Remote control headlights of cars

Headlight with remote control

Torus detector with remote control

Faro detector with remote control – a powerful source of additional lighting, which is in great demand among fans of extreme excursions into nature, for hunting, tourism and fishing. Why do people who are into such activities have such a great demand for this device. For example, if you need to urgently illuminate the object on the hunt, then a headlight detector will help you.

Types of remote headlamp detectors, design

Headlamp-detector, which has a built-in remote control, can be both mounting and mounted on the roof of the car, and portable. Mounting design fastens to the body of the vehicle with a strong bracket, thanks to him you can not worry about the safety of the device even when driving off-road.

If there is a need to change the direction of the light source of the projector, it is done without leaving the car using a special remote.

It is worth remembering that the use of such a strong light source within public roads is prohibited – you can blind the driver on the oncoming lane, even at a distance of 3 km.

The headlight detector is made of a housing that has protection against shock, dust and water under the IP66 standard, which makes it possible to use this device in any weather conditions. Buy a headlight with a remote control of any configuration (12V or 24V) you can on our website.

Also, with a remote control headlight, you can use a special mount to install on a boat or boat. During fishing not seldom happens situations when there is a need to light some object, but the usual flashlight will not be enough. To do this, we recommend that you equip your boat with this apparatus.

Buy a headlamp with remote control

Are you an active person who loves constant adventures and struggles with nature? We recommend that you buy this device with all kinds of mounts in a kit at a bargain price on our website.

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