Replacement of the cabin filter Volkswagen Polo sedan

Replacing the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo

Replacement of the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo refers to the mandatory processes when passing the maintenance.

In this article, we will detail the removal and installation of the cabin filter, the regulations and part numbers.


According to the regulations, the scheduled replacement of the cabin filter is carried out every 30,000 km of the car run, or once every two years.

The terms may be considerably reduced. The reason for this:

  • Aggressive manner of driving.
  • Regular driving on dusty country roads.
  • Environmental issues.

The work can be classified as the most frequent procedure in the routine maintenance of the car. To remove and install it, you will need:

  • A new filter.
  • A flashlight.
  • A rag.
  • Car vacuum cleaner for cabin cleaning.

Which cabin filter should I choose?

There are a number of cabin filters such as:

  • The simplest are the barrier ones. They are most often made of paper.
  • Carbon filters, designed to neutralize allergens.
  • Electret filters.
  • Carbon filters that contain an electret layer.

Cabin filters for the Volkswagen Polo are divided into types:

  • Single-layer protection elements. They are able to resist contaminants of large size, which you can see with your own eyes. We are talking about poplar down, leaves of various insects.
  • Two-layer structures. They protect from dust, exhaust fumes and soot particles that are invisible to the human eye.
  • Three-layered constructions, one element of which is a layer of activated carbon. It resists the penetration of volatile substances into the interior of the Volkswagen Polo. Effectively fights the sources of unpleasant odors and pathogenic microflora. We are talking about fungus, bacteria and microbes.

Manufacturers recommend installing original components, but many motorists prefer to install analog filters, since they cost much cheaper.

Filter 6R0820367

We recommend buying cabin filters only from proven players in the automotive market. You can choose from the table below.

Diagram for beginners to connect the DXO

Article numbers

Article numbers Price (rubles)
VAG 6R0820367 620
VAG 6R0819653 700
Filtron K1313 200
Goodwill AG 367 CF 270
Patron PF2260 275

Cabin filter replacement in Polo sedan

Replacement of the cabin filter is carried out at the service centers during the scheduled maintenance of the Volkswagen Polo. The operation is not so burdensome, so the removal and installation of the filter can be done in the garage with your own hands. Observe the sequence of operations and prepare in advance the materials and tools mentioned above.

It is located directly under the glove box on the right side, opposite the passenger seat.

  1. Dismantle the plastic cover. This is done by pushing the fixing brackets to the center of the structure. Pull the cover, it is easy to remove.
  2. Behind it there is a removable filter. It is enough to simply pull it down.
  3. The new dust protector is installed in reverse order.

Video: how to remove the cabin filter


The process of removing and installing the used cabin filter is not complicated. It can be done in the garage yourself. The main thing is to decide on the purchase and decide which of the above options suits you better: the original product or an alternative. We hope that the instruction will be useful and you will get moral satisfaction from the work done, saving the family budget, good luck.

Choice and replacement of cabin filter for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

If and how to change the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan

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Regardless of the operating conditions of the car, the cabin filter is entrusted with the most important task of cleaning the air coming from the environment. This element traps even the tiniest particles of dust and soot from rubbing the tires on the hard pavement. Over time, it may become necessary to replace the cabin filter on the Polo Sedan.

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The following will consider the method of independent installation of a new part on the car, indicates the approximate price of the repair at the service station, as well as a video with detailed instructions on how to perform this work.

Features of the part

Cabin filter for the car Polo Sedan is a simple rectangular construction, inside which there is a paper element. The air, passing through the dense material, is well cleaned of suspended particles. Due to its high efficiency in terms of dust and soot retention, the air inside the car is more frequent than outside.

Filtration of the air entering the passenger compartment does more than keep you healthy. This detail is especially important for allergy sufferers, whose reaction to dust can be accompanied by very unpleasant symptoms. The interior trim as well as the various moving parts are less likely to become dirty and worn out. Thanks to the absence of dust in the cabin, it is possible to maximize the time intervals between cleanings.

If there is a need to check the availability of this element or replace it, it is not difficult to find this part. The cabin filter of the Polo Sedan car is located in a special closed compartment under the glove compartment.

The following will provide step-by-step recommendations on how to change the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan and a video of the repair operation.

Replacing the cabin filter on the Polo Sedan

Cabin Filter Replacement for Polo Sedan

If after the last installation of this part, the car has passed 30 thousand km or the car has been operated for more than 2 years, the manufacturer prescribes to change the part, regardless of its actual condition. If the vehicle is operated in very harsh conditions, this product must be replaced twice as often (1 year or 15 thousand km).

Having figured out where the cabin filter is located on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan, you can proceed to the work of installing the new part. This work will not require the use of special tools.

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Replacement of the cabin filter of the Volkswagen Polo Sedan is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Find the compartment cover where the filter element is located (located on the right side under the dashboard).
  2. Slide the first retaining element of the cover all the way back and the second retaining element all the way forward.
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. Remove the part.
  5. Install the filter element.

The cabin filter for VW Polo Sedan must be installed strictly in the position in which this part was originally located. The product must fit tightly against the surfaces of the seating area to prevent air from bypassing the paper element. The cabin filter element cover should also be installed in the reverse order of removal.

Excessive physical force is not recommended for this job. All parts are quite fragile, so they can be broken relatively easily.

In addition to the paper filter part, a carbon air purification element may be used on this brand of vehicle. Cars are not equipped with such a product at the factory, but the car owner can install it himself. This type of filtering element costs about 20% more than the standard product, but, unlike the paper element, it copes better not only with dust filtration, but also with the delay of foreign odors. Harmful substances for health are also better retained when using a charcoal element.

Prices and video

Polo Sedan cabin filter price

How to replace the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan detailed above, but if there is no desire to do this work yourself, you can go to a workshop, where this operation will be performed at a minimum of time and with a guarantee.

The cost of the cabin filter element for this brand of car is relatively low. The average price of the original product is 900 rubles. Analogues can be purchased for 200 to 300 rubles, but the quality of such products is not always satisfactory.

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The cost of services for replacing the filter element is usually not more than the price of a new product. The price tag can vary significantly in different regions of the country. In the capital, the replacement of the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan costs 800 rubles. In other regional centers and small localities, the price of similar services can range from 400 to 700 rubles.

The video on the replacement of the cabin filter of the car Polo Sedan allows you to better understand the process of performing this type of work, as well as a preliminary assessment of their own forces, if the entire process is planned to carry out independently.

A video of how to change the cabin filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan is presented below:

Maintenance, compared to such simple actions, may seem too tedious and wasteful in terms of spending personal time and money event.

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