Replacing the dashboard bulbs of the Lada Priora

How to replace the bulbs in the dashboard on the Priora

Driving without a dashboard light, of course, it is possible, but in the dark time of day it is not only inconvenient, but also unsafe. On the other hand, replacing such a thing as a small dashboard illumination lamp at the service station is unreasonably expensive. And if you make this small repair yourself, spending only on new bulbs? Why not? In this article, I will tell about the independent replacement of bulbs in the dashboard of the car Priora.

What are the lights responsible for

It would seem that the question is silly. Naturally, for the backlight. However, let us slightly divert from the replacement of lamps and find out what exactly are responsible for lighting these lamps. Take a look at the standard instrument panel (PP) of Lada Priora.

Panel, Priora

Priora’s dashboard.

It has 4 instruments with arrows (pos. 1, 5, 9, 10), LCD display of on-board computer 19 and many auxiliary light indicators. So, the bulbs we are talking about and are going to change are only responsible for backlighting the arrow instruments and display. Everything else is illuminated by individual SMD LEDs located on the board. In the photo below I have marked some of them with red arrows. The black arrows indicate the locations of the instrument and display light bulbs.

Electronic PCB for Priora car

Fragment of the electronic board of the Priora

What am I getting at? My point is that before you tear apart your Priora’s dashboard, make sure that replacing the backlight bulbs is really necessary. If, for example, you do not have lights turn signals or emergency oil pressure gauge, then the problem is quite different, and only a qualified electronic engineer who knows how to work with electronic circuits and SMD components can solve it.

Replacing the bulbs with your own hands

So, on your Priora arrow indicators are not illuminated or the information on the LCD display is barely visible. Definitely burned out one or more light bulbs, and now we will try to replace them ourselves. In order to get to these bulbs, you need to remove the dashboard.

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Lada Priora panel

Dashboard on the Lada Priora

Dismantling the dashboard

You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver about 10 cm long for the job. Will do and longer, but it will be inconvenient to work in cramped conditions. First you need to remove the decorative cover of the dashboard. It is attached to the 4 screws, and the two bottom are covered with a decorative cover under the steering column. The trim is secured with two snaps at the top and three swivel mounts. If you have ever looked into the assembly block, for example, to replace the fuses, you can disassemble the trim in a few seconds.

Overlay removal

Dismantling the trim

Once you remove the decorative trim, you’ll get to the bottom two screws that hold another plastic trim – the dashboard trim. Unscrew them.

Lower screws of the Lada Priora's PP lining

Bottom screws of the Priora dashboard cover

Now find the top two screws – they are recessed into the panel. Getting in there with a long screwdriver is quite difficult (although realistic), which is why I suggested stocking up on a short tool.

Screws fixing the cover plate

Upper screws of the cover for the sensor

Loosen those screws, and the pad can be easily removed.

Lada Priora overlay removal

Removing the Priora’s FP liner

In order to remove this pad, it is not necessary to dismantle the steering wheel! It is enough to put it in the lower position.

It remains to remove the indicator panel of the Priora. It is mounted on two screws, which you can easily see by removing the cover.

Screws, dashboard

The screws fixing the dashboard

Unscrew them and carefully pull out the panel, to which goes harness wires, connected through a green block – the connector. The connector is very handy: to disconnect it, you just press the screwdriver on the lock and turn the lever.

Cable connector for sensor power supply

Disconnecting the PP power cable connector

Disconnect the connector and remove the dashboard. Put it face down and see the back of the five bulbs – these are the bulbs of the backlight.

Replacing bulbs on the Lada Vesta: front, side and rear lights

Priora dashboard

The back side of the dashboard Priora

In order to remove the bulb, you need to hold it lightly and turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Take out the burned ones and install new ones in their place.

Bulbs for illumination of Priora dashboard

Non-disassembled (left) and collapsible bulbs for illumination of the dashboard of Priora

The collapsible design is convenient because you do not need to buy the entire bulb assembly, just stock up on bulbs, which are sold separately.

Priora dashboard illumination bulbs

Replacement bulbs for the dashboard illumination of Priora can be bought separately

In the second case, you have two options:

  1. Buy a bulb with a socket assembly.
  2. Buy a bulb with long pins and pre-bite off the burnt, solder a new one.

Of course, the first option is easier in terms of installing the bulb, but will cost more. The second option is suitable for those who know how to hold a soldering iron.

There is a third option: buy a lamp assembly with removable bulbs and replace the original non-disassembled bulbs. Now it will cost more, but later change the bulbs on the dashboard Priora will be easier, it will be enough to buy a bulb and replace her burned out.

LED bulbs

LEDs, successfully displacing all other types of light sources, have reached the automotive industry. If you have a desire and a certain amount of money, then you can replace the dashboard of your Priora ordinary light bulbs to LED. In this case, no modification is required, because the industry produces LED lamps with a standard, conventional socket dash Priora.

Priora dashboard light bulb

LED bulb with a socket PP Priora

If you have bulbs with removable cylinders (see above), you can also buy a socketless LED bulb.

LED bulb for Priora dashboard

A zero-column LED bulb for a Priora PP bulb

The only problem that may arise when replacing the regular bulbs for LED – the latter may be longer than the standard. In principle, they will fit in the panel, but will give a light spot on the instrument scale.

Fog lights installation in Lada Vesta

What is the advantage of LED illumination? Only in the longer life – LEDs live 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. That is, the lighting in your dashboard will live not for 5 years, but for the entire 50! Undeniable, but, frankly, questionable advantage. Disadvantages? There are some. The first one is that LED bulbs are much more expensive than ordinary ones. The second – LEDs give a cooler light, which means that the soft and soothing color of the dashboard will be more aggressive.

How to independently replace the dashboard bulbs Lada Priora

During the operation of the Lada Priora, and any car, the lamp including the dashboard periodically burn out. A blown bulb in the dashboard, which for example indicates the fuel level or oil pressure, can deprive you of important information.

If you have a blown dashboard bulb, we recommend replacing all bulbs, since they all have about the same lifespan.

What bulbs are installed in the Priora’s dashboard

Depending on the year of manufacture, the Lada Priora can be fitted with both standard and VDO bulbs. To accurately identify the bulbs, you must first remove the shield and determine the type of socket. The bulbs in the sockets are the same, but from the factory, the whiskers of the bulbs are soldered into the socket and in order to replace a bulb, you must unsolder or pull out the old bulb and install a new bulb in its place, soldering the whiskers in the process.

dashboard priora

However, you can go and a simpler way by buying prefabricated bulbs with sockets. Note that these lamps are installed without soldering whiskers. That is, if you further burn out the bulbs, you just change the lamp and that’s all.

A normal socket with bulb looks like this

standard socket

So looks like a lamp with a socket VDO

VDO socket

Can I install LED bulbs?

Instead of the normal dashboard bulbs, some of the owners are installing LED bulbs. The good thing about LED bulbs is that they give a brighter light and you can choose between different colors. However, some LED bulbs are longer than the regular ones, so when installed in the dashboard, they fit tighter to the light filter and make a bright spot. But at the same time, the panel itself and the gauges become brighter.

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Pros of LEDs in the dashboard

  • Brighter light, which allows for better illumination of the gauges
  • The choice of lamps in different colors as desired
  • Longer life of high-quality LEDs


  • Too bright LED bulbs make the panel light up, which does not look good
  • Sometimes the panel looks too bright and distracts from traffic
  • The bright light in the panel can make your eyes tired

When installing LED lamps in the dashboard on the Priora, dimming is not really working due to the fact that the diode consumes very little energy, and therefore, unlike conventional lamps with a decrease in current supply do not lose brightness.

Conventional incandescent bulbs

  • PHILIPS 12V бесцок.W 1.2W price from 25 rubles apiece
  • GE 12V incandescent.W 1.2W the price from 30 rubles apiece
  • OSRAM 12V leadless.W 1,2W the price from 20 rubles
  • Mayak 12V incoc W 1,2W price from 7 roubles

Take off dashboard

You will need a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver to remove the dashboard.

Unscrew two top screws (as shown in picture), then carefully remove the panel under the steering column. It is held at the top of the clips, and the bottom on 3 mounts which you must simply turn.

bulb replacement in the dashboard

Under the panel you can see another 2 screws fixing the shield, they also unscrew. Now lower the steering wheel to the lowest position and remove the plastic trim panel.

bulb replacement in Priora dashboard

bulb replacement in Priora dashboard

Now it remains to unscrew the two screws holding the dashboard itself. Unscrew them carefully, since the screws can fall under the panel. It is better to unscrew them with a screwdriver with a magnetized tip.

replacing the bulbs in the Priora dashboard by yourself

replacing the bulbs in the Priora dashboard by yourself

replacing the bulbs in the Priora dashboard by yourself

Pull the panel towards you and you will see the green block and wiring harness. Disconnect it by pressing on the “tongue” and pulling slightly upwards. After that the dashboard will be removed.

Disconnect the block from the dashboard

Changing the bulbs in the dashboard

Disconnect the block from the dashboard

In total, there are 5 bulbs in the dashboard on Priora – 4 of which are in the middle and one highlights the bottom display.

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Replace the bulbs on the regular or LED and make the assembly in reverse order.

Dashboard of Priora

Replacing bulbs in the dashboard on the Priora

If you are installing the LED lights be careful, they have polarity. So before you replace the dashboard, connect the wiring harness, turn on the dash light and check if all the lights work.

I have been repairing all kinds of cars for 15 years, including brands like VAZ, UAZ, Chevrolet, Mazda, Kia, and many others. Anything related to the box, engine or running gear. You can write me your question below in the comments and I will try to answer it in detail.

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