Replacing the air filter of the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Correct air filter replacement on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Changing the air filter on the Volkswagen Polo 1.6 is a mandatory, but not complicated maintenance procedure. Our step-by-step instructions will help you update the filter on your own car.

The vehicle data sheet indicates the service life of the consumables (including the cleaning and filter elements). According to this document, replacement of the air filter on a Polo sedan is a mandatory procedure and is performed every 15,000 kilometers of mileage.

Regulation of air filter replacement

The need to update the filter is caused by the following circumstances:

  • If the filter on the Volkswagen Polo is heavily contaminated, poorly purified air leads to rapid wear of engine parts. This is explained by the fact that the dust it contains resembles an abrasive in its properties. Expensive parts such as the shaft bearings and piston group are subjected to increased wear.
  • Even with a new air filter, fuel efficiency increases substantially and is more economical to use after a change. Timely renewal of consumables simultaneously reduces emissions and extends the life of the engine.

The frequency at which the air filter is renewed is specified in the regulations.

Filters should be replaced every 15,000 km, or once a year.

In the real situation, the period may vary due to the specific operating conditions of the machine.

Partnumbers of air filters

You can install both the original filter and its analogues. They are completely identical and differ only in price and manufacturer.

Article numbers Price (RUR)
VAG 036129620J 470
VAG 036129620J 750
SIBTEK AF0170 620
FILTRON AP1833 490
MANN C3880 650

Change of air filter on Polo

An experienced technician will need no more than half an hour. The list of necessary tools for these operations is quite small. It includes a Phillips screwdriver and a rag.

The order of operations performed when removing the air filter with your own hands looks like this:

  1. The crankcase ventilation supply hose is removed from the housing (see photo).
  2. After that the protective cover is removed, for which a Phillips screwdriver or a screwdriver must be used to unscrew the entire set of bolts that fasten it.

It is not necessary to remove them from the holes on the cover.

  • On the next step of disassembly it will be necessary to move it with effort in the direction of movement of the vehicle, and then to withdraw from meshing with the locks available on the back part.
  • Lift the near edge and pull it toward you.
  • After the cover is removed – you should turn it over and take out the air filter that has served its time from the holding cover.
  1. After removing the contaminated element, you should assess its condition and, if necessary, install a new product (the appearance of both is shown in the photo).
  2. Before installation of a fresh filter, you must wipe all dirty places with a previously prepared rag. Assembly of all dismantled parts is performed in the order reverse to the removal procedure.
Trucking from video tutorial

Video on removing and installing the air filter


Timely maintenance of the air filter is the key to increased reliability of the vehicle’s engine. When determining the frequency of this operation, you should be guided by the instructions attached to the car, but necessarily – taking into account the specific operating conditions of this model.

Replacement of air filter of Volkswagen Polo

air filter replacement

The filter, located near the engine of the car, performs a cleaning function, without which the work of the transport will be ineffective. It is much easier to buy for a small price the right part, taking care of the longevity of a new car in advance, than to spend a lot of money on its repair later. In order to renew the filter element, you need to understand all the nuances and learn how to choose a suitable replacement.

What the air filter is for

When driving, the engine of a car accumulates a lot of dust and debris. In order to ensure that the accumulated contaminants do not cause the car to malfunction, it must be cleaned. The air filter can help in this. One of its functions is to block motor noise, as well as regulate the temperature of the combustible substance in gasoline engines.

Paper air filters are most often used to clean the air. They are easy to use and do not require a lot of money. The design consists of several parts: a base of plastic or aluminum and cardboard, which can also be replaced by cotton, synthetic fiber. Its appearance resembles an accordion. The motor air filter has a simple structure, but it is very effective against small and large contaminants.

Other types of air filters:

  • Inertial. The air is cleaned by the inertia method of air flow. Nowadays, such mechanisms are used very rarely, as there are alternative more practical options.
  • Inertial oil filters. The structure is similar to the previous option, but differs in the presence of a reservoir of oil, which absorbs debris and dust particles.
  • “Zero”. The main filtering part is foam rubber, which is sometimes replaced by a specific fabric. Unlike paper filters, which have a similar structure, these designs are designed to last longer because of the higher quality material.
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When to Replace

Timely replacement of the air filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan is mandatory. You should not neglect it, because the filter maintains the efficiency of the car. There are several reasons to change the air-cleaning mechanism regularly.

air filter replacement

Increased fuel consumption is the first thing you’ll encounter if you don’t replace it. Its poor efficiency can also be the reason for poor acceleration of the car. Due to heavy contamination, the engine will not be able to run at full power.

The main benefit of constantly replacing the cleaning mechanism in the car is to increase the life of the engine itself. The air filter keeps dirt particles from getting inside the engine. Some of the most vulnerable parts of the Volkswagen Polo engine are the cylinder and piston. With a good cleaning filter in place, these parts will be safe. If it is neglected, however, any hard particle can cause a breakdown.

By installing a mechanism to clean the air in the car, the amount of harmful emissions is reduced several times. It is recommended that the filter be changed every 10,000 km, but this also depends on how the vehicle is used. With frequent trips out of town and regular car rides, the replacement should take place every 5,000 km.

If the cleaning mechanism is damaged, even slightly, it is necessary to install a new one in its place as soon as possible. On the Volkswagen Polo, the air filter should be replaced regularly, even if it is rarely used. It should be done at least twice a year.

Slow engine operation can be a sign of filter failure. In this case, it should also be replaced with a functioning one.

What filter to choose

air filter replacement

Filters for Volkswagen cars are sold under the article number VAG 036129620, as well as VAG 036129620H and have a low cost. When replacing the air filter on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan 1.6, the same designs are used, regardless of the type of motor. VAG 036129620 is produced by the Russian company Big Filter. It has a solid structure and sealed rubber mounts. As for VAG 036129620H, its manufacturer is unknown, but a significant part of these products is made in Italy, as well as in other European countries.

Replacement of the engine cushion Volkswagen Polo sedan

There are no fundamental differences in shape and structure of both options, but following customer reviews Russian VAG 036129620 is superior in quality VAG 036129620H.

In order to choose a suitable air filter, you should know the size you need. The standard parameters are approximately as follows: 380 mm in length, 190 mm in width and 42 mm in height.

Popular examples of analogues are:

  • C 3880 MANN-FILTER – quality filter material with well-bonded parts, reminiscent of the original European product VAG 036129620H. It belongs to the high price category.
  • AP 183/3 FILTRON – the quality of air-cleaning structures of this company is not worse than that of MANN-FILTER, but nevertheless has a lower price.
  • FA734 AMD – refers to the budget products, costs quite cheap, compared to the examples above. The filtering paper and the body are made qualitatively, the fastening is reliable. Despite the low price, the materials do not differ much from the more well-known expensive counterparts.

How to change the air filter yourself

If the need has arisen to replace an unusable part, you can do it with your own hands without much difficulty. To do this, you need to have with you two basic tools: a Phillips screwdriver and a rag. First, it is necessary to open the hood cover. After that, you can immediately notice the right part and begin to replace it.

air filter replacement

Self-tapping screws, by means of which the structure is attached, must be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver (it is not necessary to unscrew them completely). After that, you can disconnect the tube leading to the motor.

When the old mechanism will be safely disconnected, the landing place should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt that remained there. Only after that can the new one be installed, firmly fastening it.

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