Regular and custom wheel tuning VW Tiguan

Tuning Volkswagen Tiguan.

Some owners of Volkswagen Tiguan is not enough of its regular upgrade, so they try to refine the exterior and interior in their own way.

Fortunately, modern auto stores, online catalogs offer a wide range of parts, accessories for the upgrade of the interior, body.


It is not difficult to upgrade the Volkswagen Tiguan on your own, but it is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Before tuning your car, consult with service station specialists, masters atelier, read articles in blogs, watch video tutorials.

Various tuning of Volkswagen Tiguan, prices

Possible options for VW Tiguan upgrades:

  • front and rear bumper: painting, veneering with plastic skirts;
  • Powertrain chip tuning;
  • grille: “under the chrome”;
  • overlays on the outer door handles “under the chrome”;
  • moldings on the rear-view mirror;
  • moldings on turn signals;
  • trunk lid moldings;
  • sets of accessories on the pillars, doorways, windows;
  • rear lights: wrapping with LED tape on the inside;
  • edging rear lights, front optics.


LED lights on the Volkswagen Tiguan

LEDs – one way to improve the exterior of the vehicle. Many car owners replace OEM bulbs with LED daytime running lights for the following reasons:

  • durability;
  • visualization, attractiveness, individuality, expressiveness;
  • quality of lighting, depth of visibility;
  • cheapness in comparison with original OEM parts.

LEDs are also installed in fog lights, but this must be done very carefully. The bright beam of light can dazzle the oncoming car, which will lead to a collision.

The price of LED optics on the Volkswagen Tiguan from 3500 rubles, and LED strip on the headlights from 1000 rubles.


Alloy wheels on the Volkswagen Tiguan

One of the most expensive “pleasures” in the tuning – buying alloy wheels with the logo of the German concern Volkswagen. The average price for a set of four pieces on the VW Tiguan from 45,000 rubles.


Lining on the sills of the Volkswagen Tiguan

The price of plastic overlays is estimated at 3100 rubles, for chrome modifications from 3300 – 3900 rubles. The use of overlays allows you to budget to give your car an attractive appearance.

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Tuning Volkswagen Tiguan

In addition to the overlays use a chrome grille. However, in the original version of the accessory will cost the owner 15000 rubles. Quality analogues are 5,000 rubles cheaper.

Moldings on the door pillars of the Volkswagen Tiguan

Accessories are made of stainless steel, impact-resistant polymer will cost 3,000 rubles. Non-original analogues are 30 – 35% cheaper.

Fixing moldings on a double-sided adhesive tape, before degreasing the working surface from dust, dirt, condensation.


Kangarins Volkswagen Tiguan

If you want to maximally protect your car from rocks, gravel, chemical reagents, then mount the front bumper protection. Popularly it is called the kangurin.


Accessory is not cheap, the price for the front from 25000 rubles, for the rear from 2500 rubles. In addition to kengurin use a towbar. Often the owners of Volkswagen Tiguan have to use a trailer for trips to the sea, out of town, fishing. Price towbar VW Tiguan from 12000 rubles.

Sills and skirts on the Volkswagen Tiguan

The cost of sills on the lower body contour is estimated at 19000 rubles. If you buy the dodgers with additional sheets for boarding – disembarkation of the driver, passengers, the price of the accessory increases by 3 – 5 rubles.

Mats in the interior of the Volkswagen Tiguan

Select products depending on the color, material, thickness. Set in the cabin from 2000 rubles. Carpet for the luggage compartment costs 2100 – 2400 rubles, depending on the material, color scheme.

Accessories in the cabin of Volkswagen Tiguan

Protective covers on the steering wheel from 3500 rubles, the nozzle on the parking brake lever from 2500 rubles. Airbag on the steering wheel from 20000 rubles.

Door cards, depending on the material are priced from 3500 rubles apiece, a set of 12000 rubles.

Chip tuning Volkswagen Tiguan

To give the car a sharpness owners flash the electronic engine control unit, thereby making changes to the OEM indicators of onboard systems (RaceChip).

It is a misconception of some masters that VW Tiguan chip tuning helps to increase the fuel consumption. With professional tuning the fuel consumption, on the contrary, decreases by 3 – 4% in the mixed cycle.

VW Tiguan chip tuning is done only in the service station where the specialists provide a quality guarantee for the work done. The price of the upgrade ranges from 15-17 thousand rubles.

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Budget way of chip tuning – removal of regular catalytic filler and installing a metal spacer instead. The price ranges from 7000 rubles.

Regular and custom wheel tuning VW Tiguan


One of the most common ways of tuning the same Tiguan is when regular tires, disks representatives of our garage community replace more attractively designed and with alternative dimension products.

It is absolutely clear, that factory tires, according to calculated and also received as a result of ground tests data have optimum parameters of dynamics, steerability, safety, comfort and economical efficiency. However, often among our colleagues, especially among the young category of users, some other qualities of equipment prevail in addition to the listed, namely:

  • pompous appearance;
  • increased cross-country ability;
  • Improved parameters of grip of rolls with the road.

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

In other words, our brothers, let’s call them garage Lefties, have an indestructible desire to change something, to modify something, to experiment and about how far these tuning improvements of wheels on the example of Volkswagen Tiguan can go, we shall try to tell in this review-analytical material.

About the legal justification of the wheel tuning

In the Russian legislation regarding the observance of traffic rules, listed malfunctions, in the presence of which it is forbidden to operate vehicles.

As for tires and rims, there are direct and unambiguous perceived legal barriers to vehicle use in the presence of:

  • tires with less than the allowable tread depth of 1.6 mm for summer tires and 4.0 mm for winter tires;
  • different types of tires mounted on the same axle;
  • tires and rims that are not designed for the specific vehicle model in terms of both dimensions and load characteristics.

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

As for the legal consequences of non-compliance with these requirements of the traffic rules for the users of the same FV Tiguans, there may be several, and the most significant of them are:

  • penalties from the traffic police in the form of warnings;
  • Administrative fines;
  • Inability to pass technical inspections (which are rumored to soon disappear into oblivion);
  • But the most large-scale punishment for the use of non-standard wheels can be the refusal of the manufacturer’s warranty obligations in cases of failure of power units, transmissions and suspension elements in new cars.
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However, the manufacturers of the same Tiguan considered by us, equip those or other complete sets of this model, let’s say, standard shoes of various dimensionality, that allows our garage Left-handed people for legalization of wheel tuning with installation of tires and disks, which are specified in the instruction of this car.

Factory and non-standard sizes of Volkswagen Tiguan wheels

Before giving the factory parameters of the wheels of this model of the German car, it will be logical to first consider the methodology of the digital display of the characteristics of the tires, namely:

  • the first digit of the dimensionality is the key in the marking and means the width in mm of the tire;
  • The second digit in the gradient markings is the profile height or lateral dimension of the tire. This dimension is shown as a percentage of the width;
  • The third digit in the tire designation is an alphanumeric parameter, where R is not a wheel radius designation, but indicates that the tire is equipped with a radial cord.

Regarding the standard dimensions of the compact crossover’s chutes and disks, their list is presented in the table below:

Wheel size Tire Disk
R16 215/65R16 6,5JR16H2ET33
R17 235/55R17 7JR17H2ET43
R18 235/50R18 7JR18H2ET43
Tyre cushion R18 145/80R18 4JR18ET27

As for the alternative wheel sizes that can be used for tuning, here is their approximate list:

Wheel size Tire size Disk
R16 235/60 R16 7JR16H2ET43
R17 225/60R17 7JR17H2ET43
R18 215/60R18 7,5JR18H2ET35
R19 if body has wheel arch extensions 255/40 R19 9JR19H2ET33

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

Pros and cons of FW Tiguan wheel tuning

As you can see from the table of standard tire sizes, that the initial wheel size of the Tiguan is 215/65R16 , and the other legal sizes are 235 and 255 mm wide roll-offs .

In theory, the wider the tire, the greater its contact surface with the road. And that, by the way, is one of the conditions for ensuring directional stability and providing proper traction with the road surface.

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In this case, a particular width and diameter of tires for those or other cars engineers developers are calculated depending on the constructive weight, power characteristics of the engine, body and wheelbase. And also from types of a drive and transmissions of cars.

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

However, our garage Lefties put wide and high tires on Tiguans without urgent for this tuning only for the sake of ponces, that the compact crossover looked more powerful. However, there are positive moments in increase of size of tires, that after this tuning further improvements in the form of installation of calipers with increased diameter of brake disks or for improvement of coupling of wheels (that it is possible to achieve by reduction of parameters of pressure in tires), and also for increase of a ground clearance is logically correct.

As for the negative consequences of wheel tuning Tiguan, it is, first of all, deterioration:

  • ride comfort;
  • dynamic characteristics;
  • fuel efficiency.

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

The minuses of such tuning is the propensity of the car to aquaplaning, the increased cost of such rubber and an increase in the probability of damage to these tires.For an objective assessment of wheel tuning should be considered and such its rare option, as the use of rolls and disks of a smaller diameter.

For example, the same tires with the size 205/55R16 . Which, firstly, possess cheapness, secondly, exactly seasonal stingrays of such sizes remain at owners of present Tiguan from the previous cars and, thirdly, they create a false sensation of decrease in consumption of gasoline.

However operation of such stingrays is fraught with risks of accidents due to the fact that they have the minimum load capacity index, not to mention that road clearance decreases and the appearance of the car deteriorates.

As a bottom line.

Many of the improvements that one tries to implement with wheel tuning can be done with minimal investment, namely, using upgraded suspension elements, and absolutely free with the help of tire pressure adjustments.

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That being said, the Tiguan has options like a pressure drop monitoring system as well as an objective tire pressure monitoring system by default, they say.

Where the first, with the help of ABS, by recording the different angular velocities of the wheels, is able to detect pressure drops in one or more gradients. And the second system which is put on Tiguan optionally provides presence of pressure sensors directly in tires.

Rims and tires Volkswagen Tiguan

Both the first and second system of monitoring tire pressure has the ability to send messages to the driver with error codes about flat tires, as well as monitor their condition in the “Tires” on-board computer menu.

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