Replacing the bulbs on the Polo sedan

Replacing the dipped beam bulb on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Constant driving with the light on, as required by the rules, leads to relatively rapid wear and tear of the filaments of the bulbs, so the replacement of the dipped light on Polo when you go to the service station will lead to unreasonable costs in time and money.

The car is very reliable and does not require so frequent trips to the repair, it makes sense to perform this work with their own hands. All the more, the operations are simple, if you get acquainted with the order of the procedure are done quickly and do not require any additional tools or equipment, it is enough to be attached to the car.

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    What bulbs are installed in VW Polo

    VW Polo sedan cars produced in Russia differ in the design of the headlights, updates introduced after the 2015 restyling. If before that in the lights were used H4 type lamps, combining in one bulb filament of the dipped and high beam, in more recent cars, these functions are separated. Both the passing beam and driving beam are powered by separate H7-size lamps.

    Name EEC designation Wattage
    Volkswagen Polo until 2015
    High/high beam lamp H4 55/60
    Volkswagen Polo after 2015
    dipped beam bulb H7 55

    The power of the dipped beam in the H4 bulb is 55 watts, the only filament of the H7 bulb has the same power. Exceeding these values when choosing is extremely undesirable, because it leads to many problems:

    • unreliable operation of the light device due to overheating of the lamp;
    • Overheating of the headlamp with subsequent damage, the thermal power of the lamp needs to be dissipated, which the design is not designed for;
    • Increased current consumption leads to the need to change the fuses, which is dangerous, they can no longer protect the power circuits in normal mode;
    • overheating of wiring, places of termination of wires in lugs;
    • total energy consumption increases, the balance of the generator and the battery is disturbed.

    Due to the refinement of the cars, the order of replacement has changed. If in the pre-styling cars the bulbs were extremely easy to change, in the new ones you will have to remove the headlight. But it is not difficult, fixing their housings are made very technologically, both to install them on the assembly line, and for service, the replacement of the dipped light bulb takes a few minutes.

    For replacement, you should buy reliable lamps from trusted manufacturers and it is very undesirable to use light sources with modified characteristics. All kinds of LED or xenon lamps distort the light beam, becoming the cause of blinding oncoming drivers, reflector headlights Polo for this are not adapted. You should also avoid bulbs with increased luminous flux. They are distinguished only by filaments that work with a strong recoil. Low durability is very uncomfortable in constant operation, the lamps become expendable.

    It is recommended to change the lamps in pairs, left and right side. Experience shows that their service life in the same conditions has a small variation, so it makes sense to combine the purchase and work procedures.

    Replacing Dash Light Bulbs on Polo 2013-2015 (Pre-Restyle)

    Pre-restyled models have access to the rear of the lamp for maintenance. It is convenient and safe in terms of possible damage to the glass and paint coating. Replacing the bulbs is done in the following order, the same for the left and right sides.

    1. On the back of the housing find the matching connector with three pins. This is the standard mating part for the H4 type base. The connector is put directly on the pins. The space between the terminal block and the housing is closed by a rubber sleeve with a hole for the power supply.
    2. Remove the connector from the housing by rocking and pulling it back. You must hold on to the socket, pulling on the wires is unacceptable. No need to use force, with a small shifts of the pad in the sides, the connection is undone easily enough, there is no lock.
    3. Remove the rubber cover.
    4. The fixing spring is pulled back and down by simple pressing on the protruding hinge, after which the cap is completely released and can be removed.
    5. The new H4 lamp is carefully put in place exactly as its predecessor was, with the flat horizontal contact upwards.
    6. To install wire clip by lifting and snapping its bracket into place.
    7. Put the rubber cover and the electrical connector back in their previous positions. Make sure that it is fully seated and the contact is secure.
    8. Test turning on the dipped beam to make sure that everything is all right.

    Do not touch the quartz bulb with bare fingers, grease stains will increase temperature and quick breakdown.


    When reinstalling the duster, make sure that it tightly closes the gaps between the housing and the base.

    Replacing the dipped light bulbs on Polo 2015-2019. (restyling)

    On restyled versions, access is difficult, so replacing the dipped beam bulb will require removing the headlight. It’s not as complicated as it may seem. You’ll need to remove a Torx-type screwdriver from the trunk. Or use a similar nozzle from any automotive tool kit.

    The Torx screwdriver lies in an organizer placed inside the spare tire, its stem allows one of two sides with different gauges, you have to choose the right one.

    1. There are several Torx screws on the top of the partition fitting the headlight housing, unscrew two of them, located on the sub-strips. The one between them holds the housing stop – it does not need to be unscrewed.

    There are two options, disconnect the electrical connector that goes to the back of the headlight, or leave it in place, but then the work will be less convenient, the unit can not be completely removed from the car, you will have to do everything near the bumper on the weight. But with skill it is not difficult. To disconnect the block, you need to press the plastic lock on it in the direction of the wires and pull the contact group back.

    1. In addition to the two mounting screws, the headlight is held on the car by two spring pawls hidden under the bottom of the headlight. Apply some force while simultaneously rocking it up and down and extending it over the bumper. The latches will disengage and the headlight will pull out.

    Do not force it too hard, you could damage the latches. It is better to spend a few extra seconds wiggling.

    1. The low beam bulb is located closer to the fender and is covered from behind by a rubber sleeve. It is larger than the one covering the second bulb.
    2. The plastic handle of the base needs to be turned counterclockwise by 30-40 degrees, which will take it out of the fixing grooves.
    3. Remove the bulb together with the socket, then gently wiggle it out of the socket, remembering how it stood with its protruding tendril relative to the socket.
    4. The new bulb is installed with the same precautions, that is, do not touch the bulb with bare hands. It is advisable to wear lint-free gloves.
    5. The headlamp is assembled in the reverse order, the socket is turned clockwise until it stops in the grooves, the cap is installed in its proper place.
    6. The headlight is carefully inserted into the latches, the screws are screwed into place.
    7. After a test run, you can proceed to the second side.

    Video: bulb replacement


    The process of replacing the dipped light bulb on the Polo is quite simple and takes very little time. Such work can be done even on the road, if you carry with you a spare set, usually there are two in the set. Uncomplicated tool is always in the trunk, and the course of execution is quickly remembered and allows you to act on the automatism.

    Replacing headlight bulbs on the car Volkswagen Polo sedan

    Recently, many motorists, actively engaged in the arrangement of their “iron horse”, have become more often interested in the elements of automotive lighting equipment. They compile blogs on the Internet, shoot videos, write informative articles on the replacement of electrical equipment. Such excitement is due not only to the desire to make your car safer on the road, but also with current fashion trends.

    Polo with lenses installed

    Today, LED design is popular in terms of installation of lighting devices. LEDs are small semiconductor elements that convert current into light. They are placed inside the headlights, taillights, and even in the turn signal indicators on the side mirrors.

    German manufacturer from Wolfsburg did not fail its new invention – Volkswagen Polo sedan, LED “decorations”. Beautiful bulbs are mounted in both the head optics, and in clearance lights.

    New Polo sedan 2015

    In general, all car lamps are divided into two categories:

    • Halogen samples, inserted in the front headlights, are the main source of light that illuminates the roadway.
    • The remaining sources, which can include parking and clearance lamps, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals and interior lighting, perform a secondary role.

    Manufacturers – a dime a dozen. Just go to any auto store and find a huge range of products of different brands and sizes. In some cities, they even open entire outlets that specialize in the sale of lighting devices for cars.

    The most famous brands are Osram, Bosch and Phillips. These companies create really high quality samples that are in great demand worldwide.

    Varieties of bulbs and features of their replacement

    The greatest difficulties in the repair of lamps on the Polo sedan represent the instances from the headlights of the dipped light. There are many varieties: all differ in shape, dimensions and technical parameters. This should also include a classification according to standards that relate to the content of different gases in the lamps. The most famous standards include H1, H3, H4, H7 and others.

    H4 is used for the Polo sedan. This type of car bulb has been produced for a long time. H4 is the first headlight source with two filaments. Today there are many modifications of H4, differing in the structure of the gases in the bulb, internal holders, spirals and shell. All parameters affect the illuminating qualities of the sample.

    H4 bulb

    Specifically for the Volkswagen Polo sedan, you need to select the H4, designed for 12 V with a power of 60 watts. The luminous flux is limited to a maximum of 820 lumens for low beam and 520 lumens for high beam. Phillips manufactures such models: the code name of the model is 12V 60/55W H4 LL. Similar dipped beam bulb is sold by Narva, LYNX and Valeo brands. In online stores you can buy a copy at a price of 300 rubles.

    In principle, you can spend the money at the car service for replacing the dipped beam bulbs. The procedure will be inexpensive, maybe even cheaper than the bulb itself.

    However, what prevents you from doing the replacement yourself? There is nothing complicated in the repair. The main thing is to clearly follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Driving and low beam bulb

    Sequence of actions when replacing the bulb in the headlights (on the example of the right headlight):

      First, you need to disconnect the light source: pull off the socket with the wires coming into the headlight.

    Undoing the pad

    Pull the cover Pull off the cover

    Spring clip

    Unscrew spring catch

    Pull out the bulb

    Similarly, you can change the lamp in the left headlight.

    Remove the bulb with care, without touching the glass surface. Touching the bulb with your fingers leaves grease marks, which show up on the glass as it heats up. To wipe the “fingerprints” you can use a cloth which has been previously soaked in an alcohol solution.

    Turn signal lamp

    The second component that is part of the Polo sedan headlight is the turn signal lamp. Most often the model is installed Osram brand lamp with the code “nickname” PY21W 12V. If you decipher the designation, we get the following characteristics: voltage – 12 V, the luminous power – 21 watts. The diameter of the sample is 25 mm, the luminous flux reaches 280 lumens. Costs several times cheaper than the halogen H4 – in stores you can buy at a price of 100 rubles/pc.

    The procedure for changing the indicator lamp is even easier than for the head light:

      First you need to unscrew the socket clockwise (in the left headlight twist in the opposite direction).

    Twist the socket

    Take out the socket

    Take the bulb out

    Clearance bulb

    Changing the clearance lamp is the same as replacing the indicator lamp:

      Twist the bulb socket counterclockwise.

    Rotate the socket

    Withdraw socket with bulb

    A few ways to improve the head light

    There is no limit to perfection. On the sedan Polo can spend a few homemade modifications to the headlights, which will significantly improve the quality of illumination.

    It’s not that the Germans “skimped” on the technical characteristics of the Polo’s headlights. On the contrary, masters from Wolfsburg (together with ours from Kaluga) have equipped the car with beautiful long-lasting bulbs, which not each car can brag of.

    Therefore if you have additional means for investment (modifications cost much more expensive than standard analogues), it is safely possible to experiment with light.

    The easiest option to improve the head light on the Polo sedan is to buy stronger “halogens” with increased luminous flux. There are a lot of them on the market. The variety of colors and brands is the only issue when choosing.

    More powerful H4 bulbs from Philips

    As popular samples can be called, for example, Osram Night Breaker or Phillips Diamond Vision. The intensity of luminescence of the lamps exceeds the 1000 lumens mark, while the voltage and power indicators are the same as on conventional halogen lamps. The negative feature of “fashionable” lamps lies in their short life. With prolonged and intense use, they can “last” no more than six months.

    The second way involves the use of whole headlights from the Polo hatchback, on which the Germans put the original factory models of the brand Hella. The design of the headlights of the hatchback has a number of “nice” features. For example, the dipped and high beam on it work both separately and together. If you replace the standard “halogen” with an “advanced” version, you can achieve an ideal glow for the Polo sedan. Minus one: you will have to redo the connectors of the pads or buy a special adapter.

    Polo headlight

    The third option: buy a bi-xenon lens and install it instead of the “halogen”. Not bad, but the replacement process is too time consuming. Not only will you have to remove the headlight, but you will also need to disassemble it, screw in the lens and glue the body. The most important thing is not to make a wrong choice and buy a quality device. Today stores are overflowing with a variety of lenses. The latest “glasses” with the angel’s eye or the devil’s eye effect are in fashion. Delight is not cheap, but great impression is guaranteed.

    Bi-xenon lens with bi-xenon headlight

    At last, it is possible to test a high-quality Spanish headlight of Valeo brand on sedan Polo, but the cost of the set will interest only the most inveterate fans of head optics. On the internet auctions it is possible to buy the headlight for 15 000 rubles.

    The headlight from Valeo is already mounted

    In conclusion, it is worth mentioning again the LED lighting used in the headlights of the Polo sedan. It is also possible to “upgrade”, adding the number of ribbons in the headlight or change the color of the glow. There are craftsmen who mount LEDs, glowing even during the day.

    There are many options, but what will be the appearance of Volkswagen Polo, decide the owner of the sedan.

    Peugeot 308 caliper replacement process photo
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