when driving a vehicle in heavy rain.

Trust only proven manufacturers and products that have a positive reputation. Do not wait for a miracle from cheap remedies of dubious origin and unknown manufacturer. Also, you can not exclude the risk of buying a fake. And that is why it will be more correct to contact certified sellers and official representatives of the manufacturers of antidozhd.

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