Replacing the battery in a VW Polo sedan

Replacing the battery on VW Polo sedan: attention, nuances!

Today in the Turboworks service was a Volkswagen Polo sedan of Kaluga assembly.

Ahead is an extensive list of replacement parts in the braking system, suspension and steering, but with the whole complex of measures it is better to start with the simple. However, “a couple of nuts” cases sometimes have surprises.

The ACDelco range offers a wide variety of components for popular models, including the Volkswagen brand

Replacement of the used battery, as a rule, does not cause any questions or difficulties. The main thing is to choose the right one according to parameters, remove the old one and install the new one. There are no problems with selection, too – for example, ACDelco has such online catalog. As previously reported, ACDelco has established production of batteries, including in Russia.

To date, the Russian package of ACDelco batteries includes 22 modifications of ACDelco Silver/Advantage series in shockproof enclosures with forward and reverse polarity. Battery capacity for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles from 45 to 95Ah, and cranking current from 425 to 850A.

For the VW Polo sedan, the 6CT-60VL3®EFB with a starting current of 620A and a capacity of 60Ah is suitable.

Among the features are a maintenance-free design and a built-in hydrometer, or battery charging status indicator.

This battery is manufactured with EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology. Like conventional lead-acid models, it does not like deep discharges, but to a much lesser extent. In particular, the matter is in “packing” the plates into special envelopes that do not let the active mass crumble during “zero” discharge. Such a battery lives longer than a conventional one.

To replace the battery in the VW Polo sedan will need an open-end wrench “10”, a head on the “13” with an extension cord and a screwdriver.

The under-hood space of the car, opened to the mechanic, wasn’t pleasantly clean. The whole surface of the battery was in a layer of dirt, which turns into an electrically conductive layer when wet. And, it means, the probability of spontaneous battery discharge in such conditions increases.

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So, remembering the safety rules, loosen the nut for “10” and first remove the minus terminal. In our case the battery is installed in the left front part of the underhood space, which simplifies mounting/dismounting.

Then it is necessary to remove the terminal “+”, but in VW Polo sedan it is integrated into the cover, to which the whole bundle of “plus” wires is attached. Therefore, the master first gently squeezes with a screwdriver two plastic tabs on both sides of the battery cover.

Once the latches are released, the terminal nut is loosened, removed from the battery along with the cover and led away with the bundle of wires to the side. Next, to remove the fixing plate of the battery you will need a head for “13” with an extension cord and a ratchet.

Unscrew the bolt, remove the plate and remove the battery from the landing pad. It is ready to install the new battery.

The wizard checks the battery, which, judging by the green color of the indicator, is fully charged, and installs it in the reverse order. However, the manufacturer recommends charging the battery to 100% before installation. In our case, the owner of the car will do it.

Before installation, the inner surface of the terminals on the wires is scraped with fine sandpaper to remove lead oxides. After that the “plus” terminal is thrown on and tightened, then the side clamps of the cover are snapped, then the “minus” terminal is installed.

Check the reliability of the terminals, the battery itself – it should not dangle on the pad, and then start the car. In our case there was no any doubts in success of this procedure. ACDelco batteries guarantee problem-free engine starting in any conditions.

Dear readers, now the floor is yours! What nuances of replacement / installation of batteries have you faced? We are waiting for your additions and comments!

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How to remove the battery from a Polo sedan

how to remove the battery

Stable operation of the engine at different temperatures is a sign of a serviceable battery. But there are times when certain problems require a good check of everything. This will require removing the battery. In this case, we are talking about Volkswagen Polo sedan.

Identification of the problem

With the help of a special device we determine the voltage. If its value does not correspond to the desired indicator, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and identify the cause of the malfunction. If the reason is the battery, it will have to be replaced.

The engine can not start for several reasons. One of them most often takes place in the cold season. For example, the engine may fail to start due to a low starting current. In another case, the engine cannot start after a long period of inactivity. Here the reason is low battery charge. Finally, the engine may fail to run because the battery is charging quickly or not charging at all.

Before removing the polo sedan battery, you need to make sure that at least one of these signs is present, as well as an unfavorable number of volts displayed. Car battery polo sedan to replace the car battery is quite simple. Even a novice car enthusiast will cope with this task.

The replacement process and its consequences

Before you start performing this procedure, you need to turn off all electrical appliances in the car. Then set the correct time and do the unlocking.

The order of the replacement is as follows:

  • from the mechanical clamp of the battery marked “-” remove the lug with the wire;
  • loosen the lug attached to the mechanical clamp marked “+”;
  • disconnect the latches of the fuse box;
  • the lug with the wire, marked “+”, dismantle from the battery together with the connected fuse block;
  • unscrew the bolt and remove the fasteners of the battery;
  • remove the battery from the seat and put the new battery in it;
  • put the fuse block back in its original place.
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If at the first hours after replacing the battery you feel a slight jerk when shifting speeds, it is normal. Once the automatic transmission is fully adapted, this will go away. Don’t forget to then adjust the operation of the windows.

how to remove the battery

How to determine the quality of the battery battery?

The main characteristics of the battery battery are as follows:

  • Longevity. This indicator depends on the ability / inability of the battery to maintain the properties over the estimated time. On average, this time is a minimum of 3 years.
  • The amount of current coming from the starter. The amperes produced in 30 seconds is the starting current of the motor. This value may vary depending on weather conditions. For example, it decreases at low temperatures. The less this indicator varies, the better the quality of the device, including the battery for Volkswagen Polo sedan.

One of the main indicators of the quality of the battery is its brand. Varta or Bosch are considered some of the best. As for domestic batteries, their quality is approximately the same.

how to remove the battery

In general, all batteries in terms of quality can be divided into 3 groups. Experienced car enthusiasts believe that putting the highest quality battery on the Volkswagen makes no sense, because it has a minimal amount of hardware.

If the battery of the battery without interference worked the set time, it is not worth experimenting and buying another one. If it was decided to buy a more powerful acb, it is better to consult with a qualified employee of the car service before removing the battery from a polo sedan. He can also help remove the battery.

Thus, it is not difficult to remove the battery from the Volkswagen polo sedan and install a new one. The main thing is to buy a quality brand of battery. If the battery is completely discharged (even new, recently purchased), it is necessary to make its full charge. And this can be done in several ways. The most common – charging from the acb of another car.

Simple scheme for sidelights

how to remove the battery

Full charging of the battery occurs after a couple of hours of driving. You should also remember that even if the car is not operated, the charge of the acb will still change, that is, over time, the device will be completely discharged anyway. To avoid this, experts recommend at least once a week for a few minutes to warm up the engine of the Volkswagen polo sedan.

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