Replacing Polo Sedan speakers

Replacing the front speakers and noise isolation of the front doors

Good afternoon! I decided to improve the sound of the regular speakers, namely their replacement and installation of tweeters. Well, since removing the door card decided to do the vibration and noise isolation. In fact, at first I was not satisfied, but when completely finished the work, closed the doors and turned on the music realized that there is a difference high frequencies and bass are clearly audible. Although regular Polo speakers are not the worst. By the way on my native speakers was written made in Belgium, the car in 2013. Just read that many write made in China. Well in order. To begin with, remove the door card, past the rivets, there are three bolts, one of which is open access from the bottom, the other two behind the door handle casing. To remove the handle cover, it is better to use a plastic auto panel removal kit. A couple of times the tool slipped off and if it had been a metal screwdriver would have left deep scratches. The handle panel sits tightly, so you can grab it and squeeze hard, the plastic will warp a little and there will be a gap where you can slip the tool in and pry the panel off. It is better to do it in the visible part of the connection of the handle with the armrest. Carefully pry it under, and then everything is easily removable. We see the connectors for the locking button and adjusting the mirrors, in this case in my model. Everything is clear, intuitively disconnected. In the photo below you can see.

Unscrew the bolts. To do this we will need a screwdriver, which is in the standard kit next to the spare.

After you unscrew the three screws, you need to pull the door card, it will not give in, you should make some effort, as for me it is better to do it from the speaker side, gradually pulling off the clip going clockwise. At the top of the window, the door card is inserted into the grooves, so how to rip clips lift it slightly upwards (carefully with the wires) … Now you have the card in your hands, then disconnect the trunk lock connectors, power windows, alarm light and cable door handle. All visually clear, at the connectors are latches that must be pressed, at the connector actuator windows, the latch should be pulled down (it is green).

Installing mud flaps on the Polo Sedan

With regard to detaching the cable handle, there are also all visually clear, you should try to lift the part that lies in the groove closer to the door lock. As a result you will look like this.

Next, let’s remove the regular speaker. To do this we need a drill, carefully drill out the upper part of the rivets, remove the speaker, bite off the remains of the rivets with wire cutters and push out the remains … To install the speakers used staging rings in a height of 16 mm two pieces in a total of 32 mm, but because the door card refused to sit tightly on the door, one ring was removed. As a result, put the speaker on one 16mm ring, no difference. The card does not play, the sound is not different.The speaker does not interfere with the lowering of the glass. Spacer rings glued vibration isolation

Spacer rings fastened in regular holes on the bolts, mark the place of attachment, it is best to put the regular speaker and drill on a template, so it will be exact. As on the photo below.

Next, remove the plastic overlay, where the door handle cable passes.

Inside you can see that there is dirt from the water. There are drain holes on the bottom of the door, but the dirt accordingly still accumulates. You can see it in the picture below.

So we roll the vibro-insulation inside. Before this wipe the place of installation well and degrease and be sure to buy a roller, so it will be more reliable. As a result we have the following

On the photo there are two 16 mm rings, I took away one of them, because the door card wasn’t tight around the speaker.

The door card from the inside glued noise insulation.

I do not know how to put a few layers … I had one layer of card is very tight … barely clicked clips … By the way, about the clips that hold the door card. It is better to unclip them before installing, ie squeeze and judge by the click that neither clicked on the card, there is a loud click, do not miss it.

Installation of seat heating for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

The tweeters, I had a problem with them, since I have electric adjustable mirrors, I had corners without holes. Tweeter I had in a set with acoustics JBL Stage 600CE and ordered from China tweeters from China Alike seemed to me good, I decided to put them, but they did not want to fit into the regular corners of the mirrors, had to order the corners for mirrors with manual control 6RU837974B82V right and 6RU837973B82V left corners. But that didn’t help either. Ended up taking the tweeters apart completely,

Replacing the front door acoustics on a Volkswagen Polo Sedan.

Finally replaced the speakers today. Left the 16cm kickboxes from the Leganza. With crossovers. The only thing left no tweeters because I integrated them into the car so it was not possible to remove them.

This time I decided to make it easier to remove. As I will be selling my car anyway and it is still worth as much as without them.

And of course I vibro-insulated the cavity of the door.

I did it without fanaticism, only 2 mm. Vibra. Because I didn’t want to increase the weight of the door. I already know what it will lead to.

Statements on the type – it’s not enough is not welcome.

So we disassemble the door.

Drill out the rivets at the regular speaker.

By the way here it is.

As you can see it has its own podium. Of course it is not collapsible.

Next glued vibra. A tedious job. It is necessary to wear gloves, because foil cuts awfully.

Then I cut out of plywood 2 rings with thickness of 15 mm. What was it. But also estimated that the old runway is about 30 mm so it will be all right. And that’s how it turned out. Not very neat, but I am not a carpenter.

Already screwed on the speaker and connected to the connector.

Installed the squeakers, as planned on the torpedo. Direction to the driver.

Installing a turbine on a Polo Sedan

It took me a long time to figure out where to put the speakers so as not to break anything.

I had a thought to mount them on the dashboard with silicone duplex adhesive tape. It holds firmly, but also can be removed if necessary.

The squeakers inside the housing rotate. I put them down.

Where do I turn them towards me or in the center. Center between the front seats?

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Installation from the top of the torpedo. This installation probably has the greatest number of options. The main advantage is a fairly large distance of the tweeter from the listener, which equalizes the distances from the left and right channels, and therefore improves the soundstage. Often there are also the regular seats, so let’s consider the first option, when the speakers work on reflection from the windshield. When working in reflection, the path of sound to the listener increases, and this, in turn, distances the sound stage, due to which the localization of sound images somewhat deteriorates. To solve this problem, some installers try to orient the tweeter so that one side of the dome diagram is directed to the listener, and the other side works on the reflection from the glass. The second option – installing the tweeter on the top of the torpedo on the stand, with the center pointing to the listener, gives a better result, but it is much more difficult to implement and not at all stealthy.

The most aesthetically pleasing installations are flush with the panel, but for this it will have to be removed and redone, which in some cases can be a serious (and expensive) problem. A little nuance: the high-frequency with a stiff sound (most often it is inherent in the speakers with a rigid dome and cheap models with a balanced dome) excessive brightness of the HF range when reflected from the glass will only increase.

Noise isolation of engine compartment of Polo sedan

By the way, as expected China has one squeaker turned out not to work. I had to open it up. It was shorted. I managed to fix it.

The next thing was to connect it. Since I have cross wires, I had to cut into the wiring near the connector. And lead the wires to the cross-connectors. Which I installed over the glove compartment. They are very big and there is enough space.

Well, in general, I’m satisfied with the result. The bass is better and the treble is better. Stage is in front. What else do you need to be happy. That’s right – an amplifier. But that’s another story.

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