Remaking the floor in the trunk of the VAZ 2110

Remaking the floor in the trunk of the VAZ 2110

In this article I present a way to improve the plywood trunk of your car VAZ 2110. The feeling of comfort will overwhelm you and look great at the same time. And so, how I did it and brought it to life….

Everyone knows that the floor of a VAZ 2110 car is brittle and not durable. The recesses on both sides become vulnerable and break from the weight. So I came up with the idea to make the rear end out of plywood.

Pros of the plywood floor

1. The whole part of the floor is smoother and flatter. 2. Easy to get to the spare wheels. 3. Sturdy floor that doesn’t deteriorate. 4. Neat and comfortable.

You will need.

1. 8mm plywood. 2. Carpeting 3 sq.m. (price 180 p / sq.m.) 3. Electric jigsaw 4. A furniture stapler 5. Glue type “Titan” or similar.

The entire floor consists of the first and second layer. That’s why it is very easy to make the windows and the holes for the recesses. I cut the holes with an electric jigsaw. If you have a large piece of plywood on hand, you can make the trunk cover from one piece. By the way, to be more dry, you need to apply paint or varnish to the plywood.

Remake the floor in the trunk of the VAZ 2110 к38 Cut out a hole in plywood for the spare tire к40

Next, we cover the plywood with Carpet.

 trunk floor with your own hands wrap veneer floor hatch Picture44

Since if we make the whole floor, that is, from one piece, we can not stick it in the car, so it is divided into two parts.

Remake the floor in the trunk of the VAZ 2110 Snapshot46 shot47 к48

Since the floor itself in the car is not flat, you need to put some scraps of plywood under it, and for them not to make noise in the back, you need to attach or put under them pieces of SPLEN.

moc49 Snapshot50

This is what our remodeled floor looks like.

Redoing the floor 51 Vaz 2110

And these windows are so cute, designed just to let the moisture out.

Re-polarization and short-circuit protection circuitry

The plywood floor to the trunk.

Probably every owner of VAZ-2110 “bearded” year has noticed that the cardboard floor in the trunk eventually turns into dust. The pockets are failing, the cardboard itself is creased and it looks worse than ever. Having searched on the Internet and been on the auto market learned the approximate cost of a new approximately 1200 rubles. But why look for the easy way? I decided to do it myself! Labor, as they say, ennobles man.) And it was interesting that all this will turn out. So:

Were purchased: 1. Sheet of plywood 8 mm. 2. Carpet black, 4 linear meters (requires 3, but took with reserve, and did not regret). 3. Construction stapler and staples to it 8 mm (as less likely that bend). 4. Glue Titan (can be Solide and Master). 5. Brush construction 2 pcs. 6. Paint 2 bottles (pine color) 7. A pencil ordinary =) and of course skilful hands (or not really skilful) =). 8. File 9. Files for jigsaws “Zubr” curly cut (do not take Stayer by any means, broke 6 pcs.) 10. Insolon 10mm. 1 sq.m.

Floor was to be in 2 parts (won’t fit entirely). In the middle should be a hatch (for easy removal of the spare). On the edges of the 2 hatches to remove moisture (pockets do not use). Hatches should lie down, pulled out and lay down again.

1. pulled out the old flooring to use as a template.

2. circled it, measuring where it ends and begins to cover the backs of the seats. In advance, you can cut off the part covering the backs of the seats from the old floor (we will need it).

3. Next, I measured the compartments for the pockets. The hardest part was drawing the second one symmetrically to the first.

4. Went to the car more than once, measured the size of the hatch for the spare. The thing is that the hatch should turn out with an offset, look in the trunk and see for yourself =)

Additional attachment for the jack with their own hands.

5. Actually started cutting. If somewhere went further than planned, do not worry. In the end, nothing will be visible, because it will be wrapped with carpets.

6. So, we have our workpiece. Go over the edges with a fine file.

7. Cut hatches, but remember that when you install the carpet will add on each side extra millimeters. (Redid the hatches at the end of the job several times). Also cut the strips on which the hatches will lie: 4 pieces on the small hatches and 6 pieces on the large.

8. 8. We cut the floor piece in half, but you must cut from the top left and the bottom right, or vice versa (in the picture you see). That is, the cut should not be solid in the middle.

9. We go with the two components of the floor in the car and try it on (make conclusions about the sharpness of the eye) =)

9. Cut two strips to fasten the parts to each other (in fact, you can use the construction plates, they are not expensive, but I did so).

10. The next step is to soak the plywood, so it doesn’t swell up from moisture. We paint the stain on all sides for 2 times. And let it dry (I left it to dry overnight).

11. Next begins wrapping with carpets. If you have previously wrapped something, then it’s not difficult. I did it for the first time. Technology: 11.1 Cut carpets larger than the workpiece, so that the back of it was possible to hook a stapler. 11.2 Apply glue to the plywood (in this case Titan) 11.3 Putting carpets to the plywood and stretch from the center to the sides (glue seizes quickly enough torture rip away leads to total destruction of the material). 11.5 If there are roundings on the workpiece (and they are found), trim the edges of the strips.

Turns indicators in mirrors with their own hands

12. we take a part which is closing backs of seats, cut off in the beginning and we sew on it usual velcro for clothes, the second part is nailed by stapler to a new floor (having measured all beforehand).

13. And now we see the finished floor and we have to deal with the hatches and fasteners. Slats on which will lie a hatch should also be covered with carpets.

14. Take 19 mm self-tapping screws on wood (to the question of not a lot of answering that 16 mm, generally do not hold) and screw fasteners hatches so that the hatch was lying on them, that is, in the corners. Under the spare 4 in the corners and 2 at the edges.

15. Screw the two connectors of the components of the floor. So one on one part, the other on the other to get a kind of lock.

16. 16. Now we just have to join the two parts of our floor. We go to the car and lay the floor there. If the floor is somewhere not flat, put some insulation there (you can even pinch it on the stapler).

17. Screw in 4 self-tapping screws (the upper and lower fasteners).

18. We jump for joy and praise ourselves. After that go clean up all the mess we made, if we worked at home =)))))

P.S. It is better to do this kind of work together, I helped my wife draw and cover with carpets. Yes and more fun to work together. After that it is better to buy a rubber mat, so as not to mar your work. For reliability, I can say that to check even laid down in the trunk, everything is holding on, nothing crunches.

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